London Event Is This Weekend

January 7, 2020


UPDATE: Tickets available here

Right then, the event is confirmed. Eddie (of Street Attraction) and myself will be doing a seminar on Sunday 12th January in Central London [1]. The venue is booked from 1pm. Tickets should go on sale tomorrow and will probably be £15 [2]. I’ll update this post as soon as the order website is live. We’ll be holding it in a pub function room near Oxford Street. More details to follow.

1. And possibly a third speaker. Not yet decided.
2. £25 for undercover journalists.


  1. sell recording?

  2. Any discount for the disabled?

  3. Just got another idea for the seminar

    How about talking about the difficulty of sustaining long term relationships after one has become an advanced daygamer and banged a lot of birds.

    Yesterday Roy Walker blogged about how he has been looking for a girlfriend/wife for the past year but has failed to find one.

    Is there something very difficult with going back to a LTR mindset after being r-selected for years?

    You don’t necessarily need to have the solution to this problem, you could just talk about your experiences with this.

    We know very little about your quest to find a gf/wife (haven’t read your memoirs, I don’t think it’s in there though)

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