Serotonin not Dopamine

November 12, 2019

We’re not interested in this anymore, remember!

UPDATE – In other news, I received a DMCA takedown notice today from Florida-based attorneys for a picture I used when commenting on Justin Wayne being exposed hiring actresses (yet again!). WordPress told him/them to get fucked (I paraphrase) because it’s protected speech. Is anyone else getting Justin Wayne-related heat from Florida (where he spends much of his time)? Is he trying to cleanse the internet of his woeful reputation, or is this action nothing to do with him but coincidence?

There are few things in life as fun as not shagging women. Okay, I exaggerate. Yet, I’m remarkably balanced and tranquil nowadays and I’ve been getting into the business of Mindbuilding in addition to Bodybuilding. Without skirt turning my head every five minutes I’m rather focused on productive pursuits.

I was chatting to my personal trainer yesterday. He commented that my discipline and work-rate are exceptional. I never skip a session, never complain, and I always give 100%. “There’s no way I could put so much into the session if I had an office job,” I tell him. “We only have two hours genuine focus per day. On back or legs days, I have to go straight home and have a nap. Usually I’m too tired to even watch YouTube.”

“We’ve got even less than two hours focus, mate,” he said.

I tell him about my mate Clappsy, a determined London daygamer with a penchant for diseased women. He goes to BJJ class before his full-time job, training at purple belt level. I can’t imagine anything more ardous before starting work than having purple belts squashing and grinding me at 7am. “He’ll give the best of himself in BJJ and have little left over for the office,” said my trainer. And after work, he goes out and daygames! Madness!

Progress = Intensity + Consistency

My gym is going great precisely because I cleared the decks for it. It’s the number one priority in my day. It’s the one thing that, in a pinch, will not be sacrificed. By making it the unequivocal number one, I can pour all my focus into it. Whatever focus is left over can go into the reading, writing, or *shock* daygame. That said, let me elaborate a little on my mantra of Seratonin not Dopamine.

I wrote earlier about escape loops. Briefly, cortisol builds up when something in your life isn’t going in the right direction and you need the impetus to change. Modern society allows us to overwhelm the cortisol badfeelz by way of unlimited options to access the goodfeelz of dopamine. The problem isn’t solved but the symptoms are drowned out by video games, porn, consumer spending, shagging, or whatever else we choose for pleasure. This sets up an unresolved tension in day-to-day life. We bail out the water flooding the kitchen without ever thinking to simply turn off the taps.

When faced with decisions, I want to choose the happiness over pleasure. When in the grocery store I want to choose the low-fat cottage cheese over the bag of cookies. When in the bar, I was to choose coke zero over beer. When in the gym, I want to choose the last two painful reps over putting the bar down when there’s still gas in the tank.

These are moments of weakness. Moments when the siren song of dopamine calls out to you. “Take the easy road, Nick. You only live once! You could get hit by a bus tomorrow.” Thus I have my little mantra: Seratonin Not Dopamine. Choose happiness over pleasure. Choose calm over ego.

It’s been working out well for me so far. My no-fap streak is at eight weeks and gets easier daily. I’m still averaging a book every two days and resisting the lure of video games and Netflix [1]. I’m applying the same discipline to building my mind through reading, contemplation, and chemical management [2] as I do with the bodybuilding.

Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing (says George Orwell). I take the long-term view towards mindbuilding as I do bodybuilding. Aristotle has it that we become virtuous through practising virtue. We are what we consistently do. So, by consistently working on my body and mind I how the slow and invariably disappointing progress accumulates until the improvement is eventually marked. It’s certainly what happened when I was learning daygame: trust the process, do everything right, and eventually the rewards come.

As usual, fuck all that lifestyle design mindwank. Shagging birds is what counts so buy Daygame Overkill and Daygame Mastery. Or, alternatively, you could pay The Natural Lifestyles or Robbie Kramer thousands of dollars to feed their Ukrainian hooker habits while they bullshit you about lifestyle design and “game” [3]


Pretty much the opposite of a healthy, balanced, happy life. But good TV.

[1] I did watch an episode of Mad Men last night. Pretty good.
[2] I don’t mean taking drugs or any nootropic bullshit. I just mean structuring my life and cognitive structures to precipitate serotonin and oxytocin over dopamine.
[3] Or even better, you could pay into one of con-trepreneur Andrew Tate’s pyramid schemes to keep him in rented Lambos and his regular coffee-and-cigars in the lobbies of five star hotels he can’t afford a room in.


  1. Have you read Deep work Nick? Do you not feel that you need some type of reward for your hard work e.g small amount of video games after a hard day working? isn’t that how habits improve by rewarding and laying back now and again?

    • Maybe some rewards are better than others? Like eating a healthy smoothie and reading a good book after a long day of work instead of playing Fortnite and eating Doritos. Less dopamine for sure but still very rewarding.

  2. Happiness and pleasure are the same thing. Nietzsche has explained this thoroughly, and I rephrased his explanations to make them easier to understand. [And for that service to philosophy, allow me to thank you on behalf of both of your blog readers. K.]

    433. It is time we understood that to seek happiness is a symptom of SICKNESS. The healthy individual does NOT seek happiness, he — quite literally — seeks pain, suffering and sadness. For what is happiness? It is a certain mixture of chemicals in the brain. To “strive for happiness”, therefore, means quite literally to strive for a certain balance of chemicals in your brain, an endeavor in which the greatest connoisseurs and ultimate authorities are the drug addicts. The man who says “I only want to be happy” is saying — for those who understand Subhuman — “I only want a certain mixture of chemicals in my brain”, and the only reason he attempts to achieve this goal INDIRECTLY, by striving for the attainment of objects and goals which can help produce it (such as material possessions or social relationships), is because he is too stupid to figure out the direct way and get himself a drug dealer.

    434. What is disgusting and repulsive about the masses of poor sick wretches who “seek happiness”, then, is precisely this: that everything they say and do in their pathetic little lives is aimed at producing the tiniest of effects: nothing more than a change in the balance of molecules inside their energy-starved little brains; whereas the great and dazzling individuals who created and raised our species and culture out of this planet’s primordial ooze were always aiming at producing effects OUTSIDE of them, by SHAPING their entire environment and us with it. (And note that this is the tombstone of “Eastern philosophies” and of any kind of thinking whatsoever which STOPS at inner, spiritual effects, instead of STARTING OUT from them, and expanding from there, as our kind of thinking and our philosophy aims at and champions.)

    441. The quest for “happiness” is a disguised DEATH drive, like pinning the needle in your car’s fuel indicator to “full”, just because it makes you feel better; because it makes you “happy”. But what would the result be? You’d run out of gas! Or tricking your stomach to feel continuously full, so that you’d never experience the disagreeable emotion of hunger. But what would the result be? You’d end up starving to death! And similarly, all those people in the future who will stick a wire in their brains to make themselves “happy”, will end up dropping out of history and not achieving or really experiencing anything.
    tl;dr: For the healthy man the only thing that matters is his goal. And happiness can never be that goal. The goal has to be external to you — some piece of work or other, some feat, some achievement — not internal. Fuck the Indian gurus and the Zen morons. Indian gurus and Zen morons do not make space shuttles and genetic engineering programs, and that’s why they are extinct. Don’t become one of them — if you can. If you can’t, on the other hand, nothing you do or say will matter in the long run, and that’s the whole point I am trying to make here.

    452. Children have no conception of “happiness”, because they are always happy (at least the healthy ones, which is to say the overwhelming majority of them). Even when they cry, children are happy. They are not crying because they are “unhappy”, but because THEY WANT A SPECIFIC THING. (If you asked them if they are happy or unhappy they wouldn’t even know what you mean.) They wield their “unhappiness” as a weapon to get what they REALLY want. Some thing, some trip, some piece of foolishness and adventure or other. Then they grow up, fail at everything, and THEN they start trying to be “happy”, i.e. to trick their brain into giving them the chemical stimulation that it has evolved to naturally give for the achievement of good and great things.

    601. Why do declining individuals view problem-solving as a mechanism for happiness increase, instead of the happiness mechanism as a means for increased problem-solving? Precisely because they are declining, and therefore view everything assbackwards and upside-down. Remember: either you are expanding, or contracting. In the first case, your entire psychology will be geared towards shaping your environment, hence you will see the problems as the end, and your psychological state as the means; while in the second case it will be YOUR ENVIRONMENT that will be shaping YOU, thus making you view THE PROBLEMS as the means and your PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE (“happiness”) as the end. This entire process is so unambiguous and so blatantly transparent that medical professionals should no longer hesitate to diagnose whoever claims to strive for “happiness” as “sick”.

  3. I’d offer this: You don’t want working out to be temporary so prepare yourself for the time when you can’t have it be the number one priority or your super-fit days will shine like e meteor for a limited time in your life and fizzle out quickly: Doesn’t have to happen.

    I’d posit from experience that this statement:

    “He’ll give the best of himself in BJJ and have little left over for the office,” said my trainer

    is incorrect for most people. In fact I’d say that working out before work becomes part and parcel to your ability to give more at your profession. It certainly makes it easier (both physically and mentally) to sit at a desk all day as I think most would agree with, especially if your physical activity is done before work (I know, I know – I didn’t think I was one of those people either as I’d look out of my former bachelor pad window onto those early risers on the lake running trail when I got up but have a couple kids and you may find your way to that optimal workout window and then to your amazement, you’ll look forward to that window) .

    • p.s. Note that I did not say that HIIT intervals, squats, deadlifts etc. on weekends were gonna make it easier or feel better to chase a 2yo around after you’re done.

  4. “Mankind does not strive for happiness; only the Englishman does.” -Nietzsche

    I could quote more but really that says it all. N has called you and your ilk out from beyond the grave.

  5. Enjoy these updates, the benefits of focusing exclusively on one specific goal far outweigh the drawbacks in my own experience,
    The continued popularity of Andrew Tate and his pygmy American twin, Dan Bilzerian mystifies me. Perhaps its the inbred cynicism that comes with being English.
    But even a cursory glance at the girls festooning their social media betrays ‘paid to be here’ smiles and 1000 cock stares.
    I remember reading an article about how Harry Houdini spent the latter part of his life debunking the fake mystics and seers who had taken in his mother.
    You have certainly done your part exposing all the fake daygame charlatans.
    While my general view is ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’ and deserve to be so
    As I have gotten older and perhaps softer I feel a certain empathy with the lifelong betas these predators feed on.

  6. I’m surprised you’re so motivated after basically abstaining from sex.

    As much as I’ve come to understand that Freud was mostly an anti-WASP cult leader, I feel sure that most of our motivation is ultimately sexual in origin.

    Maybe in Freudian terms it is something like sublimation that happens with monks and other celibates who chase very specialised goals.

  7. If you think Tate is running pyramid schemes, do you also think his results with women are fake or exaggerated? I hadn’t heard of the guy until Rollo Tomassi did a friendly interview with him recently:

    On the topic of losing girls not being a big deal, Tate claims he loses a girl every week. My thought then was – if he’s losing a girl every week, then how is he getting a replacement every week? If he isn’t doing that, he’d eventually be at zero girls. His sales pitches also seem exaggerated at best – “FOOLPROOF system for retaining women,” etc. – so I wouldn’t be surprised if his media presence is also an exaggeration at best.

    • I picked that up too.
      He mentioned girls (cam whores) being really loyal, worshipping him etc and then he goes on to say he’s losing a chick a week.
      Something does add up??? [Why would any of you even try to unravel this goon’s bullshit? If you step in dogshit do you DNA test it to find out exactly what breed of dog laid the turd? Tate is not a world champion kickboxer, is not loaded, does not own Lambos, and he shoots half his videos from shitty little Airbnb apartments. Everything about him is a false front. His women (it’s always the same two) are like his kickboxing opponents: semi pro. Just because Rollo swallowed his bullshit doesn’t mean you have to. FFS, he’s just a lonely no-game weirdo running his mouth to all the other no-game weirdos and fake gurus so as to pump up his shitty pyramid schemes. K.]

      • Thanks K. Yeah, I stepped on something brown and squishy. Rollo told me it was hummus, but it smelled like dog shit to me, so I came here for a respected second opinion. No need to determine the breed!

      • It seems Tate is fucking Jordan Peterson’s daughter now, and is all proud of it. [Everything about him is cringe. K.]

  8. Glad to see my new nickname is catching on

  9. It’s about moderation. Why does everything have to be to the extreme with you?

    Spank your meat once in a while. Play your childish vids now again. Fuck a big titted Czech now again.

    This all or nothing mindset is stooopid.

  10. “Just because Rollo swallowed his bullshit doesn’t mean you have to”

    I don’t.
    I haven’t and I never will.

  11. Krauser, I assume you have read Houellebecq’s ‘Serotonin’.

    Towards the end of the novel he talks about how the libido in the west has gone. Women are dressed up in summer dresses but nobody cares.

    Do you think that this shift by PUAs away from ‘lust’ is due to this? That there is simply no libido and polarity in this society anymore?

    I have almost zero desire to meet women this Australian summer, and I’m 30. I’ve had 2 notches (both online) in the last year or so, so I’m not an incel, but I am startled at just how unmotivated I am.

    This can’t be a good thing for society at large.

    Anyone else here have thoughts about this (if Nick is ok with that).

    • This whole thing with Women in yoga pants with butts that resemble Baboons in heat has gotta stop.

    • I’m in a large Australian city and it’s dire. The quality of the women has plummeted, and the demographics are terrible – Chinese have taken over entire suburbs (including major shopping centres and the CBD) and whites have scattered over the rest of the city, retreating to their own little enclaves and their little niches. The PUA scene is now dominated by subcontinentals, with women complaining about being spam approached by ‘creepy’ guys in shopping malls. The women themselves walk around in yoga pants, with expressionless faces, septum piercings, massive sunglasses and noise-canceling headphones. They look sullen and miserable. Meanwhile you have guys engaged in a kind of arms race, slogging away at the gym, dressing well, bingeing on self-improvement and competing for the odd decent 7 or 8.

      I’ve done a handful of approaches all year, and nearly all of them were because I was worried I was going to lose my game, not really because I was super attracted to the women. They were mediocre interactions, the girls were somewhat friendly but incredibly poor conversationalists. Compared to a few years ago, it was like pushing shit uphill with a stick. I’ve used dating apps, but it’s almost impossible to get a girl to actually leave her house and go for a date.

      Part of the problem for me is having to drive for 40 minutes to a part of the city which is still reasonably good demographically (still a reasonable density of white girls) and then spending 2-3 hours walking up and down the street during which I might see a couple of girls I actually want to approach. Meanwhile I’m bombarded with globalist propaganda which is just depressing. I remember about four years ago I used to see heaps of attractive women around, it was just that I wasn’t confident enough to do cold approach. It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore – I’d rather read, study and work out.

      The shift by PUAs away from ‘lust’ as you said may have something to do with this, and correlated with would be that the PUA scene has joined up with the traditionalist and dissident right (and become more political), and started to become a bit more interested in restoring some balance to the dating/marriage market, which is utterly screwed at present. A few of the older guys have worked out that the lifestyle does not lead to lasting happiness, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of excitement among younger guys for game. Something I notice about younger guys in their 20s (particularly white guys) is that there’s almost zero interest for meeting women, they’ve given up in advance.

  12. Hello Nick, long time reader and repeat client here.

    I’ve learned a lot about game from you, allow me to share some things regarding weightlifting (an area I know a bit about).

    The thing you said that jumped out at me was “Last two painful reps”.

    I’m guessing you’re familiar with the term “reps in reserve”.

    For the benefit of those who aren’t and reading this, it means roughly how many reps you could do before total failure, or the breakdown of form.

    So if you can do 12 reps, but stop at 10, then you did the set with 2 reps in reserve (RIR).

    Now, with any set of exercises to build muscle, you tend to do two things, which are correlated and also somewhat independent:

    1) Break down muscle.

    2) Stimulate muscle growth through mechanical stress.

    One researcher, a PHD and ex-bodybuilder, who is still very fit at 57, studied this and found that most likely at a certain point, usually 1-2 RIR, you are able to get the maximum (2) while getting the minimum (1) needed to achieve it.

    And because the more you do (1), the more time you need to recover, the more time before you can reach super-adaption (stronger then you were before you last workout) and also give yourself another dose of (2).

    To put it simply, going to complete failure may have not be as valuable a tactic as some believe, and certainly not doing it all the time and with every set/exercise.

    It is important to note, especially for men of a certain age (ahem), that your ability to recover goes down, which means minimizing that damage is even more important.

    Here’s his blog (and socials) for reference. He publishes his studies, and gives a detailed (and fair) breakdown of the literature out there. Feel free to check it out yourself:

    Best of luck with everything!

    Bonus tip: If you’re not already, get yourself a casein (slow release) protein shake and drink it right before bed. In fact, you can make say 40g in two cups (or four cups to prevent clumping), drink one before sleeping, and if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, drink the other instead of water. That will keep you even more anabolic all night. If you don’t wake up that night, just drink it upon waking. [Thanks for the detail. K.]

  13. Nick, I think I’m traumatised and need to seek help. My mother is a serial divorcee and has just divorced my step-father and bought in a new fella within months. I no longer see women the same. I never got into Game for the notch count but it looks like it will be inevitable. It’s one thing reading red pill knowledge and another watching it unfold in your very own household. For her, marriage is a tool to acquire something. Not life-long commitment, not companionship, Still being young and not being burnt by women at all kept me less pragmatic and restrained my notch count. It’s all bunkum.

    I’ve just learnt to accept women for who and what they are. Fascinatingly, my daygame has drastically improved as, I guess, the girls are just witnessing a guy who is at total ease with women and himself and not placing heavy ideals on them that they cannot live up to. My approach to contact detail ratio has knocked off a couple approaches (not always necessarily a good thing though) as I’m really having fun meeting each and every girl and enjoying their unique energy and story. In short, peak vibe.

    Most readers will view this all as some form of perverse reverence to you. I’m not expecting to hear from you but just being heard by someone who gets it does wonders for the soul.

  14. Krauser, you are the complete opposite of the girls you fuck, 99.9 percents of hot girls are obnoxious smartphone addicts, how do you game smart phone addicts, when you hang out with your regulers, how is the smartphone not a problem.? [Nah, I rarely dated girls like that. Vast majority were pleasant company. K.]

    • Does the FSU have loads of hot girls that are not smartphone addicts?, sounds too good to be true

    • Only vaguely related but wondered if anyone had any info- are the Street Attraction boys doing OK? Their website looks like it is totally down now. I was fortunate enough to do an excellent bootcamp with them a few months ago. [Taking a break. I’m sure they’ll be back. K.]

  15. The real question is, why do you need to continue to progress in different pursuits? Once you’ve achieved your goals in bodybuilding, you’re just going to get bored, depressed and find some other way to distract yourself. This whole treadmill of endless goal achievement is no replacement for simply enjoying life one day at a time and not thinking about some end goal you must work tirelessly to accomplish. I mean you’ve slept with half the college age women in Eastern Europe and all it did was make you miserable. [Only in the last year did it. K.]

  16. James Tusk needs a slap.

    £500 a month rolling contract to send a few WhatsApp messages and a 45 minute phone call once a week to “track progress”

    No one appears to want to deliver quality these days. Actual quality that stands the test of time.
    Oh dear 😔 [James has a 5+ years of track record as legit so rather him than clowns like The Natural Lifestyles or Justin Wayne. Anyway, maybe I should start doing that business model too! K.]

    • 5+ years of having it easy more like.

    • It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise the degree to which most of the dating/seduction/life coach world is a racket riding on the back of the accelerating degenerate/r-selection trajectory that women are on. Self improvement is all well and good but it shouldn’t be necessary for the average well adjusted guy to need to study game for years and undertake a huge transformation, just in order to have a shot with looks matched girls.

    • 5+ years of track record as legit ?
      In who’s opinion?

      The personal trainers down my gym could pull the same or possibly even better looking girls but it’s not because of their skill. Its primarily looks plus directness.

      I dont have anything as such against James actually but certain things need to be called out.

      1. It’s not an honourable business method imo. Lacks quality and the personal touch.
      I think he’s basically trying to make the most amount of money for the least amount of effort.

      2. A guy entering game should look at a coach who by most physical standards would be classed as average but has obviously done the right things in terms of grooming, fashion and fitness.
      If said coach is pulling hot women consistently and gets into relationships with quality (shows he can fuck but also keep the best girls around) then that’s the type of guy that is legit and worth listening to.

      Yeah natural lifestyles and Wayne are retarded and scum.

      • Between what he lists on his website and who is in his vids, Tusk seems to have 10-15 coaches working for him. It’s not even him doing most of the coaching anyway. Have a look at their infields. The couple of Tusk coaches I watched sound like they’ve done around 500 approaches give or take. One of them is so nervous he can’t speak without saying ‘fucking fuck yeah fuck’ in every sentence and he wasn’t the worst of them. Tbh I didn’t think any of them were really bad but none of them are very good either. If they’re not teaching that whole ‘game’ part then they’re basically the same as those approach coaches who used to work for free at the saturday sarge. Bear in mind those infields are the best they have to show you and if they are making a business out of this you can bet they have a lot of infields. Not good.

        One of my mates, a decent looking chap, was chatting to me about Tusk a year ago. I said I thought Tusk was just alright but nothing special. My mate said “I know that’s why I like watching his videos. He shows even if you have shit chat you can still get good results by just going for it.” [Tusk and I get on well. I’ve got no issues with him. Some of his content is very good. K.]

  17. Dude you need to teach Prince Andrew game because his rape game is shit, and your pal Tom Torero has disappeared comment on that.

  18. I had been away from this blog for a while, glad to see it goes on with great content. I personally have tried the no fap route and I did not experience any impressive results, just some wet dreams from time to time. However the idea of a full dopamine detox is attractive, I might try it soon since I have important exams coming up and need to be concentrated on them.

    Regarding the gym, for me is the easy part, particularly showing up. Quick drive, every two days or so, no big problem. Getting started once there is a bit harder, but I manage it. For me, gaming and approaching girls is quite more daunting, because unlike in the gym you don’t really know what to do.

    • Why not Instagram game, go to the rooshforum and other forums and ask for likes, get the software that boosts your likes. Establish 20000plus instagram followers, Surf on the halo effect. Get the girls dm then what’s app and/or Skype and escalate like how the swoop the world guys do. You can use Instagram for pipelining if you are gaming girls in a different country. 70 percent of instagram users are female and the quality is the best. [Because it’s retarded. That’s why. K.]

    • Why not capitalize on the fact that the majority of 7+ girls are blatant smartphone addicts? we all now the the “first impression” is the most important part of any interaction,

  19. 1. Molly vs Drunk
    2. Tate blocked me when I asked him why he bangs 6’s [and hookers. K.]
    3. You’re a full circle Buddhist
    4. Sounds like the next step is monogamy – solid oxytocin and serotonin when you build a family.


  20. Over the past year, I’ve come to realise you were completely right about the RVF, as you stated in your famous post there back in 2015.

  21. how funny is this, i was recommended this video on youtube and its Alex Coulsen! hahaha

  22. I think you’ll like this one, K, and I look forward to your take and views on what is said here: [I’m not going to waste a minute of my time listening to that conman. K.]

    • What a bunch of parasites modern society has enabled. Wannabe celebrities with nothing to contribute to the world but swaying sheeple to and fro with looks, shit talk and swagger.

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