The Chosen Few

October 7, 2013

You are either the chooser or the chosen. This holds in life generally and also in any given interaction with a girl.

  • Chosen: Girl already fancies you and quite likely has already decided to sleep with you before you’ve even initiated the interaction.
  • Chooser: Girl doesn’t know or care about you until you make her want to sleep with you by running tight game.

So much of the apparently contradictory advice in the community straightens itself once you ask yourself “Is this Game tip for choosers or the chosen?” Let me give you some examples. My friend “Mark” is a 25 year old tall muscular good-looking guy. He’s so good-looking that he does lots of catwalk shows as a male model. He’s had a few amateur boxing bouts so he’s no Hollister Fag either, he has functional muscularity. His Game is quite simple…. dress cool and walk into a nightclub. Stand around with a chill vibe scanning the crowd, waiting for the horny girls to IOI him. Then he walks over with a cocky smile and rapid escalates each girl in turn to filter out the timewasters and figure out which girl he’s leaving with for an SNL. This works well because he’s The Chosen. There was no attraction phase.

A Hollister Fag, yesterday

A Hollister Fag, yesterday

Conversely consider another friend, Tom Torero “Bob”. He’s a 34 year old teacher of average looks and physique. His game is to hit the streets and build good vibe, usually getting a bunch of blowouts as he’s warming up until some girls hook. Then he runs the model to build attraction with teasing and challenging, rapport as a street intellectual, then takes a number. After a handful of numbers he sees what comes through the funnel and sets up a Day 2. This works well because he’s The Chooser.

It should be pretty clear that both guys are playing to their strengths and doing what they have to do to make it work. Mark isn’t much of a talker and he doesn’t need to be. Tom Bob isn’t much of a looker and he doesn’t need to be. They are not playing the same game. Let’s break it down further.

The Chosen is any guy who is pre-selected before he opens the girl. The top DJ who has a line of girls waiting for the afterparty, the pro wrestler with his adoring ring rats, the NBA star with his girl in every franchise city, the small-time Indie band bassist with name recognition with the local hipster crowd, the cool party guy at the university hall of residence, the well-connected fashion photographer…. these are all The Chosen. Some are chosen because of their looks, some for their social status, some for their role as gatekeeper to scarce rewards but ALL are able to get laid without Game. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Game isn’t the only way to get laid.

Building an eco-system, yesterday

Building an eco-system, yesterday

Chosen One Game is by far the more efficient, assuming you enjoy the lifestyle and work required to build the little eco-system upon which it relies. Consider the rock guitarist at his concert. There may be 500 fans in the audience of whom 250 are females under thirty. Of those 250, perhaps 200 are in relationships they are happy with or simply don’t fancy him. Of the 50 who are available and fancy him, maybe only 20 are hot. Of those 20 maybe 5 are horny and slutty.

A comprehensive filtering mechanism has taken place before the rock guitarist has even looked at the girls.

Those 5 horny and slutty girls will come and find him. They’ll eye him up from the crowd and then hang around backstage waiting for him to notice them. It’s only at this point that he begins the interaction. It’s the warmest of possible opens because the only girls who enter his field of vision are girls who have already passed every filter:

  • Fancies him
  • Available
  • Up for it
  • Logistically convenient

Consider this screening mechanism for my friend Mark in a nightclub. He isn’t working an environment quite so favourable (he has competition from other men, cockblocks, crappier logistics, less pre-selection) but most of those conditions are at least partially met. So long as he is alive to the IOIs he’ll naturally filter his interactions so he only needs to open single horny girls who already fancy him.

Now let’s consider The Chooser game.

When Tom Bob hits the streets the girls are unfiltered. They are just normal girls engrossed in their normal daily activities. There is no natural filter so he must apply his own. Look for the girls who are walking solo, or looking dreamy, or dressed to indicate horniness. Look for isolated girls such as tourists. Ultimately there’s no reliable filter except opening itself – flip the stone and see if she’s a Yes, Maybe or No girl. Most of the girls will be filtered out at this point by not hooking, indicating they aren’t available or aren’t into him. Of those remaining there may be mild interest which can be amplified by tight game. Sometimes a girl is so hot you aren’t filtering her at all – you are putting out your best possible game and just hoping she likes it.

Chooser game is incredibly inefficient. But if you’re not The Chosen you have to become The Chooser. Or else you don’t get laid much.

Oxford Street, yesterday

Oxford Street, yesterday

I think of Chooser game like putting together an offensive drive in American Football. It’s a series of plays designed to move the ball down the field / move the girl along the courtship ritual. At every step her instinct is a defensive line. The rule of nature is the male intitiates and pushes while the women reacts and resists until she’s finally overcome. The male needs to create something out of nothing whereas the female can simple break up the plays and swat the ball out of the air. The Chooser needs Game.

In contrast The Chosen is in the “hot girl position”. The female is trying to make a play on him. This is why Chosen game can be aloof and full of assholery. You can barely invest and just let her chase because the script was flipped before you said hello. The Chooser begins from zero. He must first establish a beach head (the opener) and funnel his value through as quickly as possible (the assumption stack) until he has an anchor in the interaction. It’s only after this he can start to flip the script and become The Chosen.


+ Easy. High lay count. Almost entirely positive responses.

– Doesn’t travel outside the eco-system. By definition your value is higher than the girl’s. Girls are banging the image of you rather than you. Not possible for most men.


+ Travels everywhere. Choice. Quality. Authentic connection.

– Inefficient. Hard work. Flakes. LMR. Mostly negative responses (too many for most men to stick with it).

I don’t recommend one over the other, just be aware which path is being addressed when you hear pick-up advice. Realistically you can do both at the same time. When a website is telling you to get jacked to improve the raw attractiveness of your physique that’s Chosen game. When you’re scoring a table behind the DJ in a status-whore club that’s Chosen game. When you’re using social skills to move a girl’s emotions that’s Chooser game.

Even in daygame you get both paths. Most of the time you are in Chooser mode but occasionally a girl simply IOIs you – when you jump on that it’s Chosen game. Don’t waste your time building attraction and winning her over because you already have an immediate hook. Instead you can screen hard and escalate fast.


  1. really interesting framework. gonna have to read it several more times and think about it to see how it fits with my view of game. my first initial reaction:

    isn’t the whole point of the M3 model to flip the script from chooser to chosen? A2 is when you show higher value, she becomes attracted to you & she starts working for it, and A3 is when you qualify her, she shows *her* value, and you can then show “real interest.”

    so the whole point of the mystery method is to persuade the girl to come to her own realization that i am a higher value man with many options, that she wants me for that reason, and that she has earned my interest because of her special qualities, not just her looks.

    so what we call game is flipping the script, going from being the chooser to the chosen. making her chase.

    so basically, what i am arguing is that your framework might be a false dichotomy, an incorrect way of breaking down game into two “camps”. it’s not right to divide it up into chooser or chosen, since the goal is to go from chooser *to* chosen.

    i could be wrong, this is my first impression. will think about it some more.

    • You mis-understood what Nick is trying to get across. His friend Mark, the chosen, does not need to run ANY game or expend any effort build attraction( which is usually the hardest part ). He has automatic attraction. If you’re going by the out-dated mystery method, he skips right to some very brief qualification ( to filter out a false positive ) and then launches right into comfort. Because he has the best type of attraction possible ( automatic DNA attraction ) his comfort game is mostly just him showing he isn’t a weirdo or serial killer. Then if logistics are good he can quickly step into isolation and early seduction phase. Soon he’ll be fucking if logistics aren’t poor and their are no cock-blocks around.

      When you’re a chooser like Tom you have to run game. You have to expend a bunch of effort to build attraction since you start with none or very little. This is the part most people never master. To say the correct sequence of words backed up with the right body language and voice tone to which attraction is generated is something most men don’t possess. If you want to get real nerdy, it’s like running a password cracker against a password. The hotter the girl, the longer and more complex the password. Going by mystery method again, you could have the tightest qualification( A3 – technically still part of the attraction phase ) , comfort, and seduction game known to man but that is all worthless if A1 and A2 go bad or treads weakly. Every phase goes in sequence and depends on the previous. Going by my password cracker analogy, you can’t progress in your hack without a valid password. A half cracked password won’t get you anyplace. A half attracted girl is just going to flake or rationalize some reason why she shouldn’t fuck. Flake hell or LMR hell awaits.

      Game in it’s true form came from the chooser camp. Blogs like GoodLookingLoser are not technically game blogs. Advice like “look like a sexy sterotype and don’t be a pussy.” isn’t game. It’s lifestyle advice. The only real game advice GLL really teaches is how to overcome approach anxiety and quickly tell if a girl is someone who would fuck quickly(DTF screening). He and others in his camp advocate heavily against uphill battles and changing the girls mind. They don’t seduce. GLL would bounce in the first few min if a girl didn’t seem like a Yes girl. Guys like Krauser and Tom would pull out more tools from the Game toolbox and press a bit farther. They would try to build something out of nothing. I’ve read reports from Krauser where weak Maybe girls ( aka Curious girls ) turned into full fledged fuck machines after a bit of skillful work. They have tools in their arsenal to to overcome things like shit tests, LMR, girls who aren’t really sure, etc etc.

    • I think it’s the opposite. You switch from the chosen, poor version, to the chooser, solid version. You still try to increase your value, but in looks and other departments, there is a limit you’ll slowly approach buz never reach. If what you say was the case, K would now be the chosen, but he is not most of the time. I agree there is a dichotomy, as “you need to become a 10 to get one”, but this post says you never really become a 10.

    • How I see it, is that game in and of itself is high value (a fun, masculine, dominant personality sets you apart from the other guys, and is a real draw to make her want to be around you), it just needs a little time to be communicated before the girl becomes attracted (unlike the good looking / high status guy who’s high value is much more obvious at first glance).

    • Well, you just repeated what Krauser said: “The Chooser begins from zero. He must first establish a beach head (the opener) and funnel his value through as quickly as possible (the assumption stack) until he has an anchor in the interaction. It’s only after this he can start to flip the script and become The Chosen.”

  2. I went to see Russell Brand in San Francisco back in August. Part of his opening routine was walking through the auditorium interacting with the audience. Several women were throwing themselves at him, asking him to sign their breasts. When one group of girls said they came from London he said “You came all the way to San Francisco to get an STD when you could have done the same in Essex”. Once he returned to the stage he stated that he’d “I’ve made my selections” and that “There’s no way I’m not getting laid in San Francisco”. On top of this his show is full of innuendo and explicit sexuality, and very funny. This was the clearest example I’ve seen of “Chosen” game that you’ve described.

    • Brand is complete genius, amping up his “chosen” game by overtly making fun of it.

      I noticed the difference between the 2 points of view in game advice really early on, since some of it seemed completely nonsensical to me and the rest was sometimes surprising but not coming from the point of view of just needing to show up without making idiotic mistakes. Everyone I want falls for me eventually, and so to a lot I don’t want. Something in the personality I can’t quite identify, that grows on them. But it’s the “eventually” that spurred me to learn game, find out what’s really going on in those self-contradictory heads of theirs. Bump “eventually” to “soon”. Along the way I see that what I’m doing is building someone who gets to be the chosen right off the bat.

      • “Brand is complete genius, amping up his “chosen” game by overtly making fun of it.”

        Nothing genius about it, everybody half-wit can do that. I do it all the time, especially with stunners ; I call it Meta-Game. It is funny, it shows self-mockery and ultimate confidence.

  3. You could also rephrase my entire post to say “A chooser has a value delivery system( Game ). A chosen displays his value automatically. He expends no effort to show the girl his value. She just knows.”

  4. One of the best breakdowns of what it is. People have made long treatises and videos on this topic, and for those with half a brain you broke it down in a few succinct paragraphs.


    I have been both, and you are so right, it really does matter for a chosen (not in all cases) about where his turf lies. A Eastern European friend of mine is a former world class model, and a MMA fighter/owner of a dojo. Basically, similiar scenario as your friend. Basically, when we went out, he brought his uber-hot wife, so the other guys and I could use his pre-selection. Most of these women saw her, and just walked away. No sweat off my back, I usually already had a few lined up, but still, he had his pick of the litter in almost every situation we went to.

    Even then, and I am very tall and muscular, I still could not compete for women who did not care if he was married or not. I was his grenade one woman had to jump on. In other circles, I was the chosen. IN most circles, dude could take his pick. You are right in that any man in my position should not take offense and understand that it is two versions of game, not necessarily a reflection of you as a man.

    I had to learn game for when I was out of my turf. Honestly, I can understand why most men quit; it is tough to face the rejection necessary to achieve the results you want. I am fotunately not most men.

  5. Great post Nick. In my experience this model indeed is a nice breakdown of the two types of men there are in society. We used to call the Chosen Ones ‘Naturals’. But this post illustrates nicely that even naturals still have screening to do. And that naturals can also be considered people with social status instead of just good DNA or ‘getting it’. So it is possible to become a natural.

    I agree with ‘rivsdiary @October 7, 2013 at 11:15 pm’ on that for the Chooser the whole game is to become the Chosen One as per the M3 model script flipping. Even though Mystery Method might be ‘outdated’ in these times, the foundation and concepts are still valid. The stages of attraction, comfort and seduction are very much present in every interaction, as Nick states for the Chosen One he simply gets to skip the (in my opinion hardest) stage, attraction. It is the Mystery Method routines that are old and to a large degree ineffective.

    Personally I have chosen to combine these two paths. Not being one of the lucky few born with good looks, or a rich well connected family, or social saviness, I had to build up everything through hard work. Now that I’ve got the Chooser part down I decided to up Chosen One value to make the attraction phase easier. And it is paying off dividends like nothing before. Just a bit more muscle, being socially well connected (mostly because of my hard work as a Chooser), and having a goal/ambition that people know about makes the attraction phase a ton easier to get through. However, without my Chooser skills I would not be able to pull of many of my current successes.

  6. the only thing I don’t agree with is that the chosen don’t need game. do they need a lot less? sure, but to say they don’t need game is incorrect. I’ve witnessed the chosen basically being drooled over and then opening their mouth and drying up the vag almost as instantly. unless you’re on the extreme end of either it’s not really that blackandwhite. you can’t game without calibration.

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  8. It’s instantly displayed value plus game for everyone. Everybody can become a ten, but for some it’s 9 plus 1 and for most 6 plus 4. Most should also increase the first number as much as possible through life, but many simply won’t be able to reach high first number.

  9. “if you’re not The Chosen you have to become The Chooser. Or else you don’t get laid much.”
    Those who think being the chooser is better haven’t been one.
    I realized long long a ago as I ended my teens the chosen can say anything do anything and she will justify and excuse him. Including “he beats my cause he loves me”.
    The chooser will have every single thing he does and says put under a microscope and dredged for any inconsistency or anything she doesn’t like.

    It does also depend on the environment and “chosen” can be circumstantial.

    When a girl criticizes a guy and tags “but he’s cute” she is really saying “I want to fuck him asap”
    After hearing this a few times I learnt my lesson.

  10. There’s a caveat. Even if you’re the Chosen, you still have to have a little game. A socially awkward and needy Brad Pitt is not gonna get laid.

    I’m an engineer. I’m also somewhat good looking (yes, I lean towards the Holister fag category, hence the AlpaBeta nic). When I first started learning game I over gamed really quickly. A girl who already finds you attractive takes negs and aloofness (depending on their intensity) too harshly and then thinks you’re way out of her league. But small negs or teasing and a bit if aloofness is still needed. It turns out that all I had to really do was dress well, be able to hold a playful or comfort building conversation, and know how to isolate & escalate. Those are still game principles I had to learn.

    There are different plays you employ when you’re on 4th and long versus when you’re on 1st and goal. Implementing a play intended for 4th and long when you’re on 1st and goal more than likely won’t lead to a touchdown.

  11. What if a girl from my social circle is into me, lightly kinos me in appropriate situations, follows me to lunch, sits next to me etc, yet later in a conversation says she has a boyfriend and indicates they are quite long together and she is “quite content” and that she wouldn’t go study abroad because of it? Yet still continues in this fashion as before, almost isolating me in a library etc. Should I cut through and ask her how serious it is and then ask if she would be willing to “climb down the balcony at night and join me for a drink”? At the moment she kind of increases my value as a pretty girl by my side is good but I’d prefer to actually bang this one or the others while I’m still fresh in new social circle where I also have a bit of this “chosen” value due to my status. But I’ll see this girl very often, maybe for years, so I don’t want to fuck it up so massively it’d affect my position in a social circle. Could “letting it happen naturally/or not” while directly asking out other “free” girls from my social circle (jealousy+abundance) be a good choice in this specific environment?

  12. Krauser

    You can add another new Game paradigm to the pile while this post

    I’ve never seen this distinction fleshed out like this. All is clearer

    I literally before I read this post, just finished a convo with a 23 yr old girl in my social circle. It was basically her approaching me, coming on to me. I was thinking as she kept talking, investing, and then throwing in a “Fifty Shades Christian Grey” reference – ‘I didn’t even run any Game’ here, what’s going on

    I was thinking that ‘I could probably fuck this girl right now, jesus christ’ but have to get back to office

    This girl thinks I’m Christian Grey. Or her version of it. If that’s her fantasy, maybe I’ll take it

    But overall I want to master Chooser game. Thank you for introducing us to Torero – some of his skills infield are incredible. There’s a vid of him in New York – so fucking natural, relaxed, smooth. Everyone reading this should take 6 min out of life to watch it

    Really an inspiration for us past Geek Omegas in our past lives. Torero is a bit too flowery for my style, I am watching people like you and Jon Matrix even more closely. But no doubt Torero is someone to learn from

  13. Here is that Torero NY infield. Watch how absolutely relaxed and natural these approaches are.

    Totally out of his head and in the moment – witty responses, charming, erudite, getting the girls investing, and closing strong

  14. When I see Jon Matrix or Steve Jabba, they’re basically developed Chosen. Sure, they had to become choosers first, work on grooming, face, maybe gym etc. but their good looks allow them to access bulletproof Chosen game where they never slip as they can quickly switch modes when real high value girl appears. Mostly though, they now run effortless game. [I agree. Both have game but don’t really need to shift out of first gear because of their looks. K.]

    • I don’t know if I agree on Matrix. Krauser knows him personally. But by what Matrix says, he was very socially awkward before Game. Matrix is NOT a natural. He is not so good-looking that he could pick up some of the girls he pulls without serious Game skills.

      check out his infield videos, especially his “Effortless” product. You’ll see Matrix has massive Game skills, and he needs them.

      He pulls some extremely tough girls – including a stunning French model, and 2 quite bitchy Russians who are shit testing him hard from start to finish – in pure Bitch mode

      Yet Matrix number closes both thanks to his Game. Torero and Matrix analyze these sets and they explain how he does this through Game

      Matrix is good looking but not so good looking that he can Instant Date a French model – or pull these bitchy Russians without having some Game.

      Torero has said Matrix has the lowest flake rate of any PUA he knows. He also called Matrix the “best daygamer in the world right now” in his opinion.

      I’ve never heard Tom say this is due to Matrix looks, but rather to his Game [Jon has game, he just doesn’t need it much. The hardest part of game is in the emotional control, not in the technique. When over half your sets hook you very quickly develop positive reference experiences and the whole thing becomes fun. It’s easy to be cocky and in state when half of all interactions are positive. It’s easy to be non-needy, enforce boundaries and take a chance with a push when you know the next strong hook is only three sets away. That’s what I mean about his good looks helping. Any time his state is dropping he can just force a positive interaction and bump right up. Normal guys have to deal with long periods of consecutive blowouts and flat sets which eat away at your self belief. Jon and Jabba don’t. The good looks aren’t all about being Chosen, they make state control far far easier. Which of course makes it easier to access that flow state that makes your in-set technique shine. So no, Jon is not “relying” on his looks in the sense that he just says hello and they want to fuck him. He is leveraging the positive expectations his looks give him to be more “on” when he opens so he is better able to smash through the shit tests. K.]

  15. Here is a one of the above Russian pickups from Matrix.

    The set begins at 2:45. You’ll see from opening, despite whatever good looks he has, she is shit testing him hard. He can’t even get out his first assumption statement, before she’s asking him “How many girls did you approach today”

    3:27 – “Not eighties, what eighties”

    3:30 – Watch his fucking state control and cheeky grin “What is it then?”

    3:47: NYET! That is not a compliment

    4:02: She announces she might slap him

    4:08: Matrix total indifference – “What the fuck”

    4:20 – Matrix continues to plough, totally unflustered

    5:28 – She IOI’s – crosses legs, locking in, flips hair –

    6:15 – look at her fucking legs now. The Matrix magic kicking in

    6:20 – 2nd Matrix “What the fuck” Ridicules career choice of hard 8

    6:39 – She announces she is now leaving, and asks to pass

    6:48 – Matrix deftly derails her exit

    6:54 – Ballsy – asks her are you really in a rush, or giving me the brush off. Calling out the elephant

    6:58 – Poker face with hard 8, arms crossed, scrutinizing her

    7:17 – He pulls her number where 40 seconds ago she was leaving

    8:02 – More shit tests. “How many girls are you hitting on”

    8:15 – How many girls? Look at his state control, bullshitting a story, while being filmed on video and wired for sound

    8:20 – Beautiful explanation. Compelling, even seductive. Look at her hips and legs.

    I could be wrong, but you can’t explain something like this by just saying his good looks carrying the day. To me, this doesnt look like Chosen game, but rather Chooser game. There’s clearly some amount of Game and skill involved [This is an excellent set, I agree. I can also see that right from the beginning she wanted to fuck him and that’s precisely why she tried so hard to derail it without actually leaving. They were giveaways to her real emotional state. I think Jon’s vibe and calibration were good enough to spot it and to realise this was just the “Russian minute” and thus to plough on. At no point do I suggest Jon isn’t capable of tight game. He learned his skills the hard way and developed a fine appreciation of the model. I’m just saying it’s a different world than for normal-looking advanced guys who have to do fifty sets to strongly hook a girl like this. Consider the analogy is putting a fast rangey pro boxer in with a slow washed-up old journeyman – of course the fast guy will look amazing and pull out all his slickest game. No-one’s denying the fast guy has that game, it’s just his relative advantages make it far easier to shine. K.]

  16. I forgot to mention that your assessment of “on stage chosen” is not correct.
    Being on a stage gives lots of status, but has it’s drawbacks as well. Musician/On Stage game is a whole new book. That will be my blog if I ever write it.
    That big number of “taken” girls is the biggest “chosen” section, mainly the ones with rings… [By “taken” I mean inside the reality of a man they are happy with. Disatisfied married women are easier than single women for quick anonymous sex. You should write more about it if you have the experience. So far as I know nobody has done so who actually understands Game. K.]

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  18. Great post. This is the last piece in the puzzle which has helped me figure out why I’ve platued. Basically I can get 6s easily, the occasional 7, but it’s been impossible for me to get 8s.

    Your post made me realise I’ve been running chosen game on most of the girls I sleep with. The game has flowed so easily with them because I mostly open in response to some IOI. The girl showing intrest up front gives me confidence so I feel like I have amazing game that just flows in these interactions. On the flip side, I lack confidence approaching many 7s and most 8s, because these are fully cold approaches with no IOI upfront. The only way I will be able to get these girls is choser game. Since chosen game is basically no game at all, this will require me to basically learn game again from scratch. One of the main challenges will be getting past the rejections (I can get half a dozen instant blow outs in a row from 8s in a club). [I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself here. K.]

  19. You’re bang on the money Nick. The one thing that really annoys me with pretty much every PUA and Daygame company is that it sugar coats the whole process and rarely ever shows the reality of the harsh blowouts that every one of us go through on a consistent basis, even when you’re getting results. You pretty much have to be stone cold to ignore all of it and border line crazy. Daygame isn’t for everyone.

    Even when you’re out day gaming, you’re still getting chosen. All you’re doing is flipping stones until you find the girls that end up choosing you (The yes girls)

    It’s because of this that is making me come to the conclusion that day game as a whole is a very inefficient strategy in the long term. I think it’s in every man’s interest to focus on becoming ‘the chosen’ in the grand scheme of things. It’s what we all tend to innately understand and explains why society is based around improving ones beauty and status.

    Yes looks make things easier, but it’s simply one piece of a very large pie that a man can improve that will allow him access to higher quality girls.

    You have looks, but you also have things like ambition, social status, financial status, leadership, confidence. A whole plethora of things a man can improve that can increase his odds of getting ‘chosen’. It’s why the community stresses the importance of building a balanced life.

    Granted you can ‘game’ the higher quality girls, but from what I understood about the dynamic is that it’s coming from the premise that you’re essentially breaking down a girls ego in order to put her on your level (frame).

    The ideal isn’t to game but to have the girls know just by looking at your pre approach that you’re a man of high value. And this is where I think something more than just game is required.

  20. is still kind of sounds like you’re making out the ‘chooser’ route is ‘the road less travelled by’ as robert frost would put it.

  21. Hollister Fag…can’t stop laughing, but, what’s the black equivalent? Feel free to use your imagination…

  22. Can a 5’4 dude who is average looking also pick up hot Caucasians with choser game ? What can be done to improve.

  23. Interesting post. I’ve met “Mark” (not sure why you’ve changed his name) and surely he’s an exception, even for “chosen game”. He’s genuinely probably one of the best looking guys in London, let alone in pick up. I would (no homo). [I only changed the name as a pretext for the Bob/Tom joke. K.]

  24. I was surprised at the body language of Monsieur Matrix towards the end of that clip with the tough Latvian when she again asks about his walking up and down Oxford Street and how many times he gets numbers. His pose and hands crossing his genitalia made him look vulnerable. I guess he was in by that point in time…

  25. Choser is the only way to live for the 90% of the male population. Majority of us aren’t models or athletes so the only real option is to learn game, hit up chicks and get better.

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  28. Krauser you dont look that bad to be honest, when you have your beard and beanie on your actually a very masculine/ handsome guy, I think that if a looks threshold is reached then wheter your an 8 or a 10 on a looks scale you will get in that girls pants with the same effort, meaning looks past a certain point are meaningless, a fucking overkill. Google theo james, I looklike that guy so know Im not saying this out of spite for handsome guys. Best of regards! [Thanks. Girl’s responses to my looks depend entirely on the region. Generally Russians and Balkans think I’m genuinely quite good looking. Western girls rarely do. K.]

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  30. I have to say I respect you much more now as you actually admit looks play a BIG factor in the overall outcome of an approach. Although I agree with very little of what you say, you are a quite clever writer.

    I have no idea how Jon is considered one of the best in the world? Seems like these rankings are done by guys that jerk off to porn all day and then hop on their favorite forum to vote? Jon is short(he looks like 5’8 TOPS to me), going bald, skinny and not very handsome to begin with. I’m taller, jacked and better looking. Am I best daygamer in the world then? Maybe? Would a guy taller than me, better shape than me and better looking do better than me? OF COURSE!

    That’s why I have a hard time taking “game” seriously. Game cannot compensate for lack of sexual attraction on the girl’s part. If you take 2 guy (neither one with AA and can close), the better looking guy will do better than the less attractive. Just seems super dorky me to say some guy that’s like 5’8 and skinny is one of the best in the world? I know lots of guys, myself included, that would blow Jon’s results out of the water. Just as their would be lots of guys better than us too! [Anytime I say “better” I mean at game – the skillset, not at puffing your chest out because you were born lucky. K.]

    • Ahhh ok. I get ya now. I thought you meant as in actually “better” results wise. I can say with 100% certainty the women I’ve slept with this summer would have absolutely ZERO interest (sexually) in Jon. So no “game”. Not even “super duper, jedi master 10,000$ boot camp seduction techniques” would work. NOTHING he could do would get these girls interested in him. As I said, I respect the fact you actually admit looks play a HUGE factor. Most PUA’s don’t like to admit this as it fucks with their services (ebooks and boot camps) too much. Although, after reading some of your stuff, I don’t class as the typical PUA bullshitter. You seem very honest and I have no reason to actually getting laid

  31. Pingback: “It’s easy to be non-needy, enforce boundaries and take a chance with a push when you know the next strong hook is only three sets away.” | Rivelino's Diary

  32. Is Jon Matrix better than Yad at Day Game? I kind of like Jon more, he has a good vibe, Arnold Schwazzenegger was also called Jon Matrix in the Commando Movie. [Matrix gets better results. K.]

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  34. Love the article

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