Five Weeks No Fap

October 22, 2019

Throughout my life, I’d always known I was surrounded by a bunch of wankers but now it has literally come to pass. I’m the only clean-minded individual around these parts. One of my friends recently developed a strain of chlamydia so bad that it spread to his knees and ankles, putting him on crutches in Dickensian fashion [1]. In figuring out who he’d contracted it from, he was only able to narrow it down to three particularly unsavoury tarts. Another of my friends recently ended a cycle of Human Growth Hormone, then we went on the lash in Antwerp whereupon not only did he out-drink me quite prodigiously, but he invigorated himself with ample cocaine. When that was gone he flagged down two passing vibrants and cadged some kind of gas- the street name of which escapes me- that is snorted from a balloon.

I dunno, when did I become the paragon of clean living? Compared to such shenanigans, sitting at home reading a book a day comes off as positively boring.

The Wire

Might as well just move here

Anyway, pre-amble aside I wanted to offer some thoughts on how my No Fap has been going. I initially opted for a Hard Reset, meaning no porn, no fap, and no sex. It may surprise you that of the three, my only lapse was in the sex – I banged an old flame who stopped off in Newcastle on her way to visit a friend in Scotland. Does that mean I reset the Hard Reset clock to zero?

Of course not! We all know that re-treads are not notches and therefore don’t count as real sex. This is established PUA orthodoxy. Phew!

So, five weeks/35 days of precious little stimulation. What’s it been like?

Rather good, I’d say. My attention span continues to lengthen and I get decreasingly distracted by sex-related thoughts. I do find sexual desire bubbling up multiple times a day, usually triggered by a line or two in a book I’m reading, but I don’t feed it and it dissipates within about five minutes, fifteen at the outside. In my daygame days I’d deliberately nurture such bubblings in order to spur me to seductive action whereas nowadays I take the opposite route, dampening down the urges and distracting myself with other things until they disappear.


Five minutes’ distraction, yesterday

I’ve found the sexual appetite is absolutely not a NEED. You try going without food and water, you’ll discover what need really means. The sexual urge simply comes and goes. I can see how monks could go decades without acting upon that urge.

Strangely, I’m reminded of a reader’s letter in Viz magazine [2]. It went something along the lines of: “It is medically-proven that the adult male must discharge semen through ejaculation every two weeks, whether through sex or masturbation. So, Cliff Richard, which is it?” Obviously, that was written for comic effect and there’s likely no such medical consensus. However, I’d always assumed the sex urge was like holding your breath underwater: at some point, you will come up for breath. I can say from 35 day’s experience, this isn’t true. It comes and goes. It doesn’t build up if you fail to act upon it.

I did have one minor lapse that surprised me. I was checking my torrents folder on my desktop, after many months away from it. There was a Japanese porno I’d downloaded from JAVJunkies about a year ago taking up 5GB of harddrive space. Wishing to free up space, but curious, I decided to skip through it to see if I definitely wanted to delete it. I’m calling that a lapse because I should’ve just deleted it sight-unseen.

Anyway, I watch the opening credits (non-sexual scene setting) and remember, “Ah, this one was a bit shite, no wonder I forgot it”. I click on the timeline, quickly scanning across the ninety minute run time and I realise something odd: it’s considerably more interesting now than it was a year ago. Having grown unaccustomed to lust and sexual stimulation, landing on the middle of a sex scene was like taking a line of cocaine. My brain lit right up and relatively mediocre tarts engaged in relatively badly-staged scenes were suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.

So I closed the media player and deleted it.

I thus conclude that my brain chemistry is in fact changing. Spending time away from lustful thoughts and entertainments does indeed settle a man down.

Speaking of settling down, Daygame Mastery and Daygame Overkill will help you pull lots of girls and thus avoid having to do so. And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

[1] Jimmy and I felt terrible mocking him for that, but we didn’t stop.
[2] To date, the funniest periodical ever printed.


  1. This all sounds like great practise for when you get married Krauser 😉

  2. funny timing, because right when you started posting about this, i had been doing the same thing.

    And i can totally relate about the incredible stimulation of porn when you havent looked at it in ages, its like doing blow you’re right.

    I personally found it quite fucking difficult to do nofap. Only ever gotten to about the three week mark. This last time was great. But i ended up having to work in a cafe, where a lot of cute young girls are passing through. That did it for me, couldnt stop thinking about sex for the next several days.

    The hardest thing for me honestly is the sleep. I was having a really hard time falling asleep, and on a consistent basis. Wasnt even particularly horny, just so much pent up energy.

  3. after reading this i need to empty me nutsac…..

  4. I’m off for some cocaine gas

  5. what theme do you use for your blog krauser?

  6. What is your end game on this and PUA in general?

  7. “I can say from 35 day’s experience, this isn’t true. It comes and goes. It doesn’t build up if you fail to act upon it.”
    But you aren’t as young as you used to be. You must have been familiar with “wimminz”, started writing about how he no longer needed sex, and then.

  8. Nofap is ridiculous.

    I think I’ve previously read masturbating has certain health benefits in regards to prostate health (done twice weekly) and obviously stress relieving.

    Porn on the other hand definitely affects some men (probably quite a high number actually) in terms of addiction and relying on it to achieve orgasm.

    Men have different sex drives. Some need to wank every day to feel good, others considerably less so. There’s no right amount.

    My advice is to do what comes naturally and use your imagination or passed experiences.

    • its all half truths. It has use for sure, it can massively help you accomplish things to conserve your sexual energy. You have way more drive, and concentrated energy, and stamina for that matter. When i retain semen, i get far more aggressive with my goals, and consistent. I take way less shit, and I’m way less tolerant of anything that blocks my progress. I bulldoze it.

      But theres no reason to be fanatic about it, either. It is a useful tool, imo to achieve a goal. The libido is just that anyway…its a drive towards some sort of goal. It can be sublimated, or it can be entertained directly in lustful preoccupations. Different seasons for different folks at different times determine its usefulness.

    • the chinese have a theory, which intuitively makes enormous sense. That your vitality is finite, and ejaculation slowly drains the internal battery. Ejaculating, while pleasurable, is really a process of killing yourself, or expelling your internal life force.

      Not a hard concept to grasp. Its the life giving force in a man, and as it gives life, it takes life from the one providing it. Its a transfer of life force, really.

      So you can look at it like a bank account, and you inherited a certain amount of vitality. If you squander it by excessively ejaculating, then you will weaken quicker, and your physcial decline will come on faster.

      If youre prudent, and you abstain for reasonable amounts of time (like until its really unbearable), then you “save money” so to speak.

      Theres a reason girls think im 23/24…sometimes even 21 or younger…at age 32. I eat well, take good herbs/supplements, and i regulate my emissions, instead of jacking of whenever im the slightest bit horny (which passes quickly if youve jizzed anytime within 3-4 days.)

      that said, you are right, in that not all men are created equal. There are very robust men who have incredible vitality, which seems to never drain much. I can think of a few guys ive known who were quite robust like this. They also tend to be able to abuse their bodies with drugs and alcohol and function well, and not be incapacitated by hangovers.

      • and by “guys ive known” i’m really referring to a guy i knew aged 50 or so. Guy was built like a statue, and we worked labor together. Wed always be talking shit about girls, and he got lots of pussy. he also did copious amounts of meth throughout his years but youd never guess. The guy was a tank. That sorta vitality is hard to drain lol.

        i also have a friend who can tie one on throughout the week, and his eyes always seem to be bright, and he has no real interference or grievances with hangovers. Which pisses me off to no end, because i want to fucking kill myself after a night of heavy drinking. I swear off it for months on end.

  9. Hi Nick, really interesting post about red pill in older novels.
    I recently read Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and found it to be a treasure trove of red pill insight straight from the source. It’s all there: negs, shit tests, etc.
    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to more of your literary discoveries!

  10. You may want to listen to Jack Murphy interviewing Dr David Ley, a hugely experienced sexologist. He nukes much of the bullshit emanating from the nofap camp. The juicy stuff starts around 44:00 minutes:

  11. Hey K. Your daygame speech on youtube is one of the top results for searching London Daygame Model on Google. It’s actually the second after TDDaygame’s page, and he probably paid good money to get it there, while yours is organic:

    Yes, you’ll leave daygame, but to keep the flow of customers into this business, I think it would be great if you started to upload the different chunks missing from that Infinite Launch talk, and from the Daygame Outlaw talks.

    They look essential to bringing in new people to discover and buy your stuff, and more men’s eyes will be open up in these feminized times.

  12. Nick, i wanted to write you regarding RSD. I thought id put it on your most recent post in hopes of catching your attention. If thats inappropriate, sorry i just been wanting to say this. This isnt a criticism of you regarding RSD, but i wanted to weigh in, based on being a voracious reader of your blog and consumed and practiced much of RSD’s material.

    I have had mixed feelings for years now about RSD. From 2013-2016 i used to CONSUME their free videos, never paid for a product. And i can honestly say it was a huge help for me. When i see guys write about how “state” is bullshit, and its all just “spam” approach….to me thats ridiculous. State is very real, and so called “spamming” is no different for your own testimony about flipping over stones until you get a “yes” girl. Theres nothing fraudulent about telling guys the truth that in a sense, its a numbers game.

    But i think its a matter of perspective. “numbers game” as a phrase makes it sound clinical. And “state” as being this woo woo pseudo science bs.

    I can tell you, i am a pretty above average looking guy. Ive always gotten by on looks, so maybe that has skewed my opinion of rsd…but i would actually argue against that. If i am out at night and stuck in my head, and dont overcome my own internal inhibition…girls make look over at me fleetingly, or give me proximity…but there isnt shit happening until i open my mouth. And even then, if i’m not loose, the interaction will be stilted. State is definitely very real, and it is a very liberating feeling. Im saying this more for the detractors of “state” game, than to you. Im sure you have been approaching, loosened up, and hit points where your vibe was on fire. Thats state, for anyone criticizing it.

    Im conflicted because i respect your opinions, and think you’re really brilliant. And your dismissal of RSD conflicts with the value I’ve gotten from them. Could be all sorts of factors influencing my success, but i thought the core concepts Tyler preaches to be life changing.

    Lastly i think the big difference is cultural, since we’re in the USA, and also the fact that its strictly nightgame. Honest, curious question, do you think you can really comment on the validity of their teachings…given the cultural and sheer stylistic difference in game? I would agree outright that their daygame is mediocre compared to you, thats an understatement. They never really were daygamers.

    Just wanted to chime in on that, hope this provides some value to anyone whos followed RSD and interested in this sorta thing. [I don’t recall all the smack I’ve talked about RSD over ten years. Certainly for the past five years or so my position on them has been (1) seminar videos up to Blueprint were good, (2) daygame advice is awful (3) local RSD chapters in Europe are a curse of weird locusts (4) not qualified to comment on their nightgame (5) they are a cult. I haven’t followed them closely for years. About the only thing I saw recently was RSD Max joining the whole “set up fake modelling agency and pay Ukrainian hookers/sugarbabies” trend. K.]

    • ps. i do agree that they have watered things down considerably since the julien scandal.

      On one of the latest videos, the emphasis is on “consent” and whatnot. Which is not a foreign concept in game, you need to be aware of the girls reactions….but man 2019 america is making me fucking paranoid.

  13. This lawyer daygamer is saying that daygame is totally legal, you can’t be pursued for it, and that Addy A-Game was more of a scapegoat because of the media pressure on police, but for someone without so much media pressure around them, nothing is illegal about daygaming, even if the girl gets “annoyed”: [Good video from someone who actually knows the law. K.]

    • The only thing which really matters in law is how it is put into practise by the authorities. How you interpret the statutes is a matter of opinion. Let me explain …

      Sometimes you have laws on the books which aren’t actually pursued eg various drug laws in the UK. On the other hand there may be certain issues for which there aren’t any specific laws but nonetheless the authorities will chase those engaging in them using other laws which are not obviously linked to that issue. Often statutes are (deliberately) left open and quite vague to allow for interpretation by the court. That’s the point of having a judge who’s job is to interpret how the law applies to each individual case.

      Looking at this case the judge said;

      “The courts will always try to keep abreast of developing criminal trends which cause public disquiet, concern and even outrage and will take appropriate steps to tackle these.”

      That sentence implies the judge is saying that mass approaching women with some sexual motive itself is at least part a ‘developing criminal trend’. The logic is that if he was referring to touching and kissing a stranger under duress, it’s not a ‘developing’ criminal trend, but rather well established criminal behaviour. If this is what he meant the judge is basically saying that mass approaching women in the street with a sexual motive is ‘criminal’. If the society and authorities wish to pursue men who do Daygame then they can do so using a host of laws probably the most obvious one in England being the ‘harassment act 97’. The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cases go through now that some kind of precedent has been set.

      • The radical feminist and media in Australia try to beat up the same hysteria a few months ago.

        They reported a RVF daygame data sheet to the Police. Who upon looking at it said nothing to see here move along, no laws broken. It’s only opinions .

        The Feminazis tried to tie in women getting murdered by homeless drug addicts with mental issues to dudes doing Daygame. How daygame done under cctv, security and police presence in public places in daylight is dangerous baffels me .

        I think the radical feminist also reported Roy Walker daygame to police for his Aussie adventures. PUA coaches had to shut down .Reddit was trawled for months by feminazis looking for women that have been daygamed or approached by a ‘creepy guy’s’ which to white Aussie chicks means Indian or Asian

        The blokes doing Daygame were called preditors and the guys who said it was shit in that city because of the lack of beauty were called misogynist. The guys only interested in foreign women were called racist. You can’t win.

        The radical feminist tactic in Oz is to get some young girl from their group to rile up a parent.The parent when all worked up goes to the media to say their daughter feels unsafe.
        It’s a tactic that was used to get a girly mag banned from supermarkets in Australia.

        PUA coming to Australia get banned from entering after that clown RSD Julian Blanc’s shit.

        Most of the anger is coming from women no one approaches .
        There is alot of money involved for feminist groups from the Government and media here so I expect to see more fake news beat ups.

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