The beta whine

November 19, 2010

One of the principles I teach on my Book of Alpha course is that society immerses you in harmful beta programming that suppresses your natural alpha instincts and encourages the little beta boy to come out in his place. It’s everywhere. The androgynous homo pretty boy movie leads (Robert Pattinson, Harry Potter, Ashton Klutcher, Zac Efron) or male singers (James Blunt, Justin Timberlake) or virtually every other placeholder in the cultural category of role model.

The age of John Wayne, Sean Connery, Jim Rockford and Conan the Barbarian has passed. We now have the age of girly men. It’s everywhere. It’s so omnipresent that like Neo in the matrix it’s difficult to even grab hold of the problem. Yet you feel the wrongness in your soul. Your core rebels.

So I teach students to banish the inner beta and that means starving him of his cultural nutrition. Throw out those copies of GQ and Esquire. Give your Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons books to your worst enemy. Set fire to the Friends DVDs your ex bought you for Christmas. Cut that shit out of your life. Just as importantly, stop listening to whiny beta music.

Pretty much every modern pop / indie / emo song is an achingly long, gutteral beta whine. Cut and paste the lyrics of any such dirge into Google Translate (“English Beta to Standard English”) and it’ll spit out:

“mmaaawwwwww!!!! I’m so saaaaaaaaaaad. I’m loneleeeeeee. Girls don’t like meeeeeeeee”

Here’s a case in point. I’ve been listening to the Mr T Experience for ten years. Always liked their quirky self-deprecation. But it now pains me to read the subcommunication in their lyrics. Ask yourself if you should be training your subconscious to become more like this.

Or like the Dwarves

I rest my case.


  1. A-fucking-men Krauser.

    The worst too me is I’ve noticed an increase in commercials for metrosexual-beta-izing products for NFL football games and UFC programming on the so-called “man channel” Spike TV. Shit like skin softener, and axe ball cleaner.

    Even the last bastions of cultural masculinity have been infected.

  2. I am feeling the exact same way. I am not sure if you had Richard Marx in England in the late 80s like we did, but he fucked up my brain really bad. What a pussy.

  3. Recently I’ve been thinking along similar lines. A popular magazine ran their Hot 100 list for “sexiest” male celebrity/personality, with the surprise winners being 19 year old twin boys who are in the pop music scene. Hardly representing rugged, iconic masculinity. If Robert Pattinson, Zac Effron, and the like are who future generations will look up to as role models, we’re in for a horrifically beta world.

  4. i’ve been meaning to write a post about this shit but i’ve been to lazy and i probably never will. How about men’s stupid beta fashion! i’m no style guru, but since i was like 12 i could feel it in my bones that the way my mother was dressing me was so i would look non threatening( not manly) to her and other women. Sometimes a leather jacket and some jeans might look cliche but its actually not! just look at what pussy-men GQ magazine wants us to look like, there’s a whole gallery her so click next.

    i repeat, even when i was 12 this felt wrong to do. Vin Diesel might be a cliche, but you’d rather hang out with him than Justin Beaber, right? “Time to Man UP”-Jim Rainor

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  6. Sorry but I don’t think i can really take music criticism seriously from a man who’s been listening to “The Mr. T Experience” for the last ten years.

  7. Amen to this. I’ve given up on tv and modern movies. If my car CD player didn’t chew CDs I wouldn’t listen to the radio either. Add to that modern newspapers and all magazines (including bullshit like FHM) and you begin to realise there is not much entertainment geared towards men.

    Luckily, you can always watch old movies back when men had some balls, or listen to music from the heyday of AC/DC, Metallica and Kiss. You can read the great novels of the past and expand your mind.

  8. I don’t mind Betas anymore. Leaves more for us Alphas.

    Notice as well in the UK how the further south you go and the more highly “educated” the male, the more likely to be Beta.

  9. You nailed it, K. After being exposed to this dichotomy…the true caste system, I’ve noticed the wailing beta embedded all around us.

    One commenter on Roissy did point out that in most pop culture, the male romantic leads are usually vessels for which the female places themselves, so that explains why romantic movie gestures are so appallingly beta, the roles have to be reversed. That perspective makes most movies and TV shows more bearable.

    Good point about Metallica, Breeze. But I find that being a metal head is something your born into. Most of my buds don’t appreciate it.

    Finally, I think the new Train song, if it’s love is very catchy and fun but the message is so beta. “I’ll let you in, I won’t ask where you’ve been…everyone’s got a past.”

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