The BBC attack on Dating Coaches

June 1, 2020

Who here still watches Fake News? Who even still has a television with an aerial connected to it [1]? For some people, particularly very desperate PUA coaches, being “on TV” is a major life goal and they’ll absolutely humiliate themselves for a chance to pitch their wares on the commie-box. I’m not one of them [2]

So, imagine my surprise when one of their ropers producers sent this innocent little email asking me to appear on their show [3]. Here’s how that went.

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Eddie from Street Attraction got a similar email and showed them a similar decided lack of interest in being featured by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. Most of you know what followed. The programme turned out to be a hit-piece (like literally every other show they’ve ever done on pick-up) in which they sent a closeted soyboy undercover on a Street Attraction bootcamp to record some footage they could twist into an attack on PUAs.

I’d be surprised if any of this is news to my readers. In fact, i seem to remember some epic faggotry within the daygame community as soyboy daygamers ran around in circles screaming “Noooooooooooo! Daygame is finished now! We’re all doomed!” A few particularly cowardly faggots immediately bent down and grabbed their ankles took down their YouTube channels.

The whole BBC thing soon blew over, having mostly failed in it’s objectives. The programme did not go viral and it got so epicly down-voted on the BBC website that they had to sneakily re-upload it twice to remove the accumulated down-votes and negative comments [4]. So far as I can establish, the total battle damage suffered by the daygame community was as follows:

  1. The Glaswegian-based daygamer Addy was sent to prison on trumped-up public order charges.
  2. Street Attraction’s channel was deleted.
  3. Other channels had certain videos deleted (YouTube took down my two Kiev SDL infields)
  4. And to show it wasn’t all bad news, I’m sure we were all pleased to see Australian scammer Bradicus had his entire hookers-pretending-to-be-notches channel deleted [5]

I consider Street Attraction’s deletion to be the only real loss there [6] as they had probably the best daygame channel that has ever existed. Other than that…. meh. However, just because the BBC mostly failed in their attack doesn’t mean we should just let them off the hook. We shouldn’t let them erase the attack from history, or control the narrative over what they did. So, when I got an email yesterday morning from a small YouTube channel creator who had produced a whopping FOUR HOUR documentary on the BBC programme, asking me to publicise their work, I thought I might just do that.

Here’s the first episode:

What do I think?

It’s alright. I’ve watched two hours of it now and mostly agree with the points raised. The format is that Red Pill Rights will show a segment of the BBC programme and then compile the reactions / analysis from a half dozen daygame-friendly YouTubers on that segment, then move onto the next. Generally, I found the featured YouTubers rather more tolerant and compassionate than your ‘umble Krauser here tends to be. Thus they make some points that never would of crossed my mind [7].

Is there anything I think is missing from the documentary? Yes. There is an extra layer that could have been added to it, perhaps in a fifth part, that places the BBC attack into the wider theoretical context. Watching the RPR documentary, it’s easy to get the feeling that the BBC are simply a bunch of cunts who have an axe to grind with pick-up artists and dating coaches.


This is, of course, entirely true. The BBC are 100% cunts. But this attack was actually something very specific and far more widespread than just one show. It was an SJW attack, and thus exactly followed the stages of the SJW attack pattern as laid out in Vox Day’s excellent book SJWs Always Lie. So, what is the pattern? Well, sir, I’m glad you asked.

  1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative.
  2. Point and Shriek.
  3. Isolate and Swarm.
  4. Reject and Transform.
  5. Press for Surrender.
  6. Appeal to Amenable Authority.
  7. Show Trial.
  8. Victory Parade.

The BBC attack didn’t work out as they planned, because the daygame community didn’t play ball, but most of the attack pattern was completed. Let’s map it over to events as best as I know them:

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative – This is the “discovery” that there are underground dating coaches who are on the streets chatting up women, and worse, teaching other men to do so! Some women have been mildly inconvenienced. Even more shocking, some of them quite like the men and decided to fuck them. This is a breach of the SJW narrative because Leftists do not allow men to have any agency nor any legitimate sexual rights.

2. Point and Shriek – The purpose of the BBC show is to draw attention to these dastardly daygamers. “Look at this! Look at it! Witches!”


“It’s a Yad Stop!”

3. Isolate and Swarm – The BBC show focused on the two targets they could best attack. Addy was a soft target due to his forthright views and habit of saying quotably unpleasant one-liners, and Street Attraction because they were running boot camps and thus footage of them could be filmed. The soyboy producer, Miles Buttplug or something, did the rounds on daytime TV shows to drum up support for the pile-on.

4. Reject and Transform[can’t remember this stage exactly. Don’t have Vox’s book at hand] I think this is where the target attempts to explain they weren’t actually being racist, sexist, transphobic, capitalist or whatever. This stage never happened because the daygame community told them to get fucked. SJWs need you to apologise- which they’ll reject as insufficient- as an admission of guilt, which they will then use against you.

5. Press for Surrender – The SJWs then demand the target surrender, such as resigning from their job, changing the government policy, or in this case closing up their business / YouTube channel. Again, except for the ignoble examples of Tom Torero, Anthony Hustle and a couple of others, everyone in daygame told them to get fucked.

6. Appeal to Amenable Authority – This is the one point of success the BBC had. They had amenable people in place at the Scottish prosecution services and at YouTube in order to punish Addy and Street Attraction. Note that without these people- who may have literally been just one person in each case- nothing at all would have happened precisely because the daygame community refused to play ball.

7. Show Trial – This was the screening of the documentary plus a planned follow-up that never came to be because of the failure of the original hit-piece to gain traction.

8. Victory Parade – This too was severely down-scaled, limited to a couple of self-congratulatory articles in the usual fake newspapers.

So, though the BBC attack was a by-the-book SJW attack, it wasn’t anywhere near as effective as they intended. That’s small consolation to Addy and Street Attraction [8] but it does show that these SJWs are waning in their influence.

One more particular point of analysis I disagree with on the Red Pill Rights documentary is the segment were Miles Bumbandit is on the bootcamp and pushed to approach. He then resists, saying the girl looks underage. The daygamers features analyse this mostly according to avoidance weasels, i.e. Miles was bottling it, and in scrambling for a way to avoid approaching his brain settled on the rationalisation that she was too young. I think differently. I believe Miles very specifically had a narrative goal that daygamers creep on underage girls (one of his accusations against Addy) and he was determined to get some footage to back up that point by hook or crook. So, when it was his turn to open he claimed the girl looked underage. You can tell nobody else present agreed with him. No comments such as, “yeah, maybe” or “okay, let’s find you a different set.” Note also that we have only Miles’ word that she looked underage, because there’s no video footage at all. To me, this was a set-up. Miles had the premeditated agenda of trying to trap Eddie or Richard on camera saying words to the effect of, “who cares if she’s underage, you should still try to fuck her.”

To me, this was the most shocking part of the BBC programme. It was a blatant set-up of fake news and it failed only because (1) Miles isn’t a very effective SJW, and (2) Eddie and Richard don’t actually endorse banging underage girls.

If you’d like to support the daygame community and fight Leftism, there’s really no better way than by buying all of my products. Every fucking one of them. Starting with Daygame Overkill. For every sale of that fantastic video instructional, I will donate ONE pint of cold lager to Eddie next time I go drinking with him.

[1] Not since 2009 for me. I’m that edgy.
[2] When they offered to fund production of a seminar product back in 2015, I bit the hook. What happened afterwards convinced me to never bite again.
[3] The whole team were involved in a bad faith hatchet job, so I have no moral qualms in revealing a private email from them.
[4] How very unlike the BBC to be dishonest manipulative propaganda.
[5] Presumably The Natural Lifestyles survived the cull because no-one at YouTube could find any “game” going on in their infields.
[6] I don’t know Addy or what was really behind the police going after him. There’s definitely a lot more to it than simply a BBC documentary highlighting him for talking to girls, but I don’t know what it is. Perhaps if I did know, I’d agree with those who call it an injustice.
[7] Such as trying to help people.
[8] Fuck Bradicus, the scamming ginger cunt.


  1. Do not defend that much Street attraction. I know that they are your friend, but your posts are much better if they are objective. Yes, their youtube channel was decent. But what they did with their paid daygame material was unforgivable. The material is just worse then what deepak wayne doing on the toilette after a big breakfast….

    Well, I call this a scam what they did with paying customers.. I don’t know how much they charged, maybe 2-300 USD for their video product? That was one of the worst material what I am ever consumed. [I am overwhelmed by the eloquence of this argument. Give it up, Eddie, mate. It’s over! Lebor has spoken. K.]

    • also I forget to mention..
      Honestly, Eddie looks like the man the king of daygame? Does he really looks like a true ladies man with his big belly? What a joke… He is a money whore.

    • Never speak of Deepak on the toilet again or you will regret this, I can promise you this Dee

      • Krauser:
        Yes you can defend your mates trying to make me a parody. (it was a very weak one)
        It does not make a diference that they scammed people for their money, they sold basically false information. In this way they aren’t better than any of those shenanigans. It does not make a difference that they’re wasted peoples time and money.

        (Your black book course is very shitty too. But it is at least not a scam) Despite you aren’t going to real details, you’re just jumping topic everywhere. And that grumpy women is the joke on top of that product. She is at most 10/4. Do you post that fuckclose to twitter like: +1 10/8 very hot latina or something shit? 😀

        Anyway, your books at least daygame mastery and infinite is absolutely great… Worth every dollar… but Black book.. its a 10 dollars product [What a goon. K.]

  2. I see Tom Torero and street Attraction but I dont know Anthony Hustle. Is this him? I this he’s best, he says lots of nice things to girls

  3. Very true that they’d only ever pick on PUA’s with genuine game, because they can see what they’re doing is actually beating womens mating strategy. Hence they have no problem with The natural lifestyles and Deepak Wayne (well him because he’s a minority) But if you get contacted from the BBC its because they can genuinely see you have game, not just a form of purple pill game that is mainly just sucking up to the feminine narrative. So take it as a compliment.

  4. Bradicus makes me sick. The absolute clip of the ginger cunt in his manky, stained t-shirts with fat/skinny Phillipino skets.

    On the subject of the BBC I’ve just watched in the last 30 seconds the man-hating whore Victoria Derbyshire interview some reporter based in Minnesota who said: quote “antifa are not on the streets, but white supremacists are”. This is the BBC for you.

  5. It always surprises me that people think the lamestream media is some kind of all powerful force out there that is oppressing them.

    These are in reality a bunch of clueless intellectual nobodies that would be wandering around on the street without their corporate and government jobs.

    When you keep attacking someone, eventually you are going to provoke a response. The people who ran the Spanish Republican Government or the French First Republic might have looked smart initially, however a lot of them ended up getting killed or being forced out of their countries (this is not an incitement to violence, just stating what has happened in history when you try to start fights with people you are bound to lose against). These incompetent “elites” in history are pretty much identical to the fake news media, modern day universities and modern identity politics.

    The right and value-adding elements of society will always defeat the left once it decides to organise itself. A low testosterone soyboy might look tough by squealing at Mike Tyson at the pub, although really it is a fight that is not in anyone’s interest starting. I don’t like the fact that a lot of the west may be headed to civil war, although if these elements of society keep trying to attack their enemies and argue in favour of silencing them, sending them to gaol etc. then sadly it is the direction we seem to be heading in, Why they keep trying to attack people they don’t agree with is something I don’t understand other than the fact they are not very educated or smart people.

  6. There are a lot of guys similar to bradicus and the natural lifestyles out there and I will just leave it at that for now 😉

  7. British Brainwashing Company

  8. 2 weeks ago I commented about starting my journey out of Gamma.

    Making good progress physically (exercise basically every morning, and good diet), but I am only realizing now how feminized/female my mind has been.

    The gamma mind craves drama. Craves stimulus. Craves a reaction and approval. Can’t do anything unless everyone notices as gives the gamma their dopamine hit.

    The Stoic/masculine mind is simple. Just wants to mind its own business and get things done.

    Instead of going to provocative internet forums/reddit/Twitter in the morning with my coffee, I’m trying to read inspirational/stoicism quotes.

    Sorry, a bit irrelevant to your post Krauser, but it’s probably the same reaction-obsessed mind that drives so many people today. [Doesn’t bother me at all. Keep pressing ahead and don’t worry about mistakes here and there. K.]

    • Thanks a lot mate.
      Yes will keep pressing.

      Amazing how deep the soyified mind goes. Literally everything in mainstream society points you in that direction.

      Finding exactly WHAT to fill and occupy my mind with will be the tough (but hopefully exciting) part.

      • Hello Elvis – this sounds really interesting… Have you considered doing a blog on your journey to move from Gamma (to, I assume, Sigma)? I think a lot of guys would be interested in it, me included.

  9. If the news media wanted to do an honest critique of PUA and dating coaches, they would question their expertise and legitimacy. There is no authoritative body to oversee who is fake and who is real. Just because you learned how to bed attractive women doesn’t mean you are capable of teaching it. The reality is if you have experience and done thousands of sets you know that a lot of game is not transferable from individual to individual. Something as small as having a distinct accent will vastly change how women perceive you in an approach. You could be the hot exotic foreigner or the person everyone avoids because you are not a local.

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