Two French 17 yr olds

March 5, 2011

Jimmy Shite-Town and I are out in Camden looking to do a few 2-sets. It’s a Saturday afternoon. As much foot traffic as we are ever likely to see but just thin on the ground for quality girls. After over half an hour of nothing I notice a couple of little French teenagers walking behind us. Ok, let’s open that. Kick the day off.

It goes well. I realise my target is actually really hot. In the video it’s reversed – the curly haired girl looks best on camera but trust me the straight haired one was a full 2 points above her and with an adorable Frenchness about her. So we bounce them to a bar and begin putting beer down their necks. It’s all going swimmingly and it’s a done deal mentally. It becomes a game of logistics, and finally that’s where we come unstuck.

Round about 6pm, two hours in, and we’ve got them to a bounce-back frame of mind. They have some weed and want to come to our house to smoke it in the garden and watch the squirrels. However, they are staying at a friend’s place who is cooking them dinner for 7pm. We try to get the momentum our way and we are on the bus to our place, but by half six we are stuck in traffic and it’s killing the mood. The girls are agitated. There’s no question they are up for it but what kind of friend takes someone’s free rent and cooked dinner then doesn’t show up? To be honest, if they’d bitched out on their friends they’d have needed screening out. Sometimes the god of logisitics fucks you over, and this is such a time.

So we tell them to get off the bus and take the tube to their friends. Swap numbers, arrange to meet tomorrow. We’ll see. Attraction momentum was great tonight, but I’m not banking on tomorrow’s date coming off. Live an learn.


  1. Dude…17, is that even legal for you?

    • Hughman, 16 is the legal age of consent in the UK.

      • ..and 15 is the age of consent in France. Sucks to be an American dude.

        Hope you pull it off Krauser. I have faith in you. Personally, I would bang the both of them if I had the chance.

      • I’m British, but I thought there was a +4 year limiter up to 18 (so only 22 or below can bang a 16 year old)

      • I’m sure you’re under 25 to have formed that impression. A true child of NuLabor.

        Malta is the only country in Europe with a higher age of consent than 16 (18) and they are currently debating which age they should reduce it to.

        I think Belgium is the only European country to have introduced a ‘within x years age difference’ law.

        The age of consent in Romania is 15.

        Of course, feminists are always trying to raise the age of consent as high as possible, they’ve been doing that since the 19th century. It’s the very reason feminism was born. In another decade you’ll probably get dudes asking if picking up somebody under 25 is legal.

        Get it while it’s still legal Krauser.

  2. in Romania its probably 18…just so you know

    I couldn’t really notice that they were flaking at the end of the video, on the buss…. shows how little i know

  3. Why when you’re talking to them outside does the video’s timestamp say 1/1/2008, then when you’re in the bar and on the bus it says 9/28/2007?

    I’m a new reader to this blog so forgive me if I start out a bit skeptical.

    • Because its a complete fraud. We hired the bus and extras to give the illusion I can pick up girls. These French ones were imported at $60 an hour, after tax. It was so tough to juggle all plates we forgot about the dates. Busted. So we had to rehire them one year later, get them to redo the same haircuts, clothes and anti-ageing cream. Then refilm the “opener”.

      Or maybe I just couldn’t be fucked to change the dates on cheap chinese spycams.

  4. Krauser, love your blog. Longtime reader/first time poster. What is your opinion on effectiveness of the apoc opener for day game (vs night game)?

  5. K please always try to include your openings in your highlights reel as you do here because I know this is where the majority of men have their sticking point – yours are easy, casual and seem to hook frequently, bravo!

    SS – the A opener is IMO too big a nuke for day game. I am pretty sure only brazen sluts will offer a chance of hooking during day game. Maybe of use to neutralise AA during first few approaches of the day but even then I would suggest a slightly less overtly sexualised opener. I would eat my sombrero if K has used an Apoc opener in day game.

  6. Did your wing say at the end “I like cheese so much if I go 2 days without it I camembert it”?

    I didnt notice any kino you had with them.

  7. K – one minute, are we talking the “Hey I have to caveman f*** you right now against the wall becuase you are smoking” apoc type opener or a tamer version? I must try it with the baker’s daughter next time I go for a loaf of bread…

  8. I’m open to suggestions. My verbal game is weak, but my balls are huge making the apoc a good fit for me. BUT the city I’m in women don’t roll solo too often at night and it’s virtually impossible to pull off the apoc when they are not isolated. They are solo much more during the day.

    Alex, I don’t consider it a fail if I don’t get the SDL. If it hooks with a # close that is acceptable for me. Not as much street game in my city, but I usually get a lot of IOIs in supermarkets, dept stores, etc. Also for “hired help” in these types of places – these working girls often look bored to tears!

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  10. krauser continues to inspire.


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