Parasite game

January 4, 2011

What’s the hardest part the game? The biggest pain in the arse. The biggest sticking point.

Opening. It’s fairly tough to learn how to open and hook sets. Then you have to build attraction, qualify, and heat the girl’s buying temperature. I can’t really be bothered with that stuff so I figured out parasite game – you get someone else to do all that work for you and then swoop the girl when she’s ripe to be plucked. The inspiration comes from my wing who hasn’t opened a set in his life. Here’s the key stages.

a locust, yesterday

Befriend a wing
You should carefully choose a new wing according to his ability to run all the stages of pick up other than seduction (which he won’t be needing when you are swooping his girls). I’d avoid the pickup forums because they are full of clueless virgins. Instead go out into bars, or the street, and watch for guys who know what they are doing. Talk to them, flatter them, and gain their trust.

Talk him up
Go out sarging and keep pumping your wing’s state. Tell him he’s awesome, the night is awesome, the girls are awesome. Get him raring to go and then sit back and watch as he opens your sets. Lean back against the bar, light up a cigarette, and drink some beer. Eventually the wing will bring you into the set. Give him a condescending look, pat him on the shoulder, and be indifferent to the girls.

Now comes the technical parts. You have to be cooler and more fun than your wing. This means you need to state crash him and make him qualify to you – thus transfering all his value and then some to you. Here’s a few tips:

– Persuade your wing to over-DHV you. Get him to introduce you as the rock star who fucks loads of models.
– Laugh at your wing’s jokes and have loads of fun, without having to worry about carrying the set. The girls will assume you’re the leader.
– Lean back and talk quietly until your wing leans into you to hear. Keep your own back straight.
– When it’s time to merge sets, send your wing ahead to open the new set and then on cue bring the old set over so you are seen bringing the girls and hence you’ve preselected yourself with the wing’s set.

Gradually you’ll become the life of the party. Raise your energy and start holding court, reeling off DHV after DHV. Be aware of how all of the attention is now on you and your wing is frozen out. As he flounders trying to regain control of the set, just laugh and have fun. Be relaxed.

Now it’s time to extract. Leave as a big group and start the afterparty in your house. Get the wing to pour the drinks. Laugh, have fun. be the guy who just had a good time and didn’t have to work to get the girls (which is true). Now you can isolate a target and close.


  1. There’s some typos in this post

  2. You are a sneaky bastard, aren’t you?

  3. hahaha what a post – clearly some diaffection from K with jambone – remember watching that croatia video with the lovely lass in the souvenir shop and how that went with you two – easy guys theres enough to go round for the two of you…

  4. Hahaha this sounds a lot like one of my wings as well… for anonymity we will call him Jimmy J….

    ….hang on.. that’s much to obvious….

    how about

    J Jambone…. Much better.

  5. Advocating douche-baggery?

    Actively plotting to snake you “friend” is weak. It shows you place the puss above more important things – a pedastalization of sorts. I’d recommend getting a backbone instead. It will outlast any short term gains you get from becoming a sell out.

    have a browse at for answers .K

  6. thanks for posting the videos mate. Like your style. I too would like to be able to video and audio record my approaches for observation and feedback. Can you tell me what sort of camera/audio device you are using to record the approaches.

  7. Happy to miss that one. Give my regards to Boner.

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