What I learned from Giacomo Casanova

October 29, 2019


Currently wanted by Scottish police force

I’ve now read six volumes of the lecherous Venetian’s epic memoir which, I believe, puts me at the halfway mark. It’s been an entertaining and eye-opening read. In fact, I’d go so far as to rank it as the all-time second best player memoir series. Well worth a crack.

Like many other cultural icons – James Bond, Conan the Barbarian, Dogtanian [1] for example – the popular image of the man is at variance with how he is written in the original stories. My readers are perhaps wiser on matters Casanova than most but I’ll bet most of you know him as an elite-level seducer of top-quality Regency tottie. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Casanova operated in a very different world than today’s humble seducers and faced different challenges. He also had different priorities. So, let’s consider some of the things I learned from his story so far….

1. He played the whole lover-provider range.
Orthodoxy within the London Daygame community is that if you pay for sex, it doesn’t count. It is no more of an achievement to bang a whore/sugarbaby/Ukrainian “model” [2] than it is to buy a movie ticket and watch The Avengers. To call yourself a player when paying for sex is like calling yourself a comedian while paying everyone in the audience to laugh at your jokes. There’s no accomplishment. No winning.

Casanova clearly took pride in his real seductions, and the books include many of them. He’d pursue some women for weeks on end, going to elaborate lengths to woo them. He’d also just as easily pay for it in cash, or set up mistresses with houses and incomes. He was shameless about it. In one case in France, he sets up a silks factory and hires two dozen young seamstresses, then proceeds to hit on every one of them, offering money for sex.

The memoirs include rapes, prostitution, sugar-daddying, and extortion as means of getting laid in addition to the usual seduction.

Dirck van Baburen,  The Procuress

The Claw, yesterday

2. Smart men had his number.
It took a while for me to figure this out, but as the books wore on I started to see a pattern emerge. Casanova would arrive in a town and ingratiate himself into a series of social circles, often with a particular woman in mind. Almost immediately he’d make an enemy or two among local men. In itself, no big deal. Until, that is, I realised his enemies were usually high-ranking army men with careers in soldiering, or successful business men. It was wolves recognising a rabbit in their midst. Casanova is frequently run out of town by men who, to him, seem to persecute him without provocation. In volume six he arrives in Switzerland and is temporarily forced to restrain himself and not hit on women for a week. He comments that when walking the streets, locals look at him with respect and he’s not used to that! Other times his reputation precedes him, for good and ill.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases were a huge risk
Casanova is frequently sidelined by illness, sometimes taking painful mercury and nitrate cures to clear up venereal diseases, and out of action for months at a time. This was two hundred years before antibiotics and Casanova usually refused to wear “English sheaths”. There’s one funny time where he stays at a lodge and takes a fancy to one of the girls there, Raton, so offers her two louis to come round and shag him. After showing her to his bedroom he steps out to the lavatory and noticed a patron has scrawled “October 10, 1760, one week ago Raton gave me the clap and it’s killing me.” Casanova returns to find Raton naked in his bed and her shawl stuffed down between it and the wall. He pulls it out and notices its stains. She flees.

Another intrigue is centred around him getting the pox from a vengeful Madame F. and, because his Spanish valet Ludec has also just caught the pox, Casanova is able to turn the tables. It’s a squalid story I shan’t spoil.

City Daygame

Knee-Clap was endemic

4. He was ruled by his urges.
Casanova was an inveterate gambler in addition to his lustful wanderings. Most of his stories are some variation of this model: (1) show up in new town with letter of introduction from a notable in previous town, and with a full purse, (2) join a social circle centred around an aristocratic lady, (3) gamble every day, winning and losing large amounts, (4) target the lady or one of her retinue (5) get into some kind of intrigue behind the husband’s back, (6) leave town due to either a duel, the pox, or unpaid debts.

Casanova is an inconstant. He will fall in love with a girl and contemplate marriage. They’ll develop a serious relationship and then, just before proposing, the daughter of the local baker will catch his eye and he’s off after her instead. The old flame is simple forgotten.

5. There’s rather more murder than one would expect.
The last story of volume six concerns a mistaken identity with a nun. The thirty-five year old Casanova is walking home one afternoon when he sees a young nun (21yr old) chaperoned by an old battleaxe nun. He mistakenly thinks it’s an old flame called M.M. from five years earlier, so he follows them to their lodgings in a peasant cottage. An intrigue ensues. In order to deflect the battleaxe, the young nun (who is hiding a pregnancy inflicted by a fifty-year old hunchback) conspires with the peasant landlady to give the older woman a sleeping soporific. They overdo it and the battleaxe has been asleep for 28 hours. Casanova consults with them and they decide not to call a doctor, as it would reveal the pregnancy and the intrigue. So, they let her die and pay off the parish priest to get her buried without incident.

Years earlier Casanova ambushed a man walking home late one night, clubbed him with a blackjack, and threw him unconscious into a canal. The poor victim was only saved by revellers who saw him floating. There are other such events. Casanova appears to have had no scruples at all.


There’s always someone cheating at Faro

6. Degenerates seek him out.
There’s one story in volume five where literally everyone involved is on the make: He fancies the daughter of his inn-keeper but she’s been made pregnant by some random a month earlier, and nobody knows. So, Casanova consults an aristocratic lady friend who recommends a local midwife abortionist. Social pressure is immense, so they have a plan to go to a masquerade ball together then slip out, take a coach, and consult the midwife. They pay her a 50% deposit to buy the supplies, then tell the pregnant woman. Ultimately, they don’t follow through.

Months later, Casanova is walking in a park when the midwife recognises him. She’s with a rogue. She reports him the the Chief of Police saying he tried to procure an abortion and she refused. So Casanova is about to be prosecuted. Witnesses are “found” to support the midwife. What follows is a comedy of betrayal, pay-offs, and dissembly as literally everyone is trying to scam everyone else.

Another time, in volume six, Casanova shows up in town and is immediately targeted by three officers who slip him roofies, take him for a fortune in an illicit gambling den, steal his jewellery, and then pursue him through the local courts for payment. He ends up drugging the guard at his hotel, sneaking out a neighbour’s window, and fleeing town. In other towns he always seems to know the card sharps, pimps, abortionists, con-men, and other low-life. This despite him being rich and supposedly moving in high circles.

7. Logistics were a nightmare.
It’s not unusual for Casanova to rent a country house, full complement of servants, and host grand balls just in order to provide a plausible reason to snatch a quarter hour with his target. He’ll bribe staff, wear disguises, and communicate in secret codes with his target in order to secure a couple of hours isolation. Frankly, it sounds like a nightmare. We should be thankful for smartphones and urban anonymity.

8. AMOGing isn’t so special.
Casanova was considered a good amateur swordsman and several times he fights duels to first blood. Other times he challenges irate suitors to duels and they don’t show. Those of us growing up in the era of 2005-PUA are well aware of anti-AMOG tactics. Hey, great shirt pal. Cool story, bro. Seeing Casanova duelling with pointy blades is a reminder of just how faggy modern PUA is, as an expression of how faggy modern nightclubs and dating can be.

Amazon listing

I should probably announce the release of Last Man Banging at some point, considering it’s already available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover. And, it’s way better written than old Giacomo’s effort.

[1] The latter is not actually a dog!
[2] Yes, The Natural Lifestyles, I’m looking at you.


  1. No comment yet?

  2. Does anyone know if Street Attraction will resume their coaching again ?

    I wanted to book one of them for Skype coaching once I come out of daygame hiatus in a few months.

  3. I had the feeling that Ahmed trial was the portent of a rising draconian tide. I imagine a lot of coaches will stay underground after having descended there, but I’m sure they’re easy enough to contact.

  4. I’m confused by Rollo Tomassi.

    This guy seems really on the ball in some respects and then he goes and has Tate on his podcast for over 2 hours and kind of fangirls over him.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Rollo is an expert on some aspects of TRP but doesn’t actually know any legitimate high value players irl.
    This explains why he respects Tate so much.
    I think Rollo is so consumed by all things Red Pill that he actually lacks a lot of common sense. [I did warn Rollo months ago that Tate is a bullshitting goon. Evidently he disagrees. I haven’t seen the interview but here’s my best guess: Rollo was never a player, so he simply doesn’t have the calibration to spot a fake. Armchair theorists have this weakness, even when their armchair theorising is good (which Rollo’s is). K.]

    • Nick that’s fair enough but Rollo is often referred to as the Godfather of TRP and he can’t spot a fake like Tate? Really?

      He’s a highly intelligent guy and knows his stuff but real world experience trumps even the greatest minds it appears.

      Just ridiculous to hear Tate talk about all his cam whores (let’s be honest that’s what they are) and Rollo nodding and seeming really impressed with the whole situation. No sane man thinks that’s high value you absolute pair of tits!
      Plus its dangerous cause loads of impressionable men will be watching that and be lead down a really dark path and ultimately scammed.
      Also he’s got Troy Francis on regularly??? WTF hahaha

      I’ve come to the conclusion that as I originally thought Rollo is very smart, obsessive and lacks common sense.
      He’s a GAMMA !!!

    • Americans are also extremely susceptible to bullshit.

  5. Nick, I can’t get over a really hot girl I banged last year. Is there any tips you can give to get over her? I know you recommended drinking ones piss mixed with coke to combat AA. I’ve dated equally hot girls since but for some reason her pussy rocks! Thanks in advance! [I don’t think there is a cure for humblebragging on the internet. K.]

    • Yes you are right, sympathy and admiration together do not work. Where do I get this covert narcissism from :S Forgive me I get all sorts of perverse thoughts in this journey.

  6. Good article. It kind of reminds me of why I do not consider myself a traditionalist anymore. Right wingers tend to idealize the past when in reality people were just as vile throughout history as they are today. There was never really a time when people were more virtuous.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s possibly the biggest perversion of trendy liberals, to believe that people, particularly in the ‘state of nature’ are inherently good. Even a cursory look at history reveals that is total bullshit. It takes self control to reign in one’s own unpleasant impulses, and it takes a civilised culture to reign in those of a society.

  7. This is what you need to do game in the long term, no morals, no other ambition and a complete nihilist mindset. Would be great to hear more of your thoughts on end-game in game, Nick.

  8. Nick,

    Summer Is approaching in Australia, and part of me wants to have a ‘hot boy summer’ and get half a dozen notches or so,

    But most of all I just have zero motivation. I find women today so utterly charmless, and dating/mating so hopeless. It seems like it will lead to nowhere meaningful.

    Furthermore, I do feel there is a lot of rapid change/instability due to a huge increase in migration.

    All I want to do is build my body and read Mishima.

    Is this a healthy or unhealthy thing?

  9. Diversion from the subject matter but How is your bodybuilding/fitness mission going?
    I really enjoyed the post you wrote a while back about it and am curious to know how it’s going drug free.
    Cheers Boss

  10. It’s been interesting to read the evolution of your thoughts regarding Casanova. I remember your first post about his memoirs being much less positive.

  11. Its a thing of our times and an overlap from many others maybe – Yes I read Casanovas memoir 2009 – the widely know man is the Disney version.
    Be funny if time will tell if pua altered the course of the human race or tilt it on its axis. Good move Nick if that is your name to put out a book well ahead of time. These need to be snuck into archives or library shelves or bookstores gorilla style. all over the world perhaps – be funny.
    Or to watch some ones trajectory and now they find god. You could find life – i hope its not something you found next. [I like to produce content that stands the test of time, over decades. I’m not into the ephemeral content-for-content’s-sake on blogs and YouTube that other public guys seem to prefer. And I especially can’t stand regular podcasts; they are the The View of PUA content (except BTL!). K.]

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