London Daygame – One set, one kill

February 1, 2011

It’s the second day in my attempt to rouse myself for a full week of daygame. Jimmy has a touch of the squirts from a dodgy burrito yesterday so he’s a shambling shell of his former self but still managed to come out. Almost immediately his arse betrays him and he has to sit in a pub near a toilet. So we camp there.

I do a warm-up set on a girl who looks good from a distance but up close isn’t above my quality threshold. She’s fun so we chat for ten minutes then I let her go. Almost right after a proper Krauser girl goes past. I open and instant date. She’s a cute little Russian chipmunk and well into me.

The first half hour is Jimmy and I double-teaming her with the DHV overload machine until she’s well impressed. Then I signal him to give me isolation and we move to some sofa chairs in the back so I can run comfort and qualify her on her ice skating competitions. She’s well up for another date and gives me a tits-first hug that gives me a good approximation of what it’ll be like to fuck her. Good set and it’s already getting dark so I leave it at that. Here’s the video.

One thing this video proves is you don’t have to run a perfect set to get the girl. I talk too much, too fast, and often cut her off but it doesn’t matter. She’s into me, and even on a bad day my game is tighter than any other man she’s met.


  1. hey man, i’m wondering how your facebook profile looks like. A lot of pua’s dont bother with it but your long lays methods seem to be working. Do you upload a lot of party pics with hot girls or just a very solemn, empthy facebook page, what works for you?

  2. Hey Krausar, where do you put the camera? The infields are great by it would be fantasic to be able to see her face / reactions. Maybe you could gaffa tape the camera to the side of your head so we can see what your seeing, sort of Krausar view.

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