Playful defiance – the Latino movie actress

May 12, 2011

Girls love a defiant man. Imagine your life symbolised as a hilltop castle. When you meet a girl you want to poke you are inviting her to your lair. At first she’s going to kick the walls, bang on the raised drawbridge and inspect the battlements. She’ll huff and she’ll puff and she’ll try to blow your house down. But you, sir, do not live in a house of straw. You are the piggy who bought the bricks. The girl shit tests your castle and you win her over with hard dominance.

Now she enters. She makes her way to the garden to see if you have flowers, trees and a water fountain. Then she’ll frollick into the courtroom to lounge on the cushions and admire the draperies. The girl is seeing if this is the kind of place she’d like to live. Is the inside of your castle a barren prison fit only for hard-faced men-at-arms, dour defenders of civilisation from the hordes? Or is it an opulent palace of pleasure that would make Antony and Cleopatra blush? The girl is testing you for soft dominance.

If you pass both tests she’ll leave her earrings on your bed and her hair in your shower drain. She’s entered your reality and likes it there.

Bad boys have hard domince. Nice guys have soft dominance. Players have both. An early, easy and fun way to project hard dominance onto a girl is through teasing and defiance. You are communicating to her I will not be cowed. Her bullshit isn’t legal tender in this bar.

So, I’m out with Whitewolf doing my first proper daygame session in over a month. I do a few solo approaches and get an instant date with some Chilean student. Nothing special, the vibe isn’t really there. I stop a Spaniard, then a Russian, then a Persian. The girls are stopping but I’m a bit off the pace, not quite on form. Considering my lengthy sabbatical I’m nonetheless fairly pleased. Then finally, a great set.

I see a tall black chick cross the road and open. Boom! She loves it. Right girl, right time, right mood. I’m immediately busting on her saying her long legs look like a giraffe, she has claw-hands like a basketballer, and she’s one of those sex perverts who watches zebras fucking on nature documentaries. I bounce her across the road for a coffee. Number. The texting is going well. Electricity is injected into this set.

I meet my Brazilian stripper for a late lunch. She’s acting funny so I ditch her and rejoin Whitewolf. As we are strolling down South Bank I dive onto this chick, Latino Actress. She also hooks strong. She’s also the right type of girl and I’ve built up strong vibe in the past two hours. I bust her hard and bounce for coffee, then onwards for two pints. I’m starting to think there’s an SDL in this but an insurmountable logistical barrier presents itself via her boss calling her in for a late shift. Bah!

Here’s video from when we had the second pint. Just note how I’m framing her and introducing sexual topics and future projections. We’d already agreed to rob a bank with her dressed as a whore to distract security.


  1. This girl is amazing… exactly my type… her eyes are fantastic, and her vibe is spot on…

    [Really, or you’re just blog-whoring again? K]

  2. From what I’ve seen of your videos, there are rarely if ever awkward silences. You have a quick and active mind and you always seem to have something to say, even if sometimes I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You’re always pushing forward and maintaining rapport.

    This girl seems cute and intelligent, and I like the flower in her hair. She likes potato chips.

    The first few paragraphs of your post about the “castle”, I saved and put in my collection of writings I want to refer to again in the future.

  3. Was that pimp material at the end from the iceberg slim book, it was pretty funny

    [Exactly. At RSG we are now demanding scratch from our runts. K]

  4. walkers chips? is that the same as lays? for give my americaness.

    agree w/ above there are little if any awkward silences. what is ur opinion on silence? to be avoided, or calibrated for effect or both depending on circumstance?

  5. Dude – could you briefly explain the hard and soft dominance bit and the difference between them?

    [Hard dominance = not being a push-over. The ability to not take her bullshit being a sign you can protect her from the more serious shit that happens in the world. Soft dominance = treating her with care and attention so she feels loved. K]

  6. Krauser: Nice one. I just can´t believe how bold and daring you are during daygame-sessions.

    By the way: What happened to your daygame book? I´m really looking forward to this.

    [Book is finished. I’m waiting on a hardback test copy through the online checkout I’m using. That’s due any day now. The moment it arrives, I’ll announce the book and put it on sale. K]

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  8. I think krauser is a pretty cool guy. eh just bangs bitches and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    [photo please. K]

  9. That chick looks great as she devours that bag of chips. Nom nom nom. Mmmmmmmm.

  10. In approaching I have found that I do best when I notice her actually walking behind me, and then I slow my pace until she is at my side at which time I open. This is contrary to conventional wisdom which says it is best for a man to approach a woman by walking up to her on the side.

  11. I love the whole castle metaphor to explain hard / soft dominance. I remember you explaining it to me like this when we met in Camden once. I think it’s the basis for attraction, and gives a good idea of what the correct male / female dynamic should be for a pickup to be successful.

  12. Ah… so you’ve been seeing Skeletor again!

    [Nope. I just have a good memory. K]

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  14. Is this done with the watchcam? If so, is there any reason for not using the pocketcam, which gives better video?

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