London daygame – More grist for the mill with a cute Japanese

March 8, 2011

Here’s more grist for the mill. I’ll give myself 7/10 for technique. I post it here mainly as a compare-and-contrast with the previous post. It shows very clearly how different sets can be depending on how much the language barrier gets in the way.

0:11 – I pegged her for a girl likely to give the defensive “no speaky english” initial response so I went in soft and slow
0:26 – She’s not flightly at all despite the conversation having barely started. I’m starting to think she’s a high esteem girl. The situation helped – she was just ambling along the riverside with nothing better to do
0:28 – Realising she’s Japanese I know dropping some Jap language on her will hook really easily but I have to make sure I back out into English so she is competing in my sport. If I’d stayed in Japanese it would be too try-hard, would relax her too much, and would frame her as more competent than me.
0:46 – Mostly I’m working the energy levels here. Bringing them right down to lull her to sleep.
0:51 – An easy tease about her being a country bumpkin
1:09 – Nice head tilt and question from her. She’s warming to this.
1:12 – So I do a light compliance test. I don’t actually touch her because that subcommunicates try-hard. Instead I’m trying to lead her to do it herself upon my direction.
1:20 – Strong steady eye contact from her so soon. It’s not sexual yet, it’s simple high-esteem focus. She’s seeing what I have.
1:39 – I don’t need to speak so slow. It’s all about the subcommunication in vocal tone, speed and energy.
2:22 – When the language is difficult but the girl is hooked, it’s important to have the subcommunication of “we can still figure this out and talk” rather than “oh no! this is an insurmountable obstacle and it’ll never go anywhere”. You can fuck girls who can barely speak to you.
2:36 – Eye contact is starting to get flirty. Everything with high esteem girls is subtle.
3:24 – I’m getting her to open up about herself so I be quiet and let her talk
4:01 – Our energies are well matched. I took a gamble that she was chill and low energy and it paid off.
4:50 – Jump on the ninja theme to get the vibe more playful and away from the basic facts of her life. Do a little fantasy.
5:57 – I’m talking over her a little bit throughout the set. That’s a mistake. It was the first one of the day so I’m still warming up.
6:09 – Now that I’ve mentioned her hair in her face a few times, she’s holding her hand up to stop it happening again. She’s also staying talking despite it being pretty cold and windy. Girls will tolerate lots of discomfort in order to stay in a conversation with a man they like. This is an IOI.
6:51 – The language barrier is hobbling any chance of getting playful with nuance, puns and other verbal playing (unlike the video in the previous post – she was a native speaker so that whole world of verbal jousting was opened up). Thus I’m keeping this simple and working the non-verbals
7:05 – I’m pretty sure her character is such that these attempts at playful rapport would hit if she actually understood english better.
7:38 – Falling back onto non-verbal leading
8:00 – It seems like I always find a way to get my boyhood into sets
8:40 – Still holding her hair out from her face, and with such a cute look. I very much want to violate this girl.
8:44 – Demanding she does things for me.
9:00 – “I don’t believe you” is a great line to drop into a set. You are defiant. A challenge.
9:15 – Putting ourselves on the same team against the world as a rapport-builder. I stand next to her like we are a couple standing against the river of people flowing past.
9:53 – IOI
10:15 – So girly. She’s screened in
10:43 – This is funny in Japanese
11:10 – Reframe the instant-date fail as my business and go for the number.
11:36 – I get girls to hold my gloves while I numberclose. It helps subcommunicate that I don’t feel like I’m getting lucky and winning a number.
13:08 – I realise I haven’t verbally SOIed her in the approach so I give her an overt verbalisation of why I like her and want to take the number.


  1. how come you never hit on any english/scottish/welsh/irish chicks? they can’t all be ugly.

    • I can think of two good reasons:

      1. London is full of foreigners.
      2. English women have very powerful bitch shields, so they’d better be extra-hot to justify the effort.

      I’m English btw.

  2. His game only works on young, impressionable foreign chicks who have never been gamed before. Doesn’t everyone know this by now?

  3. Bhodisatta! you are Krauser’s mate. so I guess you are saying that in jest. But seriously. For some reason I have this thing for English Women. I run into them so rarely in the states. My mate visited london for a week and he did not game a single British chick. I asked him how come he did not game a single english woman. And he just shrugged. Now I see krauser doing the same thing. Hope to come to London sometimes to run game on english women. Some questions
    1. Are there no impressionable young english girls? [All girls tingle to the same things the whole world over. K]
    2. I never believed the ugly english women stereotype. they look fine to me. Besides Shane warne has banged some really fine looking english Birds. [they exist, but are much rarer]
    3. Is it that they are so hard to game that no one runs game on them at all? Are they nasty? Are they flaky? Are they cynical? Are they always on guard? Do they all have boyfriends? What’s the dope here? [English girls are easier, not harder. I don’t game them because I don’t like them. When I do accidently meet an English girl I like, I game them the same way but have greater opportunity to use verbal games and nudge-wink references to shared cultural history]
    4. the only PUA i’ve ever heard of consistently pulling english girls is Aaron Sleazy. Respect!
    5. Most of the big names like Neo-Rio with plenty pulls seem to do so in Japan which, come to think of it, for a white guy is like shooting fish in the barrel. No big Deal. [Jap girls are way more impressed by beta behaviour than any other country I’ve been to. As a general rule, if you see a Western guy with a Jap girl, he’s a herb. This holds in 90% of cases. Japs also are far more obsessive about hobbies, such as dating foreigners. The guy is just a pawn]

    6. Krauser is very analytical and I want to see him to do some sets on English girls. [Try reading the last post. I mean, the one literally directly below this one. Don’t you recognised English accents] I mean in Eastern Europe you see these fat, bald, 50 year old anglo-american men with hot babes who are their girlfriends and not escorts. [I never saw that once. It’s a myth from the early 90s when the soviet union collapsed. Honestly, you yanks will believe anything] They already like him from the start. So game here is just not being wierd and create the logistics for sex to happen. So it’s not really that impressive bedding them. I’d hardly call it game. [then you’re a fool. Go move to Croatia and see how many hotties you bed without game]
    7. He’s gamed french and italian women who are not pushovers. Respect! [Thanks, but they are really no harder than East Europeans]
    8. But the big unknown, the X-factor is English women. What’s the dope here. [Check the blog. There’s at least five different English girls posted on here]

  4. I LOL’d when at the beginning you said “your accent is……………… Tokyo?” Because the way you said it gave me a feeling you were going to say Tokyo no matter what you thought her accent was, because, like how you would cold read, she would have the highest chance of being from Tokyo and thus its the best thing to say and build rapport with.

    Lol, “My name is Michael”

    Thank you for posting these.

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