Little Miss Frame-Controlled

December 16, 2012

There’s a convention in the community to refer to “attraction” and “comfort” as separate stages in a seduction. While generally true, it’s also fair to say once a relationship is progressing you can easily mix them together in the same action. Spice it up with a little frame control and away you go. Here’s something Athol would call an alpha move, then probably scratch his bald head and also say it has lashing of beta.

How to buy a girl a present.

Rule #1 is don’t spend much time, effort or money on it. It’s either an afterthought when you saw it and realised it’s suitability. Or, you’re just amusing yourself to playfully mess with her.

There’s no Rule #2. An easy go-to are the Little Miss books. Whatever characteristic of her you want to mock and frame control her with, you can bet she’s got a Little Miss named after it. I recently bought girls these:

Serb A

Serb A

Serb B

Serb B

If she’s a more introverted girl who doesn’t take teasing well, consider a more gentle rub. My Serb C is still lacking comfort so I’ve got her Little Miss Sunshine. £2 per book, light to carry in your pocket, and she’ll invest herself reading and re-reading it while Roger Hargreaves does all the reframing for you.


  1. This is golden.
    Such a simple method with little or no thought involved in doing it.

  2. You know you’re Gaming correctly when you start getting tested by women to see how strong your frame is. Here’s a facebook frame control battle i had earlier:


    Me: “We seem to have a bit of rapport going, in a clashing sort of way…lol” (Light Tease)

    Her (32yrs old MILF): “If you say so”

    Me: “You don’t agree?” (Qualify)

    Her: “So Onder what’s your story what’s going on in your life?” (Shit Test)

    Me: “Not sure what you mean. If its what i think it is… Id say my story is an unfinished biography and a work in progress…” (Unclear answer, shit test passed)

    Her: “I’d hope so Mr 28yrs old”

    Me: “Well ive only filled in 28 chapters of my book so far. Still got at least another 50 chapters to go”

    Her: “Shame I don’t think I’d be around to read your biography lol”

    Me: “Lol I’ll send you the abridged version” (Tease)
    “You’re not that old” (Re-establish comfort)

    Her: “Are you writing a chapter on 40something sexy women and need some insight lol” (Shit Test)

    Me: “I havent reached that chapter yet. Still on chapter 28… Hold your horses :P” (Shit Test Passed)

    “Whats your mobile number? I’ll text you mine and we can arrange a time and place for coffee.”

    Her: “Give me your number and i’ll send it to you” (Classic compliance shit test)

    Me: “Don’t you trust me?” (Qualify)

    Her: “Come on trust you what you going to do with my number lol” (Shit Test)

    Me: “What does a normal person do with a mobile number?” (Reframe/Qualify)
    “Are we exchanging numbers or no?”

    Her: “Honestly both stubborn lol. Why do you want to meet a 32yr old woman for coffee?” (Shit Test)

    Me: “Depends. Are you someone worth spending time and having coffee with?” (Reframe/Qualify)

    Her: “Well yeah…”

    Me: “Hmm ok, that’s cool. SO give us your number and i’ll text you…” (Shit Test Passed)


    I’ve realised that this is so difficult to do in the heat of it. But looking back, i realised it was all because of my mindset that made me say all the right things.

    Hope this helps anyone reading.

    • Her: “So Onder what’s your story what’s going on in your life?” (Shit Test)

      Sounds like an IOI.

      I don’t understand this post. It’s like you’re try-hard for a single-mom 4 years older than you.

      I’m as puzzled as she is as to why you’d want to bang her.

      • Maybe he wants to get laid?

        The guy has come on here and tried to apply some of the things that K and others talk about and he’s shared it so others might get something from it.

        To paraphrase Gareth Keenan ‘If anything he should be rewarded’.

  3. Awesome. You’ve just saved me a ton of money in buying expensive lingiere.

    This is much better.

  4. Maybe a lesson here is that buying a present suitable for a 6 year old girl is also suitable for a 26 year old girl. [Very much so. I bought a “my first giraffe” cuddly toy from M&S for Serb A cos I call her giraffe on account of her long legs and neck. K.]

  5. Would your rule hold for LTR or marriage as well, or is there a diff standard

  6. Hi K. Just an update and thanks for this idea. I got the Little Miss Curious for a girl I”m banging…she just loved it. Couldn’t put it down….was so into me after this. It cost me 5 quid in Asia here…bargain!

  7. December 25th.

    Krauser, you sir are an officer and a gentleman.

    The *wife* absolutely adored here ‘Little miss … ‘ gift. Saved me an arm and a leg too.

    A pint awaits you anytime you are in this neck of the woods.

    Happy Christmas.

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