Nick Krauser Coaching Review

October 9, 2021

Now that I’m able to squeeze some in-field coaching in around the usual Covid restriction bullshit, I thought perhaps you might like to see how it’s been going. I asked my most recent client, Der Kaiser, for some feedback I could use on the blog. He was kind enough to oblige. Here’s his full, un-edited reply:

“My set! I’m telling you, this one’s a demo.”

I recently had one day (8 hours) of coaching with Nick in Kiev. I have been doing daygame consistently for ~1.5yrs and have not had a coaching before. I have read some of the standard books like Daygame Mastery and Infinite (both by Nick) and watched some videos on Youtube. The rest was learning by doing.

I have met Nick before via a mutual friend. You could tell right away that he understands daygame on another level as other guys I have spoken to before. Since I have never had coaching before, I thought it would be good to have someone look over what I am doing and spot some flaws / points for improvement.

I have had some results before already and do not have any form of AA. Therefore, I wanted the coaching to be primarily focused on technique. The coaching was build around my stop, body language and posture in set, verbals and tonality as well as general aspects of daygame.

At the start of the session I did a 5-6 demo sets in which Nick listened in and took notes. Afterwards we went over his notes and started working on the flaws. I also had some specific questions which I told Nick before and which we also went over (he spotted those points during my demo sets anyway). Following the feedback, we started going over my stop. He gave me some good tips here and demonstrated the nuances to me in person, which was actually really helpful in understanding the points he made. He also showed me a couple more stops and gave me tips on what to do after getting an IOI, which was quite different from what I used to do but makes much more sense thinking about it.

Nick also gave me some tricks on how to better play with words and be more “childish enthusiastic” and alternate intensity during the set. He also did some sets himself demonstrating the points he taught me before. Besides working on the stuff from the feedback, he gave me background on more about general aspects of daygame like different types of girls, how to “properly wing”, tips for on dates and so on.

Nick has a lot of attention to detail what I found very useful. I did really enjoy the coaching with Nick and can definitely say that it will help me with my approaches going forward.

If coaching is the sort of thing you’re looking for and you don’t want to waste your money on numpty fake coaches, have a look at my coaching page here, Alternatively, you might want to jump in with the best instructional material around, in which case my Daygame Overkill video programme is just the ticket


  1. It was nice seeing you in action 😁😁

  2. IOIs? I was thinking that this is more thing of Steve Jabba. Mr. Krauser, could you please in few word sum up Your tips on what to do after getting an IOI? By the way I am long time fan of Your sharp mind and tongue. So if Your answer will be along the lines of not giving tips for free to anonymous strangers, I will be fine with it.

  3. Hey Nick, any updates on that BPC-157 you were trying out? [It was great. Thoroughly recommended. It dampens inflammation immediately and also speeds repair of soft tissue damage. K.]

  4. Glad to see you blog again! I worried your “Digital Minimalism” post also meant blogging minimalism.

    It seems you stopped working in your old professional field, and now you do daygame coaching instead. Is this enough to pay the bills, or do you have additional income or frugal secrets? I’m not prying into details, but just want broad clarification for people who might emulate you by leaving their careers.

  5. Kind of random but there’s a PUA supervillain in the comic Wonder-Woman: Earth One volume 2 from 2018 – you can probably find it for free on torrents somewhere. It’s written by Grant Morrison who is a big fish in comics writing. In the dialogue the villain mentions “losers, cucks and gamma dudes” and the reference to gammas made me wonder if the author had been reading you or Bodi in his research. Other than that reference though, the routines the character uses are more like basic old-school american Mystery Method. There’s an interview with the author here

  6. great to see that players are still rocking it outthere

  7. Not many people have game-like Craig Ferguson has

    • He doesn’t have game.

      What you fail to see is that it’s a talk show where he’s the star and the show is renown for him flirting with the guests where all the women are supposed to take the role of being seduced. They giggle at everything.

      The way to see if he has game is to put him in a room where nobody knows him, where he’s no different to the next guy, and see what happens.

      • what do you mean by not having a game/having a game?

        So do you think that if at a bar where nobody knows him he wouldn’t be able to seduce anybody because he doesn’t have “game”?

        Is it serious? or can you explain a little bit further?

  8. Or just check out how to get girls, like the Ukrainian James Bond does it:

    By the way, he is hiring, are you interested, Krause?

  9. but… if you want a particular female…. then what do you do?

    well, gather data points.. how to do it?

    this is how:

  10. I did a residential with Nick some years ago and was a pretty memorable & inspirational experience – just f’in absolutely radical after winging with some pretty incompetent but studied daygamers in my city (yeah I was too, I admit). Hard to overstate the focus and intensity of it compared to what you may do with your wings.

    Regarding IOI’s: we were walking through a mall once and he like caught a glance from some cute shop girl through a distant f’in window and went inside and talked to her and then commenced his routine of notes, candies and flowers immediately and was eventually rewarded with his fervently sought peck on the cheek (ok that same night but he’d probably have to consult his diary or book to remember what I’m talking about. I know this is a family oriented site so all figuratively speaking, heh). I met my now wife on that same residential – that is not figuratively speaking though [Thanks mate. i remember it well. I banged that bird a couple days later and blogged it here. K.]

  11. It is awesome that people had success with your method K and I am sure that it works to a certain point.

    I received Daygame Mastery a month ago and just tested it out this week… Basically what I originally thought when I read the book got to be true in action.

    What’s the point of the strong teasing?

    “You look nice, you have this glowing black hair with xy and long legs like a giraffe..”. Or the chipmunk stuff…
    This is bullshit.
    Didn’t work at all, in fact, you’ll lose the set.

    By the way, I was familiar to a certain point with this stuff, because I am working in sales, and most of the pua stuff are copied from old sales books, even most of the words are the same that’s expressing situations.
    This daygame thing is very close to door to door salesmanship. Unfortunately, door to door is highly ineffective today when it comes to time investment. The internet is killing it, but the closing ratio is still relatively high, so I guess it is working… Just not many people can handle the ton of rejection that comes with it naturally. I guess it is similar to daygaming.

    By the way, if you want to tease females this is the correct way, and this is the maximum that I recommend:
    “You must be wealthy” after a huge compliment. I think most PUA masters wouldn’t be able to compete with this guy

    • Hlo frendo KM
      Your comment is really of. What the daygame community doesn’t like are people like you, crying around and making other circumstances /people responsible for their unsuccessful life, particularly unsuccessful daygame journey. Me personally, I feel great disgust for your behavior and attitude. But I want to give you an understanding on how you can change and sort out your inner game. Make as fast as possible list in order of priority about your awkward attitudes and commence changing yesterday. I help you in writing the first lines of this priority-list:
      1. It is awkward to make other people responsible for my unsuccessful life and areas I put my nose in (for example daygame). I (KM) will change that, and in the future, I only make myself responsible for the things which don’t work out, as I wish, in my life.
      2. If I am unsuccessful in something, I change the way I approach it and try again, until I am successful.
      3. If I cannot solve a problem by my own, I consider asking others for help, which are masters in their area (e.g., NK in DG). I am willing to accept their advice and will implement immediately.
      4. I will deeply reflect about my negative attitudes and change them accordingly.
      5. I will stop affecting society and communities with my negative vibe and inner game, and I will try my best to fix these inner game issues.
      6. ….
      Now, it’s on you.

  12. Hey Krauser, I have a question for you.

    I’ve heard you mention K select game in the last year or two, how things are becoming more K selected.

    My question is, does r select game still work?

    Reason I ask is because I have a very r select sexuality. To be honest I just want to have sex 3-4 times a week, I don’t care if the girl is a 4/10 or a 7/10.

    I am 5’8 with a 5 or 6 out of ten face. Probably a 5.5/10 rating overall.

    Does this type of aggressive r select game work anymore, or should I change my strategy- ie max out my looks hard, and accept that I won’t be able to have that much sex because my looks smv simply isn’t high enough?

    • 3-4 times a week and each time with a new girl or with a girlfriend?

      Your best chance would be a stable girlfriend.

      Is it with a girlfriend or each time with a new one? If the 2nd, then it is not realistic at all. The best of the best pua coaches might can do that for a week or two in night game with big luck and if they are going out 7 days a week. But don’t forget that most coaches outthere are full of shit, most of them are lyers of course there are some legit ones too… I know personally a couple of legit ones who can do this… but they were very good looking and full time pua coaches who made a living out of pickup this is why they did pull that much. Otherwise if you have a full time job it is a waste of time.

      They opened every girl that they saw, and they pulled girls below their SMV also oftentimes. One of the biggest achievers outthere who stopped coaching told me that his numbers are not achievement at all.

      If you plan to use night game shit on the street, that is a pretty stupid idea I think. You might even get into trouble.

      • No no, not necessarily with a new girl.

        But I want to have multiple girls generally so that if one leaves, I can still have sex 3-4 times a week.

        Really underlying it I have emotional issues, a terrible fear of intimacy that has stopped me approaching.

        I just read Bodipuas 2 books (excellent reads) and I have the same origin story has him..same parental dynamics growing up, became the same pussy-repellant gamma that he was pre game.

        I’m 33 in Jan and I’m scared of never healing these demons.

        Add to that the ultra competitiveness of the dating market in Australia/the west and it’s not ideal..

  13. I wouldn’t wander around on streets again thats for sure.

    I would work instead and get $$$, from that build a good instagram profile then send 50 DMs a day to 50 chicks a day…

    If the profile turns out to be really good, then chicks are going to send you messages…

    or Tinder…

  14. Hi Krauser, any comments/confirmation on the unfortunate news I’m hearing about Tom Torero? [It’s true. Now that it’s been announced by his family, I will publish my post about it later today, probably. K.]

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