Daygame Nitro – Street Pick-Up For Alpha Males

May 22, 2011

It’s finally here. My own Leviathan. This is my pride and joy. For the past six months I’ve been hard at work formulating my model, fleshing it out, testing it, getting fellow daygamers to review it. Finally I’m able to put into words, into a step-by-step guide, the entirety of the Krauser Daygame Model.

I announce to the world Daygame Nitro: Street Pick-up For Alpha Males. The definitive textbook on daygame. This is a handsome 167-page hardback edition with 35,000 words explaining how I pick up girls. Let the revolution begin!

Buy it here.

Learn to pick up girls off the street. Stone cold sober.

In this book Nick Krauser lays out the full plan. From waking up in the morning to putting your cock inside the girl in a coffee-shop toilets, Nick guides you step-by-step through the mindsets, the values, the things to say, the ways to hold eye contact. Everything.

This is an end-to-end exposition of how cool guys pick up banging-hot girls, sweeping them off their feet and into the bedroom. It’s not what you’re thinking. You don’t need to be good-looking. You won’t be driving a sports car, and you certainly won’t be spending any money on the girls.

This is about personal charismatic value. What it is, how to build it, and most importantly how to project it to the girls.

This is the ultimate reframe. This is about hunting down the hottest girls in the world and making them feel lucky that you chose them. This is…

Street pick-up for alpha males.

There will be no ebook. I have no plans to discount the price. The entirety of the book’s publishing and distribution is outsourced to Lulu, so any ordering queries should be addressed to them. All I will see is my royalties when they show up in my bank account. From order to receipt varies but seems to take 1-2 weeks. Any queries about the book’s content, put it in the comments to this post and I’ll try to answer them.

Buy it here


  1. It’s not overpriced, people pay that much for coffee table books they never read – and equivalent material which just rips off mystery method is priced far higher.

    • Roosh’s Bang is almost the same length, and nearly twice as cheap. I love you Krauser, but £45 + P&P is steep!

      Also, long time no see Jake! I really do miss your blogging

  2. You´re right. This book is not cheap. But I think, I will purchase it anyway, as soon as I figured out how payment at lulu works ^^

    Or… is there any chance to get a signed copy directly from you?

    [I’m not selling them directly. I’ve got a couple of copies lying around and that’s it. K.]

  3. Hilarious trailer – laughed out loud several times:

    “So…. I now gonna talk about my boohh” (phonetic interpretation of geordie accent)

    Comedy gold – I think K is chanelling badboy with this presentation.

    Daygame Nitro will be the first ever pickup book I buy – and its because this is the only guy out there consistently documenting his approaches, you can see them all on this blog – he puts his money where his mouth is, doesn’t shoots it off like a number of other puas.

    Shame I can’t understand half the trailer.

  4. How many girls did you get from day game last year and how many so far this year?

    [click Lay Reports. That’s most of them. Everything you need to know about me is on this blog. K.]

  5. Just ordered your book. This is the most money I ever spend on a pickup-product. I really hope it´s worth it.

    [Me too! If you don’t like it, feel free to say so. K.]

  6. I would love to support this author in this instance, but his insistence on only physically publishing with paper and ink is barbaric, archaic, medieval, and obnoxious. A 70 dollar ebook could easily be simultaneously self pubbed on amazon, barnes & noble’s pubit, createspace, smashwords, and apple’s ibookstore.

    [I’m a horrible cunt. K.]

    • clearly not. you probably just have a terrible fear of piracy.

    • I think people are just afraid to have a pickup in there room incase a bird judges them whereas fuck it who cares. I’m nearly thru balls deep can’t put it down.
      Fair play krauser absolutely brilliant book showing your journey [Thanks boss. Feel free to leave a review somewhere, e.g. RVF Knowledge Arts & Letters thread. K.]

  7. Awesome Krauser. I’ve got so much value from your videos, just what I’ve learned from them is worth the price of the book alone, I also see it as making an investment in you to continue getting your videos/reports. I’ll be ordering a copy, for sure.

  8. Congrts Krauser on your book, i also want to point out this is some of the biggest evidence that i or anybody else as ever seen that this stuff works there where only 2 other guys that showed real evidence like this that their matirial is the real deal, looks awesome

  9. Some of you fail to realize that publishing a book on lulu is actually a lot smarter than making a e-book for instant download. Number one understand that a bloggers first responsibility is to provide free reliable information. Secondly with that info provided the blogger builds qualified traffic ( Thats you and I). Third thing the blogger in supposed to pre-sell his traffic with upcoming books , newsletters , etc. Lastly he is to monetize his site to make money , that what this book is to help you help him. Furthermore ebooks are easily downloaded and reuploaded as downloadable torrents, which sucks for all the people putting in the time and effort to come up with this material. Lastly I can rest assure you’ve spent way more money being a BETA than the $70 this books cost.

    • None of Roosh’s books are on free torrents. And honestly, which smuck is gonna pay for a ‘premium’ service? To say that ebooks are a ‘risk’ is bs. This is a small community. I’m happy to buy a hard copy once I’ve seen it. Ebooks allow me to view it from the comfort of my own home

  10. Congrats Krauser. You’ll see a lot more books if you provide a free PDF sample.

  11. Krauser, although Athol Kay and yourself are marketing to a different audience, its interesting to look at the ways you have chosen to market your product.

    Athol went with Amazon createspace, you’ve gone with lulu. [I also like the idea of a big hardback edition amoging all the paperbacks on a guy’s shelf. BTW, Athol’s book is very good though the polar opposite to mine in writing style. K.]

    Athol decided to offer his book on Kindle as an afterthought, but you’re not keen on selling it as an ebook. What were your reasons for doing it this way. [I think the earlier commentors more-or-less said it. The main reason is piracy – it’s too easy to just email it on to friends or go to torrents. I’ve given almost two years of free content on my blog and there’s plenty there for anyone who wants to learn daygame on the cheap. My book is aimed at serious guys, not people you are just vaguely interested. For serious guys, it’s a false economy to scrimp on $70. One chump-date costs that much. Also, I want to make some money from this. It’s the culmination of lots of work.]

    Congratulations btw.

    I’m dying to read your book – because knowledge is power – but I think Jane would give me a seriously funny look if I was tucked up in bed next to her reading that. Ha ha! [It’s the Hublot Big Bang of books, mate. Everyone wants it and few can afford it!]

  12. THE SERVERS HAVE CRASHED!! I rang up Krauser’s customer service people and they said too many people were trying to buy at once. Luckily they reserved me my own personal copy.

  13. Krauser,

    It would be nice if you could post up a table of contents, and perhaps an excerpt from the book.

    [Chapter titles are: Introduction, Kill Momentum, Vibing, Investment, Commit Her, Deep Rapport, Verbal Escalation, Conclusion, Daygame for Betas, FAQ. – so basically it follows the structure of my model, like I say in the video. There’s no need for an excerpt. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I write. K.]

  14. Guys I have nicked a copy from his room and I’ll sell it for a tenner. First to ask gets.

  15. Just ordered my copy. After following Krauser’s blog a few months, I expect this to be epic.

    Krauser, congrats on the book and thanks for all the great material on the site.

  16. I can attest that Krauser’s day game model works pretty good. It’s basically what I do yet my version is slightly different.

    I have no problem opening up 1 sets under most circumstances; the trap I fall into is that after the open and the initial fluff talk I wait for obvious signs before trying to get her to come have a snack with me (for the instadate). It seems that some girls do not no how to flirt so waiting for obvious signs can be deleterious.

  17. I was really looking forward to this book, but I’m bummed by the release strategy. My reserve price for a book like this is about $40, so $70 prices me out as a buyer. I’m traveling right now and would need something in eBook form, so the hardcover-only deal doesn’t work for me either. Not saying this to complain, as it’s your book and you’re welcome to publish however you like and charge whatever you like. Just wanted to let you know there are guys out there that legitimately want to buy your book but can’t based on the way it’s currently offered.

    In any case, congrats on getting it completed and I hope it’s a success! I’ll continue to follow your blog and the great content you offer on here.

  18. Never seen such a bunch of tight-asses in my life, and you guys wonder why you can’t get laid! You guys will won’t even be able to spell the word ALPHA thinking like that.

    Just pony up and buy the book if you want more tips with day-game, if you doing well enough without it, don’t but it! Enough said.

  19. I plan on buying it. It’s weird that people complain about the price, though.

    It’s obvious from this blog that he put a lot of thought into developing of a personal style of pickup. Shouldn’t his time and effort be respected? him. A lot of “game” related resources consistently seems rather retarded, for the prices asked, this looks like its based on solid human interaction and at least the author’s honest, he intends to make a lot of money from it, but he sacrificed a lot to obtain this knowledge. If somethings not for me, or too pricy for me, I can always just go find something else in budget, but I feel like carrying a bargain seeking attitude in life, constantly, can demean us and weaken us as men.

    I’m all for a good bargain but I’m not about to disparage someone who charges what he feels to be a fair price.

    Roosh’s bang was a good read, some of it seemed common sense, but it had some good tips and was entertaining.
    Reading through this blog I wonder if Krauser has some insights that Roosh doesn’t.

    Nothing’s archaic and barbaric about physical books. They are extremely practical, and tend to outlive, by decades, a lot of modern electronic media, hard drive crashes, peeling CD and DVD substrates, etc.
    50 years from now someone’s going to run into Krauser’s book in a little used bookshop somewhere or a flea market. Physical printed books have advantages that ebooks do not, and vice versa. One tends to realize their advantages the older one gets. Try reading an ebook on the toilet or in a bathtub.

    I love ebooks, but printed media has its time and place too. They are related tools, and their disadvantages tend to complement their mutual advantages.

    I look forward to getting and reading this.

  20. I’m looking forward to getting this as some point. There aren’t really any books out there on day game. I think Jeremy Soul (Love Systems) wrote one, but it’s probably shite.

    At first it seems pricey, but then when I come to think about it the price is about right. Pickup products aren’t mass market. They are niche, which means they’re always going to be a bit on the pricey side compared to mainstream products.

    Let’s compare this book to the price of some other PUA products:

    60 Years of challenge’s seduction system: $150. For twice the price of Krauser’s book you get 4 pdfs which each run to only about a couple of dozen pages each. Although the core message of this system is good, the books aren’t all that well written and there’s a lot of repetition.

    Love Systems’ Routines Manual: $100. For 50% more than Krauser’s book you get a list of routines, pretty much all of which can be found by spending an afternoon online searching PUA forums/blogs.

    Doesn’t seem too expensive when you look at it like this.

  21. betatopua – v intersting blog, will be subscribing to it on my feeds list.

  22. I’ll definately buy your book and give it a review and a plug on my site Krauser.

    I don’t think I’ve spent that amount of money on a book before, but as others have said, the premium price should be seen as a well deserved reward for all the free info and fun you’ve given us here over the last year or two. I banged my first 19 year old blonde Czech girl in the ass in Prague last summer – after watching a couple of your videos in the hostel beforehand as inspiration and then going out and picking her up in the street. RESULT!

    [a tip of the hat, sir. That’s quality work. K.]

  23. Well done. I´ll get one, be ready for the royalties.

    [Thanks fella. I’m interested to know what you make of it. K.]

  24. Btw Krauser, can you update your link to my blog plz?

    Cheers mate.

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  26. reading it now. halfway done. extremely insightful so far. full review when i finish.

  27. Just received your book. Will start reading immediately.

  28. guys, on my third day of experimenting with “verbal escalation” at panera i made out with a girl after 45 minutes of talking to her, with zero kino, but with lots of “eye fucking” as krauser calls it, and with several instances of “stare down dominance”, as i call it.

    we talked A LOT about sex, first in the abstract, then about us, we did role play, about how i would take off her clothes, and what i would do to her, and at least three or four times, i stared her down for at least 15-20 seconds until she looked away — i don’t exactly remember in which direction, but i think she looked down and to the right — i think i remember roissy saying that that matters, will pay better attention next time.

    key thing was that she looked away — definitely down — and giggled and slightly blushed. can’t get any more feminine than that.

    anyway, point is that i was slightly skeptical of verbal escalation, since it had been drilled into my head that kino was crucial, that kino was king, that kino established physical dominance, but krauser is right, kino also brings up her anti slut shields, and puts her “on guard”, maybe not to you, but to the way she is perceived socially by everyone in that social setting.

    ALSO, very important, it kills my frame that she is chasing me, since i am obviously the one pawing her, then i must be the one chasing HER.

    with verbal escalation, she and i can just start talking about sex, and like krauser describes in his book, it can even become something “naughty” and conspiratorial between me and the girl — and it shows, at least in my mind, so much more creativity and boldness that just trying to put the moves on her physically. it shows more sexual dexterity and even more sexual elegance and sophistication.

    i am sure that in her head, she is thinking, who IS this guy? where did he come from? and how is he SO sexually confident that he has me talking about sex after just meeting him?

    i tried verbal escalation at panera three days in a row, wednesday, thursday, and friday, and each time i got a little bit better, and by the third time, yesterday — after a lot of explicit sexual talk — i actually got up from my side of the booth, came around to her side, leaned down, pulled her hair from the base, and went in for the kiss, AND GOT IT.

    of course, i did all the typical stuff — teasing, push pull, ftc, frame control, body language — leaning waaay back — false disqualifiers, alpha sincerity, saying whatever came to my mind — but it was the verbal escalation that made the difference.

    we kissed three times, to the point of making out and holding her waist — and that is when i screwed up.

    i couldn’t handle it.

    the girl was pretty hot — 5’10, skinny, very pretty, light brown farah faucett hair — she had this rocker, east village, crazy artist vibe — and so after the make out i started to get really nervous.

    i started to think about taking her home to my apartment — instead of maintaining the frame that i needed to qualify her more, or do more comfort — a line like “i still don’t know you very well, you could be crazy, let’s go for a drink and get to know each other better” — something like that would have been MONEY — instead i started thinking “holy shit i can’t believe i kissed this girl holy shit is my apartment messy is it ready to have company over” etc — i gotta way too much inside my head, i even felt myself shaking — and so it was no surprise that by the time we got outside, and i kinda went to kiss her again, she had already lost interest and pretty much turned away when i went to face her and kiss her again.

    after that, i tried to take the lead again — i said let’s go this way, and grabbed her arm, and she said, no i am going THAT way — and then she literally walked away with a smile, as if she had been just teasing me and playing with ME. so she turned the tables on me and i was the one left hanging.

    i do think i got enough arousal out of her inside panera — i got the kiss after all, and she was into it i know — but i just got too nervous and too turned on and was thinking way too far ahead — and so i got blown out.

    but that was just on my THIRD DAY of attempting verbal escalation.

    verbal escalation is amazing. it is like magic.

    reminds me of the saying in spanish, “men fall in love through their eyes, women fall in love through their ears.”

    fuck yeah!

    thanks krauser. can’t wait to experiment more with this method.

    i WILL get laid again.

    and often.


    pussy is still just a side dish in the feast of life, but damn what a delicious side dish it is.

    [this is a great story fella. I think verbal escalation plays to your strengths. Have fun with it! K.]

  29. Well done through that sandwich shop kiss.

    instead i started thinking “holy shit i can’t believe i kissed this girl holy shit is my apartment messy is it ready to have company over” etc — i gotta way too much inside my head, i even felt myself shaking — and so it was no surprise that by the time we got outside, and i kinda went to kiss her again, she had already lost interest and pretty much turned away when i went to face her and kiss her again.

    She could of course feel your sudden lack of confidence here, just as she could feel your intensity and confidence before. This can make her feel she did something wrong by letting you kiss her so fast. It also makes you feel not congruent to her.

  30. yeah definitely. i was way in over my head. next time i will do better. i literally felt myself shaking as i was gathering up my stuff. no way she didn’t sense that. girls can SMELL fear a mile away.

    next time.

  31. Exactly. That’s the spirit.

  32. doug you are always so positive. thanks man.

  33. code ‘SUMMERBOOKS’ gives 20% off books (max of $25 from discount), expires 8-31-11
    So is $56 US (plus $9 S&H) going to get more people to buy before the coupon expires?

  34. I would be interested to know how lulu worked out for you as an author.

    [So far, really well. I haven’t lifted a finger since the book was put onto their site and they keep depositing the cash in my paypal account monthly. K.]

  35. Thank you for the reply. did initial start up cost you much? i ask because i am thinking of putting a fiction book up on there. Good luck with your book by the way. its on my list. i may review it for cliffs as ive reviewed for them under ‘russ’.

  36. Thank you for the reply. did initial start up cost you much? i ask because i am thinking of putting a fiction book up on there. Good luck with your book by the way. its on my list. i may review it for cliffs as ive reviewed for them under ‘russ’

    [It’s free. Just write a word doc and upload it. It’s print on demand. The downside is the high unit cost. K.]

  37. Cheers for the info and goodluck with your book.

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