The Daygame Blueprint

May 31, 2011

This weekend I had the privilege of working at the Woodstock of daygame. For three days most of the top London guys were herded together for one event to go end-to-end through the Yad/Yosha daygame model. A nice swanky hotel, fifty students, expensive camera kit – the full David D-esque superconference experience. Yad had called me up to help out on the infield and by the last day I ended up doing an impromptu half hour lecture on text game.

A drum solo between acts

A fantastic experience. Great material, great guys.

This isn’t a review because the DVDs aren’t out yet but unlike other “super conferences” that are mostly muppets upselling bullshit products, these were real guys delivering real material: Yad, Yosha, Torero, Alex Love, Sasha, Tomcat.

I made about six pages of notes. I was picking out little nuggets here and there. Sometimes one of the guys would have a turn of phrase that elegantly encapsulated an idea, or some tiny adjustment I hadn’t thought of. The general model was familiar ground to me (but would be gold dust to a newcomer). I’m not gonna rip off their material here, just point out a couple of cool insights:

  • Attraction is built on raw unfiltered expression
  • Not being yourself creates inhibitions and doubts from the beginning, by denying your expression
  • If you wake up one day and your energy is amazing, don’t waste it. Go find a girl
  • The masculine vibe must overpower the feminine for attraction to happen
  • When you exchange numbers, make sure she’s putting a character into her phone, not a random guy
  • The answers are not in your memory, they are right in front of you
  • No one cares when a stranger talks about themselves. You are that stranger.
  • A high value girl is happy to give you two minutes of nothing as a test. It’s great. Don’t be thrown off.

I might talk about a concept or two in more details later.


  1. >Attraction is built on raw unfiltered expression

    This sounds a bit hippy. [but true. It’s assuming you are hitting all the usual bases. K.]

    >A high value girl is happy to give you two minutes of nothing as a test. It’s great. Don’t be thrown off.

    I take this to mean:

    High value girls will give you very little reaction in the first two minutes after opening them, both in terms of feedback to what you are saying (so you can’t gauge if she likes/hates you) and also in terms of her not opening up and saying much herself. This is a test to see that you’ve actually got something to say for yourself, plus that you aren’t looking to her reaction for validation.

    Is this correct? [Exactly]

  2. Yad in particular looks like something I might evacuate after a heavy night on the curry yet the guy manages to pull HBs based on mastery of all the other variables. Lovely bloke btw, kind of morphing into michael jackson in some of the latest videos i’ve seen…

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  4. gold dust for me.


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