Guest Post: The “Second Life” Of Forum Goons

February 16, 2020

I haven’t been playing PUA Police for a long time but I haven’t lost the natural contempt a legit player feels for the posturing of fake players [1]. I learned to seduce women the hard way, got good at it, and proved myself with evidence (photo, video, in-person) for many years. I have many friends who have done the same [2]. When you do any activity for real, you learn the lay of the land. You learn what is possible for certain people, certain environments, and certain strategies. It becomes easy to spot fakes, easy to notice the lack of verisimilitude in the boasting of these fakers.

It’s a pretty good reason to avoid forums.

I do avoid forums [3] so I’m not best placed to opine on exactly what’s going on nowadays, other than that nothing has changed and they are all shit. When you step in a dog turd you don’t rush a sample to the DNA laboratory to find out precisely which breed laid the turd, do you? However, one of my well-travelled hangers on friends likes a bit of forum squalor and has also ‘collected’ a whole bunch of forum Big Guns over the years, amusing himself in comparing the online persona to the real life underachievement. It is to this man that I now hand over the reins…..

Forum persona vs reality

Meeting a forum Big Gun in real life

It was late 2019. Out of nowhere- and to the shock of the PUA community- RooshV dramatically U-turned, denounced game as immoral and cleaned up his RooshV Forum. After having failed to successfully seduce women from all over the world, he decided he had never really wanted to anyway. He banned a ton of members.

Shock! Horror!

Where would theses posters (and lurkers) go without their illustrious leader providing them with a platform to spout their nonsense? Like the ronin of Edo-era Japan [4], these internet big guns were left to wander cyberspace with uncertain futures. Some moved to Swoop The World. Numerous Slack and Telegram groups were hastily created. Some of those ‘legendary’ players simply didn’t bother looking elsewhere, fading into insignificance.

When the RVF was at its peak, there had always been some members simply too chodey, too full-of-shit and too delusional even for Roosh’s tolerance. Once banned they found solace at the Naughty Nomad forum, a home devoid of rules, boundaries, morals and more importantly truth. Like The Trench from Aquaman, these bottom-feeding creatures had found their home at the darkest depths of the ocean, and life flourished.

Naughty Nomad had been making a nice earner through book sales, kicking back a commission for all the business sent his way from RVF. With the demise of said forum, affiliate sales dried up for the Naughty one and his forum activity began to wane. Yet as its death rattle shook the bottom rung of the internet, it gave birth to something yet more sinister and with a wider reach: the Naughty Nomad Facebook group. However, there are terms applicable should you wish to join this exclusive club [5]. Once membership is confirmed you’re privy to a completely new world of delusion. Madness such as this gem of logic:

NN9 - Turk Goon

I don’t think he’s ever met an actual Turk

This is a world where women descend upon you the moment you step off the airplane, requiring a hearty seducer to pre-load a Client Relationship Management system in order to managed the swarms of flange throwing themselves at him.

NN 1 - CRM

Ever-helpful, the NNG swings into action with advices.

NN 2 - CRM replies

Anyone want to bet if the third column has even a single entry?

A world where Russian Super Models use Tinder to arrange assignations in Prague hostel rooms.

NN7 - Tinder Super Models

A world where low-T Millhouse look-a-likes get laid every night they go out in Frankfurt bars.

NN5 - Millhouse 1

Every. Single. Night.

A world where Ukranian waitresses compete amongst themselves for who can date you.

NN6 - Gods Gift 1

Scratch the surface a little. Click on these guys’ profile it gets worse [6] Short brown people, overweight low-T chodes stood next to Manilla 5’s on their pictures, blah blah. Well readers, call me sceptical, call me a miserable old bastard, for I am both. Despite all these apex pussy slaying alpha shagging predators on the Naughty Nomad forum, it seems lacking in actual evidence. For all these misfits and cast offs fucking HB9s all over the world, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures of said fucked HB9s anywhere on the forum.

It’s almost as if it’s not true….

Thanks pal. Back to Nick now.

There is a video game called Second Life and it plays like an online The Sims. You create a character and enter a virtual world of socialising where everyone is slim, attractive, and lives in a nice pad. It’s an escapist paradise where the pain of your real-world failure can be anaesthetised. Particularly delusional men can fashion an entire “shadow career” of achievement within, relating to others as we desperately wishes he was, rather than how he really is. It is a world composed of interactions between false holographic projections. A mockery of genuine connection.

It turns my stomach, readers.

[1] – Technically I’m a retired player, but let’s not quibble details.
[2] – They don’t always make the evidence public, but within the “inner circle” we see it and know who is 4reelz.
[3] – I checked MalePrivilege twice last month, which probably spiked traffic to all-time highs.
[4] – But with considerably lower free testosterone.
[5] – You need a facebook account.
[6] – I’ve hidden their profile pictures for this article but believe me, these men are not what women dream of meeting.


  1. Done daygame on and off over the past 3-4 years in london and bumped into a few guys who are known in the scene (bloggers etc) and always found they’re never like they portray themselves in their blogs. Lots of bullshitters out there for real.

  2. Its a delusional facebook group. A lot of posts are simply of guys doing P4P and doing mental gymnastics to conclude that they are doing genuine game. The majority of posts are about south east asia for a reason.

    I actually met a few members of the group in person.Some were good looking guys smashing unbelievable low quality, others were delusional ‘players’ that were doing heavy provider game in 3rd world countries.

    There is a few of unsufferable ebook authors that post a lot, those types that tell you that everyone else in the PUA business is scamming you except them, they claim not to be Commercial PUAs at all, they are just self-actualized men. Both are the enbodiment of a Gamma Male.

  3. I´ve been following your blog for years and you are without a doubt the autority for getting these fake scammers that only use marketing in their content, fake infileds, get hookers…we need krauser.

    Will be fantastic you write a post about what are the bullet points you find important in a pua coach also you can join some red flags to be aware when seeing his infield, programs, coachings….

    Keep Going, Lisbon Portugal

  4. You have read more of my Facebook group than I have. I’m quite hands-off.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  5. The most delusional of all is the american gamma male that claimed to have a harem in Kiev (you look at his pictures and you quickly conclude he is full of shit)

    He left this piece a while ago, next to a pic of some south east asian tranny:

    This is my trans friend Ree. If you’re in SE Asia, here’s why you should make friends with a HQ Ladyboy.

    Firstly, avoid prostitutes. Trans hookers are mentally damaged. I met Ree at the IT Park in Cebu after she finished her normal job.

    Second, make sure she’s very pretty and looks like a normal girl. I couldn’t tell with Ree I was just doing some cold approach.

    Now the benefit: If she’s pretty, she’s a popular trans girl, and will then introduce you to all her non trans female friends, who will be top of the line quality and beautiful women, who will all want to bang you for being an open minded guy who’s friends with a trans person.

    #2 Benefit: A trans woman who’s “cool” will both look and have the demeanor of a very pretty girl, yet the attitude of a guy friend, and will eventually become another “bro.” It’s kind of surreal.

    A trans woman might be the perfect girlfriend if science advanced to where they can go in some DNA changing chamber and truly become a woman with a normal vagina. She’d be a woman with all the past experience of being a man, with male sensibilities, sexual open-mindedness, etc–but high appreciation of being feminine and pretty.

    Unfortunately, till science reaches that level, I could never have sex with such a girl. Even if some of them are very pretty and indistinguishable from a non trans…

  6. It’s funny to see a delusional guy calling out on other delusional guys to bring traffic and sell more books.

    I know this comment won’t be approved.

    I actually met krauser in real life for a short 10 minutes and saw a depressed guy sitting in a corner, would be surprised if he even got an average result lol

  7. Do you mind having a look at ultimatemanproject on YT. What do you think of their game? [I’ll let someone else shoulder that burden. K.]

  8. Its sad that krauser still aint realised that it’s not his job to designate “rightness” and call out “wrongness” and that he only alienates people by insisting that everyone who does not act like him and do pickup like him is “doing it wrong”.

    Ah well, some people have blindspots. [I’m quite happy to alienate ankle-biting pricks like you who think it’s their job to tell me what I can or can’t say. K.]

  9. How come in the period between meeting Russian supermodels on tinder and syncing a date they always get 3 points uglier and 15kg heavier? [you’re just a cynic, mate. K/]

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