Girl Junkie – Reader Review #3

August 29, 2019


We all want to be heard, don’t we?

It’s no fun being an insignificant, squeaky little voice. Being the kid at the back of the class who is told to shut his pie-hole [1]. It’s no fun gliding silently through life without recognition of achievement, only to die and be forgotten before the worms have eaten your eyeballs.

My seven volume cry for help memoir may yet cement my place in history as Kind Of A Big Deal, but until then I’ll take whatever scraps of recognition are thrown my way. Thanks most kindly to Magnum PUA for throwing this morsel from his tabletop of blogging excellence:

Nick Krauser – Girl Junkie book review

“Each volume has delivered on its promise: well told interesting stories that both entertain as well as deliver game tidbits and perspective by example.

With each volume I find myself underling certain ideas and passages to bring into my own game toolkit.

Girl Junkie continues with this streak and doesn’t disappoint.”

Thanks kind, sir. Awfully kind.

“With Girl Junkie what stands out to me as a long time Krauser reader is he has matured.

There is less preening. Even though Girl Junkie covers the most recent year of the five volumes, where Krauser’s game had continued to improve, in many ways he’s more humble in this book and from my read it seems to have a greater balances of both the frustrations and successes. We all learn more from our failures and this makes for a more human and interesting read.”

Ah! Brings a tear to an old man’s eye that quote does. I don’t want to be any bother, it’s just nice…. sniff sniff… to be remembered.

Daygamers with a taste for a good story and oodles of hidden tips will find themselves headed here for the paperback or here for the hardback. People in weird countries will do best to check their local Amazon website.

GJ spin

[1] So I’m told.


  1. Nick do you mind if I ask you a random question regarding the concept of notch count? Long and short of it is I don’t think I’ve ever met a high value player (high 7+) with a high notch count (12+) who isn’t either low value going after low value women making them easier pump and dump candidates or high value going after girls beneath him in SMV i.e. chosen game making them easier pump and dump candidates. Allow me to delve into it deeper.

    A low 6 male with Game can easily get high 6’s/low 7’s and face no resistance and have a high notch count (ala Tom Torero). Whilst a high 7 male with Game can get high 7’s/low 8’s with Game but will very quickly stumble along a quality girl especially if he isn’t broken as their is far more chance of finding a girl who is suitable long term.

    I think I’m finally out of the R/K wilderness after what felt like forever (mind you it was strictly a London phenomenon) largely thanks to your tutelage and getting far far better quality stock but every girl seems to be GF material and my intentions feel like a real internal battle with every girl :S

    What you mentioned in a podcast with Bodi rings true. Game is like peeling an onion and your faced with a new problem time after time LOL!

    Would going in off of IOI’s irrespective of their quality be a better bet to get a higher notch count? I’m getting way more IOI’s but quickly learning it doesn’t equal that they are available as their reluctantly admitting a boyfriend. Is their anything in all of this? Am I just being excessively pedantic? Perhaps I should just commit to a girl but then again lord knows it took me awhile to get me here and I want to take my time….

    P.S I hope retirement is being good to you. [Almost everyone with a high notch count is padding it with lots of ugly girls. There are some exceptions. Don’t pay attention to PUA values. If you want to date a girl more seriously, then do it. K.]

    • I feel like I’m now open to a plethora of hot girls in London that I didn’t due to the wilderness but feel like a thieving cunt. Ah well, consider it returning the favour for being overlooked for years. It’s crazy how mercenary women are and have no problems dropping a guy irrespective of how much he has invested. Give a man options and all of a sudden we can’t be as ruthless.

      • How can I date a girl more seriously and not risk having my heart wrenched out with a momentarily dip in performance? With all this reservoir of red pill knowledge can an inveterate PUA ever be truly happy? It’s even more compounded than simply being a misogynist loser because Daygamers just learn to accept the reality of female nature which makes you even more appealing and attractive as they are addicted to your intent + freedom from outcome attitude. Long story the truth (red pill) only compounds a guys trust issues. But I truly believe not knowing these red pill truths is even worse for most guys. My life could be a lot worse if I didn’t make my first approach back in the day out of desperation. Namely inceldom or dire quality women or a decent woman messing me around.

        I just want to relax and blissfully love a young hot girl but that’s just lack of good sense. We really are all screwed.

  2. Krauser, I have a question.

    I have a penis girth that I’ve always been very insecure about (about 0.3-0.4 inches below average, or 1cm below average). No issue with length (5.7inch).

    Girth is noticeably not ideal, but it’s not a pencil dick.

    I literally have psychological issues regarding it. I have avoided opportunities for sex and relationships my whole life (I am 30). I’m in Australia so I’m insecure the women will have very high standards.

    Any recommendations on how to proceed and/or rid myself of the insecurity?

    Thanks. [Not really, no. Once a girl is in your bedroom you’ve basically won anyway. K.]

    • You actually gave pretty good advice in that sentence.

      A few years ago women would sometimes recoil with repulsion if they had to be in my vicinity..

      Now I’m getting regular thirst from women every week that I interact with.

      If I can’t cash in on that because I’m not willing to take my dick out, then no game advice can really help.

      • Elvis, you’ve developed a hang-up regarding your penis. The way to get over a hang-up is to get used to confronting it. At first, you don’t want to “practice” on high value women so you need to practice on professionals – masseurs and whores – for regular rubs etc. They’ve seen it all and over time you’ll get used to whipping it out and getting satisfactory results that allow you to be your normal, charming self. With that done, you’ll be ready to segue into your ideal women. Never forget – there’s always another one and most women are far more focused on your wallet (and maybe your character) than your dick. Good luck..

      • Mate I have been to many masseuses and whores- around 90-100 to be exact since I was 20! I quit earlier this year and hopefully will never want to do that again.

        I have had that madonna whore complex- that when I’m paying a woman who cares what she think, but when I don’t pay, I have to be perfect.

        I need to find a middle ground- ie when I’m with a woman I’ve picked up, I should seek to enjoy myself totally just like I did with the whores.

        Thanks for your advice though. I just want to cash in on these women that are giving me IOIs these days !

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