Grossly inappropriate facebook chat game – Croatian Mouse

March 21, 2011

I really can’t figure out if I’m a total cunt or actually a straight-shooting guy of hgh integrity. Witness the following chat with a 19-year old virgin I dated in Croatia, Mouse. Pretty much everything I’m doing is grossly inappropriate and yet she continues to facebook stalk me. I’ve done some heavy ploughing in earlier chats to get her naked photos. I think my frame will be the one last standing when the dust settles. Everything I say in this chat is both factually and spiritually true.

on the "to do" list

Her: Back in London?  [she always opens me when she catches me online]
Me: Nope    Last day in Istanbul  [DHV lifestyle] It’s been fun but I’m tired, looking forward to going home  [I f-closed my Russian infiltrator]
Her: How about [Russian catwalk model]?
Me: She’s gone back today    So I’m free again
Her: ..but you’re with her again?    I mean, you didn’t actually broke up with her?    break*  [I’ve told Mouse all about it]
Me: It’s complicated
Her: …it always is with you  [she has invested alot of emotional energy in understanding the mystery of Krauser]
Me: But we aren’t properly dating. I decided I don’t want that    She wants me to guide her sexually, to experience different things  [Pre-selection, I’m the chooser, I’m able to turn down beautiful women, and of course I’m framing this virgin to be led by me on a sexual journey]
Her: And you have problems with that??
Me: Not really    The problem is while she was in [her country], she fell in love with me
Her: So, what’s the problem then?
Me: well, maybe not love, but definitely an extreme infatuation    Whereas Im’ not very serious
So I had to slow her down   [more DHVing]
Her: Okay, you are the one who wanted to date her, only her, as you said. So, why would you even want to slow her down??
Me: Because I only want to date her, not marry her    I’ve broken a few hearts before by allowing girls to get too into me    I don’t want to do it to her   [DHVing on being a nice person]
Her: You changed your profile picture?
Me: Yeah, do you like it?
Her: What is that??
Me: It is Bingo from the Banana Splits TV show    I used to watch it as a child. He’s my favourite character   [comfort]
Her: …I don’t know
Me: [link to video]

Her: I only know about that Banana split dessert…    Anyway, I still don’t remember why would you turn down the girl who’s in love with you. You should be glad at least someone cares about you….    understand, not remember*   [she really wants to talk about this]
Me: I don’t want to lead her along a path    what are you wearing?   [I always snip threads with this line. It’s so beautifully inappropriate]
Her: Do you even know how some girls/women are trying hard for some guy just to notice them???  [probably meaning Mouse]
Me: I know    But [Russian catwalk model] is a catwalk model. She doesn’t have trouble finding guys  […. yet she fell for me = I am special]
Her: …whatever    You just don’t actually care about any girl    …at all   [projecting her own feelings about me and Mouse]
Me: Quite the opposite    I care about [Russian catwalk model], so I don’t want her to get hurt by investing too much emotion in me
Her: That doesn’t make any sense. If you really liked her, you would want her to like you the same way, or even more. People are selfish, that’s the fact.
Me: No    I’m not looking for a long term relationship  [frame my behaviour and the prospects for Mouse] So I can’t allow her to fall for me    or she’ll be hurt    It’s really quite simple    I’m surprised your pea-sized brain doesn’t understand  [douchebag!]
Her: You know, that way you’ll never find someone to settle down with…    Asshole!!!  [IOI]
Me: thank you    😉    I have to go play games now  [Girls are not a high priority in my life, and I set the time limits on my chats] I’ll be online later
Her: whatever   [hurt pride]
Me: you can send me a naked photo    bye    😉   [grossly inappropriate]

Girls are rendered immobile by radical honesty. It’s hardwired into them to try to connect with the real identity of the man, and because most men hide their identity and try to engage in impression management, being able to show your identity is a huge DHV. Thus the number of girls who have allowed me to say the most inappropriate (but sincere) things and just taken it in their stride. In this case I’m playing a contrast game between the cocky asshole and the sincere nice guy. It’s a true reflection of my actual character.


  1. I like the story of mouse. But what you’re saying doesn’t actually seem at all to be inappropriate…or maybe you just do a really good job of establishing who you are, unapologetically so I’m used to reading it in your blog. Either way, you’re nowhere near the threshold of what one can get away with.

  2. I see nothing inappropiate at all going on here from the K man – he has played this situation very nicely indeed – now it is time to pluck this particular flower before the bloom passes methinks – croatia is just warming up this time of year…

    [In this conversation I have (1) told her about another girl I’m fucking (2) snipped a serious thread to ask her what she’s wearing (3) told her I’m leaving in mid-conversation and to send me naked photos (4) insulted her for being stupid (5) discussed my sexual plans with a girl. That’s alot of stuff to tell a virgin you are wooing I think. It just happens to sound ok in context. K.]

  3. You mentioned girls are immobilized by Radical Honesty! Can you elaborate? Did you get that from the book “Radical Honesty”?

  4. K – us regular readers are used to your depravities by now :p

    I applaud you for a great execution but have to insist on not pedestialising this girl just because shes a virgin. My attitude to virginity is its not a big deal, in fact its an inconvenience to both parties.

    At 19 she knows exactly what shes doing, and almost certainly has one or more beta orbiters her own age that shes playing along (school/uni buddies) that are hanging around hoping for a chance (those orbiters were me and probably you K, 15 years ago). So don’t let yourself feel creepy about it because you’re doing what is totally natural – If I had my way I would have a harem of 17 year olds, all massaging me at the same time 😉

  5. I like your blog man. I’ve been reading it a lot since I was called by an LSI marketer for a Day Game workshop with Jeremy Souls. Your blog was what inspired me to check out day game and go. I actually found your blog while reading up reviews on Jeremy ironically.

    I’ve got a bit of the asshole mix into me too, but girls love it as long as I exercise power over it (like a push and pull kind of way). Props for pointing that out.

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  7. Why worry about her being a virgin? Why worry about pissing her off or acting like a pervert? Why care about her naieve status on finding real love?

    Inappropriate, yes. But it’s fucking funny. Entertaining. Surprising to her. She probably thought “WHAT THE FUCK” when that last line came in. LOL.

    Let the girls bitch and complain all they want – they’re just mad that a guy with such high value won’t share his power with a girl.

    “ASSHOLE!” = ‘oh my god, he’s a challenge! I need to work hard on this man and get him to change!’ (spreads em wide)

  8. Chatting online I reckon most people would get away with being anonymous. Some people think the word virgin by itself is inappropriate. It all just depends on social values. Everything is subjective when two people have a conversation. In this case I doubt both of you were on the same page. Having different goals leads to an endless battle of wanting to change each other. Would be easier to just walk away which you did abruptly. It would be a little more difficult to walk away if you were stuck in the same room together in real life. I wonder who’d be running away in that situation.

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