The chode hop

February 28, 2012

A beta male believes women are the prize whereas the man must simply try his best then hope for the best. This is a qualifying frame of mind. It encourages the man to act up in showy ways to prove he’s good enough for the princess’s delectation. Watch the men around you and they are positively dripping in attempts to qualify, some obvious, some less so. For example:

      • “I studied hard at school, worked hard, and now I have a six-figure salary and minor status increments within my corporate hierarchy” I can provide for you
      • “I read men’s fashion magazines and choose expensive clothes that are in season” I can look good for you
      • “I work out at the gym and deny myself many pleasures in food and alcohol so that I can have a stacked body” I can protect you

These are not in themselves bad things, they are merely the mark of a higher beta – the man who has the same beta heart as every other male but he does the beta thing with more drive, passion and competence than the others. Head nerd. Higher betas do get laid, just not as much as they’d expect from the vast amount of sacrifice they endure. If I had a daughter, I’d encourage her to marry a higher beta.

ye olde chode hop, yesteryear

Zooming in from the life-time trajectory qualification towards the in-a-bar-at-night qualification we get the curious case that here at RSG we call the “chode hop“. It goes like this:

  • Man is standing motionless by himself or on fringes of his group, value scanning the room for girls
  • Girl somewhere gives him a scrap of attention such as a quick glance or walks near him
  • Man immediately breaks out into awkward bopping dance out of time to the music
  • Girl is no longer noticing him
  • Man immediately stops dancing and takes a slug of his beer to smooth out the awkwardness

You will see this so often in so many bars. Somestimes its just a subtle bobbing head and side-stepping feet, other times its full-on like the tool in the above video. Before long you can predict it and give a 3…2…1…. countdown. On a more abstract level the chode hop encompasses all short-form qualification displays from men that are reactive to a woman’s fleeting attention and which end as soon as the attention has gone.

It is awful qualifying behaviour. If in doubt, stay still.


  1. Are you sure it’s not just an epileptic having a mild fit?

  2. Maybe he’s rolling and doesn’t give a rats ass.

  3. Slightly off topic but enjoyed this link, GF is in denial about being gamed.Can’t wait for future posts where she gets pumped and dumped

    • Bwhahaha! As said girl, I’ll have you know I was whined and dined on two lovely dates with this gentleman before I decided I wasn’t into him. He was a perfect gentleman. Planned fun dates, made reservations, opened doors, took me to nice restaurants…To be honest, I was genuinely sad that I didn’t feel that spark as he was such a cool guy. But alas, you can’t fake it and so I had to end it.

      I am a lot of things, but naive isn’t one of them… Sad to see that you assume a dude who is confident and nice has an ulterior motive. Reading this comment almost makes me wish I had given this guy more of a chance because you have reminded me just how douchey guys can be.

      Good luck to you.

      [You are obviously not that bird, but I’ll let you get away with such blatant blogwhoring this once. Twice if you send me naked pictures. K.]

  4. Hey, that was me before I swallowed the red pill!

  5. Could you please tell me where you put your spycam? [Usually it’s my watch. Otherwise, shirt pocket. K.]

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