Dopamine Detox – First thoughts

September 23, 2019

Those of you who’ve been Krausermaniacs since the good old days stretching back to 2009-ish will remember how this blog began: as a chronicle of my uncertain journey into the crimson arts. Old-skool Krauser was not the debonair, opinionated, loudmouth you know and love today. Oh no he wasn’t! [1] The secret sauce of my blog was its relentless focus upon my learning game, its hyper-documentation of results (and, initially, lack thereof), and the soul-searchingly candid nature of my writing. I was thinking aloud, organising my mind, and trying to get good with girls.

I don’t write like that any more. I finished my Player’s Journey. To the extent I write about Game, it’s as memoirs and textbooks passing on my conclusions, with hindsight [2]

I’m now wondering whether it’s time to go back to my old style of blogging. Not about Game, of course. Life’s journey never really pauses for breath. There’s always something to be getting on with. I’ve always been a tenacious character, someone who doesn’t do things in half measures [3]. That tenacity hasn’t disappeared, I’ve simply turned it towards other ends. Specifically, finishing the memoir, reading books, and smashing the gym.

I haven’t much felt like writing about it and – with that being all I’ve done this past year or more – that means I haven’t much felt like blogging. Now, I’m thinking perhaps I need to humble myself again. Though I developed a rather high level of competence in daygame, I’m still amateurish and clumsy in the new challenges I’ve taken on. Perhaps I should use this blog as a journal to chronicle my new path, my new thoughts, and see how that goes. Kinda like the good old days.

Unlike my daygame writing, I won’t be pitching myself as any kind of authority on the new subject matter. I’m learning. Other people are teaching me things. I’m trying to clarify my thoughts. This is the sounding board as I do so.


Don’t DARE say that looks like me. Either of them!

So, what’s going on in Krauserworld right now? A dopamine detox, that’s what. Listen to this guy:


To summarise: the human brain rewards us with four pleasure chemicals. Dopamine is the cocaine, released in anticipation of getting what we desire. Seratonin is the chest-puffing pleasure of achievement, of moving up the dominance hierarchy. Oxytocin is the opium pipe, the warm fuzzy feeling of connection with and acceptance by others. Endorphins are the anaesthetic, the jab that numbs physical pain.

The problem with modern life is we are inundated with a super-stimulation of dopamine-triggering activities: Netflix, video games, social media, and the biggest and baddest of them all- chasing skirt internet porn. Your next dopamine fix is only ever an arm’s length away, in the form of your smartphone. Or a walk to the nice restaurant [4].

People don’t get bored anymore.

Our dopamine is limited. If you release it negligently on high-stimulation/low-value activities there won’t be any left to power you in low-stimulation/high-value activities. So, we must carefully manage it.

Regular readers will see why this thesis interests me. Chasing skirt is a non-stop roller-coaster ride of dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and cortisol. Hardcore skirt-chasers become dopamine-addled lunatics. Girl Junkies.

Ultimate Man came from the No Fap movement, developing his ideas as he struggled to abstain from internet porn. I think if you substitute porn with skirt-chasing, his ideas become relevant [5]. His videos have been showing me an interesting theoretical basis for what I’d already concluded subconsciously: I need to lower my stimulation levels.

Early this year, I thought I could simply give up the Game and find myself a serious girlfriend. But, as the year wore on, I realised that- deep down- I didn’t actually want a girlfriend. My intellectual forebrain concluded getting a bird would be a wise move, but my emotional hindbrain didn’t actually want one. Why not? This puzzled me for months on end. Skirt would walk past me, I thought it wise to get a piece of that skirt, and yet I felt no desire to reach out and grab it.

Could it be Approach Anxiety? Hardly. My daygame record ranks me firmly within the world’s top 0.1% of men least likely to be crippled by approach anxiety. I actually did do sets this year- probably a few hundred- and did bang a few girls. But…… I didn’t really want to. The drive wasn’t there.


I trust my subconscious. Since early 2018 it has been telling me to give up on women and give up on the player lifestyle. Initially, I wasn’t especially receptive to that message, but it finally got through in mid-2018 and is gradually sinking in. Nowadays, I’m attempting to shake off every last vestige of my being a player. To my surprise, that stuff had settled much deeper into my being than I realised. It’s in my bones. Last year I cut most of my links with the Euro Jaunt community: no more jaunts, no notch-hunting, no talking about game, no WhatsApp +1 groups. I turned my focus to a strict diet, gym, and lots of reading. It was an informal dopamine detox, before I knew what one of them was.

Since encountering Universal Man two weeks ago, I’m giving his advice a try. I’m not totally sold on his concept, but I don’t need to be. I’m in the learning phase of this reorientation. I can afford to try things, cast around for ideas. So, no porn, no video games, no skirt, no Netflix, no sweets, and no booze [6].

I don’t expect to remain straight edge forever- it’s an experiment. Since pulling away from Game last year I’ve already noticed my attention span zoom upwards. I went from a man who could barely focus for ten minutes, to a man who thinks nothing of reading a book a day (this year, my rolling average is 1-book-in-2-days). It’s been three weeks since I played a video game. Two weeks since I watched porn (a month since watching one I hadn’t filmed myself). I can’t remember last time I binged a few episodes of a Netflix serial.

I’m more content than I expected.

Lenka Gabarova

None of this muck

Already, my brain feels different. Less angsty for stimulation. I remember a few years ago I was constantly yearning for something to do. Usually I’d find it by walking the streets. I’d already come to realise how sex-obsessed I’d been. Hormonally, ideologically. As a player, every year turned the dial a little further towards Sex Is Everything. I had built an entire ideological system to justify and encourage it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I wanted to clack skirt- needed to- and it massively improved my life. Nonetheless, that lifestyle has side effects. They creep up on you slowly, like boiling a frog. Now I’m trying to throw out the bathwater without also throwing out the baby.

So, that’s one of the things I’ve been ruminating on lately.

If you think all that is gay bollocks and would much rather just shag birds, consider my textbook Daygame Mastery (available on Amazon) and my instructional video Daygame Overkill.

[1] Oh yes he was!
[2] There are still many active players who are writing Player’s Journey blogs, including a bunch of my friends who I can verify as legitimate voices. Many of them are linked here.
[3] Which, I’ll admit, can be a little wearing on my companions.
[4] Or, if you’re Irish, the pub.
[5] Assuming you actually catch some of the skirt, that is.
[6] Maybe the occasional rum on ice, but don’t tell anyone.


  1. > Early this year, I thought I could simply give up the Game and find myself a serious girlfriend. But, as the year wore on, I realised that- deep down- I didn’t actually want a girlfriend.

    I don’t want a girlfriend either. Not now.

    I have had several “very long dates” this year (two this month) and it’s great to get a big dose of feminine energy… and then it’s also great when it’s over and it’s just me again.

    And yet… I can feel myself starting to plan for something beyond this heavy game lifestyle. I’m still into it. I still love to run game on the street, meet new girls, take them through the model. I am not even close to be satiated with their individual stories or reactions – that is a great part for me.

    But I feel myself scheming about being a husband/father type. Probably not for another 5 years (I’ll be in my 50s then). But I am “taking notes” about what I’ll need to handle that kind of lifestyle. I don’t think my life will be complete until I give that lifestyle a proper run.

    I love game and I love women. Getting good (enough) has been the best thing that ever happened to me… opened so many doors. I’m not done – not at all. But… it won’t go on like this forever. That seems real as well.

  2. Interesting. A. B. Dada has been writing for years about his version of this, which he calls “Low Reward Living”. He’s got a lot of good and wise ideas about it scattered around the internet; it’s worth a search. Examples of his advice: stop listening to music, start making music; stop watching internet porn, start making your own; go back to a flip phone, or leave your phone at home; throw away your chairs, couches, and anything else that tempts you to sit.

    But he rates chasing skirt and spinning plates (“low reward”) much better than porn (“high reward”). This doesn’t mean that chasing skirt doesn’t offer high rewards; it means it offers delayed gratification and a slower dispensation of dopamine.

    Some quotes from Mr. Dada:

    “I discovered so many odd reward categories that no one talks about. Porn reward had some hilarious n=1 self studies with the end result that if you like porn, you should film it yourself with your partner or partners for your own mutual consumption. But other rewards like Spotify/Pandora were shocking AND frightening to me when I started to track that stuff. And guinea pigs would push back so hard against that they they were shocked themselves to realize they were addicted. To music! How insane is that?”

    “The downside of low reward living is that it is EXTREMELY boring at first while you resensitize your dopamine receptors. But once you get over that hump, EVERYTHING is amazing and interesting. Even pulling weeds.”

    “The best way to avoid pitfalls is to just do n=1 2-week self studies and the only thing you want to track is what distractions ruined the self study in those 2 weeks. Aggregate all the various distractions so you can figure out what reward element you really need to work on the most. For most people, the distraction is nothing they would have imagined. The first 2 years of low reward living isn’t about success, it’s about discovering new failures. Then it gets easier. Over time, over many 2-week self-studies, you will discover that your motivation problem isn’t the thing you’re trying to resolve, it’s something else.”

  3. Interesting read.

    I have to say there is a lot of value to reading about a successful PUA’s thought process while he’s transitioning out of the lifestyle.

    Almost all of the PUAs that retire either suddenly vanish without an explanation to their readers or they go full purple and blue pilled and bash PUA/red pill knowledge all together.

    This balanced reflection is refreshing.

    Did have a couple more questions.

    Does this mean your are going MGTOW or just need this detox to be prepare yourself to enter into a LTR. [The latter. K.]

    Do you have any plans for your career ? E.X. Are you going to venture into areas like dropshipping to earn a living or will you continue coaching residentials while being retired. [Will probably coach another year K.]

  4. Nick, if you don’t mind me asking are you still strong in political opinions or has your interest in that worn out. If not I’d love to hear any updates or thoughts of your opinions. Thank you. [No change, but I figured out the way the world was moving so I won’t pay close attention unless something happens that runs contrary to my predictions. K.]

    • Hey Krauser bastard racist guy, you have not figured out any way world is moving! King Deepak will impregnate all your women!

  5. Glad to see you still involving and documenting that in the process.
    Looking forward to more pieces of wisdom in the last of your memoir installments

  6. Interesting read.

    This isn’t concern trolling.
    Nick you probably have a decent lifestyle in that free time is abundant. Money also isn’t an issue and now you appear to have got into healthy habits with regular gym sessions. All great things and the reason you look quite young for your age.
    Do you not think you should make use of these advantages now and over the next few years to get the most attractive high value woman you can for a wife?

    A guy of 55 can’t do what a 45 year old can.
    What I guess I’m getting at is do you want to settle down? Is it important to you? [No rush. K.]

  7. Really interesting post been reading your stuff for ages. Taught me more than anyone I’ve never met:

    >I haven’t much felt like writing about it and – with that being all I’ve done this past year or more – that means I haven’t much felt like blogging. Now, I’m thinking perhaps I need to humble myself again. Though I developed a rather high level of competence in daygame, I’m still amateurish and clumsy in the new challenges I’ve taken on. Perhaps I should use this blog as a journal to chronicle my new path, my new thoughts, and see how that goes. Kinda like the good old days.

    I miss the good old days of you discovering new things and documenting it warts and all. Chewing gum cameras, field reports from abroad and new cities and ideas (Austrian economics, London, Eastern Europe etc). It was exhilarating following you on your journey not just the skirt. You must have changed and learnt so much from just the travelling meeting so many people and cultures etc. Just my two cents but I’m really interested to read your thoughts on any other topics as well- travel, people, philosophy, gym, politics, diet, narcissism etc. not because I always agree but it’s always interesting with Krauser you’ve always have skin in the game with what you write about.

    Hope you recapture some of the old fire on new topics!

  8. Once you accept the truths of evolutionary psychology, you realize that we are here to form our own patriarchy (family) and support our own clan. Everything else is hedonistic noise that is promoted by capitalist interests. [I don’t buy evo-psych. K.]

    • What do you mean “I don’t buy evo-psych”?
      Weren’t you using evo-psych concepts during most of the lifetime of this blog, like the whole manosphere?
      I think a blogpost about where your views no longer align with evo-psych would be of great interest for everyone.

  9. Does anyone have experience with meditation?
    I’ve tried a few times to get into breathing meditation but always gave up because I couldn’t really feel any effect.

  10. Love your stuff always. Try meditating for an hour first thing every morning. Nothing will change you faster.

    No technique. Just sit there for an hour. Notice what’s happening inside you. Surrender to everything that comes up. Whatever happens happens. [I usually spend 30 minutes in bed, upon waking, thoroughly enjoying the moment. K.]

  11. I remember you once saying that if a guy has established himself as one girl’s lover, he then can switch to boyfriend at anytime. I personally agree with that, even because I don’t see any alternative for guys of a certain age who do a certain lifestyle. Something like: traveling, picking up girls, building a mini euro harem, keeping them by instilling competition anxiety. Then, if you wanna settle, you choose one. This stuff worked, and personally as I stepped outside this territory things became more difficult and less enjoyable.

  12. Hey Krauser,
    Fuad here, I have been following your blog since a year now and have learned alot. I actually have a great idea for your Dopamine detox that you will thank me later.

    Not being a spiritual woo woo myself I was introduced to this Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat a few years ago. It is free, absolutely free. It is run on donation. It has got centres all over the world including in England. You enter the retreat by submitting all your electronic devices. You cannot access your phone or any electronic devices for 10 days and you are not allowed to speak to anyone for 10 days. You have to remain in the camp for 10 days. They will give you food and lodgings. All you have to do is Meditate from morning to evening.

    I myself am not a new age spiritualist. However, I was interested to do this 10 day retreat because of such low low level stimulation. You are not even allowed to speak, you are given vegetarian food and made to Meditate for 10 days.

    Your brain is so sharp at the end of the 10 days from being totally de-stimulated.

    Since, you are trying many things I believe you should try this also. From a totally experimental point of view.

    Fuad [I won’t spend even 10 minutes around vegetarians, much less 10 days. K.]

    • The real question is: when you come back, how long until you relapse?

      Unless a very deep, instinctual level of understanding changes you will relapse sooner or later. That is why these retreats don’t work in 99.9% of time.

      The real question is: what do you fail tp understand about this addiction that causes you to not be repulsed completely from it? What sides effects of this addiction are you comfortable enough with that you don’t mind being addicted?

      This is most obvious in alcoholics: eg if an alcoholic, while drunk, beats up a family member severely and puts that person in the hospital he might realize what a potentialy life-threathing thing he did: if that hits him hard enough he will forever leave alchohol. If it does not hit him hard enough: he will try to leave alchohol behind but he will continue to relapse until it either hits him completely or he will be an alcoholic forever.

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