London Daygame – A big freeze then it thaws

February 1, 2011

Jimmy and I are thinking of hitting a full week of daygame, trying to get into stride for our the upcoming jaunt to Latvia. We want some new infields, some new local targets, and try some stuff out. It’s blisteringly cold as we shuffle around Camden Market. Very few nice girls on the streets. There’s not even many shoppers. We struggle to find sets.

After a couple of hours we are having to use mental discipline. Finally I get lucky and spot a Russian model hiding under a hat and crappy clothes. I’m not that easily fooled. I open. See the first set on the video. She’s very challenging at first and like most Russian girls just won’t crack open for the first minute. I plough, she steals the frame and I figure I might as well go with it because it’s my first real set of the day. She gives me a lovely smile on the close but it still feels weak. I’m surprised she accepts the add, and more surprised still when she comes online at midnight and I get the following half hour chat out of her (see below video).

I meet Jimmy in a pub to warm up the old bones and he’s in set with an Aussie girl. Aussies don’t count so we head back out. We’ve done a three set of beautiful Portuguese tourists. My target is into me giving me the sparkling eyes / beaming smile routine and Jimmy’s is into him but she won’t talk. Suddenly she cockblocks and the set is dead. Boo!

I’m writing the day off when it takes a sudden upswing. Jimmy goes chasing a girl down the street but she’s not much up close so he doesn’t open. While he’s gone I see a stunning 6ft Russian walk towards me. She’s not my type at all but objectively beautiful. If she dolled up and walked into a club on your arm then every last one of the punters would assume you’re a rock star. Unbeatable arm candy. I’m conflicted. I feel cold to her, no blood-bubble at all and yet I know she’s hot and a 100% Jimmy girl.

I wait. Thinking. Confused.

Then I see Jimmy on his way back. Ok, I’m gonna give him a set. I stop the Russian.

She stops easily and gives me a beaming smile. She hasn’t even heard my opener, she’s just in a great mood to be opened. I briefly reconsider taking the set for myself but I think I really am not into this type of girl. I mumble to stall her, asking about her English and where she’s from. Then as Jimmy approaches I say she looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend and it’s a weird coincidence, they could be twins. I call J-Bone over and he’s expecting to wing which doesn’t usually happen when I’m in a one-set. I re-run the opener, tell him in code that she’s not my target, then once they swap a few sentences I pretend my phone is ringing and get out of there.

Jimmy knows the score and spends ten minutes working till she thrusts her number onto him. Meanwhile I see an adorable Brazilian walk past and I know karma has rewarded my selflessness. If I’d messed around with the Russian I’d have been ruled out of the Brazilian. I run over and open saying her pigtails are very Japanese and cute. She’s a super-strong hook immediately. Five minutes on the street and I bounce her for coffee. Watch the video – that’s what a Krauser girl looks like and she’s massively into me [sound is out of synch though]. Jimmy plonks himself upstairs so I go up to have a word. As I come back, half an hour into the date my girl has written her contact info on a paper and tells me she’s arranged to meet a friend for dinner but wants to go out again with me. I add the facebook.

A cold day but alls well that ends well.

Facebook chat with Russian model (not my girlfriend, a different Russian model)

Me – she’s checking me out……  [the approach wasn’t very sexual, so try to hint it here]
Her – and by “she” you mean?…  [playful shit test]
Me – some Tartar girl    kinda cute but a bit quiet  [set the frame – either I’m wasting my time or I’m not. I need to find out]
Her – Tartar    lol    what makes you think i’m checking you out?  [trying to keep “audition” frame]
Me – I can’t believe you didn’t laugh at my joke about the sauce    I was really proud of that one  [Snip. Remind her of the approach]
Her – oh I’m sorry
Me – -5 points
Her – what…
Me – (my internet is bad tonight)    You said Manchester, didn’t you?    Going to visit friends [Snip. Some simple comfort]
Her – so is mine but whatever    yes i did  [totally uninvested right now]
Me – I’ve only been there once. I liked it. But everyone was wearing tracksuits    It was the age of Oasis  [she’s giving me very little so I try to shift it to something interesting]
Her – interesting  [I’m close to calling it a dead set now]
Me – really, how?  [Last chance for her to do a bit of the work herself. I’m not a pushover]
Her – why would everyone wear tracksuits  [ok, she’s not being too rude]
Me – [link to photo] a weird cultural thing

A cock-munching street homo

Her – and this is our weird cultural thing i guess  [great, she adds her own value. It’s just a shit test]
[photo of matching tracksuit bottoms, but on a gangly awkward Russian chode]
Me – a perfect match!    is that Russian?
Her – the trousers aren´t originally RUssian but so many people wear them there
Me – wow, you’ll fit in well at Manchester    People will think you are a local  [tease]
Her – i don’t!    i don’t wear those  [hit!]
Me – maybe if you put on some weight. Ate lots of kebabs and fish and chips [run with it]
Her – oh nooo    i think im fine the way i am right now..  [some emotional investment]
Me – you could get really drunk on cheap cocktails, then vomit in the street    like the Manchester girls  [in for a penny, in for a pound. This is the first stirring of emotions I’ve gotten so I’m gonna keep stirring]
Her – ew stop it  [hit!]
Me – 😛  [and release]
Her – gross!    i don’t do that lol  [she’s engaged now]
Me – so anyways, have you had a good day?  [comfort]
Her – yeah it was pretty good  [terse]
Me – any highlights?  [prod]
Her – a nice dinner at a spanish restaurant i guess
Me – tapas?    I love patatas bravas 😀
Her – yup
Me – I took my friends to Malaga a year ago and we spent all week in the tapas bars, and local bars    We’re going again in April  [I guess she’s just not gonna open up]
Her – must have been fun 🙂
Me – Great memories    Have you travelled much?    Did you say you grew up in three places?  [show her I actually listened a bit]
Her – i haven’t travelled that much… but i did live in Greece and the US for quite a long time
Me – do you speak Greek?
Her – not really    i was brought up by my own parents, not by Greek people after all    unless eating lots of olives and feta cheese counts  [she’s softening a bit, joking a little]
Me – it counts    a little bit  [reward but not too much, she doesn’t deserve it]
Her – good
Me – Do you feel like a wanderer?    After I lived in Japan for so long, I kinda lost some of my roots    It’s not a bad thing. Just different  [drive-by DHV, talk about emotional topic]
Her – nope, i was too young then    you lived in Japan?  [mild IOI]
Me – 5 years  [not gonna jump immediately into giving value, make her ask for it]
Her – that’s a lot
Me – I love Japan so much. Had a great time    I spent the first year living in a tiny fishing village on a tropical island there    Have you heard of Okinawa?  [DHV]
Her – sounds familiar
Me – hang on    …    I sometimes had picnics from this mountain     [link]

Really, I did live here

Her – that looks great
Me – So beautiful. I had my own private beach    sort of   The island had only a few thousand people    I taught in the Junior High School there for a year    My house was by the beach. In the evening I’d brew a mug of hot coffee, then walk to the sea wall    I could sit on the wall and just look out across the sea for miles, listening to the waves hit against the wall    very relaxing    I’ve loved being near rivers or the sea ever since  [paint a picture]
Her – what did you teach there?    must have been a great time  [I still haven’t figured out if she’s like this with everyone or just not much interested in me. Probably the latter, but if she keeps talking I’ll get her eventually]
Me – English    Yeah. After London, it was a big change. I didn’t want to leave. I got to know everyone there. The kids were great    I used to have morning coffee with the mayor every
Her – nice
Me – do judo with the boys
Her – so 5 years right?    that’s a long time  [she’s just prodding me into talking more. I figure there’s nothing to lose by doing so. Painter is sending me naked photos in a concurrent facebook chat so I need to be online anyway]
Me – 1 year in Okinawa, 4 years in Tokyo    I was in a private high school teaching for 2 years in Tokyo    loved it    but I also did lots of kickboxing there    lots more nightlife in Tokyo, obviously    Where’s your favourite place?  [DHV then question]
Her – Athens and [her hometown] i guess    and I really like London as well
Me – very different    what’s cool about [her hometown]?
Her – okaay I need to go to bed now. gotta get up early tomorrow    I guess it’s just my hometown and that’s it
Me – Ok, get some sleep.    You leave on [a few days time]?  [tell her to do what she is gonna do anyway]
Her – it’s rather big but not too crowded and i like the weather changes   yes
Me – are you coming back to London before you go home?
Her – just for a day
Me – hmmmm
Her – even less than that
Me – wanna squeeze a coffee in tomorrow afternoon?  [no harm trying. Make her decide if she’s just passively leeching value or actually gonna commit to something]
Her – I’m not really sure because I had some plans but I might have some time    idk when exactly though
Me – ok    well, I’m busy in the morning but fairly good for after then    [my number]    text me if you want to
Her – ok i’ll text you tomorrow once i am done with the stuff i need to do    good night!
Me – sleep well    😉
Her – tnx you too

I’d say chances of the date are 30%. Chances of Long Game are about 70%. This was hard work, building a conversation out of nothing. It’s notable mainly for what is not in there. She has dozens of beautiful portfolio photos in her albums and I studiously don’t comment on them, I don’t IOI her for anything, and I only reward when she does something to earn it. She’s used to being told she’s beautiful. I don’t care. This is the same sort of conversation I’d have with a Seven.



  1. Only seen the first set but as usual great stuff here from Nick, ploughing on despite her total lack of any personality or spark – persistance so important – also at what point when you are opening a hot young chick like this russian do you decide she is a boring idiot and it just isn’t worth ploughing? 9.9/10 men would have ejected way before walking her to the bus stop.

  2. Gonna check the video later to give some wonderful commentary like a clingy chimpbaby, but I wanted to ask you when you do this stuff. You only go out on weekenddays or do you have a massive stock of capital so you dont have to work and can go running around on weekdays?

  3. Up here in Liverpool, wearing anything other than trackie bottoms and trainers counts as “peacocking”.

  4. “You don’t have like the slanty eyes and the beard”… LOL

  5. I have never seen such determination. She was ice cold. It surprised me that you even got responses from this polar bear. Kudos Guv! Keep up the good work

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