This is what sigma looks like

August 2, 2012

I first heard the term sigma reading Vox Day’s blog when he tried to unpack Roissy’s definition of the male hierarchy, believing the latter had over-simplified things. The defining essence of the sigma is fierce autonomy. He alone stands outside the male domination hierarchy. It’s easier to show examples of sigma rather than explain

  • Sigma: Han Solo, Bobo Fett, Wolverine, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Tyler Durden (early movie), James Bond
  • Alpha: Yoda, Luke Skywalker (trainee), Darth Vader, Cyclops, Tyler Durden (late movie)

A sigma, wandering

It’s harder to find alpha movie characters because sigma is waaaaaay cooler. Whereas an alpha goes into a social situation expecting to dominate it, like an irresistable force, the sigma resists being drawn into any situations, like an immovable object. He is transient and self-absorbed.

Lately I’ve been thinking sigma and alpha are really just the introversion and extraversion ends of the same spectrum. The sigma mostly wants to be left alone to forge his own path and is troubled by society’s constant attempted to draw him back in, imposing restrictions and demands on his time and freedom. The alpha actively engages in society to create or subvert these restrictions for his own gratification. Considered another way, the sigma is channelling Warrior energy and the alpha is channelling King energy.

We were just watching A Fistfull of Dollars in our cinema room this evening and I was reminded what a perfect outline of the sigma archetype Clint Eastwood paints with his character. Just watch these opening scenes. Slow movement, disinterest, self-absorption, wanderlust, reluctance to get involved….. all so effortlessly cool.


  1. I like the idea (like everyone else) but the fact that every dipshit and his uncle now feels the need to claim SSSigMAAA status, it makes me cringe whenever I come across it.

    And you left out the greatest sigma of them all:

    Edmond Dantes.

    ‘Madam, I never eat muscatel grapes.’

    Words to live by.

    • I’ve always understood sigma as a master of manipulation having the means of getting their way, I feel as though you have also branched into the omega side of things in your examples. It would appear as though the grey area is vast over the differential traits (imo).

  2. I realised not that long ago that I’d never be an alpha. I’m just not social enough, and care very little for being part of the silly games of the male dominance hierarchy, but at the same time I react quite strongly if anyone tries to dominate me.

    Work is a prime example. It’s like a stricter more well defined version of a social hierarchy, and this is what I hate about. I see so many women and beta men at work who seem happy to be a part of this hierarchy and feel the need to try and draw me into it, and I hate it.

    >The sigma mostly wants to be left alone to forge his own path and is troubled by society’s constant attempted to draw him back in, imposing restrictions and demands on his time and freedom

    I’d say that sums me up fairly well. I’d say once I used to be a bit of an Omega. I would distance myself from the social hierarchy, but was an Omega rather than a sigma because I was lacking in confidence and self esteem, and resented those who thrived within the hierarchy. Now my self esteem and confidence are better, I no longer resent these people, I’m just disinterested. I’d say learning game is turning me into a sigma.

    • Who cares about your particular case? If you are going to comment at all, at least make sure you say something that is of potential interest to others. [Actually, I am interested in his particular case and would approve the comment even if I wasn’t. K.]

    • I suppose it’s method vs instinct. I find a Sigma will often be able to play any of the roles he decides to depending on situation and I really do not feel it’s part of the same spectrum an Alpha is. My experience tells me Sigmas are manipulative spiderlike changelings, be they with or without a heart due to sociopathy or autism or whatever else made them eccentric. I’d be surprised if they even existed in the hierarchy we consign to apes, which is where alpha/beta etc come from anyway. A Sigma is not playing by the rules of an animal and is instead actively using others. I doubt Sigma apes existed? But then I’m not educated. Of those guys I’d say James Bond and Batman are the only true Sigma, Batman more so. Fiction’s kind of silly when describing social roles imho.

      • how to say… I think the clearest sign of someone being one is when they trust aspects of people instead of any entire individual. They know it’s foolhardy to fully pledge allegiance so they pick out recurring patterns in people and use them. They have bold, deep hypnotic voices more often than not, are very funny – basically do everything with an eerie perfection that teeters beside the uncanny valley. And do actually make friends, easily too. If they want, of course. I suppose being Sigma is a matter of your ethics, resolve, intelligence.

        I believe the ‘autonomous’ aspect of being one goes down to the very core of the person, to the point their feelings don’t matter at worst and are pets to be kept well or trained at best.

  3. “Lately I’ve been thinking sigma and alpha are really just the introversion and extraversion ends of the same spectrum”

    I thought this was pretty well known. Most people who think they are sigmas are simply omega losers who have no friends. John Wayne is a good example of an actor who plays both alpha and sigma roles (IRL he was an alpha). His most sigma role would be Ethan Edwards in The Searchers, and I’m not sure of his most alpha role but McClintock would be an example.

  4. Come on man, we all know Sigma is some bullshit term game guys made up to refer to themselves so they don’t call themselves “omegas who learnt how to approach women”, which is largely the truth. The invention of the “weird loner pulling girls” archetype lol. More like bitter omegas trying to convince themselves that they can get girls without actually having to become sociable people. I’m not saying you can’t be introverted and get laid, but introverts who can’t make friends or get on with the vast majority of people should admit to having poor social skills and a counterproductive mindset towards other people. [You’re an idiot. Introversion/extroversion is about where you get your energy, not social skills. Many introverts have strong social skills and lots of friends. K.]

    • I wasn’t saying all introverts have poor social skills and have a negative attitude towards others, its an energy related thing as you say – just that the ones that do should admit it and not pretend that it isn’t a problem for them. That’s why I said it’s possible to be introverted and get laid (and have a the social life you want). [That I agree with. Every omega wants to think he’s a sigma. K.]

      • Sigma traits relate to inner attitudes towards the male domination hierarchy. Nietzsche was very sigma. But in terms of relationships with women he was probably very omega at the same time. It’s not either-or.

    • I was getting caught up in this, thanks for reminding me. I hate the game bullshit along with ALPHA BETA ZETA OMEGA stuff. It doesn’t exist in humans. Men have dominant and submissive tenancies. it’s as simple as that.

      I agree with the whole pickup artists are just “omegas” who learned to pick up women. I see them and most of them seem like insecure and awkward people. they never quite seem in place.

      Extroverted dominant guy could be an alpha(not always a obnoxious, just a stereo type, but defiantly domineering and wants recognition)
      Extroverted but more submissive guy would be Beta(prefers to take orders is more passive. typically laughs at unfunny jokes by their alpha friend sort of thing{generalising here})
      Omega would be the cast away. i can’t really pinpoint it or why.

      a real “Sigma” would be introverted guy who doesn’t want to lead but resists those who try to lead him. Typical “Lone wolf” in pack animal terms. Leaves the pack because it get’s fed up with the politics of the pack. Mates with the females of other packs while the alpha/betas are fighting over it. Takes over the pack when necessary, otherwise doesn’t care. follows the pack when it’s wiser than going alone due to food shortages but leaves again when it get’s fed up with the pack politics again.

      give or take, that is it, in a broad generalisation.

    • I’m social and never have problems getting girls but don’t like hierarchy much, I like freedom. Sigmas could be great leaders but mostly for a certain time until goal is reached, or become “beta” for a time (if their leader is sigma or some “enlightened” alplha), but as long they feel leader is forcing them and is authoritative they drop out. That si what I observed have some acid you’ll find hidden truths of life

    • Your reply just makes so obvious how bad you cant stand the fact that somebody can actually make it without being a clown eating sheep rhetoric. Thats what all those bragging dudes they call alphas look like. Trying to fit everywhere. Ridiculous.
      I would certainly cut your balls if you come at me and Im not scared of anybody. Im not scared of girls either, why would I be if I have achieved everything I have with blood, sweat and tears? Im a doctor and I deal with a lot of pressure. I research and challenge my mind constantly. I have broken my mind and my body pursuing my freedom with hard work. Ultimately I pursue my total independence; intellectual, temporal and financial.
      Hanging with groups of idiots that live enslaved to pay for phones,houses,vacations, you name it?…Fuck no, Im not up for that. There is no time, I have battles to win. The main one? My freedom.
      I meditate and exercise to stay focused. Ive got several girlfriends. I dont need the bullshit.
      The concept of omega is a rejected dude that doesnt do anything with his life and is even more oppressed that the beta; we sigmas want to be alone by choice mate, because your games are only bullshit. Because society is a fucking pantomime and we are angry. The rage has to be channeled to bring something good but we still dont care about your bullshit.
      Next time you meet a sigma, mess with him and youll see what Im talking about.

  5. First time I read the definition of sigma I knew that’s what everyone would diagnose themselves as because it sounds the coolest, but it’s a proper label for many. Maybe we should develop some sort of Meyers-Briggs type man classification test. We could do it next time we all meet up and plot how to reduce women’s wages, avoid “manning up” and promote rape culture.

    • I agree. When you understand Jung/ Myers brigs you will see the whole Alpha/Beta things with a deeper understanding.

      I look at the personality types and you combine them with if said individual is has a dominant or submissive nature.

      Your classic “alpha” macho obnoxious guy would be an ESTP/ although not always, because you have to also consider if they are dominant or submissive, their interests and their values. Generally that would be the right ingredients if you know what i mean, though.

      I couldn’t picture an INFP as being an stereotypical ALPHA. Wrong ingredients if you know what i mean.

      ISTP/ISTJ is what i picture as stereotypical “Sigma” as it has the right core elements. They could also be alpha, or beta, or omega. but they are less likely.

      It’s just way to deep to make generalizations, to many variables. this is why it’s a topic i dislike lol!

  6. I don’t think anyone can definitively classify themselves on the alpha/beta/sigma/whatever spectrum. We’re all too biased. By definition, the only people who can accurately say where any one person stands on a social spectrum are other people.

    I think it’s much more useful to classify behaviors, or patterns of behaviors, than people. People are all over the place.

    • I’m Alpha when I have to be; Beta when I have to be; Sigma when I have to be. I think a successful man knows how to be cameleon-like, understanding each type thoroughly and adapting accordingly. Ultimately, however, Sigma has and always will be my default type. Personally, I rather despise true Alphas and Betas. The example given above (i.e. the Clint Eastwood character in the Good, Bad and the Ugly) is a perfect Sigma example.

  7. Good post and good link. I was thinking about this today. My thought was that the characteristic of a sigma is his readiness to break away from group norms and beliefs; while alphas tend to align themselves with groupthink more (but with more leeway than betas). An alpha is more like a high ranking officer, a marine, a flying ace; a sigma is more like an outlaw. In this sense there are specific alpha traits that a sigma holds much stronger than alphas, e.g. refusal to give in the frame. Sometimes politicians like Berlusconi or Obama are mentioned as alphas, and they are in the sense that they dominate their groups, but at the same time they are trapped in the politics game where they continously say shit they don’t believe just to get votes. In politics sigma is completely hardcore outsider stuff like Evola or Zerzan.

    The best example of sigma I have read is Jacques Mesrine, the films are worth watching but the book written by the man himself is even better for a look at how a sigma positions himself against the world.

  8. One way you can tell whether a guy is Sigma or Omega, the Omega will either fear the presence of an Alpha or defer to him. Whereas a sigma will get along with whatever he was doing, a bit like Clint Eastwood at a bar, he’s simply there to get a drink.

    It’s funny that in all his spaghetti westerns (I’m a die hard fan) its the Alpha that gets pissed off when he comes to town, like the lack of deference is a threat.

  9. I’m one of those who would like to embrace the concept of sigma, but I wonder if others would consider me omega. In any event, as an improving omega or a low-functioning sigma, the sigma ideal is what resonates with me as rather than the alpha. It is a journey of self-improvement – from beta to alpha, or from omega to sigma as the case may be- and these concepts can be useful tools if not overly reified.

  10. Clint eastwoods character in high plains drifter would be another good example of sigma.

  11. Clint rules as a cowboy!., I have a few t-shirts with his print on it. Got nothing but compliments to them. I’m loving the movies too.

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  16. I’ve been reading this stuff for fun and found this gleaming example of an omega that fancies himself a sigma.

    John Says:
    January 23, 2013 at 11:16 pm
    The saddest thing about women in today’s culture. Whether they are feminist or not. They’ll all find a way to turn this against you and say see that’s why you’re single when it is the simple truth. Then they’d say oh he may have been nice but he didn’t have all the qualities I was looking for that corresponded to my life or my goals. Then they date a guy who treats them like crap. I’d rather date a nice person wo didn’t seem to match up to all the qualities corresponding in my life than someone who treats me like crap and guess what ( is probably still just living each day to get laid, drunk as hell, to party 24/7, and eventually have no future). Then there’s a fact that if you don’t date by a certain age people act like there is something wrong with you. I stopped caring about dating, and cut off all physical, sexual and emotional attraction to the opposite sex (not attracted to anyone) and decided to just worry more about my life. Yes it would be nice to have a decent relationship with somebody but that seems to be nearly impossible. If you ask girls out constantly you’re desperate and nobody wants you but guess what there jerks girls love to date seem to do it all the time. Still though it seems as soon as I just stopped caring and showing attraction women seem to give me blushes when I look at them, seem to smile and wave and notice me more, seem to have a lot more interest and seem to act like I’m somehow this guy they just want to be around. I bet if I started caring again they’d all just back off. Sigma males are loners that still seem to get attention from girls like alphas or more then alphas (doesn’t mean they take it). Gammas are more of the kind of guy who’s always around but never noticed. Delta males are average guys. Beta males are “nice guy” (jerks). Alpha males are the true d-bags and most pick-up artists. Omega males are the stereotypical nerd/geek. I would consider myself a Sigma male. I’m not opposed to dating, finding love or caring. I know there are good girls out there who have a sense of logic. A lot of girls don’t. I date for personalities and care extremely little for looks. When I find a logical need to ask someone out who’s showing interest I will. But truthfully this societal view of dating is screwed up and I definately won’t follow it’s ways.

    [definitely. K.]

    • Just keep in mind that gammas identifying as sigmas is probably less common than betas imagining themselves alphas. Virtually the entire PUA scene is betas in alpha clothing.

      The reason why there is so much PUA butthurt around these comments is not because there are some gammas/betas who think they are sigmas, but because alphas/betas just take exception to the idea of sigmas.

      Why? Because sigmas don’t give 2 shits about social hierarchies, group approval, etc. It’s just instinctive (in genuine sigmas). They still want and can get poon, can attract women etc – but they don’t go in for social rituals. The other thing is the resistance to being led or leading – they just don’t go into it. This is fundamental to sigmas. just zero urge to lead, but extremely strong reaction to being led. Willingness to be led is virtually what defines betas and omegas, which is why you find so many betas and omegas looking for leadership on PUA sites.

      As a sigma I have encountered this IRL. I have had serious confrontations with alphas who just couldn’t handle the fact that I wouldn’t play their games. At first they were annoyed, then suspicious, and eventually hostile. Some of these guys eventually became friends and allies. One told me that what he hated about me was that I didn’t make sense to him – he couldn’t read my motives at all.

      I don’t look like Clint Eastwood or James Dean, I am just a guy who wants to rule myself and can get poon when I need to.

      If this sounds improbable to some of the commenters, it’s because they find it threatening.

      Enjoy the inane social rituals and submitting to the group.

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  19. A lot of what has been said has been spot on, a lot is BS. I think the most important thing a Sigma needs to have is good social skills when he wants to use them and has to be a hit with the ladies. Otherwise you’re just an Omega.

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  21. I have been starting with 2009 on this blog and reading forward, simultaneously reading Jabba who had a link here. This was a revelation to me. Just last night was at a benefit sitting with some rich old #2 at a major bank who was holding court with his employees and their dates. I found myself instinctively turning away from him and towards the spouse of one of those employees to start another conversation. My brothers are in the army and I find a similar dynamic with generals I’ve met and I find myself instinctively throwing something controversial out there – the last to a retired 3 star being “I took a course in grad school by xxx (they all knew him) in which the top 3 armies in the world in terms of effectiveness (not size) were Israel, Germany, and then the US with the deciding characteristic being that the Israeli army puts the most authority to the lowest level guys”. To my surprise he agreed with me but I was not able to take over the group and I really didn’t want to. I like to when I have the mental energy and am in the mood but not every time.

    I am doing what I viewed as the long slog of alpha but it’s not all in my nature but still I do it understanding the benefits and having been in the armed forces (I refused all promotions or positions and was the only one in my class to not buy a class ring) and sports I understand that sometimes it’s highly beneficial to do things, some aspects of which you don’t like.

    Like autism, most of what we are is on a spectrum so while being a little bit Alpha (and increasing), mostly sigma, I’ve got at least 25% Beta and I’m trying to eliminate that. Avoid the tendency to simplify yourself – you’re probably a lot of things. Just like one might be a ‘great’ athlete, you might have a body that looks like shit but maybe you move with the coordination and grace of a pro baller when your’e at speed – you may lack strength and endurance but you can work on and develop those – they might not shine as brightly as what you’ve been gifted (or they might) but they can be highly developed. So it is with personalites – at least that’s the analogy I just made up as I typed this.

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  23. I have always scored big in my social circles. My social circle is a strip club because I work in one. I will fight anyone at anytime because I like the feeling of it. I like gnashing my teeth and beating the eyes out of someones head, I dont care how it seems or what people think I wear slippers and basketball shorts everywhere I go. I have sold drugs in the past, been to jail, played sports ( leading scorer on my hockey team two years in a row) but HAVE ALWAYS FELT REMOVED FROM THE CROWD. I do not cold approach typically because its weird to talk to strangers IMO, i really dont like it. But when I do i flirt well and they know im a psycho dark triad self absorbed type so i work well with the right kind of girl. Hi quaility snobby ass chicks never interested me, I like crazy fucked types such as myself, big suprise. The point im trying to illustrate as that I have never changed. I have always been this way, so for whats it worth, I feel like the whole sigma thing describes me fairly well. Im 32 live with mom and bang 8s and up. Havent fucked a girl over 23 in 6 years. Get a strip club job. Alphas are only alpha until they do something I dont like. All that smiling and social soapbox shit is weakness to me, playing dress up and using hair gel and shit…lol all for chicks. I broke it off with a 21 year old 9 yesterday, just to watch her face turn from smiles to pain. If their were no laws i would make every knee bow to me or die trying, with pride.

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  25. Charles Bronson is the ultimate sigma then. Him in Death Wish II, wandering the streets alone is a beautiful example

  26. Denial of the sigma is hamstering. It’s embarrassing to see people have everything else in place but hamster on this issue.

    When a sigma learns of Game, they don’t go through any “phases” or may pass through them quickly. They will compare what they read & hear to their direct experience of reality and quickly accept much of it as truth.

    But sigmas will eventually reject the tenet of Game that pussy rules the universe. This is not hamstering or snowflaking on the sigma’s part but again comes from direct experience that pussy is not the center of their universe. Sigmas are used to being told by people who ought to keep their mouth shut how the world really is. A sigma fully trusts himself as the ultimate source of truth in his universe and requires no outward validation of that truth.

    Alphas need pussy to be the fullest expressions of themselves. They may want and lust after knowledge but can live without it. Sigmas need knowledge to be the fullest expression of themselves. They may want and lust after pussy but can live without it.

    A public-facing sigma is going to present a crafted persona to the world and only does so to achieve his ends. An alpha presents his whole self to the world uncensored and with a big shit-eating grin.

    Like an alpha, a sigma generally won’t be found bitching about women & hypergamy & the collapse of society & all the other wankery betas love to jerk to. Have fun going down that rabbit hole but you’re not going to come back up with anything a sigma would value with the exception that a sigma might explore, catalog & use those fears towards their ends.

    Until I found the sigma concept, I had trouble understanding why the alpha-centric focus of Game struck me as somehow lacking and inauthentic to who I am. Recently a voice I perceive as both a source of wisdom and a kindred mind mentioned that he was sigma. From reading several lines of his description of a sigma my understanding of my place in the universe instantly became clearer. From his brief description I was able to intuit many qualities of the sigma that Googling verified to be dead-on.

    For example this heuristic helped explain to me why behind closed doors alphas who trust me will seek counsel from me, divulge their deepest fears, even submit to my will once they see how it benefit’s them. Yes they still publicly shit-test me. It helps relieve some of the ongoing tension arising from the fact that I am smarter and the alpha knows it. Alphas are used to ruling everything but really they only rule the material world. Sigmas rule the mind.

    It also helped explain why even as an undeveloped outwardly-beta schlub, the wives and girlfriends of alphas would turn their attention to me anytime the alpha wasn’t around. Most women ultimately prefer alphas, let’s be clear, but the sigma can give what the orbiting friend-zoned beta tries to give without the sycophancy & neediness that poisons the beta’s efforts. We are more naturally talented at mentally fucking women because we can listen to them without tripping their sensor that we are only doing so to physically fuck them.

    Perhaps sigma/alpha are two sides of the same coin or forks from the same road. Maybe an alpha would do well to emulate the sigma and vice versa to achieve true mastery of their reality. Failing that I think sigma/alpha partnerships are the most powerful forces in society, so it behooves wise alphas/sigmas to seek out and enlist each other for their mutual benefit. [Interesting comment esp. regarding sigma valuation of knowledge. K.]

  27. Old saying of you can steal my money, burn my house, even take my wife. But don’t mess with my life force. The ground is full of alphas that thought they could dominate a sigma

  28. I’m a Sigma. Just putting it out there to end further questioning of our existence.

    If you have any thoughts that relate to me being egotistical or an omega trying to look shiny in front of a bunch of people I’ll stop you right there.

    I simply get tired of reading some comments people make. Typing about things they have no clue about.

    Someone pointed out that Sigmas have some sort of autism usually. Can’t prove that all do, but I have asperger.

  29. I’ll bite. Sigma doesn’t care what you think from a social perspective – remember that’s the game the rest of you play. Sigma doesn’t care about the social hierarchy of things, except from the vantage point of learning how your system works to make it work to his advantage. Not all sigma are manipulators, but it is part of their tool set. Alphas do let down their guard around sigma when alone. Alpha will shit-test a possible sigma because let’s be honest, they shit-test eveything. However, most alpha will not shit-test that sigma again because it will not work out to the alpha advantage. I’ll offer 1 more nugget to chew on: even though the sigma can attract tier 1 females, he’s more attracted to the quiet, intelligent, not so flashy female. Strangely enough those females seem interested in alphas. Strange world we live in… lost interest.

  30. A few years back, before the develpment of awareness of Sigmas, i wrote my own theory on the unsrecognizef group. I labelled them “Wildboys”. The short paper is available to read at my blog. It provides deeper information on the development of the Sigma/Wildboy.

  31. My main complaint with this form of classification is the laziness it breeds. When human beings identify with the social-habits of animals that operate purely by instinct, those humans abdicate humanity. They give themselves permission to either act without conscience, or to become swept along by outsidr circumstances, with no concepts of self-determination.

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