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September 23, 2019

Whassup my niggers!

I’m sure you’ve all been jonesing for another video of me running my mouth like a right fucking pompous ass. What, you haven’t? Well, tough titty because that’s what I’ve got for you today. Check this bastard out.

(it’s also on George Bruno’s channel here)

I dunno, sometimes I feel like I’m terribly eloquent. Or maybe The 21 Convention just brought out the better side in me. Thanks George for the interview, and to Anthony for hosting me at his event.

Also going down in Krauserworld is another review of my contribution to the English literary canon: Girl Junkie. Head on over to Hash Daygame’s site here for the full review. Thanks, pal!

If you think the blog is filled with sarcastic dark humour, wait till you read the book. You will experience a no holds bar Nick Krauser writing straight from the heart. Hilarious and outrageous.

If you think you’d rather like to read more of my prattle, all my books can be found on your local Amazon site by searching “Nick Krauser”.


  1. Did you do a red man group while at the 21 con? Is that available online? Can’t get enough of you! [Not yet. I’ll post it when it’s public. K.]

  2. Nicholas my boy! it should read as “sup mah niggas” for authenticity. Just saying. Donut 😉

  3. nicky wicky, should read as “sup mah niggas!” for ethnic authenticity. by golly [Ebonics isn’t my strong point. K.]

  4. I really enjoyed this interview. I hope you’ll continue your blog, even if you cover things apart from game. You always have an interesting take on things.

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