Signal and Noise

September 14, 2013

Here’s a short video I did on my last day in Riga talking about an analogy I used with our student between Game and your favourite sport. Imagine a guy first developing an interest in boxing. He doesn’t really know what he’s watching aside from the really obvious stuff like a knockdown. He’s only capable of recognising the biggest most obvious signals. As he watches more fights (and even better, trains in a gym) he’ll start to pick up on all kinds of weaker but crucial signals such as:

  • One fighter is throwing lots of fast flashy punches everytime his opponent comes near but he’s not setting his feet. This betrays his fear and lack of confidence in his power.
  • The more aggressive fighter takes a hard counter right hand. His legs don’t wobble and his face never changes expression but he suddenly stops coming forward. That one hurt.

As you intelligently learn your chosen sport you begin to see what others can’t. For example, I’m told that Aussie Rules football is a deep technical game whereas to me it looks like one big fight with a football thrown into the middle. Guys who know the sport can see those subtle ebbs and flow that determine the game. So it is with The Game. The longer you spend in set, the more face-time you have with women, the more chances you take to provoke feedback…. the more you utilise your brain’s inate pattern recognition system.

So to summarise the video, there are likely three reasons why you can’ read the signal:

  1. Entitlement: You don’t believe a girl like that would be attracted to and have sex with you, so you can’t process her signals telling you that’s precisely her intention. You look for over-confirmation.
  2. Calibration: You are too logical and too clueless, or perhaps too drunk. You simply don’t know what you are looking for and how to distinguish the signal from the noise.
  3. Model: You haven’t been properly taught the technical progression of an effective seduction model. Perhaps you’ve been sidetracked with charlatan YouTube videos or the blind-leading-the-blind of internet forums. You don’t have an expectation of what signals are thrown out by the girl and when so you aren’t receptive to them.


  1. I love where the community led by London Daygame model followers and Steve Jabba is heading. It’s all more and more refined and we are getting to the core, to the effortless and most effective style. Supernaturals.

  2. From 4:00 to 5:00 – struck a big chord with me. I will take a look at your #1 factor Entitlement again. You talked elsewhere about Sigmas, or potential Sigmas, being moored in youth with early trauma but late rewards. Could be I have to accept I am a different person that I was years ago. And yes – actually deserve better because objectively entitled to better

    I like the videos. Great feel for your journeys. I’m going to have to
    mention Taleb’s “Antifragile” again. He has whole section on Signal to Noise. He points out a man becomes Antifragile when, among other things, he ignores 99 % of the noise coming in for the One very Reliable Signal. The predictive factor as to what to do next

    So it is with Game, as you discuss here

  3. The common term for all 3 is this…incongruous. You need a congruent mind to go with your actions and vice versa.

  4. Hey Krauser, thanks for this video guide here. Also Earl, that additional point you made really helped further cement this stuff in my mind. Two months ago I got a hard 7’s phone number. I assumed it was fake, so it was simple to maintain composure. I was just happy to have approached, you know (told her that she was dressed lovely but her shoes made me want to barf and cut my eyeballs out). She followed up after I texted.

    My heart nearly exploded.

    During the text conversation this was evident (didn’t follow Heartiste’s laconic text rules + tried to stay in “attraction mode” + didn’t follow Roosh’s advice on timing). As you said Krauser, she probably “subconsciously could tell” …that I was a chode-ster. LOL

    I’ve now committed myself to 200 daygame approaches in the next seven days. My goal is to be good enough one day to run around with you, Steve, and Tom.

    See you in 5 years mate,


  5. Good breakdown and analysis. Thanks for doing that.

  6. “You don’t believe a girl like that would be attracted to and have sex with you”

    that was my problem for a long time, still is somewhat.

  7. Great video. The entitlement idea is about believing you have “value”. The idea that you’re good enough flips the feminist script that guys have to “work” for a girl.

  8. Great material — very helpful. Thanks Nick.
    Looking forward to getting your next book.

  9. “Entitlement: You don’t believe a girl like that would be attracted to and have sex with you, so you can’t process her signals telling you that’s precisely her intention. You look for over-confirmation.” This one is 100% me.

    Did you have this issue starting out/if so how did you overcome it? positive reference experience or just having a stronger core and self belief

  10. Great mate, do more Vblogs they compliment the articles really well.

    Also what did you think of Mayweather vs Canelo??

    Easy Money! 🙂 [Canelo is a plodder. Too stiff, too one-dimensional but he had the right strategy and tried his best to implement it. Floyd is always gonna kill slow predicatble guys. K.]

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