I bang my first 23 yr old Serbian singer

December 20, 2012

This one was tough but oh so satisfying. Those of you working towards increased success with women will be familiar with the anti-game hater, that squalid little gamma who resents every sliver of success as it reminds him what a hopeless loser he is and worse that he won’t take charge of his own love life. A common hater refrain / reframe is “any westerner can fuck East European supermodels just by flashing his passport. Prove your skills by fucking fat vile Anglophone tarts.” Apparently porking an unpleasant slut with a cock-count >30 is more difficult than a chaste EE girl with an N of <5.

Men who are commited to improving their game will also be familiar with quality plateaus. In the beginning you may struggle to have sex with pretty girls. Once that nut is cracked you may find a fairly easy calculus of X approaches leads to Y amount of interest and Z amount of lays. You can sustain yourself indefinately on workrate alone. Good luck to you. Most of us get frustrated that this path doesn’t let you crack the next level of quality. So after some frustration we retool and take another run at the summit.

A metaphor, yesterday

A metaphor, yesterday

As I lay in bed this afternoon with Serb C nuzzled up against me, her clothes strewn across my apartment floor, I ruminate on how not only is she a chaste girl who just moments ago doubled her lifetime cock-count but also that she is of quite astonishing quality. Not merely hot. Hot and elegant and talented and womanly and intelligent. The type of girl last seen in England circa 1960. The haters can keep their fatties. The pussy hounds can keep their weekly grot-fucks. I shall work my niche of monthly Slavic princesses.

Anyhow, I digress. So to this story….

You'd be like that too

You’d be like that too

During my August tour of the former Yugoslavia I pulled a quite-uncharacteristic nightclub rapid escalation. Belgrade has flotsam and jetsam of nightclub boats pushed up against the riverside which are perfect in summer. After necking lots of cheap vodka with Bhodi and Robusto I start rapid escalating. One particular girl responds great and I end up in a afterparty with all her friends in a soviet-era tenement block. Heavy makeouts but no sex. We keep up some occasional facebook chat but she is super-flighty. Her traditional parents micro-manage her life, she doesn’t see any real future in our keeping contact, and she’s an all-round neurotic type. Beneath all this is a sweet charming lady. She performs folk songs with the sweetest soft voice and dances gracefully. I recognise quality. I know when I’ve found a genuinely interesting girl. So I perserve.

Next time I’m in Belgrade she doesn’t want to bus in from her town to see me (well, more like a village). The time after that she agrees to the weekend but her parents forbid it and all we manage is a coffee and stroll through the Belgrade fortress grounds. Her hamster is spinning hard verbalising classic forebrain-hindbrain conflict. As you get more calibrated and speak womanese you’ll find the girl telling you how to seduce her. This one was lacking comfort. She desperately wanted me but future-projected her buyer’s remorse and conflict with her family.

I end up in Belgrade again for the fourth time, mostly to visit Serb A who I closed last time. It interests me greatly how different both girls are yet both are my type. I must really intoxicate myself with females now, savouring the taste like a single malt rolled around my palate. I rent a top floor apartment and she agrees to spend three days with me (but not staying over). I’m certain I’ll fuck her.

This sort of thing

This sort of thing

Day One – She meets me at the bus station and drops me off at my apartment which she had scouted in advance on her father’s orders. I settle in for a few hours until she finishes her family obligations and we meet for dinner. I’m mythologising this girl, delving deep in our interests, finding connection. I don’t forget the fundamentals of body language, vocal tone etc but that stuff comes reflexively now and attraction isn’t the sticking point with her. I think more along Steve Jabba lines – what place is my behaviour coming from? am I connecting to my authentic emotions for her? It’s easy because I genuinely like this girl. We end up at my apartment making out and her hindbrain is taking over, grinding her crotch into me, breathing heavy. I count my chickens and then……. forebrain overide, she scuttles back and it’s gone. Too much ASD. I let her go home.

Day Two – I’ve set her hindbrain going so I know it’ll eventually overpower her forebrain resistance. I don’t even need to be physically present. Sure enough the next day she’s slightly further down that road. We have coffee in a fantastic basement place. I’m sitting back sipping my drink, chatting, looking around and so tranquil. This is exactly the life I want to live. Civilisation is still intact in Serbia. I see masculine men and feminine women everywhere. Of the ten girls in this cafe, if you took any of the top seven into a London nightclub they’d shine like shooting stars putting all the local trollops to shame. We eat late lunch and break for a few hours so I can be alone. She’s back around for the evening so we eat dinner and head back to my place.

As confident I am of the eventual lay – she’s clearly crossed the bridge of inevitability – I just don’t know if it will happen fast enough to get it done this holiday. I’m a patient man but……

Spotify is on with Robusto’s love-making playlist and we dance playfully until I break out a power move and lift her up in a fireman’s carry, spinning her as she hoots and hollers to be let down. Big time arousal. Then I push hard on the kissing, waiting for her hands to start exploring hungrily. That’s the moment I want so I know to push the final mile. I grab her trousers at the belt and as expected she reaches down and unbuttons her jeans. Now is not the time to play it cool. I undress her.

She’s covering her face, shy. She definitely needs to be pushed. So I push. And….. close.

Afterwards she verbalises all the ASD and buyer’s remorse. She’s like a drunk driver on black ice with two shredded tires, careening this way and that out of control. Poor girl. Deep down I can sense her satisfaction and liberation. From hereon it’s all comfort, stroking her hair and pulling her into me. No more sexual stuff. No more bad boy.

Day Three – She’s back around at lunchtime so I kiss her immediately, gauging her mood. She softens and soon stiffens (in the right way). So I push. More sex, better sex. It’s a done deal. Midway through she covers her face so I playfully chastise her shyness. “I’ve only been with one man before” she says. The rest of the day is spent walking around a park, having coffee, feeding of that wonderful compliment of masculine-feminine energy now all the barriers are down. It’s a sweet feeling.

That’s three Serbs out of the last four closes. Every one of them 170cm+, twenty-three or less, and with one prior sexual partner. Have I found my niche?


  1. Boom. Impressive work as per usual. Great alpha body language in the photo holding her leg as if you own her. Because… Now you do.

  2. I soon will I know Eastern Europe, I’m getting CONCLUSION Slavic women are the most beautiful and the most submissive of the world.

  3. Good for you, but referring to the beginning of the post I think it should be pointed out that her low partner count is already ensured by her controlling parents. Who’s to say what it would be, had she lived on her own in a western European city for a few years.

  4. Girl look pretty and elegant behind the grey bar. Perfectly slender, and a beautiful brown mane, can’t beat a brunette. And your head does resemble Statham’s in that pic.

    I would take a take a sweet, feminine Serb over a garish American girl, every day, all day.
    Interesting story. You’re good at this.

  5. you need to go to Prague. you’ll clean up. been there twice and cleaned up. plus, the city is beautiful and fun as all hell. do a pub crawl. but the end of the night you’ll be taking some english/german/swedish chick back to your hotel.

    i’ve lived in Sicily and Andalucia, Spain. i killed it Sicily. Spain was a tad different as the local girls prefer black guys. so….i was SOL.

    • Really? i’ve been there twice myself and the british sex punter crowd properly destroyed the scene from what experience i’ve had. They hate brits, (well the football shirt wearing, stag night having lager louts anyway)

      Similar reason why there’s a slow tide of ugly feminism creeping into latvia and other former EE pleasure paradises.

      Give it less than three years and it’ll go the way other former paradises have.

      • obviously with good enough game, this can be mitigated against. but don’t expect to be ‘clearing up’ without any tact, or charm

      • i’m american, and i asked the pub-crawl guy for a few good places to go to meet local girls. i guess not having a british accent may have helped.

        and tis was waaaaaaaaaay before i was blogging. i had decent game and i still landed one local girl, a swedish chick, and a brit. all of them fawned over my “accent”.

        besides the women, the city is fucking beautiful.

  6. But identifying themselves as American (U.S.) or says he was born in Western Europe, it is easier to have sex with women from Eastern Europe.

  7. The ASD/buyer’s remorse is something I’m managing. A 28 year old mainland Chinese banker i banged on the weekend, suddenly launched into weirdness. Long texts about how I don’t care about her..how I’m selfish. It’s all so odd. My responses are one word: “Sorry did you say something?”

    Then she writes that what’s bothering her is her ex bf whom she had a friends with benefits thing with is planning to leave the country and she’s now very attached. She should be alone, she’s mentally unfit at this point–her words. My response: “Oh. interesting. thx”.

    I then reframe as though nothing’s happened and send a text today confirming a previously agreed cooking night at my place for next week. She at first agrees, then send a text saying “Can you promise you won’t do anything without my permission?”

    Me: “Behave”

    Her: “Yes or no?”—I too this to be a no-win shit test….Yes means I’m not authentic about jumping her bones. No, means I’m lying. So i think how do I reframe this?

    I’ve already banged her. She’s now trying to win control of this relationship on her terms. I can’t allow that. I’m banging 3 other girls so I’m not desperate. So I punt…and decide I’m going to refram this and make it about her sabotaging a budding relationship with her weirdness.

    ME: i launched into a very short but sharp and biting response :”What makes you think you’re irresistable?” and then ended with how I couldn’t be with someone so controlling and suspicious and how she “Sabotaged a good thing with your weird and creepy vibe”.

    I figured that she’ll come back like she did before. If she doesn’t, at least i was clear in my intent if admitedly a bit strong.

    But i find that with defensive, entitled girls there’s not a lot you can do to reframe and it’s a constant set of shit tests that eventually doesn’t make staying worthwhile. [I think you are overgaming this. The asshole stuff is for attraction, mostly at the beginning of the pickup. Once she’s being real with you its time to dial it down. And once you’ve banged her you should up the comfort and keep the asshole stuff entirely playful. After the bang all the power is with you so be careful not to abuse it and make the girl feel bad. She’s already given you what she has. K.]

    • Sounds she is doing that woman thing and playing out a previous battle (that she lost) with you?

      Just an idea for you but usually whem a woman says ‘Can you promise you won’t do anything without my permission?’ what she really means is ‘Look I’m going to fuck you but can you be complicit in helping me convince myself that I convinced you that I am not a slut?’

      Perhaps a better response would have been to let her know you are ignoring the ‘objection’ by respoinding with a smily face and a ‘see you at 8’?

      Unless you are paying them it is quite rare to find a women who will rationally consent or agree on sex beforehand in the early stages of a relationship.

      I saw one the other day that I have been doinking for a while. Lovely girl. We reminisced over how it got started. The first date after the initial meet, I was fingering her in a cafe.Yesterday she informed me that before she met me on that date she had thought I just needed a ‘friend’ in a foreign city and had wanted to introduce me to the city. I didn’t respond but inside I couldn’t help but (respectfully) laugh. Nice girl. [True. It’s good to throw a bone to her forebrain to shut it up when you both know her hindbrain is up for sex. These days I generally refuse to engage a girl in her doubts, I just make listening noises and let her talk herself out. K.]

      • Thanks Cad & Bounder. The soft-dominance aspect is something i have trouble grasping because before learning game i was too much of the beta….finding that balance and not over-gaming is something i’m practicing and it’s been hit and miss. your comments are appreciated.

    • Thanks K. A good learning. I’m reading your stuff on “soft-dominance”. Great insights there.

  8. *** “That’s three Serbs out of the last four closes. Every one of them 170cm+, twenty-three or less, and with one prior sexual partner. Have I found my niche?”

    Impressive. This one didn’t happen instantly, but two things to note:

    You are not supplicating because you have enough experience with women now to see her forebrain/hindbrain conflict. To most other men, it would seem like she is stringing you along, but you know better.

    You are persistent while not “chasing” – a [Yes. I think Chateau recently talked about alpha steadfastness. I like that nuance. K.]

    *** “You’d be like that too”

    The pic of the guy gaming the hottie is hysterical. This must be what all men with no game look like around a hottie – and probably a lot of us with game at times.

    Needy, desperate, validation-seeking, dancing monkey [Yes. That photo is from one of the Belgrade nightclub boats like where I met this girl.]

    ** “Hot and elegant and talented and womanly and intelligent. The type of girl last seen in England circa 1960. ”

    Here in the U.S. there are isolated pockets of such girls 19-24 – and they are disappearing like an extinct species.

    Feminine girls with strong Alpha fathers. Like the good, chaste girls you’re describing here.

    One reason you are attracting them: they must see the same strong masculine traits they see in their Father role model for a man they’ve been imprinted with. [She basically said this, joking about an Elektra complex. I’ve seen photos of her mother and father together. He’s a real man and you can see she’s still fully in love with him.]

    ** Note on the blog

    Last few weeks I’ve gone through this blog in more detail. One thing that stands out: Quite a bit of balls to expose your journey like you are.

    Most men would never expose their own life, warts and all, to the outside world like this. It’s like walking a tightrope. You know you have haters, and they are almost waiting to see you fail publicly..

    Instead, this blog shows your cool defiance coupled with what must be a very high level of unconcern with External Validation. To a certain extent, you could “care less” what “the world thinks”.

    The message you’re sending: “I’m going to remake my life and weave my own reality in spite of societal norms … ‘this is exactly the life I want to live’…. and watch me do it in color on your laptop, complete with video and pictures”

    Which speaks to what your actual Frame must be like. You’ve stressed in the “Deep Conversion” series the importance of “Unshakeably Strong Frame.”

    You are hinting, through this project, what a “Unshakeably Strong Frame” really means, at least to a guy like me – and it is much higher than much of think is enough – but it is possible

    New plateaus [Thanks, appreciated.]

    • I agree with your observation on American women. The “desirable” ones are generally from healthy families where the Dads lead and the Moms are very feminine. Most of the craziness/sluttiness/feminazi behavior seems to not apply. They seem to get taken early on. The broken or entitled ones all seem to come from families where the Dad is a complete pushover or the Mom has been married 5 times and is a lunatic. The feminine imperative that Rollo writes about is just propagating the dysfunction, and guess what? They’re breeding.

  9. Good stuff Nick. I remember someone more experienced than me saying how the more experienced you get at this, the more calibrated you become and start applying game in small ounces rather than in stages.
    A lot of it i guess comes from being around enough women, learning how they all interact and speaking their language.
    With regards to the Omegas. Here’s something i saw this afternoon which really put everything into perspective – http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-harsh-truths-that-will-make-you-better-person/ [Excellent article. Just read it. K.]

  10. nick krauser’s legend grows.

  11. Excellent Nick, you proved yourself again…
    I liked all the story and how you wrote the post.
    I would like to know,if it’s something that you feel like sharing how much this short trip cost to you (Flight, apartments and more or less the general expenses).
    It would be interesting to see if guys like me, I’m working part-time and finishing my university, can try something similar or it’s going to break the bank.
    Thanks again and now it’s time to get grab a bottle of beer to cheer to you,,,

    Jack, from Italy [No probs. I booked it only 2 weeks in advance so prices at about 30% above optimal. Return flight: £200 – Serbia is double Croatia. Transfers: £30. Apartment: £20 per night. K.]

  12. i can already sense loins froth with jealousy while the hamsters spin with fury. and that is game, ladies and gentlemen. well played, Nick.

  13. “That’s three Serbs out of the last four closes.”

    What was the fourth? [Click “lay reports” K.]

  14. Pretending these girls aren’t sluts because they only had 2 cocks is like predending a guy is not a coward cause he only ran away from a fight a couple of times.

    And don’t be a coward yourself and ignore my very relevant suggestion here Krauser, why don’t you show her your blog? [You have no claim on me, gamma boy. K.]

    • Funnyguy. A high value person has nothing to prove as he already knows his own value nor does he need external validation.
      If a girl is interested enough, she will find out for herself.

  15. OT:
    Krauser, in your conversation with the London Real guys you started talking about a “quality ceiling” before you were interrupted and changed topic.
    Could you elaborate in a few word what you meant.

  16. Well done, and perhaps you have found your niche. I’m EE myself though I live stateside. Maybe I should abscond to my roots and remind myself that a place where slim > fat still exists. Everyone has a certain preference, a system that works better than others. I tend to get the somewhat neurotic, usually with a tat or several, usually blonde, usually dumb, bar scene girls. It works for me, it’s easy, and for now it’s my ‘niche’. I admire your persistence game.

  17. Tuck in your shirt you sloppy bastard… you’re flying the flag for Britain!

    • You wrote above that once youve gotten the bang, you have the power. Are there exceptions to this? I slept with this girl (high 7-low 8) who i really liked. And i blew whatever budding romance by getting a bit possesive shortly after…got the friends speech. Been very distant and unpredictable since (since this past summer)…these days she engages, responds within 10 mins. Shes responsive. Ive read elsewhere that once uve banged, you can’t be in a legitimate friend zone…curious about ur take on it

  18. i didint specify above…i meant that I was distant and unpredictable…not her.

  19. Hey krauser, would you mind defiining the terms hindbrain and forebrain is it forebrain-logic hindbrain-desire? if its true i probably have lost opportunity by thinking she wasnt interested but it was forebrain

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