I bang my first 25 year old Latvian cheerleader

September 17, 2013

Sometimes you’re the good-looking guy.

Most girls most of the time are looking to derail the train. Encoded deep into their DNA is the mating strategy of don’t get fucked. Considering how a young woman’s life consists of non-stop daily offers of dick it makes sense that her default mode is disqualification. Too short, too fat, too old, too flashy, too boring. It doesn’t matter how spurious the pretext, the girl is looking for ways to avoid being fucked by all those men who are trying. Vying with this is the reality that girls love sex and love fucking high value guys. When a girl has gone a long time without sex, her body starts screaming for a man. When she’s ovulating, the screaming becomes deafening. She becomes a Yes Girl.ย Now all she needs is to find a man good enough. Even better, a man who fits one of her “the kind of guy I’d like to fuck” archetypes. How can you be that guy?

waiting to be knocked over

waiting to be knocked over

Plan A is to choose the right parents so you are born good-looking then every Yes Girl who ambles past is going to flash you an IOI. Learn to spot these and you’ll have a never-ending stream of hot leads. Or go to a nightclub because there’s always a small proportion of them there and your job is to simply filter out the timewasters to get to them.

Plan B is to be a relentless number-farmer. Hit the streets every day for hours on end, flipping over the stones until you turn up a Yes Girl. I don’t recommend this because it’ll burn you out and kill your vibe. I literally only know one such number farmer who still has a good pleasant vibe. The rest are pretty angry men.

Plan C is what I do. Optimise your look, go to places where hot girls walk, do bread-and-butter cold approach game and simply be alive to the occasional Yes Girl when you stumble into her. That’s how I got this girl. Consider the Yes Girl checklist:

  • She IOIs me before the open
  • Immediately strong hook with eye spazz and full attention
  • No obstacles raised at any point. No boyfriend, no time constraint. Just an easy chat she cooperates in building.
  • She’s relieved when I ask for her number
  • She helps to set up the date by telling me the earliest opportunity she is free
  • She immediately responds to my feeler text and puts energy and effort into her replies
  • She turns up to the date dressed up pretty, wearing a dress and showing lots of skin
  • No shit testing
  • She baits me into inviting her home so she can eagerly accept
  • No LMR

When you’re out meeting girls and these ticks just keep appearing on your checklist it’s a wonderful feeling. After so many sets that are blowouts or where you have to be really on or where the numbers flake….. to just have it all go smoothly is a great feeling. So it was with this girl.

I’m in a shopping mall with Tom and our student when I see a shop assistant flapping her gums with a friend. The place is almost empty so they are just gabbing on when the assistant tells a joke and pulls a funny face. At that moment I happen to walk past and catch her eye. She’s totally busted pulling a face and cracks up in embarassed laughter. I keep walking with a smug smile on my face. At the very next shop there’s a girl putting products onto a high shelf. Her RAS triggers and she looks over, flashing a beaming smile. I’ve accidently forced an IOI so I immediately walk into the shop and open, calling out the Elephant In The Room. Strong hook and I walk away five minutes later with a number. She told me she’s busy the next day but free on Monday evening. I send the feeler on Sunday evening:

Me: So this is the cute shop girl… how was the event?

Her: Hi, it was good considering that i didn’t train a long time before this. feeling so tired but proud of myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Me: You must be exhausted. A perfect time to sit in your favourite chair and relax by the fire ๐Ÿ™‚

Her: Too bad i don’t have fire place… How was your day in boring Latvia?

Me: I spent much of it lying in the sun. Great weather ๐Ÿ™‚ so tomorrow is good for you?

Her: Yes tomorrow is good. what time?

Me: 8pm, Cafe X?

Her: Great I like Cafe X. See you there.

Me: ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wise men amongst you will notice how simple the text game is. I played it very light, pretty close to deliberately over-choding it to counteract the player vibe. She shows up on the date in a beautiful short dress and heels, at least a point higher than I’d originally thought. She’s a solid greyhound, later telling me she was a cheerleader in high school and university. Game on.

with slightly longer hair

with slightly longer hair

I lean back and rattle off some light DHVs and I notice her vibe is slightly odd from the beginning. I can’t quite figure it out. She looks nervous and twitchy, not quite relaxing into the conversation causing some awkward silences. She takes my verbal IOIs and her hands are soft when I find an excuse to touch her fingers but it’s not quite right. Halfway through I tell her to join me on the sofa and there’s still that distance. Admittedly I’m moving fast because a year of regular lays has made me overly impateint but this isn’t right. Rather than overthink the set I just keep to my date model and open into the questions game. When the free-form analogue conversation isn’t sticking and she’s not opening up it can be helpful to have a more direct structure such as turn-taking questions. Finally she softens and I pull her in for a soft quick kiss.ย At the next venue, a dark secluded wine bar, I pull her closer and we are soon making out. She doesn’t quite jump me but she’s lightly scratching my forearm and putting her hands softly on my shoulders. Still she seems a bit nervous and finally I figure it out……

She came to fuck, from the very beginning. The nerves are anticipation.

Have you ever held the nuts in poker and see people throwing money at the pot. You start to dream of raking in fat stacks and suddenly your blood is pumping with anticipation. It takes surpreme self-control not to let your leg bounce up and down or your breath to quicken. That’s what this girl was experiencing.

So I just push logistics and seed a drink at my place. She follows, I sit on the bed while she mixes a drink and after a couple of sips I just pull her in and close. A great night of sex. Very pleased with myself. Getting laid is one long compliance test. When she’s complying, you don’t need Game. Just lead.


  1. Today’s czech mainstream media article on the most credible and popular portal idnes.cz( also most popular serious newspaper) – women’s section, written by a woman.(!)
    “What men desire?”
    1) Attraction – men are very visual.
    2) Femininity – in behaviour and in appearance.
    3) Chemistry – nice parfume, sending sparking(?) signals, rest is nature
    4) Positive approach to life
    5) Active approach to life (Appreciate his ideas!)
    6) Woman tinier than man. For many men she has to be skinny or normal, not fat or “unhealthy” thin.
    7)Real partner – sharing daily trouble and fun, cuddling, you have to appreciate him for details
    8) Sense for family, tenderness, empathy – Traditional role divison had and has it’s meaning.
    9) Not dominant woman – even successful women should be “cool” at home. Men fight at work, they don’t want to fight at home as well. Main thing is not to piss him off!
    10) Smile. Banal but magical.

    Yep, I guess manosphere not really needed here.
    Btw some gems from the discussion under the article:
    Woman: I though they wanted deaf nympho with big tits who owns a brewery and a fishing boat:D
    Woman: If man remembers colour of your eyes after first date, it means you have small tits.
    Man: 11. Swallow
    Man When a man chooses between intellectual, family type, sporting type or rich, he always picks the one with biggest tits:-)
    Guy: What men want: B

  2. As stated in the “Layguide” you’re looking not for Ms Right , but Ms Right Now.

    • Sure, but men who want to have kids look for those qualities above when they are around 40. When you hear Janka, Yosha etc. they’ll surely settle, Yanka already did. Daygame is no longerthat much fun, other guys quit and you feel sad, at least that’s what they say. And when you listen to K you gotta admire his dedication but this surely is not for everyone around 40+. Our wall certainly comes alter but it comes anyway.

  3. I am both jealous and now motivated. I passed up on two girls just as hot because I let my nervousness get the best of me. Your blog is a great source of motivation. This guy’s fucking hot young women because he has the balls to approach and I am not because I haven’t had the balls to approach. Even writing that stings. Good motivation.

  4. Your 2nd paragraph above , well said

    I’m 38, had a 23 yr old other day do a what seemed like a continuous 2 minute IOI upon opening. Continuous hair-twirling non stop. She seemed like an overheated car, the legs were going, she looked nervous.

    Looking back this was a very ready Yes girl youre describing, did not realize it.

  5. Good pull, my friend. Love reading about your adventures.

  6. Great stuff. Best learning from this post, “don’t work too hard”.

    I’ve had situations where the girl is totally up for it and others where it just drags on and on and on and leads no where.

    It’s just a case of setting things up and then making it happen by not fucking it up.

    And yes, just like guys, girls who are up for it are also displaying signs of anxiety and need to “feel” comfortable.

    I met a girl online who was about a 6 or 7. She was cute but a bit chubby. I was not into banging her but thought I would practice game anyway when we met up.

    I used elements of your date model without fully escalating. Amazing.

    She went from being this cool German-Chinese girl to suddenly opening up, punching my arm, lots of IOI’s. Then texted me immediately after the date on some pretext.

    I could have banged her if I’d pursued this even though initially he demeanour was cool. The fact she showed up and then slowly opened up indicated she was up for more.

    You wrote about reading the IOI’s, how they’re not always blatant but if you know what you’re looking for you can see them.

    • Unless you’re pretty good at reading signs, you generally don’t know you’ve messed it up until she’s left or doesn’t return messages right?

      • The most recent one I missed: I presented a seminar to a group of bankers. In that group were 2 smoking hot girls in their late 20’s. At the end of my seminar, one came over and started asking me ” Do you have any books on presenting you can recommend…” I was tired, it was an important client and I was getting ready to leave so I didn’t realize this was a major IOI. The girl kind of hung around while I blabbed away on some management consulting text-book. Only after she left did I realize…I should have got her number and gamed her. I was already DHV’ing her. So yah…it can be subtle or plausible denial but if you miss it, you’ve lost.

    • Hey man, I get though why you did miss the signals if you were very focused on work at the time, pretty easily done I guess. Is there any possible way to find out who the girl was?

  7. Does Plan C mean you only open girls who display an IOI?

    • It means being very selective with the girls you open this comes with experience compared to number farming were you basically just open everything with a pulse until you get a yes girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. You’ve mentioned the ‘eye spazz’ a few times. When does it take place? It seems to happen in the initial approach most of the time. Is that right?

  9. I don’t understand the difference between Plan B and Plan C.
    When you number-farm, you improve your skills. So soon you are able to get more than mere Yes Girl, right ?

    • Plan B means you have little game but by the law of averages if you open enough women you’ll eventually get one that likes you. Plan C is for guys that have game.

      Remember this post is about Yes Girl’s only not about getting good at game in general.

  10. Hi Krauser, I’ve had two very similar experiences to this in the last couple of weeks – everything you say here very much aligns with my own experience.

    I have a question: at what stage and how do you tell women that you don’t do exclusive relationships? One woman I told this recently on a date after we first had sex said she felt humiliated. She had other major issues, but it was not a good experience

    • “One woman I told this recently on a date after we first had sex said she felt humiliated.”

      If you’re not into exclusivity, don’t bring it up.

  11. I’ve had a few girls like this out on dates in the past few weeks. It’s a great feeling, yours to fuck up.

    My challenge is logistics, I got a live in girl at home. Other than kicking her out, any suggestions from the team here on leading them to her place, or a third party place?

  12. “Permission denied” on the video?

  13. What’s up with the video posts? Haven’t seen an infield video from Kraus in a while…unless I haven’t been noticing.

  14. Krauser , check this out.
    I felt a strange sense of pride in these few remaining Men ( yes capital M ) of England , even though they are criminals.

  15. sorry wrong link
    the documentary
    Ukยดs scariest debt collectors

  16. wtf is wrong with the links , start watching part 1 of course . Here

  17. Just curious, and a little off tangent, but how do you pull a girl who is a prude?
    Would like you to come to Singapore and show us what you can do. Many girls here are notoriously prudish.

    • I go to Singapore all the time and have never had a problem meeting and banging girls, very cute late 20’s girls. They are up for everything. You have to get establish comfort, rapport, then escalate. Everything you need to know is in the date model and day game explanation videos here.

  18. Off topic but reminded me some of your posts

    The Most Interesting Man in the World Picks Up Girls

    • hearing some of those USA accents, typical responses, and attitudes makes me not want to go out daygaming this afternoon. One I like is saying the sly “You know, being boring is a choice….”

  19. Just a note of thanks to Krauser for this blog and all his insights. I have in the last two months had my own experiences which fall under the headline: I bang my first 28 year old Filipino-American real estate agent and I bang my First 30 year old Chinese-Swedish marketing rep.

    in both cases I met the girls online. They were 7s. But had great personalities, open-minded, hooked easily. I ran tight game on them and within 5 hours of meeting banged both.

    They just wanted to get banged and needed an excuse. All the things K writes about: LMR–ploughed through, fore-brain/hind brain conflict “I’m not supposed to be doing this we just met”..etc etc.

    If you dont’ know what you’re doing these things look very different. If you recognize them for what they are….you can manage it.

    • Congrats Wala. I’ve been reading your comments and following your progression. The fact you are mid forties I believe is even more impress

      Krauser has definitely provided some crucial insights for me. I should list the 6 or 7 things at some point

      I see an advanced copy of Krausers new book is making its way around Manosphere bloggers. Along with Tomassi’s new book, many things coming together to break new ground

      Game continues to evolve – a Bottom Up process of emergence

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