It’s in his kiss. Shoop shoop shoop

September 18, 2011

Ladies, if you are dating a player and you don’t know where you stand, have a listen to Aretha Franklin. And for the men, just listen to her wonderful voice – this is how a girl can sound powerfully feminine without losing any of her charm.

This song nails it perfectly. I can fake rapport and comfort. I can fake hugs, passionate sex, hypnotic scanning and a whole host of other things. One thing I simply cannot do is fake a kiss. There’s a barrier somewhere that means I can only turn it on for a kiss if I really like the girl – like her physically and romantically.

So ladies, stop stressing about these things:

    • He didn’t text me for over two hours
    • He’s out with his friends getting drunk
    • He’s been acting a bit strange lately
    • He has a pin code on his mobile phone

Just give him a passionate kiss and see how he matches it. If he returns it with real enthusiasm dead on the lips and commits fully, he’s into you still. If it’s distant and half-arsed, he’s found a new girl to fuck and she’s both younger and hotter than you.


  1. Man Alive, what you say is true, true, true.

    A guy may be able to fake one kiss, now and then, or in the heat of the moment, when the boner factor is high. The lips become an extension of the cock. It’s penetrative, authoritative, commanding, highly sexual, and very masculine. That kiss is sex.

    But in nonsexual moments, the kiss that is love, that is delivered in the doldrums of the day, in passing, upon greeting or parting company–the passion and ardor in those kisses can not be manufactured or synthesized from raw lust.

  2. Of course when a girl initiates a kiss is probably the same time the dude has lost interest. Sucks it works that way.

  3. Nice of you to write a post for the ladies, somehow I don’t think there a large percentage of your readeship.

  4. Krauser settling comfortably into an LTR = no new video sarges for us 😦

    [Nope. My bird went home. I’m single again. K.]

  5. Coming soon from Krauser… Marriage Game Nitro: Game for girls who want to marry alpha males

  6. If I want to keep a girl around, even if I’ve found another, I will kiss that bitch with more passion than she’s ever felt. It’s just acting. Plus, I take pride in kissing.

  7. funny i read this after banging a girl who i am NOT into. after sex, i could not fake a passionate kiss. i wanted her to leave. well, i didn’t want to hug her or touch her either, but i think i was able to fake all those things, except the kiss.

    she even said, why don’t you kiss me. and added that she thought i had “walls” up.


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