How To Pick Up A Hot Girl In A Shop

April 21, 2015

The streets are your playground. Every day a swarm of hotties will put some nice clothes on, apply a dash of makeup, and totter out onto the pavement. Whether you encounter them on the street, the Metro platform, the mall or inside a shop it’s your job as a man to try it on and try to fuck them. The London Daygame Model was designed to make the process of seducing a woman as powerful as possible and to remove as many elements of chance as possible. It’s still bloody hard to pull of consistently, but it can be done. I’ve been doing it for five years now. As have my friends. At heart it’s straightforward:

Open -> Stack -> Vibing -> Investment (+spike) -> Close

But then again you could say football is simple too (Pass -> Move -> Trap -> Turn -> Shoot) and yet there’s a reason top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi get paid so much money. Doing that consistently at a high level is damn hard. Messi doesn’t swagger around telling people “fuck all that theory, just shoot” – he works hard in training, does his drills, studies the match footage, and learns his coach’s tactics. Then when he’s out on the pitch he makes it look simple. It isn’t, it just looks that way when done well.

So, with that preamble, let’s watch an infield of mine from last month. See if you can spot the model in action.

My Daygame Overkill in-field instructional product has FOURTEEN such in-fields, showing a wide range of technical applications to deal with a wide range of girl’s responses. I spend two hours explaining the elite-level mindsets and techniques, and then another three hours going through the in-fields in painstaking detail so you can see everything that’s happening. You’ll never look at daygame the same way again.

To see what real high-level seduction looks like – in real time – check out Daygame Overkill by clicking this link.


  1. How’d the follow up on this one go bud?! [I wanted to i-date her because of her responses, but couldn’t because of my own schedule that day. We’ve messaged but haven’t gotten her out yet. Gonna hit her up next time I’m in town. If you watch carefully you’ll see why I liked it for the idate: horny, spazzed out, and offering no logistical obstacles. K.]

  2. excellent footage, at 2:30 the poor baby notices the commotion and is trying to flee, (un)fortunately the abusive mother sees there’s a hidden cam so she decides not to run him over, forcing him back to the trolley, out of cam beats him to pulp.

  3. Would you classify this as a weak hook? [Quite the opposite. K.]

  4. Did this one get the hammer K?

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  6. No fair. I paid big bucks for residential with you and Tom for this and now everyone can access this stuff without having to be in their room at night in the flat they share with you listening like a little brother to his big brothers dragging girls back to their caves. [Life isn’t fair. K.]

  7. This is a lot more subtle in real life than I imagine it when reading.

  8. Well, not bad but I gotta say, some points needed to be improved in your gaming, maybe they are allready ok in other sets but not on this one. Anyway, here are the points from a night time gamer…

    1- Good point is that your style is really quite ok, that gives you + points right from beginning.

    2- The weakest point is your body language and especially when I was watching the video, ı have noticed your left leg which is moving non stop like you are nervous. Of course, you can be nervous time to time but gotta handle it and control it in a better way.

    3- As for my idea again, there is no kino, like allmost nothing. Even the ‘light kino’ was too light.

    4- The conversation is ok but I can not see the vibe here. maybe you have the same idea as me, there is not real vibe with that chick and you but she is receptive.

    I don’t believe that this set can go to sex but if it has gone than you are lucky about this one. [This is why nightgame and daygame are two different sports. It’s like a badminton player offering technical advice to a tennis player. Your advice would work in your environment. I’ve tried it in my environment and it’s frequently suboptimal. K.]

  9. Just my impression and it may have been the mic but it seemed like you were shouting or at least talking very loudly at her during large parts of this. Was there a lot of noise in the environment? You also seemed to be speaking at the same rate and speed and tone, do you ever mix it up? [Mic was clipped onto my t-shirt collar right next to my voicebox. Hence it exaggerates relative difference in our volumes. K.]

  10. Great video. Here’s what I’m picking up. She’s bouncing around with excitement, IOI. She doesn’t leave, IOI. With regards to “BAD reputation” she says “not for me…” or that she doesn’t mind another IOI.

    What I don’t understand is your stance, it’s like you’re putting your weight on the right leg and bouncing off the left, is this a technique?

    Also, at 2:30 love how the kid falls out of his stroller and the old guy earlier on running his hands through the dress.. [That’s just a habit I play with now. The purpose is to move around a little to convey a shackled sexual energy. Being stoic and still doesn’t express the fast sex vibe as well and makes it less flirty. We want the girl to feel we are relaxed, having fun, and sexually motivated. K.]

    • Thanks. That stance is different from the ones you used to use last year where you held a solid frame.

      From the video on the surface it doesn’t look like anything…but from a game-perspective and having been trying out similar things, the girl is giving off a series of IOI’s:

      she doesn’t mind the “bad” reputation, thinks Danes are worse…it’s like she’s rationalizing talking to you knowing it could be trouble.

      The playing with the hair.

      The giggling…

      The talk about her “trousers” this can’t be an accident on her part. She was giving off a real sexual vibe.

      Finally you note the ASD kick in with the “IF I have time….” but she gives you her number. I get this ALL the time….and then it’s dicey whether the girl shows up or responds.

  11. Thanks to the things I learned from Nick,Tom and a few other guys over the years of doing this, I’ve got 2 potential lays lined up in this week alone.
    One with a Finnish Gymnast who I approach after leaving Soho last Saturday (See pic below taken by a friend):

    And another hotel date ‘watching movies’.

    For guys starting out. Take note… This stuff works. You won’t know whats possible unless you’re bold enough to try.

  12. [This is why nightgame and daygame are two different sports. It’s like a badminton player offering technical advice to a tennis player. Your advice would work in your environment. I’ve tried it in my environment and it’s frequently suboptimal. K.]

    Social circle game being another different sport. Much slower paced. Krauser, do you have any insights on social circle game?

  13. Very good.
    I watched it briefly last night and was impressed. Definite opportunity for a sdl imho. She was definitely feeling it hence the nervous energy, constant playing with her hair/ undoing her scarf etc.
    pretty perfect set i think

  14. I was dancing with a very pretty flight attendant (FA) suffering from hypermammiferosity. Makes the girl in the vid look like a girl next door. I asked FA to save me a dance. She agreed. I said I might save her one, too, as I grinned cockily. Cocky jerkboy. Engaging, playful, daring. We danced a bunch, but no number. FA was riding with a friend who gave me her number. The friend was given preference as she and FA had obviously agreed. FA has been flirting quite blatantly with me for weeks. Giving me neck rubs, leaning on me, etc.

  15. So..

    -Preframe tease – I hope you speak english…
    -compliment – chick turns because of the pressure and maybe because she’s seeing if this was the end of the convo, nick didn’t move and held frame
    -[plus minor dhv/I’m different/I’m an adventure – by immediately pointing out nationality/foreignness]
    -Introduction, because that’s what normal people do – but does not ask her name, just says his – maybe minor compliance test//leading
    -Frame setting – veronica, vs veronika
    -Gentle tease/qualification and conversational tatement rolled into one? – gulash etc
    -Oh my god is just a conversational filler[sounds mad gay btw krauser]
    -Getting her to invest in the conversation/getting her to give him conversational material by asking about her stereotypes of English people
    -Well and truly in his frame now and being lead in the conversation
    -thread was a dead end so I’m assuming Krauser used one of his stock routines about english people and bachelor parties/also served as a conversational statement, after which he shut up and forced her to fill the vacuum
    -spikes talking about full of energy//just going with the stream of consciousness
    -little more investment/conversation from her about work followed by another spike from Krauser
    -Setting male female polarity and setting the vibe that she met a hot dude – think she spiked early in the statement [before the hot dude part] but does it really fucking matter?
    -Krauser rooting some more and telling her about himself/dhving
    -She’s asking him about himself [because she is interested]
    -Krauser doesn’t fall into the frame of “oh yeah your city is the best in the world zo my god”
    -Does another mild tease re gulash and beer, realizes half way through that it is unnecessary decides to go for a number close
    -sets up a reason for why he’s taking her number, compliments then gently teases her, [push pull], makes it clear that he thinks she’s pretty and wants to go out with her with the frame of man hitting on woman
    -not sure why Krauser always says “would you like that?” but knowing him I’m sure he has a reason
    -chick throws up a little hurdle, she’s not trying to stop the close here because she could simply not give him her number – she’s probably just giving a little push back because she feels she’s going too easy, or it could even be in response to the “would you like that?” being a weak statement [again, krauser probably left this phrase in his game vocab for a reason]
    -oh my god used as a conversational filler to not have to respond directly/slap down her attempt at framing krauser as a chaser
    -Teases her about her busy lifestyle – oh fuck this is a shit test that he’s beating, agree and amplify lol, so subtle to watch, so grandiose to read
    -she invests a little more, mild teasing from krauser, number close, firms it up
    -sexual spike about perverts and her jeans

    Take aways – this is very doable – don’t get me wrong, running to a goal with a ball is very doable but there’s a bit more too it for professional football players. What I mean by this is doable is, simply this is something that you should not have a problem working towards. He just looks like a calm guy talking to a girl, a guy that isn’t afraid or uncomfortable or amazed at what he’s doing. Ofcourse there’s clearly a lot of technical skill involved but I’m wondering how much of the backbone of this is just that – being a calm guy that isn’t afraid, uncomfortable or amazed that he’s attempting to fuck a hot girl.

    Other take aways – how light hearted and non-serious all of this seemed + how subtle this is in action vs what you imagine when you read it.

    Thanks Krauser, hope you bang her. [Good analysis, and pretty close to how I saw it. I ask “would you like that?” was a screening question for two reasons (1) it eliminates timewasters (2) it shows a willingness to walk (“I don’t need you”) which conversely increases the likelihood of her coming out. Trying to bully a girl into giving a number is a time-sink. K.]

  16. This is as good as daygame gets. All criticism here would be nitpicking. To my ears, however, her name isn’t Veronica but Friederike. Which is a german name.

    • Veronika is common Czech name. And she says Veronika, as clearly as it gets. If I ever meet a Czech or even Slavic girl named Friederike I’ll buy her a german shield, book of legends about Brunhilda or something:))

  17. Well done. She was obviously into you. What I find interesting is that you didn’t really say anything out of the ordinary. It was simply having a conversation, with some flirting. Easy for some. But I guess it’s pretty difficult for other guys to do.

    Funny, around the 4:52 mark, she draws attention to her crutch area. What was she talking about?

    I like your style. Sort of like a shaven-headed Hank Moody. [The game is all in the subtlety. K.]

  18. Russian SDL? You need a super-slutty one for that? [Nope. Done it before. It’s just harder. This one gave LMR in her hotel. Damn close. K.]

  19. Ive had an epifany in malaga spain (women, girls, bitches, sluts, retards, men, EVeEryone, everything and most IMPORTANTLY MYSELF ) HATE or FEEL SORRY for nice guys.
    (If u do t agree or have an opinion on this stick your finger in your arse and then lick it. – ive been a ‘nice guy in pne fo or another since 1973(mother fuckrrs) so im going to find it hard to srop self censoring ans looking doe approval for approval luje a some fucming lassie BITVH             

    My compass is set between being SUPER SUPER NICE (self censoring puppy dog bitch) and being Norman at the bates hotel

    I cobrinally practice rehearse  and imagine and contempmar e IN MY OWN MIND how best ro please, make laygh or whayer othetnpeople.


  20. Are Russian girls on the carousel?

  21. Just watched one of your old videos (dates 2011) and than this one. And from what I have observed, there is a huge change in rhythme. I mean before you were more entertaining, talking fast (like sasha daygame) and now you are more quite.
    Is this happened only on this video (less entertaining and really chill mode) or is this a method to have better results?

  22. Omg, it is scary. Every sentence he speaks is so deliberately thought of beforehand. In the beginning I used to hear shit like ‘What you say doesn’t matter’, ‘You just approach and say whatever comes to your mind’ etc. This video rubbishes all that. In my mind if K has to approach non-foreign women he would sit for hours and come up with something altogether else before heading out to approach.

  23. whats staking and investing+spike?
    like get the girl to open up or something

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