Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Gamma, Omega…. It’s all mindset.

December 8, 2012

It’s rare that I directly post about a reader comment but this last one epitomises the just doesn’t get it tone that I often read on the manosphere. Stop thinking about alpha like it is a function of money, fame, good looks or toughness.

Alpha is a mindset. Alpha is expressed through posture, composure of facial muscles, body language, vocal tone…. in short Alpha is a characteristic of your personality. Consider this lost soul referring to this post, I’ll respond in sections:

I find it confusing that in your article, you base alpha, beta, gamma and omega by behavior but it pictures you label men based on their level of attractiveness. For example, how cold Colbert-A multimillionaire with a huge following and his own Super-PAC- be anything BUT an alpha?

No. You can guarantee Colbert is a whiny freak around other men and women, hence why he associates with low-testosterone liberals. Find a real man on the Daily Show. You can’t, they are all snarky, pertulant liberals. Heartiste wrote about paper alphas and Rollo wrote about situational alphas. Just look at Colbert’s wife and think will all that fame and those millions, that’s the best he could do. He’s another Zuckerberg.

colberts and wife

Also, the picture of the Asian and white dudes with the two Asian girls, you label the Asian as omega. From the looks of him, no amount of alpha behavior would make him attractive to the opposite sex except having a massive bank account, but of course if women date him for money, then he is clearly beta.

He could work out, dress well, put himself about a bit in his physicality, and take that retarded look off his face. Consider these two asians. Imanari is not as good looking as the beta guy but clearly exudes alpha. Just watch his highlight reel for how this expresses itself in his fighting style

Random Asian and Masakazu Imanari

Random Asian and Masakazu Imanari

My point is, alpha, beta, etc. is tied to behavior, BUT it is more massively weighted towards physical appearance and build. In my opinion, there’s not a damn thing that Asian guy could do to get massive amounts of alpha level attention because his build, bone structure, height and skull is too small relative to other men.He could be a leader in the workplace due to intelligence but he will never pull quality random girls on the street or in the clubs/bars. His best bet is to go back to Asia carrying American money and status with him.

I’m interested in getting your perspective on this.

Being short, thin and bald is not the end of the world. It’s how you carry yourself, as Keyser Soze shows:

Short bald and weak done wrong

Short bald and weak done wrong

and done right

and done right


  1. I have had a very similar debate about this (and you) with a friend of mine who’s posted on this site. Like you, he’s spent time in Eastern Europe and has done very, very well. The difference is that he doesn’t attribute his success to alpha as much as to simply having higher value when he’s there. I have argued your case but he simply isn’t convinced that you succeed for the reasons you have given. For starters he’s noticed that he can only seem to get women under 26 (and a few married and separated ones over that age). With single women 26 & over, he gets shot down quickly. I know that you wouldn’t care but he does mind this, as he appreciates the upper 20s age range too.

    I fall somewhere in between. I do think that mindset is vital but there are some women, particularly in western London who have a strong social circle, plenty of money and good careers who he thinks are impossible to crack. Ever been to bars in the posher parts of Fulham and Chelsea – Anglesea Arms, The Pelican, Sporting Page etc? In the latter, I saw a minor member of the royal family drinking … and the regulars completely blanked her! What chance does anyone else have of getting attention?

    Exhibit A in the prosecution for me is the map of the ‘Clunge Triangle’ that I found online. You have talked before about the “Daygame Golden Triangle” and this seems to be the closest definition I have found. What I notice is what’s missing – the area west of Regent St and south of Oxford Street, which includes South Molton St and the Bond Streets. It can’t be that there aren’t enough women around those streets – simply that those women all know men who are completely loaded and the typical ‘daygamer’, who I suspect is a 20-something earning south of £30k per annum in an entry level IT job is just not going to cut it with a Hedge Fund Manager huntress. I haven’t seen an infield video from Lancashire Court yet!

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this, as I live in west London but am not public school, nor rich and I see fit posh birds near my flat all the time. I have noticed that their conversation is almost exclusively about their social circle and find them a bit dull, but they do look good . They good genetics and an understanding of the role that salads and Pilates play in women’s looks

  2. ehh – I think you are a bit hard on Colbert.

    He met his wife in 1990 and they have several kids. I think marriage should be taken seriously by both men and women – don’t leave just because you have better options now. This holds especially true when kids are involved – they would be collateral damage.

    Given that Colbert met his wife in 1990 well before his fame, he may have done well. She seems like she is upper tier material for the mid to late 40s demographic. Say she is in the top 15% of 45 year olds today. Maybe she was in the top 15% of 23 year olds in 1990.

    Also he does a good job with his interviews holding his frame. I’m sure that he unconsciouly applies several game principles in his interactions.

    • Agreed. Sometimes the context matters.

    • I fully agree with your points on Colbert/marriage, etc.. He does have great frame.

      Though I will say that because of his supplicating PC pussy political snark, I have no problem with him getting the Gamma label.

      If he had palatable red pill politics and was doing satire of liberalfags, he would be straight up awesome.

  3. Game works but it’s ultimately a short term advantage. You can use it to pull women above your level by appealing to their instincts but only for relatively short term flings. Your attitude doesn’t mean shit in the long term, actual money, fame and status do. [Rubbish. I keep girls as long as I want them. K.]

    • Yeah Eastern European girls and Asians who are more or less on the same level as you. You’re not going to keep a model looking for a guy with fame or money, they’re on a different level. They will sleep with puas for the thrills but they’re looking for something else long term. You just don’t compete with the guys they’re after on status or money. Attitude impresses in the short term but actual shit is what keeps them around.

      • This is so far from the truth it’s laughable.

        Why do you rea this blog? You’re not getting it, at all.

      • Why would you want to be with a “model looking for a guy with fame or money”??

        Have you ever actually dated a model?

        What makes you think they are like that? They’re often much sweeter girls than less good looking girls because their beauty puts them above the plainer counterparts and they don’t need to get their claws out.

      • This is an interesting comment.

        There’s no doubt that the “hottest girls” seem to wind up long term with men who have money and status.

        My guess is Krauser would say these guys also happen to be Alpha to begin with, even if you took away the money and status.

        I agree with you that Roissy’s “Skittles Man” can ride high for 10 or 15 years banging a slew of hot chicks.

        But “Skittles Man” does NOT trump a “Skittles Man” who also has money power and social status. You want to be the latter.

        The money and the status are effective only if the guy is also Alpha.

      • Hmm I know quite some Models, Steve. Some fall into the sweet category, true. But others use their looks quite blatantly for power. They associate with powerfull men. Maybe thats part of the company environment I work at. Thats just also part of the game. As many models as you have dated and I know we both wont make clear predictions just from that.

        One point I can relate to. The uglier girls have the longer claws more often. No coincidence 🙂

  4. Which actually shows how ironic sites like Athol’s are where he’s teaching guys to keep women that are just about on the same level long term, and sinking fast with age anyway.

  5. Krauser is right.

    For anyone arguing about what’s alpha and what’s beta. Lets put it another way (Based on my own experience)

    If you’re currently living under the protection of the government, not using your own logic to solve problems and generally been acting like a sheltered douche all of your life due to having it easy, then don’t expect to know or understand what it means to be an alpha.

    A beta/omega will naturally agree with societal expectations due to the support they have been given, so why go against it? Why think for yourself or take risks?

    Now… If you’re someone who’s tried their best yet for some reason, got knocked down time and time again, got fucked over in the job market, got bullied, taken advantage of by girls or been told how to live life by friends and family, then congratulations! You’ve just been given a glimpse of and shown the door to a path that will lead you to becoming a strong and independent man (Alpha male)

    The problem with modern society (for men in particular) is that we’re taught never to take risks, and this comes at a detriment to most men who naturally thrive on risk taking yet are held back and thus not able to develop into the men we’re born to become…

    At some stage in your life, you will need to leave the nest and fend for yourself (Be it the nest of your parents or the nest of the government).

    The solution therefore, isn’t to expect society to change, but to hold yourself responsible and to make the changes in yourself…

    Get out there and fight to become successful. Start a business and fail… Meet loads of girls and get rejected, expose yourself to the world and feel the public humiliation… Do what scares you, travel alone, start fights, train at the gym, constantly challenge your comfort zones…

    This is the path to alpha… It’s not the destination, but the journey and the person you become along the way that matters.

    That’s why approaching women is so important… You need to get rejected loads to develop a strong character. A character that literally shows that you simply do not give a fuck and happy with yourself… You’ll naturally show it in your body language, the way you talk and how you hold yourself…

    Get out there guys and make those changes… Don’t wait for society to change. Life simply doesn’t work like that.

  6. All these guys getting upset about how low they end up in the food chain/evolution scale/ whatever according to blogs, poster, PUAs`s , etc…, just keep pushing in every area of your life
    At some point you look back and see the rest of the folks being waaaayyyy behind, the better to you.
    Either you are one of the guys who sees solutions, or one o f the losers who keep seing obstacles, half full, half empty glass all that.
    This blog`s been going to a whole `nother level.

    Ok Im bit drunk. but Seriously Krauser, you`re now a positive role male model.

  7. Hot damn, Colbert’s wife has a manly face. Yuck.


    Found this awesoe post in your archives and is worth a revisit…

  9. I like having categories beyond just ‘Alpha vs beta’ because there is definitely a needed delineation required.

    A theory I have been slowly coming up with is that unless a guy starts alpha (pretty rare) I would say in general he ‘devolved’ from a beta down to gamma or omega. Because by definition beta does not get it, whereas the lower classes ‘get it’ but dont want to play because of women hate.

    What I am suggesting, is that most self-made alphas were once at the bottom of the barrels, and had to pick themselves up through pure will power and logic. To decide to get back into the game

  10. Careful in subscribing to alpha as simply a mindset. No matter how cool you present yourself, there’s still a league of women who will be … out of your league. The top females are shooting for the top males. It’s still an aggregate of traits (wealth, looks, fame, status, game). The amount of each will vary of course (lots of fame = less game necessary and vice versa), but it’s more than just your outlook, more than telling yourself you’re all that in the bathroom mirror. You still need to have something to show for it. You are correct – there are rich and/or famous betas, and in no short supply, but imagine the pull these guys would have if ON TOP OF their successes they had the proper mindset. That’s your grail. Unfortunately it’s very rare, as heavy pursuit in one area doesn’t allow enough time for improvement in others at the risk of spreading yourself thin. And therein lies the challenge. [Yes and no. The mindset is an important part of your real-world success and ability to define and stick to a programme of self-improvement. Also, you overestimate how high “top females” can get their value and also underestimate how many of them are around relative to high value men. Perhaps this is because you live in the US where there’s so few good women or because you include things like status in a woman’s value, which I don’t. Walk around Belgrade or Tallinn. It’s chock full of women who outstrip Hollywood actresses on youth, beauty and attitude… which is all that really matters in a woman. K.]

    • Absolutely right. I left Hollywood (LA) and moved to Belgrade. Its great to see it mentioned here by K.

      I tell my friends back home about Belgrade. No one can believe that you can easily see 20-30 10’s in a day who dress and act extremely well. In the summer? Game over, triple that number. And my criteria of a 10 is this: Audrey Bitoni is 7 and Aleta Ocean is an 8.

  11. your example about imanari is really bad, he’s the better looking of the 2 and he looks more alpha. also your example of trying to make him look better by stating his fighting style is horrible, he fights like a bitch always going to the ground first and spreading his legs like a whore, did you even watch the link of the youtube vid you posted? [You don’t understand fighting or alpha. K.]

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