Daygame Nitro – Cheap Paperback Edition

February 26, 2012

I’ll admit it. I’m greedy.

When I released Daygame Nitro in May of last year it was the only daygame book worth reading. It’s still the best, but I’m a narcissist so you’d expect me to say that. My book is aimed at guys who can already do a bit of game and thus dives straight into the advanced material. Other guys cater to beginners and that’s fine. I devoted one chapter to “beginners daygame” and no more.

Perfection, yesterday

My method is designed to get girls who are younger and hotter than you are, then make them fall for you hard. That’s not an easy task. It requires real technical nous and an unshakeably strong frame. Daygame Nitro explains precisely how to acquire it. This is the most technically deep daygame material there is.

Everything is laid out in specifics. I use sample openers, sample stacks, sample conversations. I then explain the principles behind them so you can create your own on the fly. Combine this book with the dozens of free videos already on my blog and you have all you need to start knobbing hot young fillies.

That’s why for it’s first year of release I set the bar high at $70. If you’re serious about getting good, serious about putting in hundreds of approaches, then $70 is a pittance.

My loot

So for a year I’ve counted my loot and sat atop my pile of gold, cackling madly. Perhaps it’s to restore my karma, perhaps it’s a moment of madness but now I’ve cut my prices and even, in my boundless magnificence, released a cheap paperback edition. The content remains exactly the same. So, dear readers I offer you two choices:

Daygame Nitro Hardback – $50

Daygame Nitro Paperback – $20

Knock yourselves out. This won’t last forever.


  1. Ill be hitting up that paperback. Ive never even attempted true daygame cuz i work nights but that shit is amazing.

    And Krauser you do a great job of disseminating all the info required.

  2. You are doing great service to all mankind, while servicing womankind. Sounds like the ideal job description.

    Bought a copy.

  3. Sounds good.Although it doesn’t cater to newbies,the advanced guys should find it doable.

  4. K a good idea – you need to study Roosh’s business model and see how cheap he sells his books and the large volume he shifts for being such a niche market.

    I have bought the book and can attest it is a cracker…

  5. Krauser, any advice on self-publishing? About 85 pages into my first book regarding working out for “Game”…. [Not really. The main thing is to get a few people you trust to read the draft to check it’s style and theoretical cohesion. It’s easy to disappear up your own arse when you write for yourself. K.]

  6. Krauser, were you based in Eastern Europe for a while?

    If so, perhaps you can verify if that prolific anti-game troll, AlekNovy is really a major PUA instructor as he claims.

    He says he ran a Game business in Eastern Europe for many years. This is laughable, given how his writings reveal he has no grasp of Game.

    But is there any chance at all that there is partial truth to his claims about who he is, under a different name, perhaps?

    [I didn’t get “in” with the local community guys. I brought my own friends. I don’t see all the fuss about Novy, he’s just another random guy with a website. You could try asking Angelsin linked on my blogroll. He’s a well known instructor in Romania so maybe he’s heard of him. K.]

    • He trolls dozens upon dozens of blogs spamming them about how Game ‘does not work’, on the fraudulent basis that he ran a Game company for years.

      I guess people give him importance because Paul Elam tacitly seems to approve of what AlekNovy does.

      • Actually, I forgot the most important point :

        AlekNovy, a couple years ago, was aligned with Lady Raine in order to get Roissy shut down. Whether one likes Roissy or not, anyone who does that is not a fan of Men’s Rights.

        That Paul Elam seems to approve of AlekNovy raises questions about Paul Elam. So it is not that AlekNovy is important (he is not), but that Paul Elam defends him despite his alliance with Lady Raine. [I don’t know Paul Elam, but I remember the LR thing with Roissy. Anyone who denounces to the authorities people they disagree with are precisely the people who would have you murdered by the secret police in Soviet Russia, 1936 Spain, WWII Germany etc. Utter scum. K.]

  7. The book was and still is great, I reference to it when required and have had it since you let it loose. Thanks from me and the girls. I’ve started my own blog now, it’s still baby steps though

  8. Well, I would hope that I would be banging chicks hotter than me since I’m a dude… [You’d be surprised how many men, including Game guys, are pulling women below their physical class. K.]

  9. You’ve made a poor uni student happy. Cheers for the early graduation present.

  10. And you can use the code “RETAILMENOT25” when you go through the checkout for 25% off those prices as well. Which is nice.

  11. Do you have a digital version? The country I’m in is on Venus, and deliveries here can take a long time and be expensive. [Sorry, not got round to it. I might put one up on Kindle some time. K.]

  12. Put my money where my mouth is and bought a paperback copy. Looks good everywhere except the back cover, which is really low resolution – can’t read the author bio bullshit. Fix that and it’s pretty much a professional job.

  13. whats up krauser, i’ve been taking some time off from game in order to focus on my photography, so i haven’t been following the blogs as much. but from all the proof on your website and from reading your book, it’s easy to see why you are one of the best PUAs out there. your book was excellent, i really think you have been pretty innovative in moving game forward with your combination of direct and indirect methods.

    i just moved to spain recently, got a job with a spanish company, so i will be hitting the streets of europe, going after the krauser girls — 16 to 22, skinny and fresh.

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  15. Just ordered Daygame Mastery and am re-reading it now. I ran into a Thomas Crown post where he said he wished he had read Daygame Nitro first. Any chance you will put up the paperback $20 version again…?

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