Daygame Infinite review #4

June 29, 2018

Daygame Infinite has been out for six months now [1] and people are starting to form a mature opinion of it. I’ve already seen reviews one, two, and three. Now Nash from Days Of Game blog has written a fourth.

Infinite Blog Sidebar Image

And my, he’s really thought it through. It’s quite a thorough treatment. So, go and read it over at his site. Here are a few select highlights….

“For serious daygamers, this is top-shelf education. For me, it’s a 10 out of 10. And I’ll add that it is possibly the best combination of theory mixed with examples I have ever seen in pickup coaching.”

Yep, I like that. Is there more? Why, yes there is…

“As you read the opening section, and you’ll feel Krauser putting you into a kind of trance, setting you up to absorb his notes on vibe. And as I read those pages while I was in Japan, it had an immediate impact on how I carried myself on the street.”

Indeed, that’s what I was trying to do with the early sections. It’s about helping the reader put himself into the right frame of mind. He has this to say about my section on Pre-Approach:

“I have never seen this material anyplace else, and for me… this is all dynamite for game.”

Anyway, check out his full review because he goes into detail on what he thought on each chapter of the book and how he applied it to his game. You can buy Daygame Infinite here (and also the new reformatted colour Daygame Mastery second edition if you wish)

[1] Just about enough time to actually read it all, given how long and deep it is.


  1. Great review. I agree 100% with Nash.

  2. I got a bit lost in daytime infinite trying to follow each girl you were texting, having to go back and forth to try and “join” the texting together, and it was never clear what actually happened to them, I was following their stories, but felt I got too lost.. thats pretty much the only thing I disliked… loving the new mastery though but not sure I need It since I have the original…

  3. “A more powerful form of seduction is to trigger Excitement Mode. The core method of this book maximises your chances of doing so. For this to take effect, your daygame must be extraordinary in the literal sense of the word (i.e., it’s stylistically different to the norm even if you aren’t yet especially good at that style). It must be exhilarating, dramatic, dangerous, and compelling. Once you’ve persuaded the girl to engage excitement mode, you can take advantage of her excitement spiral.”
    — pg 72

    Extraordinary. That’s right.

    Krauser and I are different guys, and I bet our game is not terribly similar… but over and over in Infinite I read lines like the ones above and I could see that in my experience with girls.

    I have so many stories with tourists in my city from this year. And we are giving them “something extraordinary.” My wing Sundance is calling it “fantasy.”

    The “magic” of it all will be personal to every man’s game. But Krauser is setting up the framework, and showing how it can all be put together, again and again, girl after girl in the examples in the book.

    Excellent stuff.

    • And I’ll add this:

      One surprise for me in watching Krauser’s game in that book was NOT “how fast” he could make something happen… but how he could take his time.

      A lot of guys I know will say that we need to make something happen fast with these girls, or the bubble dissipates, and the moment passes. I mostly believe that.

      In Infinite, I was very interested to watch Krauser “lean back” in some cases. Sometimes he did this because the situation required it (logistics, etc). But other times… you could see he wasn’t in a rush. And he was “probing” for more of her psychology along the way. And his game was tighter because of it.

      That book is a rare view into the actual game of a guy with real skill. Lots to learn there.

      • blah blah blah..

        Of course you’d more weigh in to Krauser.
        You’re on Team Krauser.
        All of four reviewers are on Team Krauser.

        I need several independent reviewers at least, in order to forming an objective judgement. [Don’t read Infinite. You won’t like it. K.]

  4. Woah Something weird is happening to me since daygaming seriously this year guys. I’m getting far more solid numbers than usual but the texting is falling off/second dates being cancelled etc. In the past all I got were pretty much flakes so I’m happy as an overindulging Bear on salmon and honey.

    Is it a game of just fail more than you succeed though? I know you mentioned in your post from 2013 “everyone is getting laid apart from me”. Is that the reality? Perhaps it’s just London. Ah well I’ll keep plodding away.

    P.S keep a book for me.

  5. You need to be painfully honest with who you are.
    As has been mentioned many times before London is very difficult for a number of reasons and I don’t recommend a guy hammering the daygame here. Very few attractive girls, loads of guys approaching (some spamming) mainly Indian guys for some strange reason, not a friendly open environment for building vibe etc

    • I think you just have to accept the quality ceiling in London. Unless you want to do thousands and thousands of sets and work tirelessly assuming your a normal looking guy to get the occasional hottie. Right now in my journey I’m ok with breaking even as it were.

      Sometimes Plain Jane’s are a pleasure to have around as they don’t demand you ruin your life by handing over your balls. Take Nick for instance, that Russian catwalk model wanted him to lose all of his side girls according to Balls Deep. Fuck that.

      I appreciate I may have talked myself into inaction but there.

      I may have missed it, apologies, but Doordie are you an active daygamer?

  6. Yeah I go out 2 to 3 times per week for about an hour, hour and a half each session. I’ve done my full days Sat and Sunday with a few days during the week in the past and in all honesty it’s not a good idea.
    Any guy going out daily needs to have a word with himself 😉

    • >Any guy going out daily needs to have a word with himself
      Depends how much you want to get out of it. The more you put in the more you get out.
      I just do 1 hour after work (1-2-3 sets a day) 5 times a week so far, and I feel it is slow progress.

    • >> Any guy going out daily needs to have a word with himself

      Any guy that hasn’t tried going out everyday for a while… isn’t qualified to talk about what it’s like to go out everyday.

      Without a doubt, the best times I’ve ever had in daygame have been when I did it day after day. So “warmed up,” everything becomes instinctual, highly recommend it.

      Besides being “warmed up,” you get a serious “side effect” of all the attention from girls on dates/text… increases your swagger, and makes you even more “on” on the street… which makes you even more “on” for your dates… awesome.

      Not so much when I was a beginner, but since then… there is a serious upward spiral effect from a concentrated effort.

  7. Nick, if Nitro is for beginners (with 50+ sets).
    Is then, mastery is for intermediates (1000+ sets and 10+ lays) and infinity for advanced (N*1000+ sets and 40+ lays) ? [Exactly how you split up beginner/intermediate/advanced is a little artificial, but yes the books are written for those levels Nitro/Mastery/Infinite respectively. K.]

  8. @daysofgame I have in the past gone out most days, so yes I am qualified to have an opinion on the subject.
    And by the sound of things you only approach Asian girls so your opinion I’ll file under irrelevant 😉

  9. Awesome shirt Nick

  10. Awesome tips, day game isn’t always easy but can have great results!

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