London daygame means you can’t win ’em all

March 7, 2011

Sometimes hitting on girls is just a numbers game. You try and increase your percentages but at the end of the day, you are playing percentages. Sometimes you put the money on red and the ball spins and rests on black.

Here’s an example of a technically solid set where I could just sense the girl wasn’t quite there despite her enjoying the interaction and opening up. Notice her occasional glances behind me. And sure enough, my feel that there was a barrier turned out to be the case.

Anyway I’m posting the video because the set is in an interesting location, it’s a nice challenging opener, and I do a few decent things. And yes, that idiot in the background with the beige cardigan is exactly who you think it is.


  1. It didn’t land on black this time.

  2. Actually I just did a nerdalysis of the whole set. ‘Cos.

  3. The way you handled her bf turning up was very cool.

    I had actually been wondering – you must obviously experience this a lot. What percentage of boyfriends actually get a bit confrontational with you? It seems with me it’s around half. I’m just wondering if it’s perhaps my body language or something that causes it because I don’t handle it anything like as cool as you did here, so maybe my instinctive defensive reaction provokes something similar in the boyfriend?

    [They are almost never confrontational. If she’s with a boyfriend I consider the set gone. I’m not gonna diss some guy I don’t know by trying to steal his girl from under his nose. That’s ego-driven scarcity nonsense. So I just confirm he’s the BF, show him some social politeness, and then bail. He’s got nothing to fear so he doesn’t get angry. I’m not in game to ruin people’s days]

    It also seems, from my experience, that East European boyfriends can be VERY confrontational. Have you had any bad experiences over there?

    [Just once from a drunk orbiter in a club, and from a guy who’s girl was flirting big time with me. After he told me, I confirmed with her and told him he should have a word with her. I screened her out. Not worth the hassle and I won’t be the cat’s paw in letting a girl tool a guy]

    One more question. When you’re in a place such as a shop where the target might have their boyfriend/father lurking around, do you/should you just wade in regardless or do you try to ascertain whether she is with somebody else first?

    [Yes, I always try to figure out the dynamic first]

  4. I have a situation like this on audio πŸ˜‰ the girl was waiting for her boyfriend while I was sarging her. When the boyfriend came, I saluted him and tried to number close the girl. It didn’t work but it made for a good laugh afterwards.

    @Houellehauer , I’m from Romania and here boyfriends just assume the girl knows you (as they probably do in most parts of Europe/US). This impression is maintained by your attitude of course. And if she’s not with her BF she’s fair game πŸ˜‰

  5. Who is the “idiot” in the background in the beige cardigan with the buttons on it?

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