Jimmy blows my set #4

November 24, 2010

On intermediate bootcamp we teach about wing rules, particularly focused on night game. There are some basic principles such as:

    • Whoever opens the set runs the set
    • The player is always right. The wing never ever takes the women’s side.
    • The wing talks less than the player and always defers to the player.
    • The player can order the wing around

There’s lots more to it because winging well is a skills set all of its own. Daygame is a bit different because it’s basically a solo sport. In this case winging is mostly about keeping each other out of your heads and generating pre-approach value. So here is a video showing wing work in action. Bad wing work.

0:08 – My pre-frame tease while abroad. Way better than the supplicating “can you speak English?”
0:19 – I begin the all-new Krauser Direct Shop Staff Opener ™. If you use this, I want royalties.
0:34 – I’ve come in hard and fast. She’s IOIing already because my body language is confident, my vocal tone slow and even, and I’m eye-fucking the shit out of her. The words are almost incidental.
0:47 – Just normal stacking.
1:02 – Retarded shit as I move into vibing.
1:13 – Another stack because she had her nails painted in an interesting pattern.
1:25 – She’s laughing and going into a funny “in the presence of an alpha” state. Her eyes spazz out, she’s biting her lips, and laughing nervously.
1:40 – She’s kinoing me.
2:04 – A new routine when abroad – “you look like my image of….”
2:13 – See the physical involuntary IOIs such as chewing on her mouth.
2:47 – Lot’s of low vocal tone, slow pacing, eye-fucking.
3:38 – Blatant sexualisation, then a tension release. She takes it well, which is a green light. She’s not giving me any “I’m only talking to you because I have to” signals.

Anyway, you get the idea. Jimmy comes in at the end when the set is 50/50 and she’s about to give her facebook. She was ripe for a long gaming but no, Jimmy wants his scented candles and the set is blown.

Jimmy is blogging more seriously now so he’s got a post up trying to explain himself. And guess which RSG member it is who teaches wing rules? Oh, the irony…..


  1. Ive got diarrhoea?? You cunt….

    Amoging me from another country!!

    nice set tho… her tits i mean.

  2. So Jimmy is the infamous Jambone?

  3. This girl is freaking gorgeous.

    What country are we in again?


  4. They have Moleskin in Croatia. I am stunned.

  5. Gr8 video – nice work K – need to start recording some of my own approaches with my spy pen.

  6. krauser makes it look easy, and that’s how you know it takes practice to get this good.

  7. Yeah I want a camera pen!

    Good approach, Krauser. Very close.

  8. After talking to her for so long, you then tell her to hurry it up in opening the bag with the pens. That is money.

    Jimmy really fucked up your set. Is he getting jealous of all your success?

    This girl was the prettiest one I have seen on your website so far. Love her dark features.

  9. Jimmy screwed up, but you also didn’t DHV him. You two went into a downward spiral of putting each other down. You could have possibly rectified that at the very beginning. If you had set a strong frame on him, he might have followed your lead: you DHV him, he DHVs you, then he leaves.

  10. Handshake at 0:38, then at 1:08 you mention her hand is very warm, have you been holding her hand the whole time?

    Nice bait thrown at 5:18, but sounded like it didn’t register.

    And damn that girl is hot.

  11. Was that other wing guy friend fo yours, just ingnorant. And accidentally scrweing it up. Or was he just being mean?
    The girl seemed interested, very much so. So ithen it’s always a shame, as opposed to some girl that didn’t dig you anyways.

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  14. Always wondered about wing rules. Now I know. Four bullet points of golden.

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