The Rule of Lust

October 10, 2019

I just passed the three-week mark of my No Fap streak. It wasn’t particularly difficult as I’ve never been one to engage in that kind of muck on a frequent basis [1]. What’s been unusual is how little interest I’ve even had for porn since I completely cut it out of my life. I expected I’d miss the stimulation, that somehow absence would make the heart grow fonder. It’s been quite the contrary – out of sight, out of mind.

Now that it’s gone, it’s like it was never really there. Kinda like my mate from Wales’s YouTube channel.

Given that I was never a porn addict, why have I been so Adam Ant about giving up on it entirely? That would be because of the Rule Of Lust.


Get back thee, Satan!

I hadn’t even considered the issue until Universal Man mentioned it in passing on one of his Sexual Self-Mastery videos [2]. He postulates that Lust is a cheap, superficial imitiation of healthy sexual desire, much as junk food is of a healthy diet. It is a super-stimulation, all sizzle and no steak. When addicted to porn, a man’s sex drive rockets until he’s horny all the time. This lust squeezes out all other interests in life until nothing but sex matters. Everything else in life is cheapened, drowned out by the lustful instinct.

I can relate to that. Many times I’ve been on Euro Jaunts and wondered, “what do normal people even do on holiday, if they aren’t chasing skirt?” I’d see people queuing outside the opera, or dining in fancy restaurants and wonder what the hell they are playing at. What a pointless load of shit when you could be clacking some young bird.

Coco Opéra Paris Society ©RomainRicard


I’d come to look back on my teenager years as a woefully-missed opportunity to get notches. Many a time back then I’d get talking to girl, make out with her, and then keep her at a distance. At least half a dozen times I declined to bang girls who were absolutely serving it up on a plate for me. They weren’t unattractive either. Why?

To a PUA, it seems like absolute madness. Why would you turn down easy notches from pretty girls?

Well, teenager me just didn’t particularly care. Sure, I’d have liked to bang those birds but I remember what stopped me: “she’s going to want to keep hanging around, isn’t she? She’ll expect us to do it more, and go on dates and stuff.” I was rather choosy about which girls I’d let into my life so, to forestall letting the wrong ones in, I declined to shag them. Don’t let me overstate how often this happened. Maybe a half dozen times in two years. Maybe add another dozen where it hadn’t yet been served up on a plate but probably would have been if I’d put forth a little more effort.

The point was this: casual sex wasn’t very important to teenage me. I was not ruled by lust.

When a man is lustful he’s not really in control of his life. He’s certainly not free. Say you’re in a cafe reading a book and two hot slags birds walk in, twittering on like decorative little dollies. Your head comes up and your concentration is broken. Lustful thoughts fill your mind and there’s an ache in your soul if you don’t try to bang them. It can be very frustrating. I’ve spent years of my life in that state. It gets tiresome.

two hot slags

What would YOU do?

A couple of years ago I began thinking what life would be like without libido. My primary conclusion: it would be a blessed relief.

You can’t just cut porn/birds/sex out of your life and expect to be happy. Something has to fill the gap. For me, it has been reading and gym. I don’t expect to remain in Monk Mode forever. For the time being, though, I’m enjoying life a lot as my sexual urge is ratcheted downward, lust no longer inflames my blood, and I can get on with other interests.

I doubt I could’ve found satisfaction in a cleaner simpler life if I hadn’t first banged loads of birds.

But anyway, I don’t recommend YOU become a monk – nosiree! You’d be far better off chasing lots of skirt and what better way to succeed than to buy Daygame Overkill and Daygame Mastery.

[1] And this magazine is for my dad, sir.
[2] An interesting series. Recommended.


  1. >>A couple of years ago I began thinking what life would be like without libido. My primary conclusion: it would be a blessed relief.

    Seems like a pretty boring, sterile, and tedious existence to me. Maybe somewhat okay if that energy is being poured into family. When you push far enough, almost everything we do is a cover for lust and a way to push those genes into the next generation. You’ve read the evolutionary psych on the topic I believe.

    >>I doubt I could’ve found satisfaction in a cleaner simpler life if I hadn’t first banged loads of birds.

    That makes to me. I believe we often need to go through cycles or phases. I have been writing about what I think I have learned, at first doing so because, subconsciously, I want to write what I think I’ve discovered as I’m on the way towards some other focus.

    • > When you push far enough, almost everything we do is a cover for lust and a way to push those genes into the next generation

      So true.

      And some point… I give myself a break and accept that I am an agent of my own biological drives.

  2. Are you able not to be lustful when you are in a pussy paradise (e.g. Belgrade, Kiev, Warsaw ecc.)? And if yes, how?

  3. I am reading all this through the lens of you looking to “un-stimulate yourself” in general. That is a worthy experiment.

    > Many a time back then I’d get talking to girl, make out with her, and then keep her at a distance. At least half a dozen times I declined to bang girls who were absolutely serving it up on a plate for me. They weren’t unattractive either. Why?

    Here you’re touching on something else…

    In your Player’s Journey talk w/ the Street Attraction guys, you made a comment that before Game… you were delusional about your prospects sexually (post divorce). You thought you were kind cool, kind hot… and then, as you got into game… you realized you were delusional about all that… you had real work to do.

    Excellent talk.

    That is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve heard this year. You’re describing many (1/2 of men??) men’s view of themselves. This delusional view of their own SMV. I was certainly the same, pre game.

    So… as I hear that comment about the teenager… I bet you’re doing two things. One, tapping into some of that delusion… perhaps. A mix of applying who you are now on top of that naive delusion.

    But more so… I think most non-game guys, when they hook up… it’s with girls that do at least part of the work. Maybe most of it. “Serving it up on a platter.”

    This eggs on the delusion of those low SMV men with little experience. The ONLY experience they have, is when girls “start it.” And that creates that illusion they are “desirable” in a more general sense… that they “have good game.” And they don’t… it’s just that girl.

    Those girls have TIME and SETTING to get into a guy (typically social circle) and then she essentially baits him to act… and he doesn’t realize it. He – via delusions of high SMV – thinks “he has good game.” It’s almost all her.

    No criticism here at all. I’m connecting your earlier comment about mens over-stated views of themselves and the “this girl wanted me” teenage stories. I think there is a connection.

    I think non-game guys have no idea what is out there… so they can’t even see it. That keeps their desire down.
    Low goals. They have broader lives because they have less opportunity for more broads in their lives… it’s not virtue… certainly.

    • Your words are always insightful, Nash.

      Maybe this is where the fallacy that: “You just be high value and let the girls chase you” comes from. Guys see high SMV guys with some girls doing all the work, and they think that’s how life should be, those guys have such an amazing “no-game game”. When in reality, those guys are getting the highest motivated girls, while if those guys were taking action, they’d get 10x more girls and hotter ones too.

      • > When in reality, those guys are getting the highest motivated girls

        This is right.

        We start with the assumption that most guys have no game, or anti-game… so almost all their experience is when the girl baited him into it. Over time, she chooses him, and starts to drag him forward, bypassing his lack of skill as a closer.

        And it’s not that subtle, but it’s not direct either… so the guy says, ” Yeah, I like, asked her to go to the movie with me and she was all over it.” When in reality, she had been baiting him, setting him up for days or weeks… “Weekends are so boring, I never have anything to do… Do you like Superhero movies? I hear Joker is so good… I like totally want to see it. Jenny says XYZ theater is the best place for movies… I have two passes and I don’t know who to go with…” [This is correct. Women tip their hat at men then rope them in. Pre-game, I closed almost every girl who gave me her number. I didn’t realise I was only getting the number when the seduction was already 90% complete, and she was the one doing the seducing. K.]

        >> while if those guys were taking action, they’d get 10x more girls and hotter ones too

        Maybe hotter (maybe not)… but definitely more.

        And… they will also wade into the infinitely deep pool of rejection. And that is the trade off.

        You can sit around, (unconsciously) wait for girls to bait you, or… learn game, have a LOT more options, but take rejection to the face in a way most men could never handle… so they don’t learn game.

        And they start another round of SMP lore “all the girls I date… like totally came after me.” And that is true, but only because the ONLY girls he dates are girls that basically did the work.

    • I disagree with him overestimating his prospects, and this thing frustrated me also when i read deplorable cad.
      At some point in the book he mentions before game like: oh yeah i had a couple of sdls, makeout, i fucked a girl then another, Now he writes he had half a dozen prospects where girls offered themselves on a platter. I was like what the fuck thats not gammaness, you were a natural. You know what i had before game? Nothing, 0.Girls offering themselves? LOL.
      Still it seems a very far fetch getting a lay. What krauser wrote means he didnt have a problem with girls to begin with

    • Looks like Instagram game is the way to go, look at dan bilzzerian, fake your way up to 30000 followers than that does most of the seduction for you. what better platform to DHV than instagram? [No more retarded comments please, Mick. K.]

  4. And just because I never like to let an opportunity like this go by…

    > Now that it’s gone, it’s like it was never really there. Kinda like my mate from Wales’s YouTube channel.

    Fuck Sneaky Tom.

    For all the guys that learn from his stuff (and for beginners, he has some merit), I wish them well. I really do. But as for Tom…

    May we all get what we deserve.

  5. I guess if you’re getting laid very very frequently this isn’t an issue. Just get horny fuck a hottie and back to work.

  6. First Roosh, now Krauser talking about lust, and talking about ‘wanting a wife’, in perhaps the worst time on earth to get a wife/have a marriage. I’m not criticizing either of you because you are both entitled to your own decisions, but I have no idea what is going on

    • Someone has to step in and try and stop the runaway train of civilizational decline.

      On a related note, I believe the works of people like E Michael Jones (‘Libido Dominandi’) are starting to gain currency on the Right. Sexuality has its place in a healthy society, and even pre-Reformation Christianity differentiates between erotic desire (good) and lust (bad). But it frequently becomes a tool of social control as a way of distracting people and keeping them docile, as well as a source of constant conflict. The ancient philosophers talked about the evils of the ‘passions’, not because things like sex and food are bad, but because you eventually come to be controlled by them. They’re called the passions because they make you passive. True freedom is not becoming a libertine, but controlling the influence on the passions over yourself.

      • @Bastiat, Is this the same twat that said?; E. Michael Jones: “I Don’t Believe in White People, There’s No Such Thing as White People”

        If anything, Europeans, need to re-connect their Pre-Christian heritage.

        As I’ve said for a long time; Christianity is cucked beyond repair.

      • Agree, Christianity and indeed all religions are false. They are only a few thousand years old which is nothing.

        Pre religion ethno tribalism is real.

        As for Roosh, his agenda is simple. Appear as the leader of white Christian men, so that some 20 year old supple white Christian woman wants to have his babies.

        It’s all reproductive strategy for Roosh.

        He’s trying to get into the midwest Christian community because that’s basically the only chance he has of getting a wife in America.

        His views are far more Muslim than Christian.

      • @Romeo,

        The very same E Michael Jones. Although I don’t agree with him on all points, he’s correct in the sense that he means it, which is quite particular. You’d have to read his book ‘Slaughter of Cities’ to grasp that he’s referring to the Jewish tactic of breaking up different white ethnic groups (such as Polish, German, Italian, Irish, Lithuanian) to create a deracinated ‘white’ population in the USA. They did this by using desegregation as a way of moving blacks into ethnically-European neighbourhoods and destroying their communities He’s most certainly not arguing that mass non-white immigration is desirable.

        The whole ‘Europeans need to connect with their pagan roots’ argument is a variant of the noble savage myth. We’re so used to living within what is essentially a Christian moral framework that we simply project this back on to pre-Christian peoples, add in a bit of Thor and Odin, and just ignore how feral they really were. Pagan religion did not stop Alexander from attempting to create a giant mixed-race empire, or the Indo-Aryans from miscegenating with the Dravidians to create modern India, or the Roman Empire from becoming a chaotic multi-ethnic shitshow. The Germanics did okay, but that was probably more due to the fact that Northern Europe was a pretty dismal place to live prior to the advent of Christianity, and the Arabs and Turks had to fight their way through several other nations in the absence of air travel.

        And to put it simply, if Jesus Christ was indeed the Son of God who rose from the dead (for which there is very strong evidence), it’s just a pointless debate to have, since that makes Christianity true and every other religion false.

        The Church has gone through many travails in its history, some worse than what it’s currently enduring. I get the ‘Christianity is cucked beyond repair’ comment, indeed I believed it for many years, but what many people refer to as Christianity these days is simply English liberalism with a few Jesus quotes. The Orthodox Christians, on the other hand, have retained the traditional Christian view that nations (that is, ethnic groups) are part of God’s plan, and you owe particular duties to your nation, including fighting and dying for kin and country if necessary. Ignore the false prophets saying that sodomy, abortion and multiculturalism are permissible – mass immigration, foreign conquest and ethnic cleansing are some of the tools God uses to punish wicked nations. This is what the Old Testament is about.

  7. Does being libido free not make you a low T lefty cuck tho? Never met a cool guy who isn’t also a horny mother fucker

  8. Do you even need nofap at 44, you sterile old bastard!

  9. There is also a simple practical reason, why you are feeling less lustful at the moment.

    Speaking to attractive women raises a man’s testosteron and cortisol levels (

    Since you are not chasing skirt at the moment you are missing that extra boost in testosteron and cortisol, i.e. horniness.

    • > Since you are not chasing skirt at the moment you are missing that extra boost in testosteron and cortisol, i.e. horniness.

      Spot on. [I don’t think so. My recent blood test put my testosterone higher than it was two years ago. K.]

  10. Did your blood test measure free T as well ?

    The last time I had my testosterone checked was a few years ago at 27.
    It measured 28 nmol/L. Quite high but I’m guessing my free T was quite low cause I felt tired frequently.

  11. Krauser doesn’t eat vegetables apparently, so his t level is real high

  12. Hi, my comment is irrelevant to this blog post but I’d love to hear your opinion on this! I’m ex-muslim and I think Islam USED TO be the most redpill invention. You could pick women of your choice up to 4 women starting from their teenage (whenever they start bleeding), and you could divorce them only saying 3 words to their face (Islam believes in divorce unlike Catholicism). Your wives (if you want to call them that) are practically your slaves, not allowed to disobey you, not allowed to talk or interact with another man let alone touching him. You work and take care of your family while they stay at home and take care of the house works. Your wives have only one job and it is to fuck your brains out. They fuck you on rotation and as a good Muslim man it is your duty to satisfy them all so you are advised not to get any more women unless you think you could take care of them all. It is the ultimate patriarchy, believe me, it cant get anymore pathriarchial than that and I would love to see the feminists’ faces if they ever had a chance to take a glimpse at a real patriarchal society like that.

    Now, most Islamic countries mixed their religious rules with their new liberal laws, so the rules make no more sense and it becomes a chaos. For example, in Islam you are not allowed to have sex out of wedlock (it is a sin for men and punishable by death for women), since women are supposed to get married when they’re 14 or something so who the hell needs to have premarital sex, right? But today, age of consent and marriage is between 18 and 22 in all Islamic countries and men are supposed to graduate from the university and find a job first before they start a family. So what happens is that, people follow both Islamic rules and state laws and end up 25 year old angry virgins, thirsty as hell for basic sexuality. State laws forbid them to get married to more than one woman and to have sex before marriage. Society forbids them to get married before completing education and finding a job. And religion forbids pre-marital sex. So they end up following all these dogmas and getting restricted by multiple ideologies and rules that contradict each other. In order not to break any of those rules, men end up mentally castrating themselves and women end up getting oppressed and harassed by the very men who are supposed to protect them.

    Islam, when applied right, actually makes a lot of sense for a masculine man and I’m saying this as an atheist. But as of today with all the laws mixed with it, it is a society’s own way of cockblocking itself with twisted beliefs.

    • Tribal polygyny is no better for the average man than the radical feminist bullshit we have in the west. Both systems ultimately only reward the top tier of men with the majority left to rot as virtually castrated worker drones. The western practice of socially reinforced pair bonding was evidently the most equitable system.

  13. My personal take on no fap is that its largely unnecessary.

    Sexually successful men like yourself have no need of excessive fapping when you have multiple attractive women as fuck buddies .

    Sexually inexperienced men or beginner PUAs need an outlet to release that sexual tensions while they are able to bring up their SMV high enough to have a regular woman to fuck.

  14. I find no fap easy if I’m not gaming but give me a near miss or two an I’m watermelon boy, chasing birds definetly stimulates testosterone and other hormonal reactions in my case..probably a big part of DG’s addiction.
    Guys not approaching often have a sterile vibe compared to the hardcore freternity..I figured it had to be testosterone but if you disagree then what d’you it is?

  15. I don’t believe you . Not that you care )

  16. You’ll give in to your primal desires eventually, just like a drunkin vegan downing a foot long sausage.

  17. Nice to see that you’re still around, Krauser.

  18. You are ways free. Lust has nothing to do with it. It is just another human drive. You may as well wish for an end to the hunger drive so as to be free if eating. Or free of sleeping. Or free of the drive to communicate with others or create stuff. And if you get free of all your drives, what’s left lol? The freedom to kill yourself out of sheer boredom since without drives there’s no reason to do anything.

    With any drive, the desire to get free of it is simply a symptom of not being very good at satisfying it. That’s all it means. Those who are good at stuff don’t need to get “free” from it. [Posturing yet again, I see. K.]

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