I bang my third 20-something Romanian student

September 25, 2011

Aside from vampires and gypsies, Romania’s biggest export is girls up for fucking British guys. My first post-game girlfriend was from there, as was my first free blowjob from a whore, and my first foursome. Now this young lady.

It began as a quickie ten-minute street number close as a demo set for students while I was doing one of Andy’s bootcamps. She hooked hard but you just never know so I was pleased when the text game struck home and she was obviously keen to meet. That was a Sunday and the following Friday afternoon we meet for an English tea. The closing bait I’m using these days with foreigners is to ask if they could be an English lady and drink proper tea from proper china cups because I know a great tea shop. She buys into the roleplay.

Proper tea in a proper china cup

I’d decided to follow a hybrid Day 2 model using elements of different wings’ models. It went like this….

Location One – Tea Shop

This is all about building comfort. We sat face-to-face and just chatted about usual get to know each other chit chat while I focused on solid body language and tried not to talk too much. She was giving good keen eye contact and investing plenty so it felt on. I didn’t do any kino or verbal escalation. The conversation was focused on how it felt living in England and the differences to her home country. After we’d finished our pot of tea I led her 200m away to a nearby cheap pub

Location Two – Pub with alcohol

Now I wanted to start putting booze down her neck to loosen the vibe and get her sitting next to me to test light kino (mainly just seeing how close she was comfortable positioning her body relative to mine). She’s a highly educated girl so good for Intellectual Mastery. At one point I thought I’d overdone it and killed the vibe but then I started to notice the looks she was giving me and the long pauses as her mind scrambled to unpack what I’d said. That’s when I realised she was doing the “who is this guy?” double-take and my contrast game was hitting. We had one pint and time for more leading. As a side note – we never double-backed on ourselves in the location changes. It was always progressing in one direction.

Location Three – Softer vibe

I take her in to my favourite member’s bar which has dark leather sofas and mellow jazz. It’s a great DHV in and of itself and it was hear I started dropping the big-time DHV stories. In particular I did the “financial and geographical freedom” spiel and flipped all the attraction triggers with stories about my nephews and friends. I’d been hoping to kiss close here but the waiter put us in separate lounge chairs rather than the sofa so it was physically impossible. This necessitated adding in a fourth venue when I’d have rather extracted from the third.

Location Four – Bar with good atmosphere

I went for the kiss as we walked to the next bar, making a bold move on the pavement. She turned her head away but stayed close in. That’s all I needed to know it was on. We went into the basement of a cool Spanish bar for another pint and made out. At this point I still felt like the bedroom close would have to wait for another date but things progressed faster than I expected. I put her into the domincance kino position and she snuggled up nicely and when it was time to move on I did a test with the stone

The Stone: Take a girl’s hand and say “this is how you make me feel”. Then put her hand on your boner

One wing has long told me that when in doubt get your cock out. It can change a no into a yes and when this chick kept her hand on it and started rubbing I thought “ok, that’s the It’s On Moment” and I pulled her outside and bundled her into a waiting taxi.

Her: Where are we going?

Me: Disneyland

I distracted her forebrain for a while and when she asked if we’re headed to my place I said yes. She nodded and accepted the inevitable. Credit to Tom for his bold extraction routine. Once we got back to Chateau RSG half the gang were getting shitfaced on imported vodka in Jambone’s room. Big Toe loaned me the cash for the cab and then as I walked in to say hello they all held up hand-drawn scorecards rating my girl a seven. Accurate.

My magic castle. Now with added Hard and Soft dominance

Rather than risk her cooling down joining the party I put her in my room and told her no shoes on my carpet. Then five minutes letting her mess around on my laptop and I pounced. A great lay. Then we dressed, joined the party and we began the handover to Jambone.


  1. Nice story, I love Romanian girls, would like to bang some myself
    Im interested in what secret camera you use?

  2. The “no shoes on my carpet” line Ive heard from you someone in the puasphere before – as I interpret it, its a good way to get her casual, subconciously starting the undress as well as rooting her somewhat to the location (without shoes on she aint going anywhere)… Or are you guys just anal clean freaks that fuck in clingfilm bodysuits?

    “We began the handover to Jambone” this loaning out of lays to your buddies is much to my taste and is a great way to maximise the bang to effort ratio… bravo. In the immortal words of Richard Keys, did he smash it?

  3. “when this chick kept her hand on it and started rubbing I thought “ok, that’s the It’s On Moment””


  4. I am soooo using the stone test. Will report back!

  5. Is it just coincidence that Blondie was playing at the first location as well as in your room?

    From reading a lot of your posts over the last couple of months it really seems like foreign girls really are the way to go, especially in London where there are so many of them. It’s definitely easier to start a conversation with one because “how are you enjoying it here?” is such a simple and genuine question to ask to get her talking, particularly for guys like me who aren’t naturally talkative.

    [Yup, Blondie. Good spot. It was a coincidence because I happen to have been listening to the Best Of album on Spotify alot recently K.]

  6. Yeah love the stone test.

    P.S. Fuck that ho’

  7. Krauser – big fan of your blog. Would you mind sharing your text transcript?

    Here’s my sticking point with day game:

    You fancy a girl on the street. You approach her. You run your game. She’s laughing, you’re vibing well. You get her number. All in 5 minutes.

    Now what?


    – If you text too soon, you come across needy.
    – If you text too late, she’ll have forgotten who you are.
    – If you call her, she won’t pick up.
    – If you text her to ask her out a date, she’ll feel awkward about meeting a random stranger alone and either not respond or flake.

    So how do you make the transition from number to meet?

    [I rarely do transcripts now because of Google. I did callback humour to the set saying she was a vampire I had to train into being an English lady, starting with a tea shop. First three texts were banter, fourth was the date invite. She rejected first time/place and counter-offered later in the week. K.]

    • 5 minutes is pretty short, you should always be going for instant dates, or at least getting them to hang out with you for more time. More time you spend with her at the get go, more likely you are to get a day 2, assuming she enjoys the time. Bouncing her to different locations helps too, you share more memories together.

      Next time when you feel she’s vibing with you, don’t ask her for a number, just take her to another place. ”Do you like nice cappuccino? Yeah, this little old Italian guy owns a shop down the block that I love, I’m actually going there now, c’mon and I’ll treat you.”

      If you can’t get the instant date, text something that day, a few hours later.

      ”You missed a great day, I hit up this delicious Spanish cultural festival. Paella is SO good”

      [Thank you random internet guy. K.]

      • Let’s say that an instant date wasn’t feasible – both you and her were busy and had places to go.

        It seems like there is a small margin for error on these quick closes. I know ideally you want a good 20min+ interaction but often logistics dictate that you have to go for the quick close. I think there is a way to wrangle it if replies can be tight enough so no need to have them go to waste – Krauser has shown how it’s done.

        Good thing is I can easily get fast numbers to test this out – run loads of buying temp material then close them on a high point within a couple mins then do it on another. This isn’t a long term solution obviously. Just got to practice my text game.

        Krauser – tips for this scenario?

        [I always go for the idate if it’s logistically possible. It wasn’t this time because I was teaching and had already demo’d an idate. The key thing on a quickie number close is to get some kind of investment from her and put in some of your identity. I think merely spiking BT can work but its more likely to be flaky. I talk about this alot in my book K.]

    • buy Krausers book 😉

  8. Doesn’t take much game to bang girls that look like that…

  9. At 0:31, she gives you the head-tilt look while playing with the spoon. That’s the stuff you see Romantic Comedies man. Silly as those hollywood twits are, they do get some stuff right.

    A question….You buy her all those drinks? Or did you go dutch? Or did you pay alternate rounds? How many rounds did you guys do anyway? What I have been doing is one drink at a pub near my place and then off to my place. I’m intrigued by the way you seem to marinate the girl.

    this kiss close you tried on pavement. Did you just go for it all of a sudden? What did you do/say in the moments before you went for it. The sudden thing usually works when the girl has already been thinking of kissing you for a while.

    Nice post

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  11. I may have the chance to go and teach there. what is romania like for brits with game? i hear both good and bad things. EU bases etc. any clue/hints? [I’ve not been yet. Can’t help. Sorry. K.]

  12. oh. i feel kinda let down now.. :[

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