This is what polarity looks like

May 26, 2014

I talk a lot in Daygame Mastery about the need to establish male-female polarity from the beginning of the interaction. It’s important to live your life in a masculine manner so that your vibe is manly. When you stop the girl, do so decisively and with masculine dominance. You never let the polarity slip. So how does polarity look once you’re banging a girl and keeping her around?

Allow me to show, rather than tell…

Things to note for those insufficiently observant to just see:

  • I have a languid manner with slow low voice and a poker face
  • I’m the tree, she’s the squirrel running around me
  • I’m comfortable leading her, and she likes following
  • She defers to me and qualifies
  • I feed her soft dominance too, giving her smiles and laughs

Polarity isn’t a struggle, it’s a pleasant dance. It fills me with contentedness, and of course look how happy she is. This is what stupid Anglo feminists are missing out on…. the joy of being a masculine man’s woman.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! It was helpful

  3. Great demonstration. For me this was a kind of validation. I do this stuff and did this stuff with my last gf and other gf’s.

    One odd thing. With the last two gf’s we ended up breaking up after their shit-tests became over-whelming. So they loved the polarity. Then suddenly started resenting it.

    I’m sure there’s a post-mortem on the specifics. Perhaps both girls were just crazy. But has anyone else had this? You run game like this, then the polarity turns into a power-struggle for the direction of the relationship.

    This works early but then I find there’s some pivot point and they just become like feral cats and have to be put out.

  4. How long do you keep any one girl on rotation? Or are girls by their very nature prone to flighty ness?

    Good vid, it makes me lament prospects in the non London bits of the UK though

  5. One day I’ll be living the Krauser lifestyle. These videos brighten my day. Much thanks to you and Tom for showing us how good a mans late 30s can be if the proper steps are taken. The information in your books and blog are priceless.

  6. Thanks for the great video. It would be impossible to describe in language what is taking place there. Like talking about a piece of music, kind of pointless.

    I see this as the honeymoon phase, then as walawala mentioned, the power struggle begins. But that’s a phase too, I wonder how long it lasts? There’s going to be shit-tests, then how you deal with them, laying down the terms of engagement, then if both parties are happy, back to having fun, but a more moderated version. I wonder what’s after that? True compatability? Are you out of her league intellectually, does it matter? Hmmm …

  7. This is true. A girl will generally act like a little girl when she’s completely into you and will giggle and fidget around you. That’s when you know you have polarity.

    The girl i’m seeing at the moment seems to have a strong forebrain-hindbrain and always seems to snap out of her feminine polarity, realising she’s lost control and begins the obvious cues of shit testing me.

    I’ve managed to figure out how to deal with them now. Just look at her blankly while she’s doing it, and respond in a calm and authoritative manner. It often always calms them down.

  8. You describe yourself as low-energy but this girl describes you as high-energy and you agree with her. Have you managed to cultivate a false perception of high-energy (and is it in the low-energy man’s interest to do so?) or is there another reason?

  9. Long time no comment – Well done old boy, looks like a very fine filly you have yourself there.

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