Free bootcamp and now I’m doing 1-on-1s

February 28, 2011

I don’t push commerical products on this blog. There’s a commerical tab at the top for anyone who wants to stump up the cash and learn from the Rock Solid Game crew. So in a rare departure from blog policy, let me tell you of two events:

1. Rock Solid Game free bootcamp
The team will be having a meet’n’greet on Sunday 13th March in Central London. There’ll be five lectures (including me, Jambone, Moran, Tony T) and some Q&A. We are charging five English pounds per student to cover costs. So if you’re local and want to meet the men behind the bullshit, sign up through the website link.

The RSG Dream Team

2. I’m doing 1-on-1s
For a long time I’ve been resistant to teaching like this. It’s laziness mostly. However of late I’ve been helping Moran and Burto with their students and decided I’m gonna save up for a new laptop. So for a limited time I’ll be doing 1-on-1 sessions, until I’ve trousered enough loot to buy this.

Crysis, Empire, Civilisation

Contact me by email at krauser [at] rocksolidgame [dot] co [dot] uk for rates and times.


  1. I might sign up.

  2. I knew it. You want your own MacBook Air now don’t you.
    They are totally alpha.

  3. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

  4. Krauser, I don’t see a contact link anywhere so I’ll post my question here.

    Last night I went to a a girl’s dorm. Met the girl last week at a party. It went really well, chemistry, physical escalation, etc. The thing I noticed though… she didn’t give me any shit tests at all? It all went incredibly smooth. No obstacles. For comparison: at one point while I was there one of her friends came in and she gave me more shit tests in those 10 minutes than my girl ever gave me.

    Does that sorta thing exist? A girl that doesn’t give shit tests due to whatever reason?

    • V:
      It happens, but it’s normally a sign you were highly desirable to her, or she was drunk. If you had good chemistry, perhaps you demonstrated sufficient alphaness the first night. Stick around and you’ll get a ton of shit tests. Put George Clooney in a room with an obese chick and after a while she’ll start shit testing him, just cos.

      Krauser, your status in the “community” or whatever they call it is a golden egg…

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  6. Hey Krauser, whip Willy Wonka into shape for his readers, will ya.

    I want to see his blog become better fratire reading.

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  8. Surprised to see Rickson’s name mentioned on a PUA blog, although you are in Brazil. You train BJJ Krauser? [I did, then went over to muay thai. K.]

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