Defining higher beta

November 21, 2010

Higher betas get laid. They are never really in control of it, don’t score outside of their class, and remain prime targets for divorce rape. But nonetheless, a good-looking smart financially stable interesting guy is still a good catch for most girls.

Girls learn, especially towards their late twenties, that they simply can’t tie down an alpha. Girls with good impulse control don’t even especially chase alphas – they’d rather have a higher beta who shows occasional flashes of alpha. That’s essentially the perfect guy. So what does he look like? Roll tape……

What makes this beta?

The definition of a higher beta is a man who does all of the beta things, but does them well. So whereas a normal beta is a bit pudgy, the higher beta is gym-ripped. Normal beta earns $50k in a cubicle, higher beta earns $150k and flies business class. Normal beta buys his clothes on the high street, higher beta wears Ted Baker and Diesel.

What makes them beta is their heart. They still look externally to society to tell them what is cool. They want to follow the trends. They want to fit in. They want society to pat them on the head and say “good boy!” There is no ladder in which the top rung of the beta ladder puts you within arms reach of the alpha ladder. It’s a class difference. A difference in type.

I’m not hating on them. I used to be a higher beta. Most of them will live reasonably happy lives, until the divorce industry chews them up. And the 50% taxes. And the cultural Marxists. Personally, I think the golden age for higher betas was 1980-2000. The world is changing. The civilisation they built, supported and benefited from is being torn down by the barbarians at the gates and the traitors within. We’ll see.


  1. what would be examples of true alphas from real life then?

    • The photographer Richard Kern is a true alpha. Roissy wrote about him.

      I would also say George Clooney, John Mayer, basically guys who do whatever they want to do.

      I wonder if you can be a true alpha and be married. I am sure you can. As long as you set the rules. Don’t ask, don’t tell, baby. That is the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

      Oh, I know who is alpha. The magician David Blaine. He was having threesomes with Josie Maran and her friends. Josie talked about it on Howard Stern.

      • A true alpha can never get married or be settled. Simply because women aren’t comfortable being with them long term due to the inability to be in control. It’s in their nature to have an element of control in order to ‘build their nests’ and an alpha male can’t ever do this.
        The trick to sustaining a long term relationship with a girl is to give them the illusion that they’re in control and to act vulnerable, whilst being in control. [I disagree. Women are always happier with the man in control, even in marriage. If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out Married Man Sex Life. I think he gets it. K.]

        Very difficult to do, but ultimately comes from experience of getting into a few relationships and understanding the dynamics. It’s a very different kettle of fish compared to pickup.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken. Incidentally, you give a three-part recipe for the higher beta who wants to keep his “reasonably happy life”:
    1) use Athol Kay’s Marriage Game ( to avoid getting to the “I love you but I’m not in love with you” stage that precedes female-initiated divorce;
    2) restructure your financial affairs internationally so that your effective tax rate comes back down to a reasonable level;
    3) understand what cultural Marxism is, avoid the 90% of newspapers, magazine articles, radios, television programs, movies, music, books and art exhibitions and blogs that belong to it, and consume exclusively from the other 10% (such as for example).

    I am a higher beta and this is exactly what I do. It’s been working for me so far. Time will tell how it pans out in the end. But the key is to learn these three points early enough.

  3. Well, guess I’m (higher) beta then.

    I like doing my own thing, fashion trends aren’t that big a deal, but ultimately I want to just roll with society, know I’m a success and have a stable relationship (though no marriage unless a: she’s a traditional girl, b: exception to this, she wants no kids, and c: prenups are strengthened in the UK)

  4. Brilliant find and analysis.

    “What makes them beta is their heart. They still look externally to society to tell them what is cool.”

    So true.

  5. “they want to fit in.” i think that’s the key.

  6. Go stand in The City or Canary Wharf at lunchtime. The tall guys with braying voices and expensive shoes, knocking people out of the way as they check their Blackberrys. Higher-Betas. Every one of them.

  7. ps. i.e. Man-Eater’s boyfriends.

  8. Spot on. This is more accurate than the harsher view taken by Roissy.

  9. You are dead right about all of this. Especially about the golden age of the higher beta. The thing about the world back then is that there were a lot more ‘good girls’ around and they competed for the best betas, not the bad boys and players (alphas), and betas competed for the hottest and best good girl they could get to marry and have a family. The good girls didn’t go for the alphas because they valued their reputation which needed to be good to land the highest beta.

    The world isn’t like that anymore. The good girls are extinct – they have all become sluts and care nothing for their reputations and they compete for the alphas. Higher betas are screwed because if they want to have a family, they have only a pool of sluts from which to choose a wife to be the mother of their kids and they also face the possibility of court rape. However, higher betas can become alphas if they get their inner game right and learn the truth about women.

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