I bang my first 23yr old Spanish receptionist

July 28, 2011

All the back-story is here:

There’s not much more to add so I’ll skip to the close and the epilogue. I have to close her quick because my soon-to-be-new-girlfriend is due to arrive in London in a few days and will be living at my house. So I don’t really want to be bringing girls back when she’s there. Hence I rush this one and strong-arm the Spaniard to jump on the bus the next morning.

It’s the first time I’ve had a girl come to my house based purely on the internet and already DTF without having to run the usual seduction game. She arrives all dressed up, sexy underwear and as you’ll see from the video her mind is in that curious sexual state of anticipation from the moment she steps off the bus. I do her the decency of pouring a drink, showing her the house, and then chatting for twenty minutes so she doesn’t feel any more slutty than she already feels.

Then fast escalation, no LMR. It’s typical fuckbuddy sex – wild, unconstrained, and she does everything I tell her to. So I collect my anal and cum-on-face flags. She’s a surprisingly good lay – very intense. The moment I finish it becomes a chore to keep her around so I ask her to show me her prior boyfriends on Facebook. I notice they all look the same – Aussie / Kiwi, black hair, and basically good-looking versions of Big Toe. So I start DHVing him. A couple of days later she’s on FB chat with me angling for a repeat performance:

Me: You like Aussies, right?

Her: Yes. Have you got one for me hahahahaa

Me: Actually, yes

After that it’s easy – I suggest them as friends and Toe takes over. Within two days she’s in his bedroom with her tits out. He just a2m’d her last night. My work here is done….

P.S. – The post-script is she has totally gone over to Toe. She still chats to me on FB but has lost all sexual interest in me.


  1. This girl is such a whore I actually feel sick. You enabled her.
    [I fucked her. Mode Four dude. K.]

  2. K here is being a top pro – being a gr8 wingman and also laying her up nice and easy for burto to exploit to his hearts content. No doubt Burto will reciprocate in the future – I also noticed K tried for the same pass her to his mates angle with the Russian lass with less success, its a fine policy and one I plan to do myself in the future. Sharing after all, is caring…

    Manginas and femcunts will argue that this is objectifying and mistreating girls, but if the majority weren’t such dirty sluts to begin with, this type of sharing wouldnt be possible. This to me is great game and more importantly efficient game (I have lost cost of the financial opportunity cost to myself in pursuing some of the more difficult girls i’ve met)

    Bros before hos.

  3. Ahhh Krauser you sex machine, this is why there are two blogs i check daily. Yours and Roissy’s.

  4. Did she ask why you wearing an mp3 player during sex?

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  7. Again, great stuff. Ace. What’s up with the private video? Do I have to sign up for something?

    [No, everything that’s available is on this site. I just sometimes remove videos, especially the more explicit ones. K.]

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