London Event Soon

January 1, 2020

It’s something of an annual tradition for me do a London talk around the year end, going back to 2014’s Daygame Overkill seminar. Since 2015, I’ve been doing them with Eddie and his gang. So, we were talking once more over Christmas about doing an event in January.

I’m going to be in London on the weekend of the 11th January, so Eddie is having a look around to find a venue for the Saturday or the Sunday. It’ll probably be a low-key affair this time around [1] and, frankly, I haven’t even decided what my talk will be about.

Any ideas?

Probably I’ll do a much longer Q&A. There are a few things on my mind I might be able to fashion a lecture around. We’ll see. Anyway, this event isn’t confirmed until Eddie gets back to me with a venue. When that happens I’ll write in more detail.

For now, this is just a heads up that if you’re likely to be in London that weekend, there’ll be something to do.

[1] Perhaps some BBC journalists will show up, who knows.


  1. Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the end game of how to go about finding a wife suitable for raising a family with. Do you think daygame is a good method for that, do you go more K selected, red flags to look out for (some of which you mention about your first wife in Balls Deep) etc.

    I think this is something a lot of guys (including myself) ultimately get interested in, and from what I can see there isn’t a great deal of quality material focused on this.

    • I second that. Would be good to hear about your wife hunting plans, which countries will you be looking in? what changes (if any) to your daygame/dating model will you make ? how big an age gap will you try and go for ? will you import the wife back to UK ? [I don’t like to talk about things I haven’t already succeeded in. I wouldn’t have a good basis of credibility. K.]

    • Lol I have the exact polar opposite problem.

  2. Does anyone here know if Street Attraction are still coaching ?

    I’m interested in skype coaching specifically in the near future with them.

  3. Hi Nick,

    I had some ideas for your speech this month.

    You could talk about common sticking points for daygamers and how to overcome them. For example:
    -Beginner might be grappling with approach anxiety
    -Intermediate might be getting lots of numbers and dates, but most dates don’t go anywhere (my current problem)
    -Periods where nothing you do seems to be working
    -Common mindsets that creep out girls on the street

    Another idea is that you could talk about the past, present, and future of daygame. Starting with Mystery Method applied to the streets, into the golden age around 2012-ish, and then the decline(?) into the present, and who knows what will happen in the future.

    Another idea is inner game. You could make your whole speech about inner game.

    Just some ideas, I’m sure whatever you choose will be awesome as always.


    • Is it really in decline or the best daygamers, those who built everything from the ground, are in decline due to age, burnout, tiredness, focusing on other purposes, etc?

      (Dates without outcome really suck, I feel you :D)

      • Hmm yeah I guess it’s more that the pioneers are in decline. Tom Torero disappeared, Nick moving on, etc.. still a bunch of dedicated day gamers in my city.

        Also, i feel like Nick has already covered 95% of the common sticking points in his book, so it would be kind of pointless

  4. How about any insight into filtering HARD out the extreme K-selects AKA master players? I just got back from a 5th date with one and I can’t help but feel sad that she milked me for everything of value knowing that she doesn’t have sex outside of a serious relationship. She flies out tomorrow.

  5. I mean sure she was the hottest girl in a 500 mile radius of London.

    Are humble-braggers welcome to this talk?

    • 1 mile*

    • Blue, you fucking Ukrainian lead-swinger πŸ˜‚ where are ya? I can’t believe she’s contemplating a long-distance relationship with me as if we’re looks/age matched! She’s two points hotter and 9 years younger than me! but ultimately says she isn’t naive to believe a LDR will work. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be worthy enough to have that. You know you’r an ugly fucker when bars tell her they are open and you that they are shut. Just standing besides her would have easily netted me a dozen easy lays. Although she didn’t give up the sex I feel like I won.

      Alas! Game works!

  6. Life after “young man” Game phase / Game later in life?

  7. Hi master Krauzer!

    I want to tell that I am absolutely terrible at game. I tryed my best for a whole year but I am still clueless, I don”t know what to say.. I tryed some lines from london daygamers, like you’re tall like a giraffen chipmunk etc…. It went terrible and the girls give me a weird look, and they did not laugh. I mean weird weird look, not the playfully accusator look.

    and there are big wholes in my knowledge also, often I am searching words… Got some dates, but went to nowhere.

    I am looking for a completely beginner style material.. Do you have a plan that you are going to make one?

    I would like to buy a product which is suitable for beginner loosers… I am describe myself as a complete looser when it comes to communication and talking with girls…

    I am 27 years old and still a virgin. Once I tryed to go to a hooker for her apartment, but I failed to loose my virginity… I paid her and then she put a very tight condo into my penis, then I am almost immediately ejaculated, and then she don’t let me to fuck her, because she said that customers can cum only once, so I am finished…. I also hate hookers, it was a terrible feeling…
    I have hundreds of failured stories and sessions… This is how looser I am. πŸ™‚

    huh, I am feeling a lot better that I am shared my problems, I have not told it to anyone in my life.

  8. Hey Nick, good to see there’s still at least one notable daygamer still in the ring, after recent events.

    I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the effects of doing daygame that manifest into personality changes that are often at odds with corporate drone culture, i.e. basically once you get seriously into daygame it’s my own personal experience that it changes you and you are no longer content to be a corporate drone and seek alternate ways of livelihood. IIRC Bodi had some posts of his former career as a chemical engineer and how it ceased to be relevant to him anymore after years of effort sunk into it.

    In a nutshell; does the transformation that daygame brings render you incapable for tolerating the life of an average cubicle worker (perhaps with the possible exception of a job in sales) and make you aspire to do some else, ideally one that can fit well with daygame & travelling? And what advice would you give to us who have just come to this realization?

    Would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas on the above topic. [This is covered in extreme detail in my memoirs. K.]

    • Noted, thanks. I haven’t even fully finished Daygame Mastery yet but I’ll pick it up as I’m interested in this topic. Is there a particular one or two memoirs that covers your thoughts on this or is it sprinkled through all of them?

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