Escape Loops

October 2, 2019

A concept I liked from Universal Man‘s discussion of dopamine detox is that of Escape Loops and Productivity Loops. It goes thus…. Cortisol is the drug released by the body to create dissatisfaction. It is the stick to dopamine’s carrot, there in order to motivate behavioural change. So, something happens that’s against your interests and requires action…. you get a dose of cortisol.

Getting fat and looking like shit in front of the mirror? That’s your SMV going down, and the rising sense of unease you feel is caused by cortisol.

Been on the wrong end of a run of +1 texts from your daygame mates? That’s your social status going down [1] so you’re denied the pleasurable seratonin and instead blasted with a shot of cortisol.

Failed a job interview? Carpeted by the boss at work? Stuck in a traffic jam?


Fixed an election and STILL lost it?

It’s all cortisol. Your body is reacting to a perceived change against its interests and attempting to prod you into restorative action. The problem is two-fold. First, your body is adapted to a different environment and is thus misreading cues. A traffic jam is not actually a threat to your survival and replication. We are no longer in the state of nature. Second, modern society has furnished us with a range of diversions that allow us to counter-act the cortisol spike without actually addressing its root cause. Universal Man calls them escape loops, and they are activities which drown out the cortisol with dopamine without solving the problem at hand.

Porn is the big one. There are many more: comfort eating, getting blotto drunk, chasing sub-par skirt, farming social media likes, binge-watching Netflix, video games etc. They are all quick-fixes of dopamine that will wash away the badfeelz of cortisol. They are escapism.

Badfeelz (cortisol) —> Escapism (dopamine) —-> Repeat

It gets worse.

On a single per-occurrence basis, there’s not much harm in engaging in a little escapism. You’re struggling on your Moscow euro-jaunt, your mate +1s the WhatsApp group, so you quietly have a wank and go to sleep. Not a problem [2]. But what if you keep doing it?

Here we get into another problem, that of Shadow Careers. It’s a term Universal Man picked up from Steven Pressman [3]. The modern world furnishes us with a smorgasbord [4] of options to progressively climb imaginary ladders to nowhere. Think of the meta-progression in the typical video game, such as levelling up your Assassins Creed character with new skills, or progressive unlocks in Call Of Duty and online rankings. Think of your followers ratio on Instagram, or your retweets. Think of any virtual credibility.


Shadow careers provide the illusion you are progressing in your life goals while, simultaneously, your real life is going to shit. Thus it is an extended version of the Escape Loop: create a source of dopamine/seratonin/oxytocin to drown out the badfeelz of cortisol without actually removing the problem that is creating the cortisol.

You might as well buy a white van and drive around Eastern Europe opening mediocre birds [5]


I’m ruined!


What’s the solution? UM reckons you should replace escape loops with a productive activity. When you you feel the burn of cortisol, forgo the opportunity to engage in escapism and instead get something done.

Fuck all that. The most productive thing you can do is buy Daygame Overkill, a detailed in-field demonstration of how to pick up girls without harassing them and without shitting yourself because a few low-t soyboys do a Fake News show about daygame.

[1] As far as your monkey brain is concerned, anyway.
[2] If I was into this kind of mucky stuff, I’d have spent all of 2018/19 on Pornhub.
[3] In a book I haven’t read but mean to.
[4] Finally, I slipped that word into a blog post!
[5] Then take all your content offline in a panic.


  1. What about substituting the +1 dopamine hunting with a more grand project such as building an euro harem and working on maintaining it? You will do the same things you did before (chasing skirts) but the failed notches will be less unpleasant as what will count won’t be the notch itself but the long term goal. I think it will be also more pleasant, easier and fun (and less drastic as a change for those who’ve lived for years the player lifestyle) than trying to find a girlfriend/wife. [I want a wife and family life. Already had a euro-harem. Not what it’s cracked up to be. K.]

    • and no side chick?

    • I remain of the opinion that trying to suppress the womanizer part of yourself *before* you have found a wife might bring more damages than benefits.

      • I thought so too but age & stage of life (not necessarily correlated), and mental satiety affect your state of mind and your wants. They slowly and almost imperceptibly dull the allure of some things while the allure of and satisfaction from other things brighten. That process feels pretty natural and lessens the need for much ‘suppression’

      • I agree with you, but women won’t. If you are over 40s and don’t have status (alpha or higher beta), the only way to get young and pretty girls (because we are talking about that) is continuing being a player. Do the switch inside your mind (“I’ll stop being a player”) and suddenly, as for magic, all the girls will disappear.

  2. I thought the post was building up to something but then it just kinda wrapped up… I guess there’s no need to overcomplicate the idea. Re: your quest for the family life, a lot of people would be interested to read about that journey even if they’re not necessarily heading in that direction themselves.

  3. With regards to Tom Torero & other puas deleting their Ytube channels & other social media accounts. I have heard BBC will be releasing a documentary about daygame next week. In 2019 daygame is over in western countries.

    To all the guys under 35 work on your smv rise it as high as humanly possible ( nick has always stated this in many interviews & in daygame mastery right in the beginning ). Bang out online dating & nightgame with cool wings. The fuck ladder is REAL & there are levels to this not everyone can fuck 10s & 9’s even if you get them out on a date.

    • A group of BBC journalists publish a “documentary” and daygame is dead? The reality is that most BBC journalists are people that would be wandering around the street if they didn’t have billions of pounds of licence fee being forcibly sent to them. These are not very smart or capable people. To understand why organisations like the BBC are in terminal decline, read “skin in the game” by Nassim Taleb. The reality is that men who approach women in person have skin in the game, which BBC journalists do not. Any structure not based on skin in the game will ultimately collapse. [They are low-energy soyboys trying to impress their feminist overlords. K.]

  4. The BBC documentary is on bb1 , 8.30pm on 7th Oct. Panorama, I expect there may be talk about it in the papers the day after as well.

    Too many people are worried about this. Every few weeks you read in the daily mail about some girl having a bad experience via a dating app, even girls getting assaulted etc, yet that doesn’t stop the dating app industry.

    • This?

      Secrets of the Seduction Bootcamp –

    • That documentary is airing at a prime time so many people will be watching.

      From the preview it looks like they’re going to paint street attraction/pickup in a terrible light through editing and the sneaky faggots dishonest account of what game actually is and how it changes men’s lives for the better.

      The only way I see this working out for street attraction is if they go on to a live show (Piers Morgan ITV or BBC breakfast show who I’m sure have already been in contact) and show the public who they are and what they stand for.
      Its pressure but they have enough personality to pull it off.

      • Even going on good morning Britain etc will be tough, the interviewer will try and twist their words. Any mainstream news outlet will do a hit piece on them.

        My strong prediction is that doordie is right: it will be carefully edited to try and show daygamers to be sleazy men. It will be a very one sided documentary.

        My guess is they won’t even give street attraction a chance to comment or defend themselves.

        regardless, still nothing to be worried about.

      • You do not engage with mainstream media. They are a highly-educated, disingenuous, deceptive, cynical bunch. They will ruin your life for a headline. They’re not interested in “truth”. Their aim is to push a pre-ordained narrative that gets clicks. They are snakes.

  5. Nick, you are transitioning to a new phase after PUA. What do you think about Roosh’s religious transition? Sincere? Crazy? Inevitable? The player lifestyle has costs. If you are not skilled enough,then the costs exceed the benefits. Regardless, you eventually hit diminishing returns, and should anticipate this. What about all the other guys quitting?

  6. Hi Nick, unrelated topic but several of your tinypic images on this blog’s side bar is just missing.

  7. It matches with the once famous talk The Demise Of Guys, my once a kick-starter to stop wanking warround:

  8. Is russia a good place to daygame? , people say russia has the biggest pool of the hottest girls in the world, Is this true?

  9. It appears the Street Attraction YouTube channel has vanished ?

  10. Yep. And Tom’s site and YouTube are down again,.

  11. No I genuinely don’t.

    Are they saying they have also hired actresses?

    If that’s the case then who the fuck is legit. Never would have had them down as doing that

    • Anyone with some worldly experience knows the pickup industry is full of bullshitters and unscrupulous types trying to make a buck. Maybe SA added some actresses to the mix, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Maybe they got spooked and it was just a brain fart attempt at rebuttal.

  12. Articles in all the tabloids about this show today. Interesting one from the Independent suggests there is a push to prosecute Street Attraction. There is a discussion of the possible charges that could be brought.
    I expect the program will go into more detail.

    Brutal that Addy A game has been held on remand for 9 months. Don’t think the crimes he has been convicted of could legally lead to a 9 month sentence even if he was given the max term. Bizarre state of affairs.

  13. Everything I said in the previous post has become true. Most of these puas are smoking mirrors (all fake, using actresses infield); their so-called “game” is geared towards non-English speaking women, their preferential target; foreigners who can easily be emotionally spiked by phrases such as “you look like a squirrel.” The truth of the matter is, these guys have no game. Forcing a 60 year old client to run around town doing a yad-stop on 20 year old women is the least of their problems.It’s obvious they have serious insecurities and their obsession with “alpha” behavoiour is their attempt at projecting their insecurities onto other men. I hope many guys see the light and move back to the original gurus.Their concepts are worth learning and not these dumb down and wacky versions of game that, obviously, doesn’t even work for these new gurus and are considered harassment by law smh. Shame on them for wasting so many people’s money. But is anyone surprised by this? Deep down, i think we all knew.

    • Street Attraction are good with women.
      Richard and Eddie are very competent (Richard in particular), George probably not as much.

      That’s why I’m a little confused as to why they’d feel they have to hire actresses.
      Doesn’t make much sense.

      • You are right, but it all depends on your version of what you consider “good” game to be. Good game is subjective. And good game can also be manipulated if most infield performances you see are merely actresses playing a role; pua guys playing emotional spike game where the purpose is to make someone laugh and giggle, but likely to end in a flake, as their is no direction; targetting a foreign backpacker who is starving for attention and food in a foreign land and buying them food and calling it a pull; picking up drunk women and splitting a taxi fare home and call it a lay etc..

        Good game for me has an old school definition. I think of it as a skill set, no matter someone’s age, they can poentially be able to seduce someone without being so deliberate or atleast have a greater chance too. No magic pill game. Hard work.

        For example, speed seduction based their system on emotional amplification. The pua industry doesn’t focus on that as much.

        The mystery method, introduced framing and storytelling and false time constraints, concepts used in business and sales and military. The London day game models don’t focus much on those skills or even build on them. [That last statement is a knowing lie, as anyone who has copies of Mastery and Infinite can prove by page references. Your opinion I’ll tolerate, but not your misstatements. If you want to say “lots of idiot daygamers with youtube channels don’t understand or implement solid fundamentals handed down by Mystery and Jeffries” then yes, that’s true. Don’t dare say that about my work on my own blog. K.]

        Although routine are useless long term, understanding how to improvise those skills can change your life.

        The reason why a lot of pua guys these days have approach anxiety is not because they fear women, but they don’t know how to “transition” and for those that do, only focus on one way of doing so, assumption stacking. So, when I look at street attraction, all i see is guys using a linear model of game that fits their age/looks and expecting their clients to get similar results or forcing them into uncomfortable and problematic positions, like targetting very young girls directly and aggressively (because they just don’t know any other way to seduce). I think a lot of the guys in the industry today are shit and the more that get caught out the better it is for the community. People will save money and rely on themselves to learn the necessary skills and go through real personal development.

    • haha. Your post(s) made me giggle. I think you’re right about how it seems that most pickup is less seduction and more a mixture of easier targets (the whole ‘you look like a squirrel thing’ only really works on foreign women but they have their students doing this shit on Brit girls and it doesn’t work. using actresses (a few have been found out, now!), extreme numbers game (if you approaoch enough, you will usually eventually find someone who’s interested. Cherrypick and show that infield. Profit!). Getting a cab with a girl and calling it a ‘lay’ (when it’s obvious that it was never ever close to being on that vibe!). You seem to have spotted all of the tricks that i’ve noticed lol (and so many don’t!!!)

      I’ve lost a lot of faith in ‘game’ over the years if i’m honest.

      What do you think about Anthony hustle? He’s made some outrageous claims about how he bangs 1 in 4 girls he opens. Usually smoking hot teenage ‘models’. I think I read Krauser said he used to know hiom and was ‘good’, but he wasn’t buying his claims. Do you think his infields and stuff are fake?? I tend to think they must be unless he is stupidly handsome! His ‘game’ is the same as the rest of them. Open, make a comment and compare them too an animal or something, lead, escalate – close. It’s like every girl he opens can easily be lead to sex and I find it super suspicious. His style of ‘game’ would only really make sense if the girl is immediately super attracted to you. His model is ‘the straight line method’ where he basically opens and escalate. Where is the skill or the game? It’s like he’s missed out the middle part? is his ‘method’ gonna work for an ugly guy???? haha

      Who do you like, game wise? I’m assuming mysterymethod from your post? Anyone else? I’m curious

      Also, you mentioned AA coming from a lack of ideas on how to ‘follow up’ the opener and that the only thing people use is assumption stacking. What kind of things do you tend to follow up with after teh open?

  14. Disagree completely with you John Smith.

    None of you seem to get it.

    • Fair enough, I can respect that. In your view, why do competent pua guys continue to hire actresses for their infields, when they can get them easily?

      • Easier to film I guess. Showcase certain things [You know full well that the journalist ambushed them for quotes, so they went into “deny everything” mode. And, you know full well this journalist is deceitful and their reporting of a conversation cannot be assumed to be accurate. So why on earth would you take Richard’s off-handed denial (alleged, at that) as anything other than that. Grow up and stop trying to stir “Street Attraction hire actresses” nonsense. K.]

      • Honestly baffled at how goddamn clueless so many of the commenters here are.

        Are you guys not aware of how western governments made it criminal to publish videos or images of sexual encounters without explicit consent in recent years ?

        Just read the relevant sections of the criminal code of Canada the U.K. or any other countries.

        Like all sane men the Street Attraction guys want to stay out of jail so of course they are going to deny doing exactly that and then delete the evidence ASAP.

      • @Dexterdaygame

        In most countries only revenge porn is illegal. There needs to be an intent to get revenge for a conviction. Hidden camera porn or pua lay vids are still legal. Only France afaik has a law against all sex videos without consent because it’s an invasion of privacy. UK isn’t that strict. Posting hidden cam pornos for marketing has no law against it. The article I linked above mentions the communications act but they’d be stretching the purpose of the act to get a conviction so it’s be unlikely.

  15. You’re right there.

    It doesn’t add up. For what it’s worth I rate street attraction amongst the best along with a couple others.

  16. I agree with what was said re Street Attraction, they always appeared to be pretty genuine and never made outrageous claims. Also think that anyone whose been to the countries they have can see that the behaviour of the birds in the videos is natural and not at all contrived. In contrast to some of Tommy T’s(who i do like) which seemed as though he was extremely good at target selection or there happened to be something more to it.

    The whole “actress thing” with Richard makes sense, its best now if he publicly says that nothing was secretly filmed at all, and the banging noises were generic / ripped off some copy right free porn video. Can’t blame him for that. (for the record don’t believe they hired any) though who can be sure! Innocent to proven guilty!

    I understand “in the shit wise” why they pulled the youtube videos as girls might be scouring them to see if they can do a number on them for the sisterhood, if some do gooder pro bono lawyer appears, but would have thought they would have left the site up with basic products as this could potentially be the best free piece of marketing they have ever had. Guess all will be revealed but think a sizeable minority if not majority of viewers will think more on the lines of “boys will be boys / fair play lads”, but who knows in 2019 UK…

    Its probably not good to let a load of their bangs talk with one another incase they hamster into believing something happened that didn’t…..

    Looks like also that associating the the Arab from Scotland was a major fuck up, as it appears hes a bit of a Jimmy S character and a wrong un in general…

    Does anyone know why Tommy T pulled his down also? Only realised today, and he wasn’t in the doc previews!

    Finally if anyone knows the street attraction guys personally, and they genuinely need the site down for legal protection tell them to change public_html to something else which will bring it down properly, currently its not down at all, and hidden with css (you can literally add display block into browser and see it all, did this as of a couple hours ago)! Or K could grab them some pints and have them set up a redirect to his site 😉

  17. Meanwhile Deepak’s channel is not only still up… but when you youtube search street attractions deleted channel… his videos come up as related content… well done you tubes virtue signaling outrage for that little irony….

    • Deepak isn’t in the UK

      • You Tubes “community guidelines” (heavan forbid they should be honoust and call them rules) apply to all content on the platform… it doesn’t matter where he is based…

        If S.A. are so dispcable they need deplatforming then by YT’s logic… “the great purge” is needed… or at the very least… deepak needs 10 years hard labour on the white sea canal…

      • No brother, Rosenhaum at YouTube has given me full immunity to enjoy white women and broadcast it!

        In fact, they will be showing my conquest videos in colleges soon to program the women!

  18. Eddie’s face was priceless when the bbc ran up on him at the end of the documentary 😂😂. Richard made me laugh aswell.

  19. But on a serious note, I honestly thought it was going to be worse from street attraction point of view.

    • It was still pretty bad though. I imagine both of them will be keeping their heads down for awhile until the moral outrage dies down. Probably would be best to head overseas for a bit.

      • there is no such thing as bad publicity. if they had any sense they would have an email signup on their page and be open business as usual and not a reactionary betacuck statement. krauser had the sense not to invest much into youtube and their low value freeloading audience.

  20. They did nothing wrong there…

  21. Hahaha. So you guys watch BBC documentary last night?

    Guess who orchestrated it? ME, King Deepak!

    I, along with Sadiq Khan, am implementing new policy where white men cannot approach now in London.

    Only brown men may do pickup artist and get lay!

    Now come to my channel for exclusive PROOFS of my genius.

    You have no other option now.

    • Obviously not the Deepak folks are thinking of, but a funny troll nevertheless.

      It’d be funnier though if the YouTube channel of Addy A-Game – a brown (Pakistani?) guy – hadn’t also been taken down by YouTube, for the same reason they took down Street Attraction’s.

      So be careful, Deepak. The feminist overloads might force Sadiq to sell you out! No more PROOFS for you!

  22. I just saw the documentary last night.

    It’s definitely would kill those on Street Attraction*, O Poor Eddie & Richard!**

    Just watch It, fellas. It’s now all become viral on YouTube, Twitter, and news..

    eg: (All recent tweets from all relative media on Britain)

    * Especially when they mentioning about those underage girl

    ** I hope they’re not dragging you down Nick!!

  23. To the person who is claiming that only ‘revenge porn’ is illegal in the UK and that PUAs can continue publishing their ‘proofs’. Why don’t you actually look at the law before you hand out ignorant advice like that? Revenge porn applies to videos made originally with the female’s consent (to be shared privately with her partner). The other commentator got it 100% correct.

    ‘Only France has revenge porn laws’. Just LOL.

    BTW, why has Tom Torero vanished? The BBC doc didn’t mention him did it? Even Johnny Berba is staying online.

    • “Revenge porn applies to videos made originally with the female’s consent” – what the fuck are you even talking about? Revenge porn laws in the uk deal with the intent behind publication. There’s a mens rea requirement for criminal offences – intent; You can’t be guilty of revenge porn offences in UK unless your intent in publishing the content/video/photo is to get revenge, to compromise the other person somehow – that’s why it’s revenge porn law. Not revenge and real proofs porn 😂 a woman’s consent to the making of the video has nothing to do with it.

      For example if somebody posts a porno where they’ve blurred out the face of the woman then clearly revenge porn laws wouldn’t apply because the poster has made an effort to conceal the woman’s identity and therefore is explicitly not trying to get revenge. There may be some exceptions for celebs/easily identifiable people but for the average person that’s what the law is.

      Work on your reading comprehension because I was clearly talking about hidden cam/non-consensual recording laws in France which the UK doesn’t have

      • The thing is how can they prove if the video was consensual or not if the girl in the video is not the one making the complaint

  24. “You seem to have spotted all of the tricks that i’ve noticed lol (and so many don’t!!!)”

    Actually, most pua guys can also spot this. I use to be one of them, but I could not do anything about it.

    Humans have this uncanny ability to blindly deny what they know to be true, in order to save face: from domestic abuse victims, bullying victims, simp men etc..

    We are all the same.

    Sometimes we can see something does not make sense and we deserve better, but we remain loyal to the destructive course.

    If I remember correctly, Robert Cialdini, famous social psychologist, attributed this to the rule of commitment.

    In one of his personal experiences, during a conference he attended, his expert friend rebuffed the presenter’s claims and pitch in attendance; He presented the clients in attendance with facts, which went against what the presenter’s said, but that did not stop the people attending from purchasing the products the presenters were pitching. No amount of truths could stop them from investing their money because of a mixture of desperation, commitment and low-self-esteem.

    Anyway, what do I think of Anthony Hustle (someone I never heard of before and just checked)? I think he is shit pua, but he probably gets results.
    Weird answer, right? So, let me explain.

    His game is based on being direct, so he only searches for “yes” girls. These are women who are only attracted to you. Having said that, I like that he is honest enough to admit this in his videos; that way, clients can decide whether to invest with him or not.

    Here is a video example:

    At around 2:34 timestamp, a text script of his appears on the screen: “London has a football stadium full of hot girls. Why would I care. Don’t try to turn a “NO” into a “YES.” Look for a “Yes”. Next”

    So, it is likely that he approaches and hooks girls based on his looks alone, as he is virtually direct in most interactions.

    Now, if you are not physically as appealing as him, it’s hard to replicate his results. So, that’s why some guys may think someone like him has good game, when he doesn’t.

    “Who do you like, game wise? I’m assuming mysterymethod from your post? Anyone else? I’m curious.”

    Now days, I really don’t like many Puas. Pua videos are random things I watch when procrastinating and have chuckle over. But I do feel sorry for the many people who get consumed by it and fooled by the new age gurus, who are money hungry. Mystery method thought me about concepts but I learnt those on my own. In life it helps to learn things well and get a broad idea.

    Take frame control in pua. It is merely touched on and you are not taught how to use it to its potential.

    Now, in the real world, frame control is an essential skill and its not over simplified like in the pua world. It is given a lot of respect.

    Books like “Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate–The Essential Guide for Progressives” or “pitch anything” teach you the different ways of using it to your advantage in various scenarios backed by science. So, i enjoy reading books that teach me skills I can use in life which are transferable.

    And your final questions “What kind of things do you tend to follow up with after the open?”
    There are many ways to transition. Pua is all about transitioning and you need to get good at this; otherwise, you’ll forever have approach anxiety, which is really a fear of not knowing how to change conversation.

    I can follow up an opener with anything. Literally.

    If you have a specific example, or response someone has given you, I can tell you many ways to transition from that. But the best thing to do is learn it and research it yourself. You already know there are many ways to transition a conversation and change topic, so ask yourself why in the pua industry they like to stick to observation transitions more than anything else?

  25. game should be ‘cosa nostra’. all this backlash was inevitable. the less people involved the better.

  26. Wtf. Tom took down both his online products dirty tricks and stealth seduction after i paid 300 Euros for them. That’s pretty f.. up i think. [Probably doing you a favour, mate. K.]

  27. You may get some insights from reading Escape Attempts by Taylor and Cohen (e-book available on b-ok). It analyses the attempts we all make to escape the drudgery and conformity of everyday life. Pre-internet, but still highly relevant, perhaps more than ever.

  28. Hello Nick,

    I’ve done Daygame for nearly 10 years, had lots of lays and fun, and ultimately ended up finding the girl i wanted to have kids with. I’ve stopped Daygame for 2 years now and I really recognize myself in your article.
    Even though I’m an happy man in my relationship I miss doing something “rebellious” and walking around the streets hunting. Daygame was never about the girls and the sex, of course it was amazing, but the journey and discovering myself was the best for me, accepting myself and getting more confident.

    But now I have this void as I don’t have that rebellious thing to do, do you know activites that can fill the Daygame void ?

    Thanks a lot, J.

  29. This is what I think you should do:

    1) A larger-scale business. Think financial services consultancy or financial SaaS – something that provides that next level of challenge and push to evolve – ie potential for new growth, flow and eudaimonia.

    2) Spirituality. You can sidestep the whole “atheism” thing by focusing eg on writers like Sam Harris and Robin Carhart-Harris. I would suggest getting some coaching from Illuminatus over at PersonalPowerMeditation,com (he’s British, kind of right-wing, and a former PUA, so good potential to grok your psychic structure). This is also the sure-fire to gain inner peace around women completely.

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