Daygame: Resistance Tickets

January 9, 2020

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In the London of 2020 you need drones to find sets

Join the Daygame Resistance. There is no fate but what you make!

This Sunday, experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle for the fate of daygame in the war against the globohomo soyboy cucks. Daygame: Resistance is an in-person live event deep in heart of enemy territory, in the occupied city of London. Every day, plucky daygamers brave a war-torn landscape scattered with the corpses of chodes, nightgamers, and Tinder burn-outs. The latest threat to take the field are the T-Fag “undercover journalists” who sneak into Resistance encampments in a relentless attempt to wreak havoc. The soyboys are destined to lose, but at what cost?

Rally to the daygame banner, men! General Nick “eggs” Krauser and Field Marshall Eddie “sexist” Hitchens are inspecting the troops and will deliver a resounding pep talk.

– Level up your skills and explore a post-apocalyptic world for scraps of quality skirt!
– Interact with a motley group of street survivors and change their fates!
– Bring your burning questions for a lengthy Q&A session.

The Resistance begins at 1pm on Sunday 12th January. Gentlemen, we WILL win this war!

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  1. Will be there Nick. I promise I shan’t be weird.

    My goodness could you touch on the loneliness of the player lifestyle! So rich but so empty 😦

  2. I might be there but make no such promises about my weirdness [There’s disabled access. K.]

  3. Divorce seems to be rife in this Daygame 😂

    Some of today’s revelations I refuse to be so sanguine about. Extant photos of you know who being good. Lets hope he resiles from this evil.

    Lovely day out. Shame I had to be somewhere at 5.

  4. Hi, I would have loved to come, but Ii didn’t make it. do you have a video of the seminar? can I buy it? thanks for all the work you make for us [Eddie recorded the event. If the footage is good, I’ll post it on YouTube. K.]

  5. Had a sick time, lots of invaluable information and good to see the London community is alive and well. Was a pleasure meeting you and the other lads, cheers for hosting Nick! [You’re welcome. K.]

  6. Was there any mention in the Q&A of Krauser removing his youtube videos and then selling them on his website for $99 like Torero? [Lol. No, I haven’t done that. K.]

  7. Without sounding like a pompous arrogant prick Nick, would it be worth reverting my value in order to stop scaring away the girls? I go for the hottest girls in town but they either inexplicably fall off the texting or I have to work really really hard to get a quality notch due to the competition! To be honest, I try and be as high value as possible for my own personal sake. The girls are the little extras I promise!

    Just finished reading your “Younger, Hotter, Tighter” memoir and cannot believe you number closed 4 girls in London mid-summer and all the numbers held. I have come to the conclusion that to make pickup work a normal girl (sluts aside) has to feel like she has a strong chance of keeping you but interest needs to be high on her part too. It’s not easy. I look at other guys getting laid extremely consistently in London or have unbelievable stats and the truth is that they aren’t very skilled it’s just that they aren’t intimidating the girls. It’s smooth sailing from there. Bar the poor logistics, London is extremely competitive and I’m lazy! I always stumble upon a YES girl but find it only really works if she has really strong self esteem to make up for her lack of perceived beauty. Think Doctor and the like. Or is older with life experience and the dread of running out of time. Not helpful when they are young and unestablished.

    I know it’s a thing because on the rare occasion I’m on the continent the quality is very high in my books. Ah well I suspect this is akin to having poor wi-fi; First World Problems.

    • “I go for the hottest girls in town but they either inexplicably fall off the texting or I have to work really really hard to get a quality notch due to the competition”

      Well yeah… You have to work to get the hot girls. You have to ask yourself sometimes, is the juice really worth the squeeze?

      If you want an “easy” (fast) hot girl you have to –

      1. Pick a girl with a boyfriend or doesn’t see you as “the boyfriend” and make it clear you’re not trying to be the boyfriend or will create problems afterwards (neediness)

      2. Be perceived at such high value she can not afford to wait and lose out. Rare to fall into this category in the west now as too many options for girls.
      (In a country that is poorer than your own) – (At the table with club promoters) – (High social media following) – (Indicators of money or hanging out with guys with money)

      3. Daygame god shines down on you – Right place, right time, right vibe. (most common)

  8. OK but before we get onto that one, touch on the female intimidation point because you haven’t got an answer have you.

  9. pinkpantherpua

    Are you mad?

    Pickup makes men who are prone to being mental more mental and at an accelerated rate by the looks of things.

    So much contradiction in that post.
    Let me spell it out for you as clearly as I can.

    No one that you know in the pua scene gets laid consistently with HOT girls in London.

    • Honestly no malice intended but fuck me guys in this sphere are so confused and delusional.

    • “No one that you know in the pua scene gets laid consistently with HOT girls in London.”

      I do. Hehe.

      • I’m sure Nick wouldn’t mind, so lets explore this a little bit.

        Let’s be honest most guys getting laid are mostly getting laid off of their height/looks. Which explains why they need not work on the other areas of their lives to become well rounded men. So when you have a guy who is reasonably tall, average looking, well dressed, somewhat well read, exceptional verbal skills and the most devilishly attractive of all, a great vibe. That is extremely intimidating to most girls. Remember, good looking guys are largely being judged on 1 parameter. Well developed choosers are not.

        I’m not bragging here just laying out the scenery.

        The analogy I like to use is think of a graduate job that simply requires a degree. One guy might have a degree only whilst another may have industry certifications, licenses, technical ability on top of an already existing degree. If the employers cannot afford to meet the latters salary expectations they get left behind. Same with girls. They need to feel they can match your salary expectations before they can get involved.

  10. @pinkpantherpua
    No you’re delusional.
    Stop this type of thinking and deal with reality.

    Girls are intimidated by some guys but that’s rare and they almost always fuck them.

    The next stage is a girl being on the fence. Game helps here.

    Where you’re at is girls not being interested. Convincing yourself that the reason they’re not coming out for dates is because they feel too intimidated by an average looking guy with an average job and an average lifestyle/social circle is frankly fucking nuts.

    • Agree about height and looks though.
      James Tusk doesn’t have anywhere near the ‘pua brain’ of say a krauser or torero but you can bet he fucks way hotter girls. Looks, height (to a degree) and physique matter alot for quick sex.

  11. Oh they’re interested. Very very interested. Don’t know too many London PUA’s who walk away from an 8 in her prime due to impatience but that’s just of little value ostentatious noise.

    I don’t know how your more clued up with reality sitting in your arm chair than me.

    If girls always fuck intimidating men the female population would be on there backs throughout their fertile years. Too much male thinking.

    Don’t look at guys like Tusk, Jabba etc and conclude that’s how things ought to be. They live in a different universe.

    Your full of this misinformation.

    And you completely missed my point. I’m talking about on the street strictly. Girls who text, come out are perfectly fine.

    In any case, I think I’ll be alright. Thanks for your concern.

    Let’s agree to disagree.

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