Daygame Overkill – The Money Shot

April 19, 2015

Never let it be said that Scrooge McKrauser doesn’t occasionally give out a freebie that could easily be monetized. Not content with giving away 689 posts on this blog, a series of half-hour podcasts on top-level Game musings, or a forthcoming secret project that will blow the bloody doors off……. as if that’s not enough, here’s another freebie.

Overkill Portal

I’ve added four brand new in-fields to Daygame Overkill.

These were shot in HD, with solid camera work, while I was in Prague in March this year. I’ve collected them together in the Overkill portal under the tab “Money Shot”. They are available to existing and new customers alike. Absolutely free. No catch.

Bonus 1 - How to pick up a girl in a shop

Bonus 1 – How to pick up a girl in a shop

Bonus 2 - I almost SDL a Russian tourist

Bonus 2 – I almost SDL a Russian tourist

Bonus 3 - How to pick up an American catwalk model

Bonus 3 – How to pick up an American catwalk model

Bonus 4 - Quickie number close of shop girl on break

Bonus 4 – Quickie number close of shop girl on break

Let me know what you think of them.

Daygame Overkill can be purchased for immediate access here.


  1. Textbook LDM brought to life.

    I like how these bonuses show the model’s nonlinearity. That part came before this part, what you weren’t supposed to do or say was done and said.

    There’s no commentary but after watching Overkill guys should be able to spot the subtleties more intuitively. Sort of a final test for internalizing intermediate daygame.

  2. My mate is an awesome camera guy. We filmed a few of my sets in Westfields a few weeks ago. He learned quick 😉

  3. That’s awesome stuff. Can you give us any hint as to what happened between you and these girls after the initial filmed interaction?

  4. Anyone got any good openers for park day-game. With the recent good weather I’ve just realised what a great thing it is (cheap, little asd, few cockblocks). I’m a natural introvert overcoming extreme shyness.

  5. Quick analysis of each of the Money shots:
    Girl one; was all over you very bubbly body language very open and engaging High interest, very sweet Girl. High Probability bang
    Girl two; did that “cross legged” thing all high interest,”yours to lose” girls do. Not technically a Russian but from one of the Asian former Soviet Union sat states, Probably likes your look, Tourist in town High probability bang.
    Girl Three; US Model, effectively a tourist. A Masterclass in Game. Loved how you smashed her Politically correct frame Her; “I don’t stereotype people” I’ll let people buy the product to hear your reply -absolute Gold. You Also did a really good Alpha complance move when getting the number – cool as Fuck. Sweet Western Model Girl but surprisingly not a cunt at all. High probability bang.
    Girl Four your shortest set < 5mins threw out as much of bait as you could, spoke slowly. I don't think this one was biting at all. Her English just wasn't good enough. Having said that the sub communication could have been strong – impossible for viewers to tell from the camera angle. From the few sets that I've done I've concluded the optimal set time is in the 5 to 10 min range unless SDL of course, which I haven't done.
    Many thanks for this Nick, I'm off to Prague tomorrow, Can't wait to implement all the wisdom from your products on feminine women.
    Thanks for everything My Man. [Cheers, boss. Enjoy your trip. K.]

  6. Giving away free value – more reason to continue buying your products. [I think you just saw through my marketing scheme….. K.]

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