Smash that frame – Lithuanian Hamster

March 11, 2011

Here is a late night Facebook chat I had with one of my many Lithuanian targets. We met in September and had a disastrous date that made me strongly dislike her. Not even a kiss close. After a month where she was completely screened out I decide on a whim to add her to facebook.

Since then we’ve had dozens of chats and I actually like the girl now, as a person. We’ve built strong rapport and she had agreed to fuck me in January but then logistics intervened. Since then she’s gone back to playing a coy “chase me, chase me” game as you’ll see here. She’s definitely a validation junkie but [without going into biographical details] she’s a giving person with a heart of gold.

with Rationalisation included

So I come home late from a social event RSG put on to celebrate Wonka‘s arrival. Here’s how it goes.

Me – you should go to bed  [order her about]
Her – :))))and u???   [she loves being ordered, this is her typical response]
Me – I just came home from a party
Her – how was the party?
Me – great    we had a good room    lots of friends  [never stop DHVing]
Her – u should go to bed..what are u doing now?
Me – eating noodles    what are you wearing?  [standard stuff, make it sexual]
Her – I am wearing noodles..and nothing more:))))   [she’s always coming up with deft ways to deflect the sexuality before she finally accepts talking about it, a common pattern]
Me – Boo    I don’t wanna fuck you anymore    [willingness to walk away, playfully]
Her – oh no Niki..why not????:((((
Me – noodles make you dirty and messy    I want a clean fresh girl    [I have standards, but again in a playful frame]
Her – noodles are very sexy…u can eat them from girls body..mmm   [she wants to draw me in for more validation]
Me – Not yours    Where’s my photos?    [She’s had enough from me. She’d promised me sexy photos but hasn’t sent any]
Her – I am making them…and where are mine?
Me – you first    [I’d rather not get them than lose the frame]
Her – I am going to sleep…bye Niki..:))    [yeah…..right. Too clumsy. I’m not falling for that one]
Me – ok    [don’t pander to her whims]
Her – You need to promise to show me one day your girls pictures ..that would be very interesting to see:)))    [this is luring me into saying yes, which would guarantee I never get hers]
Me – all pictures are private    I will give you something good, from me  [true. I don’t post up girl’s naked photos]
Her – I want to party..right now..and I have big problems sleeping..maybe u know how to sleep???
Me – masturbate    [keep it sexual, keep hammering the frame]
Her – I tried..won’t help..smoking, drinking also not..but really it’s a very serious problem   [no problem talking about the fact she masturbates]
Me – get a taxi to the airport. get a flight to london    come here    suck my cock    then I’ll fuck you so hard you nearly die    and you’ll sleep for days   [hammer the frame]
Her – I don’t have a money for a taxi    [deft evasion, but not actual rejection. She wants the validation of me trying to fuck her, but neither wants to give it up easily nor have me decide it’ll never happen and turn my attention to another girl]
Me – Sell a kidney   [so I definitely don’t offer to buy her taxi]
Her – do u know somebody that needs one???or two??
Me – no    I’ll pay you £5 for a naked photo    £10 for a photo of you masturbating    that should be enough for a taxi    you need to pay for the flight yourself   [value for value – heh]
Her – cash or credit card?????
Me – paypal   [don’t always give straight answers]
Her – don’t have an account   [she’s seeing how hard I’ll try to get her to London, even though it’s just a game]
Me – then you’ll have to accept insomnia    those were my only 2 ideas   [my limit is reached]
Her – i will go fucking last week I slept five hours…
Me – I’m sorry for you. My only solution is fucking
Her – You know today I agree with u..that is the only thing that I haven’t tried..tomorrow I need to find a guy..thank u for the idea    [clumsy attempt to make me jealous]
Me – thank me when you get a good night’s sleep   [not fazed]
Her – ok..we will see..I have been exercising for the last two hours..if sport doesn’t work sex definitely will help..
Me – cool    I’m going to bed now    [It’s late, I’m not gonna be drawn into conversation just to keep her entertained]
Her – boo for leaving me alone..ok,have a nice dream about me:)))
Me – 😉
Her – 😉

Something Jimmy said the other day, among his many aphorisms, while I was in a long facebook chat with the Spanish exotic dancer:

“You just have to keep your frame until hers crumbles”

The main subtext to this is I am battering against her frame while protecting mine. Eventually there’ll be a point where the “Krauser fucks Hamster” meme is so ingrained into the conversation that she just folds her cards and does it. She’s been thinking about it for months now.


  1. Very nice work… I remember the awkward date video – nice looking girl – this one is definitely worth investing time on. Being the muppet I am, I would have actually given advice on how to ensure she sleeps better (a topic close to my heart)… I’m pretty sure a hard pounding isnt on the recognised list of sleep aids!

  2. A little OT but I wonder… Krauser. How many of your long game pursuits turned into something pleasureable eg. lay or similarly rewardin?. Whats your resumeé so far? Is it worth investing from your experience?

  3. i remember how you went on and on about how you preferred high self esteem girls over low ones….you were actually upset with her. Everyone could see this is a really hot girl at the time.

    The past two chats you’ve posted, this one and the one with the stripper, are really interesting from an analysis point of view, but i can’t really “learn” anything, it won’t stick to be more precise.

    I suppose this is because your state is way above that a normal man can use on a daily basis. Even while chatting, i would be to slow if I had to think that stuff through. I really think that i’ve hit a wall right now, all i do i put sex on the table and sort of plead for it in a beta way. Whereas your don’t brake report even when you are being an asswhole

  4. i really like your “give me a sexy photo” game. I can’t really do shit in that department. At first they agree but then they say that they don’t want me to have it coz i might do something with it out of revenge of pride. And i always wind up explaining why i’t just good clean fun and i won’t do anything…..this leads nowhere. It’s probably something else than this – my state with her, she thinks she can afford to act like this or smth. What am i doing wrong in your honest opinion.

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  6. I was wondering if I’d ever be able to remember most of these Facebook responses, but your quote will be good enough for me to remember the overall structure – Batter her frame while protecting yours.

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