Reality Weaving Principles: Cocooning

December 13, 2012

I have a female friend who works in mental health. All day, everyday she is conducting interviews, assessments and site visits for problem families. Everyday she is wallowing in the filth of society’s dregs: junkies, alcoholics, wife-beaters, husband-beaters, child abusers. In her spare time she reads books about famous serial killers or Silence of the Lambs type fiction about serial killers and for TV watches Eastenders. This is a woman who thoroughly enjoys an environment filled with human scum.

I have another female friend who works in fashion. All day, everyday she is at fittings, castings and catwalk shows. Everyday she is engaged in the superficial concerns of styling, hairdressing and make-believe images of beauty, surrounded by homosexual men, vapid models, chancer agents and none of them capable of turning up on time for an appointment nor getting through the day without at least one hissy-fit. This woman deals with such shallow characters by retreating into her thoughts and reading books during breaks.

I work in the banking industry in a job where I’m in constant contact with senior management and team leaders in highly technical fields. I live in a house full of friends in one of London’s nicer areas. I socialise in entertainment hubs such as Soho and Covent Garden. So I’m waking up every morning in a nice house in a nice area and chatting to some carefully-selected friends over breakfast. I shuttle into work on the rush hour commuter train with other gainfully employed people, arriving in the City – a concentration of high-earning high-skilled law-abiding tax payers. All day I deal with highly intelligent men with solid upper-tier university educations and 10+ years of dedicated career experience. These men are typically well groomed, in decent shape and take great satifaction from the job responsibilities they hold and the daily exercise of their hard-won skillset.

These are examples of what I call cocooning, a fundamental tool in reality weaving. The first example shows strange priorities but she’s crafted the environment that gives her pleasure. The second example is a failure to cocoon and it brings her down, forcing defensive behaviour on a daily basis. The later is done well to my priorities.

Why would this be a bad thing?

Why would this be a bad thing?

Cocooning: Structuring your social environment so you only come into contact with the people you like in situations which bring out their best.

London is a multi-cultural socialist cesspit yet it also contains some of the world’s best and brightest. If you can organise your life so you never need engage with (or even see) the capital’s scum then you are not dragged down by them. A wise man said you are the average of the five people you spend most time with. True. You are what you eat. True. Additionally, you take on the colour of your surroundings. Once of humanity’s greatest adaptative strengths is our ability to mold ourselves to the environment and at the same time symbiotically shape it to our needs. That’s why eskimo kids grow up loving snow while Brazilian kids love football.

Reality weaving means structuring your reality to constantly reinforce the identity you want, the emotions you want, so right action becomes effortless. Consider some “big issue” choices you can make:

Accommodation: Do you want a bigger apartment in a shitty part of town or a small room in a nice part? Both are acceptable but consider the implications. The bigger apartment is suitable if you expect to spend most of your downtime there as a commuter dormitory and are willing to pimp it up. If you like to go outside and hang out with your neighbours you’ll lean towards the smaller room.

Workplace: We don’t all get to choose our employer but often you’ll be sitting on a few job offers and the company culture differs. Say you’re an IT programmer. Do you want to work in a fast-paced investment bank surrounded by the elite minds of your industry and high levels of professionalism, an office where you take lunch in a City enclave like Paul or M&S. Or perhaps you prefer to be a top guy in a team of mongs knowing you’ll get an easy ride and less stress, but you’ll have to take lunch alone rather than listen to prattling office gossip. It’s a choice.

Entertainment: This is an easy fix. Channel hopping through cable for prole shows like X-Factor, Britains Next Top Mong and Jeremy Kyle will invite sloth and degeneracy into your mind. I like to absorb cultural products that involve special people achieving special things even if that’s just Jack Bauer being very good at smoking terrorists. Entertainment that creates its dramatic tension by having mediocre people fucking up or vomiting up the dreary minutae of their dreary lives dulls me into apathy.

Travel: We live in an age where we can easy forage far and wide. I used to quip “I only go out drinking when I’m in a foreign country”. You may decide to place your work cocoon in a high-pay/high-cost environment such as London and set up social cocoons in low-pay/low-cost environments such as Latvia and Bulgaria. A typical partying weekend in London could easily be:

  • Beers after work: £20
  • Club Entry: £20
  • Cocktails: £40
  • Curry: £30
  • Taxi home: £20
  • Total: £130

That’s not even extravagant but it’s £130 to go to shitty bars full of unpleasant unattractive women and be subject to the mongs and immigrants of the general poplace. It’s just as easy to spend the weekend as:

  • Flight to Zadar: £50
  • Transfers: £20
  • Airbnb room: £20
  • Drinks: £30
  • Food: £10
  • Total: £130

Same price but you’ve travelled to a monoculture in a civilised country with beautiful women and pleasant environs. Each to his own, but that’s what I prefer.

Welcome to Zadar

Welcome to Zadar

There’s no rocket science in cocooning. Most of us already tend towards it through our daily preferences. I’d just say be aware how powerful a self-aware engagement with these principles can be as choices arise and you do occasional cocooning audits of your life to map out where you are relative to where you wish to be.


  1. Thanks K. Just discovered your website while looking up info on Latvian women. Fucking tits love it. Wish I had this wisdom when I was growing up. I would have made different life choices. Thanks for being “The Man” in an increasingly feminine world. Jung said at the end of every era, there is an increase in the feminine, homosexuality etc (as witnessed by that godawful Dear Woman video you posted) so as to give birth to the new era. Glad we got guys like you to help lead the way through the muck. Really great observations, bless you for sharing.

    When do we get to tune into the Krauser PUA TV program? I’m all in!

  2. I like what you do and how you do it. I like the journey you’ve taken and struggles you’ve been through but lately I’ve been noticing a pattern in most manosphere blogs and your. About immigrants. As an Asian immigrant myself living in western society I am confused by the increasing hostility. Could you care to explain??? [I have nothing against legally-entering, law-abiding, net-tax-contributing, English-speaking immigrants no matter what colour. Unfortunately UK policy has also flooded this country will illegally-entering, law-breaking, tax-parasite, refuse-to-integrate immigrants. Its these latter invaders that I refer to in my post. K.]

    • As an American, it kills me that one of the great countries in the history of civilization, England, is being purposely and permanently ruined by your own government.

  3. Nick, you’re totally on spot with this article.
    I can understand that the Zadar example is not to be taken literally but some of those costs doesn’t match reality.
    Anyway thumbs up from Italy [Yeah, it’s illustrative but that really is what I paid for a Ryanair flight to Zadar and for my room. k.]

  4. Insightful. I’ve thought about this concept. The only thing that matters is output.

  5. What’s interesting is that — despite having your ideal reality set up — you cannot get SEX from any the local White English girls you’re surrounded by.

    You’ve got to fucking FLY out of your home country, and I don’t blame you

    White girls in our home countries (I’m in US) have been ruined by feminism and weight gain.

    Your black and white picture of the three 1950’s White birds above is gorgeous:

    Can you imagine what it must have been like to bed beautiful classy White women pre-feminism and the Bread/Grain Food Pyramid?

    Some late nights, I’ll occasionally hit the following website and browse, a cigar in hand – a look back to a better time:

    Enjoy gentlemen

    • sir krauser, you are an architect of lifestyle design. this cocooning business, controlling the element and maximizing economic/social dynamics. reminds me of roosh’s last post on mini-relationships and renting vs. buying. this is a microcosm of the bigger picture.. why sponsor flakiness or put up with the local bullshit when a better more economical alternative is just a trip away.. maximize income/quality of life, minimize economical/bullshit output, benefit from best of both worlds. a true hedonist.

      • uh oh – i smell some jealousy

        “smell” literally – a “refugee” from the “Roosh V Forum” living in a hostel who hasn’t showered in days

        such cutting mockery at the white mab

        or, are you perhaps, a jew ?

        Merry Christmas, and carry on while i smoke my cigar [It seemed like a reasonable comment to me. K.]

  6. I was looking at your Zadar costs and thought they seemed way too low, but then I did a search on Airbnb:

    I could rent that place for a month @ £17 a night and it comes out at a lot less than my shoebox London Studio flat. In a way it annoys me that London is so expensive, but then the flip side of that is that I can probably enjoy extravagant nights out in foreign places on a regular basis.

  7. So… what would you do if you didn’t have money? You live among those shitty immigrants. People at your work are suburbanites without a life nor interests and you cannot fly away to other countries due to lack of time and money? [Kill myself. K.]

  8. Cocooning is a great idea because man is intrinsically a socal animal. No matter how strong our internal frame is we will still be internally affected by our environment to a certain extent.

    I used to explain this to sales guys all the time with regards controlling their lead base. If you surround yourself with duff leads or non DMs you will naturally get frustrated. If you only pitch good leads, with good effort, you will feel better because you will learn the process of how to close good sales more effectively. This is the cocoon effect.

    Only a few listened.

    A few weeks later I would see the ones who didn’t struggling and making themselves feel better by pitching low level leads or floaters. All the while their confidence levels are being eroded because deep down they know they are not getting any closer to doing valid business. Just horrible.

    K is right. Why waste time in London? Running around getting attitide from some out of shape secretary in a miserable all bar one or spending a fortune for the ‘pleasure’ of being value scanned by some hypergamous gold digger in a bar/club. Cocoon yourself with that and of course you will get fed up.

    As to Eastern Europe can anyone help me find the best sites to search for short term property rentals in Serbia or Croatia? I mean the proper broad based internet portals not the shitty agents (with good SEO) trying to overcharge foreigners. In return I’m wiling to help with Hungary.

  9. It’s funny you consider the top environment for programmers to be an investment bank (and use the term IT). That would never happen in the US. It would be Google/Facebook, or some kind of startup…

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