My obsessive year of reading

January 3, 2020

Here’s a list of every book I read in 2019, in chronological order. I read each one cover-to-cover without skimming. I’ve italicised the ones I enjoyed the most. I’m afraid there’s way too may of them for me to consider reviewing them all.

It’s been quite a focused year, obsessively so. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect to read 207 books in a single year (or, 4 per week). I guess I answered the question of “what if?” Fun though it was, reading in such quantities is an outrageous time sink so I’m dialling it right back this year. I doubt I’ll exceed fifty.

1. Dennis Wheatley – Contraband
2. Bernard Cornwell – Sharpe’s Devil
3. Michael Avallone – The Case of the Violent Virgin
4. John Creasey – The Mark of the Crescent
5. Donald Hamilton – The Devastators
6. Warren Murphy – Mafia Fix
7. Josh Kaufman – How to Fight a Hydra
8. Stefan Molyneneux – Essential Philosophy
9. Alexandre Dumas – The Companions of Jehu
10. Oreste Pinto – More Exploits of Spy Catcher
12. Warren Murphy – Dr Quake
13. Michael Avallone – The Crazy Mixed Up Corpse
14. Donald Hamilton – The Betrayers
15. Ellery Queen – The Player on the Other Side
16. Harry Harrison – The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge
17. Mickey Spillane – The Delta Factor
18. Alexandre Dumas – Joseph Balsamo vol. 1
19. Edgar Wallace – The Ringer
20. Luke Short – Hands Off!
21. Francis Wellman – The Art of Cross Examination
22. Warren Murphy – Death Therapy
23. Peter Cheney – Another Little Drink
24. Michael Avallone – The Voodoo Murders
25. Donald Hamilton – The Menacers
26. Dennis Wheatley – The White Witch of the South Seas
27. Alexandre Dumas – Joseph Balsamo vol. 2
28. John Creasey – Thunder In Europe
29. Michael W Simmons – The Rothschilds
30. Ross Lockridge Jr – Raintree County
31. Don Pendleton – Nightmare Army
32. Michael Avallone – Meanwhile At The Morgue
33. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Careless Cupid
34. Erle Stanley Gardner – Cut Thin To Win
35. Hilary Ford – Sarnia
36. Donald Hamilton – The Interlopers
37. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life IV
38. Peter Singer – Hegel
39. Time Life – Winds of Revolution
40. John Creasey – Inspector West Cries Wolf
41. A.J. Ayer – Hume
42. D. Manners Sutton – Black God
43. Dennis Wheatley – The Ka of Gifford Hillary
44. Harry Kurnitz – Fast Company
45. William Haggard – A Cool Day For Killing
46. Ross MacDonald – The Galton Case
47. Warren Murphy – Union Bust
48. Alexandre Dumas – The Queen’s Necklace
49. Michael Avallone – The Living Bomb
50. Ichiro Kishimi – The Courage To Be Disliked
51. Edgar Wallace – The People Of The River
52. Michael Avallone – There Is Something About A Dame
53. Seabury Quinn – Night Creatures
54. Martin Butler – The Corporeal Fantasy
55. Warren Murphy – Summit Chase
56. Wilbur Smith – A Falcon Flies
57. Michael Avallone – The Bedroom Bolero
58. Dennis Wheatley – The Island Where Time Stands Still
59. Alexandre Dumas – Ange Pitou vol.1
60. Michael Avallone – Lust Is No Lady
61. Bryan Westra – The Essential Eriksonian Hypnosis Primer
62. Warren Murphy – Murder’s Shield
63. Bryan Westra – The Persuader’s Black Book
64. Michael Avallone – The Fat Death
65. Donald Hamilton – The Poisoners
66. Earle Stanley Gardner – The Case Of The Sulky Girl
67. John Buchan – Greenmantle
68. Ian Tuhovsky – The Art Of Reading People
69. Michael Avallone – The February Doll Murders
70. Alexandre Dumas – Ange Pitou vol.2
71. Michael Avallone – Assassins Don’t Die In Bed
72. Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master & Margarita
73. Boris Akunin – Special Assignments
74. Rogue Hypnotist – The Force of Suggestion
75. Boris Akunin – The State Counsellor
76. Michael Avallone – The Horrible Man
77. Anthony Jacquin – Reality Is Plastic
78. Boris Akunin – The Coronation
79. Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Shadow of the Wind
80. Rogue Hypnotist – Changing Perceptions
81. Isaac Asimov – Foundation
82. Donald Hamilton – The Intriguers
83. Ross Leckie – Hannibal
84. Stephen King – The Gunslinger
85. Arturo Perez Reverte – The Man in the Yellow Doublet
86. Isaac Asimov – Foundation and Empire
87. Michael Avallone – The Flower Covered Corpse
88. Michel Houellebecq – Whatever
89. John Creasey – The Terror Trap
90. Boris Akunin – She Lover Of Death
91. Alexandre Dumas – The Comtesse de Charny
92. Michael Avallone – The Doomsday Bag
93. Sprech History – SS Panzer SS Voices
94. George MacDonald Fraser – Flashman
95. Michael Avallone – Death Dives Deep
96. John Buchan – Mr Standfast
97. Michael Avallone – Little Miss Murder
98. Bruce Bryans – What Women Want When They Test Men
99. Bruce Bryans – What Women Want in a Man
100. Michael Avallone – Shoot It Again Sam
101. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Lazy Love
102. Jack D. Hunter – The Blue Max
103. B. M. Bower – The Eagle’s Wing
104. Wilbur Smith – The Angels Weep
105. E. M. Remarque – All Quiet On The Western Front
106. Edward Dutton – How To Judge People By What They Look Like
107. Michael Avallone – London Bloody London
108. Boris Akunin – He Lover Of Death
109. Isaac Asimov – Second Foundation
110. Loretta G. Breuning – Habits of a Happy Brain
111. George RR Martin – A Game Of Thrones
112. Epictetus – The Manual
113. Warren Murphy – Terror Squad
114. Stephen King – The Drawing of the Three
115. P.G. Wodehouse – The Inimitable Jeeves
116. Agatha Christie – Dead Man’s Folly
117. Michael Avallone – The Girl In The Cockpit
118. John Buchan – The Three Hostages
119. Kevin Horsley – The Happy Mind
120. Stephen King – The Wasteland
121. Sean Williams – English Grammar 100 Tragically Common Mistakes
122. John Buchan – The Island of Sheep
123. Donald Hamilton – The Intimidators
124. Peter Hollins – Mental Models
125. Sir Richard Burton – The Arabian Nights
126. Michael Avallone – Kill Her, You’ll Like It
127. Frank Lauria – Baron Orgaz
128. Boris Akunin – The Diamond Chariot
129. Osho – Be Realistic, Plan For A Miracle
130. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Dangerous Dowager
131. Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities
132. Michael Avallone – Killer On The Keys
133. Bernard Cornwell – Fools and Mortals
134. Edgar Rice Burroughs – Tarzan of the Apes
135. Michael Avallone – The Hot Body
136. Alexandre Dumas – The Knight of Maison Rouge
137. Michael Crichton – Odds On
138. Time Life – The Pulse Of Enterprise
139. Georgette Heyer – Powder and Patch
140. Dennis Wheatley – Curtain of Fear
141. Richard Tuck – Hobbes
142. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life V
143. Agatha Christie – Endless Night
144. Time Life – The Colonial Overlords
145. Georgette Heyer – The Corinthian
146. Peter Hamilton – Talcott Parsons
147. Dennis Wheatley – The Golden Spaniard
148. Time Life – The World In Arms
149. Peter Singer – Marx
150. Mystery – The Mystery Method
151. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life VI
152. John Dunn – Locke
153. Time Life – Shadow Of The Dictators
154. A.C. Grayling – Wittgenstein
155. Michael Avallone – The X Rated Corpse
156. Susan Cain – Quiet
157. Dennis Wheatley – Sixty Days To Live
158. Oliver Bullough – Moneyland
159. Donald Hamilton – The Terminators
160. Georgette Heyer – The Reluctant Widow
161. Will Durant – The Story Of Philosophy
162. Warren Murphy – Kill Or Cure
163. Walter Mischel – The Marshmallow Test
164. Leo Kessler – Forced March
165. Dennis Wheatley – Unholy Crusade
166. Georgette Heyer – Regency Buck
167. Cindy Meston – Why Women Have Sex
168. F. Scott Fitzgerald – This Side Of Paradise
169. John Buchan – The Power House
170. Boris Akunin – All The World’s A Stage
171. John Buchan – John Macnab
172. Tim Marshall – Shadowplay
173. Dennis Wheatley – The Quest Of Julian Day
174. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case Of The Counterfeit Eye
175. Michael Avallone – The Big Stiffs
176. Anton Chekhov – The Story Of A Nobody
177. Alexander Dumas – The Corsican Brothers
178. Fyodor Dostoevsky – The Gambler
179. Warren Murphy – Slave Safari
180. Mikhail Bulgakov – A Dog’s Heart
181. John Buchan – The Dancing Floor
182. Michael Avallone – The Walking Wounded
183. John Buchan – The Gap In The Curtain
184. John Creasey – Holiday For Inspector West
185. Drew Eric Whitman – Cashvertising
186. Robert S Smith – Q Anon
187. Q Veritas – Q Anon
188. Randy Tantlinger – Harry Greb
189. Mark Dice – The Illuminati Facts & Fiction
190. Frederick Forsythe – No Comebacks
191. John Creasey – Carriers of Death
192. Daniel J Beddowes – The EU, The Truth About The Fourth Reich
193. Edgar Wallace – Silinski Master Criminal
194. Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Angel’s Game
195. Edgar Wallace – The Devil Man
196. Donald Winch – Malthus
197. George Holmes – Dante
198. Alexandre Dumas – Horror At Fontenay
199. Henry Gifford – Tolstoy
200. Don Pendleton – Mountain Rampage
201. Neon Revolt – Revolution Q
202. Robert Wokler – Rousseau
203. Dennis Wheatley – Dangerous Inheritance
204. Patrick Gardiner – Kierkegaard
205. John Creasey – The Toff Among The Millions
206. Time Life – The Nuclear Age
207. Don Pendleton – Fire Zone


  1. You certainly don’t do anything by halves! [Obsession is the key to progress. K.]

  2. Hi Nick, I just found out about you a few weeks ago and started reading your stuff online+videos etc.

    One thing that I find interesting and disturbing is that most of the London daygamers I think you included seem to have most of your lays from foreigh chicks ( not british ). I live outside London and I am eastern european, so not many foregners here and need to focus on english chicks but they absolutely ignore me and are not interested. I am short but somewhat muscular dressed well with avg face. How do i get english chicks, do you have any articles of yours you can link to or some info?

    I know this comment has nothing to do with the article but I can’t find any info on your site.


    • Krauser didn’t daygame British girls. In his home town of Newcastle he didn’t do any sets. There is weak and beta mentality that says brit girls are rough compared to foreign girls but this is a poor generalisation. There are some very attractive British girls but their attitudes are generally piss poor. Gaming British girls via daygame is very hard. I do daygame in Newcastle and all my Lays have pretty much come from foreign girls.

      • Yeah, so basically you agree with me. I know there are some quite attractive british girls but so hard to game when outside their social circle. Feels like different type of game is needed to be successful with them ( outside social circle ). I have looked on other forums and stuff but seems everyone has trouble gaming british girls. How come no one has come up with a solution yet, why are they so difficult? What is it about their mindset and behaviour that makes them different from american/european/asian chicks?
        Any advice?

      • A generation of bad diet, feminism, breakdown in traditional gender role models (welfare state in uk now functions as a proxy Father). Women have been taught that the adoption of male traits (competitiveness, career etc) are desirable. Online dating and social media have broken the “reality frame” for huge numbers of women. Eg drunk, single mothers with shit tattoos in council houses are pedestslised. The list goes on.

      • broodingsea: any plans to do daygame abroad then on a more regular/ semi perm basis ?

      • Monthly for me. Where work allows. One trip a month. I’m having 3 in January to Poland. Next is the 16th then 30th

      • Where are you hiding all these foreign girls? Started approaching in Newcastle a few weeks ago and nothing but English 6s. Pinning my hopes on the students coming back, lol.

  3. I’ve just ordered balding clippers, younger, hotter, tighter/the fountainhead and a speciality steak collection 😁.


  4. Krauser would you consider doing a book package where you sell a whole lot of your books for perhaps a small discount. E.g your entire memoir collection?

    Thanks [Email me including country of shipping. K.]

  5. which non fiction book you read had the most value to you?

  6. Very impressive, I’ve never heard of someone reading that many books in one calendar year. Any chance that you write some fiction works yourself? It would be an interesting read.

    I also recall in a post years ago that you spent time learning about the international finance/economic system. Did you release a reading list on that topic?

    If not where would be a good place to start?


    • I read some of the Flashman novels and Mcdonald Fraser’s writing style reminds me of Krauser’s [Thanks for the compliment. I read two Flashman novels recently and thought the same thing. Who do I sue? K.]

  7. That list is the equivalent of bragging about eating at McDonalds every day for a year.

  8. Damn, and I thought me reading 5 novels in the last 4 weeks was a good effort.

    I have a similar desire to read a lot, and want to be a fiction writer.

    How many hours a day do you spend reading? [I don’t read fast, I simply devote lots of time to it. Eight hours a day isn’t unusual. If you want to write fiction, I strongly suggest the Masterclass video series, especially Dan Brown and Aaron Sorkin. K.]

  9. Nick: that’s an impressive list. You’ve italicized the ones you enjoyed the most, but are there any you wouldn’t recommend?

  10. Impressive list.You may like some Ward Kendall books.

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