Now long now, lads

September 26, 2019

Bing bang bosh! The next great milestone in the history of pick-up fast approaches: the release of volume seven of my interminable epic memoir: Last Man Banging [1]. I’m currently sitting at my laptop facing a first draft of the complete layout, a sixth draft cover, and with three industrious contract artists to oversee. Exciting times.

Last Man draft front cover

All the hard work is done. Now it’s a case of tweaking, error-checking, and polishing the final document. I think that’ll take another week. Then I’ll print myself a test copy and have a look through when I’m back home in October. So, my best estimate for release is mid-October.

And by then, I’ll have started on writing the final volume [2]

Interior LMB

[1] Formerly known as Little Brown Sex Machines.
[2] Volume 6, as yet untitled, covering the year immediately prior to Last Man Banging.


  1. hurry up you cunt Nick! I’m salivating here!

  2. When are we getting ebook versions for all the minimalists out here! [No plans. K.]

  3. Glad you changed it from brown sex machines you bastsrd guy- Deepak made a call and you backed down!

    Now watch for my memoir- British white sex whales

  4. Hey Krauser I have a question-

    I noticed you said in that interview with George Bruno something about brain plasticity- that when you get older there’s less brain plasticity and it’s harder to change thoughts etc.

    I’m a 30 year old who had a pretty fucked up time in my 20s- addiction, battling family issues from upbringing, negativity, blaming the world for my issues etc.

    What do you think is the best way to create positive neural pathways so I change my negative conditioning?

    I’m finding reading a lot of non fiction, and visualizing what I want (with attached emotion) is helping.

    Just wondering if that’s why you read so much- becuase you know it takes a lot to change neuropathways at that age.

    Thanks. [I’d mix in some books on moral philosophy. You need that foundation if you’re a bit troubled. Avoid the post-modern stuff. K.]

  5. I’m interested in buying one of your memoirs but only have the budget for 1-2 which would you recommend Krauser [Get 2nd edition (white cover) of Balls Deep. K.]

  6. “Little Brown Sex Machines” now has a Russian girl on the cover? Question, if you don’t mind: now that it’s final, how much of the book is little brown sex machines, and how much is Eastern European sex machines? [1/3 Asia, 2/3 Europe. K.]

  7. Hey lads, I wanted to ask if any one of you know what on Darwin’s green earth has happened to Tom Torero ?!? 1

    He has just deleted his blog, youtube channel, instagram, twitter and all his itunes podcasts.
    I get that he alluded to the fact that he was planning to stop producing content within the near future but one would at least expect some sort of
    goodbye or farewell message to the readers/viewers/listeners that have been following him for so long.

    This abrupt disappearance seems to be in poor taste. [I have no inside knowledge on it. Could be any number of things. K.]

    1) Apologies for the Torero reference Krauser. I posted it here because there is really no other daygame forum to post this on. If you don’t want any mention of his name on your blog at all just give me a warning and I won’t post it anymore. [I don’t mind discussion of this topic. K.]

    • Wow, he did actually delete EVERYTHING, and disappear off the face of the earth all of a sudden.

    • Can’t help but think it’s related to this…

      Almost immediately after the guy got arrested, earlier in the year, the link to Stealh Seduction on Tom’s site was removed. Now the guy gets convicted and all of Tom’s content disappears. I once saw a picture of that guy with Tom at one of his meet and greets too.

      This is obviously all speculation, but the timing is pretty coincidental.

      • I’ve just noticed that all of Tony Hustle’s content is down too

      • Looks like has gone down too. [Seems everyone is shitting bricks. K.]

      • Yes, it is related to that. Apparently he is waiting for the shit storm to blow over and then move to a member’s only site. I can understand why, that Addy A-game guy seems to have been convicted for doing nothing other than approaching a girl and calling her pretty. [As a Paki, his mistake was getting her consent. If he’d just raped her, those same police and media would have protected him. K.]

      • FWIW I think the regressive left is more interested in defending islamic fundamentalists than Pakistanis or Arabs per se.

        I run in Ex Muslim circles ( pakistani and arab atheists) and it enrages us to see liberals betray the principles they claim to uphold to defend barbaric and uncivilized islamists.

      • how do you know tom took the website down because of this? where does he say that? and will he come back ?

  8. street attraction and james tusk still surviving !

    The Glasgow case: that was barely even daygame, it was just outright harassment and he started following the girls. No competent day gamer would ever act like that.

    So the question is, did they all voluntarily remove themselves or did they get warned first ?

    all seems very strange

    • Nick,

      I watched your interview with Rollo and you mentioned during the discussion on MeToo that whenever a “daygame” guy gets arrested or gets his face onto the news sites you are always tempted to side with the cop because the guy in question is usually some sort of social retard or hobo.

      Is that not the case here ? Judging by his behaviour and mannerisms “Addy A-game” comes across as a very lower class uneducated imbecile.

      What appears to have happened if the following quote can be trusted is he ignored IODs from one chick and not only plowed through but ended up escalating instead

      ” 21-year-old woman broke down in court when she described how Ahmed followed her through Glasgow city centre in 2016.

      The woman said: “He tried to pull me close to him so he could kiss me, so I pushed him away.

      “He put his hand on my cheek and other hand on my back and pulled me in. ”

      • Was going to say the same thing Macca.

        If doing pickup and filiming pickup were illegal then the Street Attraction Lads and James Tusk and his crew would have been arrested as well since they have a far larger following than Addy A game.

        IMO Addy Agame got arrested because he is most likely an uncalibrated idiot whose complete lack of calibration and inability to read body language and facial expressions got him into legal trouble.

    • But street attraction hasn’t posted for two months (like torero didn’t prior to his whodini act) and tusk has moved out of London (nothing to do with this) but I feel with all the shit going on he felt that its probably not the best time to be day gaming there. Easier to just GTFO.

      A lot of PUAS have been saying that they can’t get traction (it’s like the alt right channels purge again) and I think it relates to this in one way or another. YouTube is targeting them with algorithms.

      Krauser, I know you two don’t seem to speak much anymore, so I don’t want to type anything about this without your permission, but Steve Jabba did a video on it. He said that he has been getting less traffic also. Tusk commented briefly as well. Again sorry if it brings up any drama by mentioning other PUAS on here. Not the intent. [Talk freely. Street Attraction often go a long time between videos. I wouldn’t read much into it. K.]

      • Yeah that’s true actually. I’m sure it’s nothing. Street attraction seem like some of the more legit non-Grenade approaching “let’s burn down a city in one week” type of guys. Then again, I don’t know much about them. They are now discussing it over at roosh forum, some guys made good points. Despite it being roosh forum. They are become very anti PUA in the last few years I noticed. They used to be rabid game obsessives.

        I also saw a discussion on Reddit when I was googling about this subject in regards to torero etc. They’d said you had stopped gaming too, but I was thinking that you were still doing your thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you criticised a lot of other contemporaries for being Smoke and mirrors (which i agree) and it seems you became more disillusioned with the industry, so maybe you’re just doing your own thing now. Again, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed like you pulled back a bit and just focused on your own niche and community rather, than the culture at large-which is what a lot of guys seems to be doing. Private Facebook groups, YouTube channels, private forums and masterminds as opposed to the old school forums, YouTube infields and such. [Watch my youtube talk from March, it explains it all. K.]

      • Nick, you probably know but street attraction removed their channel after the hit piece on BBC. Some of the other ones came back, some with videos, some without.

  9. I can still access Stealth Seduction. Almost forgot I bought it years ago.. lol

  10. That Addy guy made a mistake in that he wasn’t good enough to put videos out, is naturally an aggressive personality and comes across as a bit frustrated and angry. First impressions don’t do him any favours.

    Everyone has been in sticky situations if they’ve done daygame.
    I dont think telling a girl of 17 “you’re pretty” is a crime ?

    Also, he may have been in the wrong to try and kiss someone but mixed signals could be to blame.

    I’m not taking sides and if it comes out that he was in the wrong so be it, but his crime in my eyes seems to be he got obsessed with game and was a little pushy.

  11. The gynocentric media is indeed reigning down over the PUA community at the mo and all the big names are running for the hills. Here’s a clip of a forthcoming BBC doc (to be shown next week) where the guys from Street Attraction have been secretly recorded at a bootcamp. Crikey.

  12. Chris, you beat me to it, was about to post that myself.

    This will be interesting viewing. Predicting it will be a one sided hit piece and they will twist everything to make it out like they are the bad guys.

    Calibrated daygamers have nothing to fear going forward though

    • I think the main theme the media is running with here is harassment of underage girls. They’ve tried to insinuate this about the Street Attraction guys in that clip that’s been posted (and is obviously horseshit). SA hasn’t budged though, all content still up. [Eddie is not a frightened little faggot. K.]

  13. The London day game model at its core is dangerous. To start of with, the “Yad Stop” does not comply with the laws of the land. Randomly blocking someone’s path constitutes harassment, especially if they are trying to get away from you.

    After the “Me too” movement, these laws, which were existent already concerning street fundraisers, will likely be enforced over to the pua industry and society.

    “The code says that fundraisers should not “obstruct” a passerby. But what is meant by obstruction? Was it meant to suggest that fundraisers should not physically block someone’s path, or would it count as obstruction if a fundraiser walked towards a person, who then changed direction when they saw the fundraiser coming?”

    On top of that, the objection handling skills in the pua industry is also of a concern. If someone is not interested in you, you have to quickly move on. Keeping them as a prisoner, while you attempt to plow, could likely backfire.

    Sadly, all of this was bound to happen. Realistically, a 40+ year old dude can stop every 18-25 year old woman on the street, and expect many of them to be repulsed.

    Physical attraction matters,n o matter how many ways the pua industry tries to spin it does not.

    We all have a physical archetype and it’s important to understand that.

    However, many of the pua guys have moved onto non native speakers and it’s only a matter of time before these other women catch on too. And the law will catch you.

    I am sorry, but there are easier ways to pickup women than chasing them down a street and blocking their exit. [Then stop reading this blog and take your faggotry elsewhere. K.]

    • Informing men there are other ways to approach a woman instead of forcing them to stop, does not make me a faggot.

      Informing men there are many options to meeting women outside of street approaches, also does not make me a faggot.

      Informing men that most of the pua gurus today often approach non-native speakers also does not make me a faggot.

      A lot of pua guys need to get real. Some of the pua concepts are great and others are awful. Many of the pua gurus today are


      For all the men who follow pua gurus whose opening line is “do you speak English?” do not be surprised if you get arrested.
      If these clowns can’t pick up their local talent, their pua skill level is mediocre at best. And if they can’t take objective criticism,
      their is a reason to be worried. learn from the old school ones. [Blah blah. You’re just crawling out the woodwork to concern troll. People are quite aware there are low-value retards spamming the streets. Calling the Yad Stop “dangerous” for normal men is next-level faggotry. Didn’t anyone bother to read up on the Addy case? It was a FAILED prosecution. Acquitted of all serious charges. Daygamers are such faggots that they take Fake News stories at face value, wet their pants, and take their websites down. K.]

      • Where did you read about the failed prosecution Nick? All the msm say the guy has been remanded in custody awaiting sentence next month.

  14. Looking forward to it. Glad you changed the name. Ending the memoir series with South east asian reference in the title had a ring of unease and to an extent failure. It suggested as if the player lifestyle ends with a sour after taste. Reference to Russia on the other hand, is like being given a compass.

  15. This is an excerpt from the most up to date article I could find on the case

    ” The convicted drug dealer initially faced 18 charges, but 13 of them were dropped. ”

    There are just no details on the five charges he was found guilty of.

    Addy’s social media account says they were not sexual assault charges.

  16. Adnaan Ahmed has another hearing tomorrow, which if the msm is right will be for sentencing:

    Apart from the charges he was acquitted of on the 25the Sep he was found guilty of “acting in a threatening and abusive manner to cause a reasonable person fear or alarm.”.

    The guy is creepy as fuck but regardless it feels like this could form a landmark precedent for any guy who cold approaches in the UK.

    Will the judge specify where he overstepped the boundary, or just suggest that there is no boundary, meaning if a woman objects to your interacting with her in any way then you’ve committed a crime. The latter wouldn’t surprise me given the UK’s nightmare trajectory toward 1984 style thought policing. Glad to have left.

    • From what I gather most of the serious offences were thrown out but they managed to prosecute the guy for offences under Breach of the Peace, which is highly subjective and could be applied to Amnesty International panhandlers. The officious media managed to find two or three girls to weep bitter tears about being asked for their number and they’re now “victims” of a plot of sexual exploitation by a guy who doesn’t look like Johnny Depp circa 1984.

      • Massive over reaction. It’s happened before in Tokyo with RSD & in Toronto in Eaton Mall. Everyone screams that it’s the end of pick up and then.. …one of the Kardasians is revealed to be a Martian or some other non-event & it all blows over & is forgotten.
        If anything hopefully it will make guys more calibrated & expand from just running up & down shopping streets to be able to open a girl in a coffee shop or bookstore or on a train. I’m still amazed by how many guys can only approach when they ‘do day game sessions’ & not in their day to day life!?

      • If this guy ends up doing time for cold approach, regardless of his creepiness, that will surely set a worrying precedent. Particularly if it becomes widely known about you can easily imagine vindictive women and white knights making police reports. It would dovetail with the whole #metoo #believewomen #womenarechildren shenanigans.

  17. Addy is doing time he just got 2 years in lockup

  18. this is the only book I have-not got yet… should I wait until you write volume 6 before getting this? am I gonna miss anything juicy by skipping 6 and reading this first?

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