Game is the fountain of eternal youth

May 31, 2014

Indulge me for a moment while I preen.

I’ve been out on a euro-jaunt with Bodi and Jabba (and Tom for the first week) since May 10th. In that time I’ve banged seven girls aged 22, 29, 24, 20, 20, 30 and 19 while I’ve also had my dick in the mouth of a 23 and 18 year old. I’m feeling pretty damn good about myself and it really brought something into perspective.

“you are only as old as the woman your feel” Groucho Marx

Game is allowing me to relive my youth. When I was 24 years old I met a 23 year old Japanese girl who became my wife. As I aged so did she and it was a very pleasant time in my life. Then, as regular readers are well aware, she left me and I was suddenly 34 years old and single. I really believed my youth was over. I’d had my time in the sun and now I was entering middle age. Perhaps even a mid-life crisis would beckon and I’d take up scuba-diving or cross fit or something.

Suddenly seemed rather fascinating...

Suddenly seemed rather fascinating…

Oh no! How things were to change….

There’s no such thing as a mid-life crisis for men. As Rollo very precisely explains, “mid-life crisis” is a feminine shaming term for the melancholy and restlessness a man feels when his wife is getting old. Put a nubile 20 year old girl in his bed and he’ll feel the fresh air of youth all over again.

Two days ago on a first date with an 18 year old, she asked my age. As usual I asked her to guess. She guessed 25 (I’m 39). Now that’s an extreme example but girls regularly comment that I’m young at heart, both looking and acting far more youthful than my age. I asked her what she thought about the 21 year age gap – “If you were from this country perhaps I wouldn’t talk to you, I’d expect you to have a family and be boring. But…. I don’t know. You’re English, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t seem strange. It’s normal to date an older man I think.”

An alternate strategy, yesteryear

An alternate strategy, yesteryear

Since time immemorial people have searched for the fountain of everlasting youth. Countess Bathory bathed in the blood of virgins in her seventeenth century castle. The Crusaders fought their way East chasing the Holy Grail. Whole legends detail the quest for youth. Humans don’t just fear mortality, they fear getting old.

Instinctively we are repelled by people who get old before their time. At university I had a friend called Mark. We used to call him “trainee middle-aged” because he seemed determined to lock himself down to the accounting job / wife / surburban home as quickly as possible. He couldn’t wait to turn into his dad and did so around age 23. He skipped most of his youth. Madness. James Dean he wasn’t.

One pernicuous effect of the Blue Pill is it functions like early-onset Alzheimers. A fresh-faced new graduate will stroll into London with a head full of dreams and a life of opportunity stretching ahead. Within two years he’ll have a wardrobe of blue shirts and M&S suits, a credit card balance and a career-oriented girlfriend. Another couple of years and they’ve moved in together and go to Ikea on weekends. That stuff ages you.

Game is the real fountain of youth. Done correctly you stay forever young in mind and spirit. Twenty years after fucking your 20yr old university co-eds you get to fuck them all over again. It’s like a time machine.

Yes, Daygame Mastery is written by H.G. Wells.

For the gold standard in daygame instruction, try my new book Daygame Mastery.


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  2. Outstanding post. Just outstanding.

  3. *H.G.Wells?
    I think part of the excitement and revitalisation is the engagement in something that seems taboo. I’m much younger than and hook up with girls around my age, but also enjoy attractive older women (I mean around 30) – perhaps because when they’re with someone my age they are feeling the rejuvenation you feel with younger girls. It’s very different to how they’d act with someone your age.. [Good spot. Corrected. K.]

  4. Sir, you are so right, lol! Enjoying the time machine to the fullest!

  5. Yup. I spent the day with my 18 year old, hunting together for models for my modeling business. I feel relatively aged in wisdom, and know I look every of the 30 years older. But I’m well matched with her. An older guy benefits so greatly by youth,, that yes it is a fountain.

  6. Amen to that!

    The midlife crisis shaming occurs only when a blue pill man is suddenly trying to shake off his chains. When the people around you know you are a single high SMV man, no one will think twice about you sleeping with girls half your age or indulging in extravagances. Women your age will grumble a bit but also remember their own youth of chasing high value men. Locked down blue pill men will live voraciously through your tales (that you have to water down occasionally)

  7. It’s great to read blog posts like this one and the high quality of comments here.
    I’m so glad to have this kind of resource to learn from the experience & observations of other men.

    The bit about women trying to shame men about having a “mid-life crisis” intrigues me.
    It seems to me many men experience a kind of awakening when they notice their bodies aging.
    They realize on a deeper, gut level that their years of youth & life are finite, and passing by, ever more rapidly. They realize they haven’t been making the most of their best possibilities; they’ve been too tame, ‘well-behaved’, avoiding negative responses from others, etc.
    They re-evaluate the balance of benefits & penalties in living the way they’ve been living,
    versus how they could start living differently now.
    They decide to start choosing a different exchange of what value they will get and what price they will pay for it.

    Waking up to reality is always a good event, even if it means facing some ugly truth, going through an ugly time.
    The motives of people who try to stop you from changing are always suspect.
    Sure, some ‘mid-life crisis’ behavior may look a bit cringe-inducing
    (like trying to be too trendy & ‘hip’, or doing new ostentatiously macho behavior repeatedly).
    But I don’t see anything wrong with deciding it’s very worthwhile to be doing plenty of great exercise consistently,
    and eating more like a serious athlete, getting enough rest, etc.
    No one can get around the facts that you are stuck living through your body 24/7, for your entire life,
    and the quality of your body condition makes a huge impact on the quality of your life experience.
    However of course it’s no substitute for doing what you need to do to start enjoying a great sex life
    (as long as the price you pay doesn’t outweigh the rewards you get).

  8. One thing I hate about dating advice and PUA sites is they always assume you have access to hot young girls.

    “See all those beautiful women? Just go approach them brah!”

    I’m looking around and I don’t see them. I’ll be 30 this month. There are no 18 yo girls crossing paths with me. When I’m 40 I imagine it will be the same story.

    I don’t know how you guys get in these situations where there are women around you all the time.

    • @Cryo I’m late 40’s. I am also surrounded by younger girls: 20’s and early 30’s. They are everywhere if you look. But you have to go where the fish are: Gyms, classes, dance classes, photography classes and of course Day Game.

      30 is young. 30 is now the more or less maximum age of women I now game and target.

      The attitude is self-defeating. Learning game has helped me improve both my inner confidence and how I dress, act, talk and react.

      I think that as Krauser and others have written, we live in a society where the Blue-Pill, Nice Guy beta male is the icon of our time…the hopeless romantic waiting for “the one” to come into his life.

      Start slow. Approach girls in coffee shops, in bus lines…wherever. Just start a conversation build your confidence and go from there.

      If you start reading Krauser’s blog from the start you’ll see a variety of mis-steps and learnings. He’s been generous enough to lay it all out there for guys to pick from it what is relevant to their own situations.

    • @Cryo, Thats a very self defeating mindset mate. I’m the same age as you as well and will be turning 30 in a few weeks. But trust me when i say this – It really doesn’t matter.

      I’ve started to notice women are giving me a lot more pings a lot more now than I used to get just 5 years ago. Perhaps it’s my increased sensitivity of spotting them due to Game, but the point is there really is no better time to master this skill set than you have now.

      30 is the perfect age to start learning Game. You’re old and mature, which will be a massive compliment to the skill set due to worldliness experience as well as having the assume authority of being an older and more experienced guy. Something that the younger guys commonly struggle with. I know from first hand because I got into this when I was 23. And it was a lot harder back then compared to now.

      Keep your chin up mate. The world’s pussy is your oyster. Or as Tom Torero says – “Onwards and Inwards” 😉

    • What a you talking about man just leave your house there are Women everywhere!

    • Even though I was in London, if you’re doing a 9-5 like me and had to study afterwards, amongst other things, free time was at a minimum. I worked at hospitals and in the surrounding areas there were very few bangable girls I saw in the 18-30 range. I went to hungary and was continually shocked at the quality of talent there compared to UK.

      UK has become an immigrant heavy country (who are more often males) and a feminist hole (who have bred useless offspring). There are huge swathes of the country where the ratio of bangable women is low. The rise in obesity shows. The aging population shows. You have to be proactive in many situations to take the time and go farther afield. Not everyone has the time and energy to do this considering their situation. Its much harder to meet bangable women these days than 10 years ago.

      This country is f*cked. There is no incentive to work hard anymore – we should all just chase tail apparently. I’m moving abroad as I see the end coming as I don’t want to be a doctor here, I realized I just want to have it easy like everyone else and collect dole money or be forced to go onto minimum wage to have free time to meet mediocore pussy.

      • The red pill certainly is a bitter pill to swallow, but eventually it’s liberating.

      • As a doctor in FSU, you’ll be paid as burger flipper – 600 (newbie)-900 pounds (solid position after years) and you’ll probably be forced to violate the law and work up to twice more time than allowed. So yeah, it has it’s drawbacks if you wanted to work as a doctor. Everything for a patient, at the expense of workers. (Who run away to Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden…)

      • If you want complete liberation, learn to make your own money by educating yourself in Sales and Marketing.

        There are people i’ve met who are in their late teens/early twenties who are killing it on the internet, building businesses and making stack loads of cash, all in the comfort of their own homes.

        You’ll never be taught this in school because it’s simply designed to place you in a cog and become a slave to the system like the other 98% of people who are living this way.

        Being red pill doesn’t just mean having free access to a sexual market. But also being in complete control of your life and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

        Being a doctor is great. But if your goal is to free yourself, then there is another way that requires less work with a higher payout.

      • Move then, and stop whinging.

  9. If you find that kind of subject interesting check out the research into am actual fountain of youth at

  10. Krauser banging that many girls within that amount of time pretty much says it all about the age thing, at least for him.

    I won’t lie though, I get pessimistic about this from time to time thinking about shit like age and looks. It’s not productive and it sucks up all your energy. Best to just focus on what you want and go for it no matter what.

    It’s obvious there is an overall value here, which Krauser and Tom have already discussed in SMV. I am somewhat curious as the level of importance in value having learned game compared to aspired traits like looks and age? I suppose the proof is in the pudding.

    • Regarding value building, I’d simplify and set gym, diet, style etc. on autopilot. That way you get better over time but focus mainly on approaching and improving mindsets and behaviours.

  11. I’ll agree with that. As does my 19 year old squeeze. Pretty great to be an all round competent man, and young at heart too.

  12. I’d say game, SMV and the right environment/country are the fountain of youth. FSU…..what can you say about a country where 80% of women you meet’s favorite book is “Master and Margarita” where the Master is an older gentleman and Margarita is a young hot girl and they become a couple involved in one of the most widely read and loved romances of any culture except Romeo and Juliet ? Nice start.

    1. I for one think that Rollo’s SMV graph is wrong for many countries because that kind of thing is country/culture specific.. For example, I think it’s fairly accurate for the FSU but I think it’s wishful thinking for the USA – I don’t think there are too many older guys in USA that would say it’s accurate and although I have massive respect for Rollo’s writings, he is from USA so he should know better. I like the idea and it’s the way I WISH it was, but it’s really not – to the extent that some have experienced it that way – they’re outliers. Here it is:

    2.) One of my favorite Krauser posts:

    points out that game alone can generally only raise whats obtainable for you by a few points :

    The pink shaded area is the man’s fundamental value being a combination of his looks, age, job, physique, fashion, vibe, character and all those other things that combine before you add your in-set technique. It’s pretty stable over time unless you are actively working on it. Your value represents the tide upon which the boats float.

    The blue line is your Game value-add. This rests upon your value and as your game gets better it can reach further and further above your core value. It’s also volatile depending on your mood, state, circumstances and ability to think on your feet. You’d expect it to increase culmatively over time as your bank more sets.

    What happens when you work hard on your value? The pink shaded area rises higher, the tide raising the upward potential of your game and bringing the higher quality girls into reach. You should also see that relying on Game alone is not going to score the hotties. You’ll also get a feel for how you can occasionally punch above your weight if you keep approaching but if you want consistent results you must claw your way above the Attraction Threshold and stay there.

    This is why high value guys can have zero game and still score hotties, while low-value PUAchodes can do thousands of sets and get nothing.

    3.) Game + solid SMV + FSU = rocket fuel. Who doesn’t want to ride that rocket ? I just read Jabba is moving there, egged on no doubt by this & Tom’s stream of posts – entirely logical. We only live once

  13. Hi Krauser, which countries in Europe did you visit this time?

  14. all this talk about blue pills and red pills is utter nonsense. just get out there and talk to some women. [Big Baller troll. Last warning. Either contribute or leave. Any more of this attempted big-balling and you’re out. K.]

  15. Regarding the last tweet, Tom succeeds without traditionally R-selected fashion, would you agree?…I usually view “british gentleman” fashion asi primarily K. It is kind of my style, although I am more “italian” style. Does this

    Or this

    style hurt R-selected daygame or is this archetype ok? I find it good although I get how standing out in terms of fashion could work against R-selected game compared to your style. [imho both styles are screaming chode, especially the first link. Watch Tom’s recent videos again. There’s no british gentleman fashion left on him. K.]

    • Ok thanks. I’d agree about the first pic but the model has more to do with it than fashion. Still, I may change my fashion not no send mixed signals.

      • This is something that should be explored more. Most manosphere sites actually aim for “James Bond” style. Classy, polo shirts, chinos, sunglasses, leather jacket, I think that’s the ideal. But at the same time they don’t shy away from boat shoes or “british gentleman” coats, blazers…so now the message is somewhat blurry. I personally feel great in a combination of dark fitted polo shirt and jeans or fitted t-shirt and chinos combined with leather shoes, some good watch, not much accesories, wayfarer/,aviator sunglasses. It is certainly more “K” than “Krauser style”, no skulls, the t-shirts are less rock style…there is probably a fine line I need to walk on not to appear as higher beta. What really makes a difference is physique, as evidenced by Daniel Craig vs that chode on the first pic. Then one can allow himself to be more “classy” and still display danger. [Most of the manosphere has no idea how to do R-selection game. K.]

      • X-man- that is a great insight and analysis below. A ton of pickup blogs recommend dressing very well and buying expensive clothes (I’ve done this). But thinking about it, this can be counter-intuitive, specifically in daygame if used incorrectly.

        Imagine a common theme: noob (under 2 years according to DG mastery) fixes himself up, dresses very well and cold approaches good looking women. If the woman senses niceness or pushover in him (as most noobs have) she will immediately (unconsciously) think “Oh just another up-n coming chode, like the other 10 I have in my phone, that is trying to impress me with his wealth/status”. It screams provider game to her. She categorizes him with all the other providers in her life and the male does not make himself unique among others.

        Hence the man has no individuality or distinctiveness in her eyes. And from his eyes, why should a high valued woman go out with a man that follows the pac.

        I’m putting down my foot. Fuck all the pickup companies that recommend this outward provider style game. Daygame Mastery + Torero + Jabba give us the foundations to sub-communicate high value and male strength to women in the interactions. I’m going to start to dress as I did over a decade ago, when I didn’t give a shit: cool punk-rock meshed with my own style (but now with some class so I don’t look like a homeless person either). [This is all correct. K]

      • Thank you for your reply and I shall study the material that you gave a link to.

        “Are you self-assured alpha or just delusional man unwilling to optimize every variable because it is hard work?”

        Definitely not the former, but mostly not the latter. Pretty chodish, to be honest, bookish and indecisive, but strong in the not-giving-a-shit-what-people-think department. [Don’t take this the wrong way Sam, but my diagnosis is you’re gamma. It shines through in your commenting style. The bad news is gammas ALWAYS deny it. The good news is gammas are blessed with good intelligence, discipline and strong frame. I suggest you read up on Vox Day’s blog and plot your own character traits against what he lists. Also watch how he conducts himself on his own blog, because he’s a good example of a self-delusional gamma posturing as a sigma. K.]

      • Thank you very much for the feedback, Krauser. I really appreciate it because, seems to me, honest feedback is so scarce and self-correction so hard. I’ll study Vox Day’s blog and do a self-inventory.

      • Hi Nick, that’s an awful big blog. I read the FAQ and the most recent dozen or so posts and their associated comments, and the nature of his self-delusion is not clear to me. So anyway, to cut to the chase: Could you give me a clue as to how I’m self-delusional? The comparison with Vox Day hasn’t enlightened me.

      • OK, accepting that silence might be the only response I’ll get I am continuing to study. I’m up to the end of 2009 in reading the posts, starting from the beginning. I also just came across If the typology covers everything ( a big “if”) then one might assign any particular case by a process of elimination. Let’s see: I’m not an alpha, a beta, nor (tentatively) a gamma (in the absence of evidence of self-delusion). Well! It turns out I’m not a sigma either, since I lack the self-confidence. That leaves “omega”.. I’ll return to this matter, and even this thread (if K’s patience doesn’t wear out and I get deleted) as I learn more.

      • Further thoughts: It wouldn’t be too far off to say I’m similar to Wolverine without claws or invulnerability. If my current understanding is correct it, the difference between sigma and omega is whether of not the man has confidence and competence and with regard to women I have neither, so omega it is. I don’t feel despondent about this, since the way forward is clear: confidence comes from reference experiences, which, in turn, provide the content for managing ones current state, and competence comes from faithful imitation of competent practitioners.

    • Are any of the fashion opinions expressed here based on evidence concerning results? If it is climate-appropriate, comfortable, and un-selfconscious, do women actually care what you wear?

    • Isn’t a concern with fashion an attempt to impress the viewer, the opposite of what a self-assured man would do?

      • Well, game is also an attempt to impress the viewer, as well as please yourself. So is fitness, career…Game is just more integral part but in a way you are helping her reach emotional highs and are rewarded with sex.
        Are you self-assured alpha or just delusional man unwilling to optimize every variable because it is hard work? Hard to say, as evidenced by previous discussion it can be taken too far, but no style and “being comfortable” is probably a bad idea. As everything, it serves as a buffer when taken too far – masterPUA talking only to tens if the climate is good and stars are aligned, super dressed man obsessing over color matching and skin tone when going with the trash etc, bodybuilder who takes protein powder on date because he is frightened to miss the window of opportunity of proteosynthesis and therefore misses the window of opportunity with the girl…

      • Thanks Xman. I have a few comments: The (successful) infield videos of the PUAs display a range of sartorial inelegance that is clearly at odds with the recommendations at – ranging from ripped jeans and sneakers to plain t-shirts to cheap winter jackets and hoodies (and sneakers) that look like they came from asda. I conclude that the fashion advice on is unrelated to effective daygame, and indeed, so is any concern at all with accessories, let alone what choice of watch to wear or such nonsense as strategically perching sunglasses on top of ones head!

    • Actually I like your observation of R-selected fashion. Only recently it dawned on me that I, as well as most of the manosphere and even PUAs use sometimes way too much K-selection fashion. A sharp suit in a nightclub will get you the girl with enough Game, BUT there is a greater chance of her seeing you a bit in the K-selection-Provider-role. I also realized that her initial percecption might even increase during deep-conversion Game imagining herself as your Mrs. right from the beginning. Via R-selection fashion incl. accessories you cement yourself way more in the frame of the hot guy she wants to fuck not thinking whether this might be Mr. Right. Good stuff K!

      • Some time ago K mentioned contrast game – Sam or Tom with their K-selected english gentleman fashion combined with R-selected game, at least in case of Tom. But apparently it is better to specialize, or you’ll simply get more confused girls and the ones you get will want to become your exclusive girlfriends. I myself identified heavily with this “nice bad boy” archetype but most of us are still too nice and few teases or stronger eye contact won’t change that. Plus, when you drop the ball occasionally it’s much easier for her to categorise you as nice guy. It is very tempting to max out everything that makes up your SMV – fashion, fitness, career, lifestyle…at least for me. Some elements are still useful and the benefits linear, like fitness, which gives you physical presence, confidence, aggresiveness and bad boy look, a detail like strong neck is ver powerful and dominant…but fashion, career…not so much. [SMV really needs to be broken down into R and K channels. There’s no single SMV scale. K.]

  16. “”Since May 10th. In that time I’ve banged seven girls aged 22, 29, 24, 20, 20, 30 and 19 while I’ve also had my dick in the mouth of a 23 and 18 year old.””

    when wil the field reports related to those will be on your site K? [I’m using them in a new book I’m working on. K.]

  17. I can remember being on a business travel and just having turned 35. I decided that I was faithful enough with my girlfriend and I should have some fun. It was before actually learning about Red Pill and Game I simply approached a young girl in a club and brought her back to the hotel. For some reson I managed to adhere to several Game rules unconsciously. Turns out she was 19 and I even let her repeat her age as I was fucking her. She still texted me a year later for wanting to meet up. That’s when I realized that age-appropriate dating is quite different for a man. I can also remember how bad I felt about it, as the entire Beta-Chode conditioning was fighting against this experience.
    Since then so much changed so quickly since learning about Game that a buddy and me talked recently how utterly without conventional sense of morality we are. The Alpha/Sigma state feels good, it gives you power, it makes you independent of the opinions of other people, it certainly makes you independent of what women think. No wonder the Elite as well as the Feminine Imperative want every man to be an obediant Chode.

  18. hey krauser great post can u tell us more about ur new Serbian babes u got,love to here ur stories

  19. I think the Kraus is eternal. I think he just keeps getting better and better. I think he will go on for ever.

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