Another humdrum day

March 14, 2011

I’m out on Friday doing some street game. I’m horribly hung over from the night before and run down from six consecutive nights of drinking. My vibe is weak – you’ll see everything in this video is just a bit “off”. But whatever, I might as well grind it out and see if the gods of pickup throw a cute girl my way. Here’s my last set of the day when I’d already decided to make my way home. Nothing special. My camera ran out of power just as I got the Facebook.


  1. I think your drunk ninja mode is equally good. The only difference I found was you were speaking faster and were a little hasty than usual. But that didn’t ruin anything, you got the fb close.

  2. You’re very good at drawing girls quickly into conversation by not doing the standard 20 questions thing. This is something I really need to work on.

    Out of interest, roughly what percentage of girls who are moving do you manage to get to stop for you these days?

    [Stopping but not necessarily hooking = on a good day 100%, on a normal day 80%
    Hooking = good day is 80%, normal day is 50% – K.]

  3. Nice plowing for the close.

  4. What mini-cam did you use to capture that one? Looked high-definition.

  5. The quality of the vids are amazing when you see what cams are used, how small and cheap. Just look on ebay for spy cams.

  6. Indeed, those crazy chinks and their spy cams – I use a pen one for street work but need a more casual one for dates and night venues (cant go into a nightclub with a fecking ballpointpen clipped to my shirt!)

    What do you guys use for these situations? Noticed K had a wristwatch cam but isnt this inconvenient to keep it aimed at the chick during conversation?

  7. Just searched ebay for ‘720p hd spy’ and there is indeed loads of them. There’s even some 1080p watches appearing. Cheap as chips as well. Now we just need the chinks to invent some with face tracking inbuilt.

  8. I’m surprised I don’t see Jambone and I walking around in the background.

    I remember you talking to this girl, but I never saw her face. She looks real cute in this video though.

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